Making Sense of the Anshar-Agartha-Hollow-Earth People

Turning on the computer this morning I was greeted by a short but engaging email from Martin Ashton, which helped knock me out of my writer’s block.

Here’s the email:

Dear Mark,

What’s your perception of the Anshar/Agarthans/Hollow/Inner Earth 5th Dimensional beings who allegedly are descendants of Atlantians/Lemurians who live in crystal cities, who grow/produce everything organically, are vegans & have light chambers (healing temples) & are way way ahead of us surface dwellers spiritually, much more advanced technologically but likely also on other fronts as well!? Do you think we will ever get to meet them, if not before then when our reality merges with theirs which probably will be beyond our lifetime!?

Here’s my reply:


I haven’t heard of those guys. I think all material things, even planets, have subtle templates or copies. I’ve assumed for some time that the astral template of the Earth is a kind of dark and dismal place inhabited largely by ‘ghosts’ and lost, confused souls.

Your email got me speculating that maybe, along with that dark, lower-astral template shadow world, there might also be mid-astral and higher-astral templates of Earth inhabited by people in spirit like those residents of crystal cities you describe. 

(2018-05-14 – Since writing this article I’ve had an epiphany of sorts, regarding the various spiritual templates and parallel worlds of Earth. Read more… )

In that case, those particular beings are probably at or around the 4th level of the Myers Model. I’m pretty sure they aren’t physical beings living inside a “hollowed out” material Earth. More likely they inhabit a subtle template of Earth, and when sensitive visionaries on Earth perceive them and try to describe them, our material minds interpret the visions as physical beings somehow living in the hollowed-out core of our physical planet… kind of the way ancient visions of ethereal beings with protruding light rays were interpreted as pretty people with feathered bird wings (angels). Our minds try to understand things in familiar patterns.

Anyway… I’ve had writer’s block for a few weeks while busy on other projects, and you’ve given me an idea for a good article based on those ideas. Today I’ll research those Anshar guys you talk about and see what comes together. Thanks for that!


Here’s what I found online this morning: This article takes a brief look at the giant superhumans who were among our earliest descendants here on Earth:

“Fallen angels in human form, Watchers, were able to have sex, something they could not do in their true spiritual state. The names given to these human/fallen-angel (alien) hybrid giants is Nephilim. These beings were also called Annunaki, Anak, Anakim, Anakites, Arba, Rephaites, Anu, Pleiades, An, Anshar, Kishar, Antu, Ki, Gibil, Nusku, Gulu, Ninmah, Nergal, Cuthah, Kuta, Gudua, Gudea, Imdugud, Ningursu, Zeus, Odin, Danu….” This article suggests our ancient descendants are still around:

“… For a few million years the Inner Earth has been home to a very highly advanced civilization, called Agartha. This world inside the globe consists of a large continent and more than 120 underground cities. Its citizenry is a gathering of different heritages, cultures and races. The vast majority have lived on the surface and have disappeared to the inner Earth such as the ancestors of Hyperborea, Atlantis, Lemuria and even Nazi-Germany. All live peacefully and in total harmony with nature. They are in regular contact with extraterrestrial civilizations….” This article suggests some ancient superhuman or alien communities were flash-frozen and are now being uncovered in Antarctica:

“… It is disturbing confirmation of Charles Hapgood’s theory that pole shifts have been a regular occurrence in Earth’s history. The flash frozen Pre-Adamite civilization was not the only case of this type of catastrophe that had impacted an ancient civilization. The visit of many dignitaries to Antarctica in 2016, including then Secretary of State John Kerry, Buzz Aldrin, Patriarch Kirill, and many others in previous years, is circumstantial evidence that a major discovery has been made in Antarctica….”

