Humanity… As Seen from Ethereal Eyes (Part 2)

Belshazzar's feast in Babylon.

Belshazzar’s feast in Babylon, by Rembrandt.

In the previous entry on this blog, we began to analyze the message of an ethereal voice that came through a telephone answering device in Europe in 1996. (click here to revisit.) It’s probably the most dramatic other-worldly communication since the mysterious writing on the wall in ancient Babylon, when a partially materialized hand appeared in thin air and scrawled a warning to King Belshazzar and his drunken court, who were reveling in the gold, jewels, and other spoils and pillage of their decaying empire.

The modern-day message that we’re analyzing in this blog is, in part, a similar warning to another great civilization entering troubled times… though the civilization today is larger (worldwide, in fact), and the message is much more elaborate and insightful, thanks to high-tech equipment available to us today.

When I close my eyes and go back in time to that drunken feast some 2,500 years ago in ancient Babylon… and watch the words, “Count, count, weigh, divide” (mene, mene, tekel, upharsin) appear on the wall… I can almost see ethereal beings, hands on hips (metaphorically speaking), slowly shaking their heads in wonder. How can we help these humans escape their material obsessions to see the real source of glory? I open my eyes with a sense of acquiescence, or resignation. We’re talking about the noble-savage nature of human beings, after all.

Then I close my eyes and reflect back on my own experience—the high-tech rapport that INIT members enjoyed with The Seven Ethereals over the span of six years—and their profound messages flash through my mind… bringing a sense of awe. And when I think of the fate of INIT (falling apart amid jealousy, mistrust, intolerance, and fear among its members)… and the likely fate of humankind—as the wealthy wallow in their wealth and exploit the poor and sick, who feel frustration and outrage growing within them like a cancer… most of them, rich and poor alike, driven by fear… most of them oblivious to finer spiritual force flowing within and around them that could create true and lasting  peace if they could only acknowledge and accept it—I open my eyes with a sense of, well, wonder. Can humanity rise to the occasion?

In one message the ethereals told us of an ancient empire that had existed on the banks of the Euphrates River several centuries before the dawn of Babylon. The priests of the Sothis Temple were meeting with a similar sense of wonder… as their great empire was at its end. Barbarians were breaking down the walls of the city. The lead priest told the group what they already knew… that tomorrow they would all be dead or in hiding. He went on to say they had failed in their last-ditch effort to salvage humanity from an impending dark age:

We have made the mistake of reaching an understanding with the pupils of Nephtos, because we believed that as the caste of scientists, they would help us convince the people that the Gateway, the Space-Time Arch, was the last hope for our sick world. But we have erred. They have measured, minced and counted, and again, measured, minced and counted, and could not recognize the true meaning of our search, because they could not recognize the truth that stood behind our endeavors: the inseparability of the spiritual from the material world—the opening of the door between these worlds. So we lost precious time, and our adversaries used our weaknesses….

Measure, mince count… count, weigh, divide… measure, mince, count, weigh, divide… the perpetual struggle with maya, which conceals from human eyes the ultimate truth of light and love.

So the ethereals are back, close to our world once again, to help us try to enter a new age of enlightenment… or, failing that, then to offer some consolation and support during some very difficult times ahead.

Let’s resume their voice message to us…


…The interests are various. We, The Seven of the Rainbow People, have decided to help and support the way chosen by you in INIT. It is the way of morals, which means to understand, to acknowledge, to devise, and to act. It is not to be mixed up with religion, which means to believe. The two can be complementary, but they are independent, one to the other.

While the vast and infinitely complex realms of spirit are mostly oblivious to this tiny pearl-shaped speck of dust in the material universe that we call home… there are many spirits from many realms with many agendas … who DO have an interest in humanity on Earth. Some (The Seven, for example, whom our spirit friends sometimes call “the Rainbow People” because of the vivid light emitted by their subtle spirit forms) want us to reach above our human limitations and grasp a finer spiritual destiny. Other, denser spirits would like to keep us trapped in darkness and fear just because they get a kick out of watching us grovel and grope. Still others are confused, and they share their confusion with us. This is all going on behind the scenes—this spiritual tug-of-war over the fate of humanity—but I can tell you with certainty: It’s real, and it’s of utmost importance to our world.

Ethereal beings such as The Seven can work with humans only when we’ve managed to raise our spirits (literally) to a fine, compatible vibration. That means fostering an attitude of empathy and good will toward ourselves, toward others, and toward all life. The Seven gave us an excellent definition of morality to help us achieve and sustain that finer vibration: To understand information from subtle sources, to acknowledge it, to change it to fit our world, and to act on it. Taking a moral course such as this, in this lifetime on Earth, is all-important. Dressing it up with religious accouterments can be inspiring and helpful, but those accouterments are less important than the moral core.


You already know that also pharisees, ghouls, swindlers, thieves – – yes, even murderers – – have their interested supporters here among the dead. And, as the word “higher being”  – – notice that we never gave us this name ourselves – – does not stand, as it is often misinterpreted by falsely religious people to be purified, rid of all sin, whatever the word “sin” means for them. There are also entities here interested in that situation.

