Humanity… As Seen from Ethereal Eyes (Part 3)

In this third and final part of this article we analyze the rest of the ethereal message, received through telephone equipment of INIT members in Luxembourg in 1996…  probably the most important information to come into our world directly through equipment since the Ark of the Covenant. In fact, based on evidence and a strong gut feeling, I believe that the Seven ethereals who spoke to our INIT group through the phone equipment, were the same ethereal entities who spoke to Moses and his brother Aaron through the Ark some 3,500 years ago. (To hear the complete modern-day message, along with some background information, click here. To read the first installment of this article, click here.) Meanwhile, let’s continue….

… This is the seventh time that we accompany and guide you on your progress towards a free, wealthy, and sane future in which humanity would have stripped off the chains of intolerance and cruelty – – a future in which it will be able to establish fruitful and durable relationship with the light, ethereal realms of existence…

The Seven ethereal beings have been trying for many thousands of years to establish a lasting connection with humanity. Once we’re able to do our part to make that connection possible, we’ll be on the threshold of a new paradise on Earth. All it’ll take is the will and dedication of a critical mass of humans from various cultures and nationalities to sustain resonance with each other perpetually. And resonating with each other involves love, trust, and good will—the cornerstone of every great school of thought, every time-proven religion, and every happy family from time immemorial.

… Our and your opponents tried to prevent this by all means…

There are dark forces in the spirit worlds that promote chaos and conflict, just as there are here on Earth… and they share the same purpose. Some spirits, like some people, are driven by fear, doubt, envy, and a desire to dominate. As always, antagonistic groups, on either side of the veil, erupt with emotion and stir things up, giving themselves an air of power and purpose… but it’s a stale air in which all such groups invariably decay amid arguments, power struggles, and deception within their ranks. So, while we INIT members contended with people opposed to our work, our invisible friends at Timestream had to contend with negative spirit groups that were also trying to disrupt the ITC bridges.

… Your meeting in Tarrytown is a decisive one – – men and women of wit whittled out together to make true the dream of a strong international association based on morals and on ethics, by giving it not only a fundamental constitution – – and sheltering it this way from the wind, the rain, and the storms of pernicious attacks – – but also by strengthening love and friendship true, the best qualities of mankind…

A resonant group can flourish with humor, friendship, and love… as well as the administrative organization that keeps it strong.

… The first step was made in Dartington. Those last weeks some of your best were cruelly hit by illnesses, diseases, and personal problems in order to keep them away from their valuable work….

During the first year after our founding meeting of INIT at Dartington College in England, several members of our group had health issues and family problems, stirred up apparently by dark spirits with an agenda… trying to destabilize our efforts.

… Be assured, even if we cannot avoid the plague, we can control the gravity. Whatever has happened, do not lose courage. We are there. You are in the right way…

From the perspective of finer realms, the problem of troubled spirits moving in and out of our world seem to be of epidemic proportions. As we on Earth suffer from the situation, our finer spirit friends can provide support and guidance and a sort of spirit-world triage, but they can’t stop the epidemic, which is perpetuated by widespread troubled thinking (fears, doubts, resentments…) on Earth.

… You are a small number, but much depends on you and on your decisions those days. We trust in you.

Our INIT group was established in 1995, with 15 members from nine countries, and grew to some thirty members by 1999. After the group broke apart from ill will and personality conflicts in 2000, I had a gnawing sense of desolation for several years… thinking we had betrayed the trust of our Seven ethereal mentors.

Then it slowly became clear to me that, although an on-going resonant group would have been of great benefit to the world, it wasn’t necessary. It probably wasn’t even expected among the ethereal beings, who are familiar with the ways of our world and the noble-savage nature of its inhabitants.

Essentially, with that message and other information they shared with us over a course of several years, they did what they had to do: They planted a seed. They dug up ancient truths about humanity that were long-buried in the sands of time. They told us of the mutual influences of the spiritual and material worlds which are forever entwined, for better and worse. They praised the human capacity for love and friendship, and they warned us of what I’ve come to call our savage side—the part of us that, driven by fear and doubt and hatred, has undermined our noblest purposes over and over, down through the ages.

They implied that if we don’t make the effort to put our savage side in its place and bring our noble side to the fore… The Project may be terminated. In the grand scheme of an endless, multidimensional cosmos, the end of human life on Earth might be no more significant than the death of a bacteria culture would be to us… but from our perspective here on Earth, there’s a lot hanging in the balance!

At the right time, under the right conditions, that ethereal connection between us conscious humans and the finest realms of spirit will indeed be forged. ITC bridges will be established to stream love and wisdom into our world… and THAT will be the real new age of humanity.

As for me, I tried establishing other groups after the fall of INIT, with no remarkable ITC results. I experimented with radio equipment and my luminator… again, with only modest results. So my main passion today is to share in writing all we learned through our miraculous ITC bridge… in hopes that I can help plant the seed for ITC of the future.

(For more about technical spirit communication—EVP and ITC—and how it works, click here.)


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