And here are my conclusions:

After shuffling this information together with what I’ve learned through ITC about our roots on planet Eden and the astral realms of spirit, I’ll probably have to update my spirit world model one of these days. Here’s how it all seems to fit together:

  • Superhumans were flourishing long, long ago on planet Eden (Marduk), which orbited the sun between Mars and Jupiter.
  • When the planet was destroyed by advanced technologies 4 billion years ago, Edenite colonists on Earth became the last living Edenites.
  • Those giant (by our standards) human castaways were the original humans who gave rise not only to us modern humans, but to all of the various hybrids, including Titans, pantheons of gods and goddesses, and the various beings mentioned in the above articles.
  • Many of the civilizations on Earth during the last 4 billion years got torn up by asteroid impacts, incinerated by ancient nuclear blasts, fossilized in coal deposits, buried under ice during pole shifts….
  • Every structure in the material universe, from cells to whales… from pebbles to planets, each “thing” probably has subtle copies or templates in other dimensions, what I’ve come to call “the spirit realms.” That means that planet Earth and Planet Eden have subtle copies in the astral realms. So far I’ve only considered two of those planetary templates: the dark and dismal ‘shadow world’ that blankets the Earth like an invisible dust cloud, and the Eden/Marduk spirit world where many people on Earth awaken after they die. Those are the two realms that our spirit friends at Timestream mentioned to us in ITC contacts, and that’s why I include them in my spirit world model or guidebook.

Next step: About those visions of modern visionaries which Martin described in his email this morning and which I explored a bit on-line… if those visions are true (as I suspect they are, at least in part), then I might have to update my spirit world model to fit them in. I can think of two possibilities:

The first possibility: My future updates might explain how physical planet Earth and the late physical planet Eden each have at least three subtle copies that are all flourishing with life. Earth and the late Eden both have:

  • A lower-astral copy, a sort of dark, shadowy world at level 2 of the Myers model,
  • A mid-astral copy at level 3 of the Myers model , and
  • A higher-astral copy at level 4 of the Myers model.

The second possibility: Earth and Eden are like two people. One is still alive in the physical realm, while the other has “died” and is now alive in the astral realm.  This would mean…

  • The living physical planet (Earth) has a shadow world the way a living person has an aura or a mind. Our physical body is attached to our astral body (our spirit) by some kind of interdimensional cord, and our spirit doesn’t really have a life of its own as long as it’s attached to the living physical body. It can venture away from the body while the body is asleep or meditating, but otherwise it’s usually just an invisible attachment or mind of the physical body. Likewise, the astral Earth (spirit planet) is attached to the physical planet Earth and doesn’t have a complete life of its own, but is a sort of dream world and planetary mind of the living, breathing, physical planet Earth.
  • Since the demise of physical planet Eden 4 billion years ago, astral planet Eden (the spirit planet) has had a life of its own… the way the spirit of a human being comes into a life of its own after the death of the physical body. Spirit EDEN is now a fully functioning, flourishing spirit world where most people on Earth awaken after they die… whereas spirit EARTH is just a sort of dream world or planetary mind of the fully functioning, flourishing, physical planet Earth.

I think the second possibility is more likely to be the case, but I need to think about it a lot more to be sure.

Well, this is the kind of thinking that takes you out to the fringes of sanity. Fortunately (I guess) I’ve been living out in the fringes most of my adult life, so I’ve learned how important it is to keep at least one foot on the ground.

With that in mind, it’s time to post the article, take out the trash, and go to Safeway for a few odds and ends.

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19 Responses to Making Sense of the Anshar-Agartha-Hollow-Earth People

  1. Agartha a place accessible via Antartica where a limb of the Nazi science regime went in the aftermath of WWII to further develop and refine their antigravitic and supraluminal extraterrestrial technologies. Admiral Richard Byrd was sent down there to investigate this in Operation Highjump which used a flotilla of naval ships of all sorts. The adventures and mishaps of Operation Highjump are worthy of your consideration.

  2. wow, that’s a lot of information to digest.
    But I’m a little leary of the whole thing. If they’re so enlightened, why live underground?

    • The things that are going on “above ground” would send me underground to their peaceful world for some R&R….in a heartbeat.
      They would not want their world polluted by humans as we exist in our current form.

    • Tom says:

      Why live underground? There are many advantages.

      1) Secrecy
      2) Protection from all the most severe, civilization-ending natural disasters.
      3) If they’re ruling the surface human population, it is much easier to rule over a population that isn’t aware they’re being ruled.
      4) Also, if no one knows they exist, no one can identify them as an enemy.
      5) They can keep their technology *their* technology, as in not share it.
      6) This gives them the technological edge they need to continue ruling the surface population secretly.