Again, there are many spirits with many agendas who take an interest in the affairs of our world. While some finer beings foster the loving nature of humans, there are other, coarser spirits who stay close to the Earth, fascinated by our savage side. They get a kick out of our self-righteousness, our obsession with the dead physical body, and our tendencies to cheat and steal from each other.

One important lesson I’ve come away with, after nearly two decades of afterlife research: Learn to discern. It’s true of relationships and collaborations here on Earth, but even moreso of spiritual influences we invite into our lives….

(We’ll conclude this analysis of the ethereal message in the next blog, Part 3.)

(For more about technical spirit communication—EVP and ITC—and how it works, click here.)


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14 Responses to Humanity… As Seen from Ethereal Eyes (Part 2)

  1. Liz Wagner says:

    Hello Mark:
    It’s always so pleasurable to read your ezines. I still have all the copes of your original “magazine” CONTACT which I periodically peruse and recall my acute sense of disappointment when it discontinued. But then all things change and you are continuing your endless research into what is the most important field of inquiry in the world today and – sadly – the least understood by the majority.

    Thank you, Mark
    Elizabeth Wagner
    New Zealand

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I remember your name from the good old days, when Timestream and The Seven were gracing our world with amazing wisdom. As you say, it hasn’t really sunk into the general population yet.
    Oh well, job security for us light-workers, eh? 🙂

    Blessings to you on your side of the world!

  3. Leslie Harris says:

    About all we can do is hang in and hope that the relevant entities relax their petulant attitude and decide that there are enough genuinely interested people here to warrant a resumption of significant contact.

    It distresses me that the whole planet is on a fast handcart to hell but the significant entities have chosen to withdraw. This cannot be seen as the actions of caring beings, so just what do they want that is in the range of being realistic?

    Les Harris

  4. Once again, Les, it’s not the ethereals who hold our fate in the balance… it’s us. And it’s not they who are petulant… but we humans who project our own fears and animosities onto them.
    If my writing portrays them as crabby or moody, then I need to reflect on that and change it. I may not be presenting the situation accurately. I’ll study that in the coming days.
    Thanks for the heads-up!

  5. Leslie Harris says:


    It is obvious to me, but perhaps not to the entities under discussion, that one well-intentioned person carries zero clout whereas one evil bastard (pick one – this planet has got millions of them!) can control the fates of very large numbers of people. This large number, of course, will include many of the well-intentioned.

    Harking back to your previous blog, we know, for example, that Hitler still has cheer squads all round the world in the Here and Now, all of which lament the fact that he didn’t finish the job of exterminating all the Jews in the world and go on to be dictator of the whole world. There are a lot of things that would benefit from being struck down with thunderbolts, starting with the Neo-Nazis, but the super-beings either don’t operate that way or they simply don’t know what they are up against when they pine for world enlightenment.

    Well, there are a lot of people in the Here and Now who pine for world enlightenment. Ah…let me rephrase that! Of this planet’s 6,000,000,000 people, there are some (perhaps enough to fill the average football stadium, who have such a desire.
    Of the rest, there are several million dying from drinking polluted water or starving to death at one end of the scale whilst, at the other, there are those who are selling toxic assets (an oxymoron if ever there was one!) to pension funds. I just love the Wall Street ethic: if you make a profit, you rake off several million in bonuses; if you make a loss, bankrupt a million pensioners and throw another couple of million out of work, you rake off several million in bonuses. It’s a win-win situation – for them. For the rest of the world, it is lose-lose!

    It is said that higher beings have interceded in the past in order, presumably, to correct extreme wrongs in the directions taken by the human population. Since these higher beings are not disposed to tell us what prompted the past interventions, what the interventions were or what was achieved by the interventions, we can only speculate on the conditions extant and ask ourselves just how bad do conditions need to be before intervention is implemented – and what such intervention might comprise.

    The matter of ‘enlightenment’ occurs regularly in this and associated fields. It is always aimed at the enlightenment of the individual and to the eventual good of the individual in the Beyond Here. Whilst enlightenment will probably improve the individual, both here and beyond here, it in no way addresses the seemingly limitless ills and evils that engulf this planet in the Here and Now.

    Looking at it from my personal point of view, improving my understanding of The Great Scheme of Things might or might not benefit me, now or later, but that is not my core concern. My concern is that this planet is being gang raped incessantly; whole species are disappearing because of irreversible destruction of habitat; millions of people virtually enslaved….

    Where does ‘enlightenment’ fit into this? Imagine going into any office on Wall Street and trying to explain ‘enlightenment’ to the incumbent. He would immediately call the police and, as the enlightened one was dragged away, mutter, “Poor, poor man; he just doesn’t understand that Money is God and God is Money.”

    Such is the gulf between the aspirations of the few and the actuality of the majority. In fact, I am puzzled by this. The whole enlightenment thing is a belief system that puts the individual above all else, a system that says ‘just look after yourself’. And this, of course, is in direct conflict with the imprecation to ‘serve others’.

