Faces in the Mist 3: Amazement in the Basement

As you might imagine, after buying the luminator in 1999 and setting it up in my basement lab, I took so many pictures in the first few months… you’d think I’d gone paparazzi. When friends and relatives visited, I raved about this new gadget and the amazing spirit faces that showed up on film… and invited them down to the lab for photos.

The black, tower-shaped luminator in my lab.

A few of them were intrigued and eager, a few others were creeped out and wanted nothing to do with it… but I’m sure most of them obliged just because of my enthusiasm. Most of those pictures of friends I let them keep, so I don’t have them in my files.

However, wife Regina and I took a lot of pictures of each other, and those are among the pictures I’m posting in this article, again, with a brief comment below each one. (A couple of the pictures of me were taken at The Monroe Institute during one of my workshops there.)

A few of the many spirit face Polaroids my wife and I took after acquiring the luminator in 1999. (click to enlarge)

If you look closely, half of my face (right) is replaced by a spirit face peering out to the side. I think it’s my late father, Blair Macy. He was mostly bald, like the guy in this picture.

Here’s the face looking off to the side… not real clear, but you get the idea. Compare it with the lifetime picture of my dad.

In this picture, my face is completely replaced by someone else.

In this picture there’s a light anomaly at the top of my head, and a face of a spirit (maybe a native American artist I knew in lifetime named Gene Standing Bear) is there with me.

This, I think, is my father’s face offset on the right of my face.

The right-hand face in this picture I believe to be Willis Harman, late president of the Institute of Noetic Science, who our spirit friends told us was working with my ITC group since his death. You can compare with his lifetime picture (inset).

Here’s Regina to compare against the spirit faces in the pictures below.

Regina is the upper face in this picture, while the more prominent face belongs to her late father, John Hoys (compare with John’s lifetime picture, inset).

Again, Regina’s dad, John Hoys, replaced most of her face in this picture.

Regina is the pretty half-face on the left of this picture, and the swarthy fellow making up the right half of the face is unidentified.

Two or three spirit faces showed up in this picture, and we’re not sure which face, if any, is Regina.

The lower part of Regina’s face is replaced by an unidentified fellow.

And this is one of the most bizarre pictures we took. Regina was holding our black-and-white cat Sebastian, and a fellow with extreme puffy cheeks showed up for the picture. You can see the upper portion of Regina’s face, and the lower half of the spirit face, from about the center of his nose to the bottom of his chin. Very strange.

With the next post I plan to wrap up this series with an examination of where these faces most likely come from and how they manifest on film.  MM


The Faces in the Mist series:

1. Colorado Springs

2. New York

3. Amazement in the basement

4. Deafening silence

5. Visits from beyond

6. Afterword about fear




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Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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4 Responses to Faces in the Mist 3: Amazement in the Basement

  1. do you know anywhere one can get a luminator, I have searched for sometime and have been unable to find one.


    • Hi Richard,
      I don’t know who has the existing (8 or so) luminators that were made, other than Jack Stucki and myself. I’m not ready to let mine go at this time… as I wrote you in a separate email just a moment ago.

  2. Verna Lee Hutton-Ely says:

    Do you take pictures for other people? Would you take one of me? If so where when and how much would you charge.

    • Hi Verna,
      I no longer take pictures, since Polaroid stopped making their 600 film.
      That was the only film that got consistent results showing the spirit faces.

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