      Also… what John R.M. Day said

      Plus many more reasons

      • Mark Macy says:

        Apologies, Tom. WordPress automatically put your comment in the spam folder, and I didn’t find it until this morning, when i was cleaning out the spam.

  3. Mark Macy says:

    🙂 I agree that living underground makes a lot of sense politically, considering the angry clown president and the dark agenda of the oil billionaire government grabbers here in the States… but I just can’t get it to make sense geographically (geologically?). A hollow earth is as hard for me to grasp as a flat earth.

    It’s likely that I’m just as hard-headed as a Christian rejecting science… or as a scientist rejecting the afterlife… but so far my mind isn’t able to grasp the idea that an advanced civilization exists in the physical core of physical planet Earth.

    It just makes more sense to me that these civilizations exist at a subtler level, superimposed over the physical planet, like in the astral “planetary mind” that I tried to explain in the above article.

    When I look at my spirit face photographs, it’s obvious to me that those spirits aren’t right there in the room with me PHYSICALLY because I can’t see them through my eyes. But the fact that they are there on film tells me that they are indeed in the room with me, but at a subtler level of reality… an astral dimension.

    I think the same thing might be going on with those advanced civilizations. They’re not part of the physical planet; they’re in an astral dimension superimposed over our physical planet. (Or maybe a parallel physical dimension?)

    That seems more likely to me… but it’s also likely that I just need more time to digest the hollow earth theory.

    • kate says:

      There is a youtube video of Admiral Richard Byrd talking about his mission to Antartica and how he flew over it beyond hundreds of miles and found new land, animals, lakes and buildings which flat earthers believe is proof along with a lot of other stuff. I think there is also a book written about it. As for underground, secret places there have been many, so called, whistle blowers that claim they know that huge areas (one 30 miles accross) dug out in the last few decades and in use. I’ve also watched a lot talk of aliens inhabiting places underground. I can’t imagine a place without the oceans and the warmth of sunlight… two of the most beautiful things in my opinion. Harvard University have come out online with the article of Harvards geoengineering solar research programme so finally the chemtrails and spraying is not a conspiracy theory but a fact that the sky is being closed up by chemicals and the sun being blocked with heavy metals…makes sense to go underground…the Germans have actuallly made a sun simulator so chuck one of those down and away to go…

      • Mark Macy says:

        Again, it makes more sense to me that if there’s a lot of activity of aliens and advanced civilizations “within the Earth” (as I suspect is the case), then most of the activity is probably happening “in-beyond” of the Earth (at a subtler level or realm of existence), not in the actual dense material structure of planet Earth. There are subtle, invisible templates of the planet superimposed over the material planet… like our astral body is superimposed over our physical body… and it’s in those subtle worlds where I suspect there’s a lot of superhuman activity going on.

        • kate says:

          You are most likely right and in fact there’s probably more evidence of that than there is proof of a hollow Earth in our dimension with other beings inhabiting there.

  4. You mean you never read Jules Verne’s 1864 novel or saw the 1959 movie starring James Mason and Pat Boone…”Journey to the Center of the Earth”….???
    I am aghast and speechless, but my trusty digital communication will make do with my expression of emotive bewilderment.

  5. Pem says:


  6. A very informative book…”Antarctica’s Hidden History, Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs” by Michael Salla, Ph.D.

  7. tmrchpmn says:

    1st of all, these are not the same beings. The Anshar, Agarthians, Telosians, etc., are all different groups living in different areas and are not all of the same dimension. They are all positive polarity groups, though. Look them up separately to see the differences between them.

    • Mark Macy says:

      I guess the main point of the article is that these beings (I suspect) are not physical beings like us, who are somehow living inside the dense physical planet Earth. That is, if they were standing in front of us we probably wouldn’t be able to see them with our physical eyes.
      Makes more sense to me that they are in one or more other dimensions which can superimpose over ours.
      Not sure what a ‘positive polarity group’ is, so I guess I have some reading to do.

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