    But perhaps I am on the wrong bus after all. Perhaps I should just decide that the whole planet doesn’t matter, particularly given that there is nothing that I can do that will make an iota of difference.

    I found an interesting compilation of Silver Birch by ‘Who Knows!’ It is said to be a compilation of what he had to say about “the future” or a “new world” ( [It is rendered meaningless to a degree because ‘Who Knows!’ didn’t bother with mundane things like dates!] It is long on the reasons why improvement is needed but short on finite statements. After reading it, I asked myself what was going to happen, when it was going to happen and how it was going to happen.

    The answers are ‘something’, ‘sometime’ and ‘somehow’.

    It is the general nebulousness that bothers me.

    Les Harris

  6. Derek fearon says:

    What wonderful people you are.x

  7. David says:

    Never saw the comments made by Les (above) until this morning. That could have been me making those same types of comments (about a year or so ago). I feel like I’ve now learned (through various sources) that we create our own reality (in some weird way that I’m sure quantum-strangeness plays a part).

    I’m sure the fact that I’ve stopped soaking my brain with the daily “news” (and I use that term loosely) has had a lot to do with changing my own reality. That said, a year ago, I would have believed that someone making a comment (like the one I just made) would simply indicate someone who has simply “stuck their head in the sand” and that they have began ignoring “world reality”.

    Perhaps we’re just supposed to do our best to be kind, help others, and enjoy the ride.

    So far (at least to my simple brain), consciousness and “reality” is simply near-impossible to fully comprehend. In fact, it seems that we have to get beyond our “brain” (which probably gets in the way of further enlightenment)…..who knows – lots more to explore & learn.

    As always, thanks for the great forum!

  8. Mark Macy says:

    Hi David,
    I haven’t heard from Les Harris for several months, and I miss his insights!

    Anyway, the news nowadays isn’t really the news, as you say.
    My wife and I just started watching the HBO drama series “Newsroom,” which does a pretty fun job of exposing the problem. Here’s a clip from the first episode…

    I think you’re right on about the complexity of reality and they key to soul happiness amid the savagery of this world:

    “Perhaps we’re just supposed to do our best to be kind, help others, and enjoy the ride.”


  9. Nicola says:

    Was there ever a discussion about personal guardian angels and whether they exist as popularly understood?
    And if so, what they are (ex humans, ethereal or ‘other’)?
    And whether they are always good beings?
    And if ‘good’ how this works if their ward is the worst of the worst (serial killers, child killers, paedophiles, murderers, rapists).

    • Mark Macy says:

      I don’t recall any messages from Timestream or The Seven that go into much detail about personal guardian angels. A few general things like this…

      “I am not energy and I am not a light being. You are familiar with the picture of two children walking across a bridge, and behind them is a being who protects them. This is what I am to you, but without the wings. You can call me Technician, since that is my role in opening this communication bridge. I am assigned to Planet Earth”

      So, I know there are situations where spirits with good intentions stay close to certain people on Earth, especially among loving family members on both sides of the veil. Despite good intentions, these relationships can be a mixed blessing on both sides.

      I know there are also situations where spirits with ill intentions stay close to people … especially alcoholics, addicts, and minds preoccupied by criminal or hurtful behavior. Sometimes like attracts like, other times there are just spirit bullies who harass certain sensitive individuals. The term “guardian angel” probably wouldn’t be appropriate in these situations.

      But this is information I’ve gotten from general research, not specifically from ITC messages.

  10. Nicola says:

    Just addressing Les’ post from six years ago and his question about how bad does it have to get to merit ethereal intervention… All of the things he mentioned are part of mankind’s savagery and have always existed. I don’t believe we have become worse as a species over eons, in fact I think the reverse is true as a lot of ignorance has been quashed by education. Ignorance breeds fear and when man is afraid, he becomes aggressive. Remove the ignorance by educating, then fear and aggression is banished. There are now people who will stand against wrong doing using education as their weapon. Unfortunately, spirituality has become a casualty of education, being intangible and invisible. It lies pretty much forgotten.

    Anyway I digress.. with ITC we are not talking about individual enlightenment (although I would argue that also has its place as ‘individual enlightenment ‘ rarely stays with the individual alone), but research with the hope of being able to one day provide mankind with a method to stay in contact with those who have left our material realm. First we have to prove there is something beyond the material and then disseminate that proof successfully and intelligently.

  11. Mark Macy says:

    I think there’s plenty of good, solid evidence and proof of afterlife. Some minds are just more deeply rooted in material reality and have a self-imposed ‘blindness’ to the evidence of spiritual reality. Some nuts are tougher to crack. Anyway, there are lots of us cataloging and publishing the evidence and proof with books, articles, and websites like this one… so it’ll all be around when the nuts start to soften up a bit. 🙂

    • Nicola says:

      Sorry, Mark. You are right of course.

      I think the more short term goal of putting the living in contact with their deceased using ITC is more attainable (and of course has already been achieved), than a worldwide spiritual eye-opener. But you never know!

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