Faces in the Mist 6: Afterword About Fear

I think that when most people look at my spirit face photos they feel a little fear… a foreboding. Not a big fear, just a pervasive sense that… well, something’s not right.

… me ‘n my late pop 🙂

If these really are spirits that are showing up (and I’m certain that they are), most people don’t want to know about it… because there’s something just not right about it.

I’ve come to realize that, indeed, something’s not right with the spirit face photos specifically… and with other such glimpses into the “paranormal” in general—ghost videos, EVPs, investigations into hauntings and spirit possession….

That’s what we’ll explore in this article—what’s not right with our forays into the realms of spirit—but first let’s explore the substance of our fears.

A Word About Fear

Fear can be debilitating. Moderate levels of anxiety can make restlessness and dissatisfaction a way of life.

Read more about the effects of anxiety and fear

In extreme cases, toxic fear can bring out the worst in us humans.

  • Some people become religious zealots who hate the world in the name of God. (example)
  • Others become crusaders who attack the reputations of good people. (example)

In the latter case, the attack is against honest, hard-working researchers who did their best and got exceptional results—George Meek, Adolf Holmes, and Maggy Fischbach. I worked closely with them in the 1990s. Though I never met Holmes personally, we corresponded on various occasions, both directly and through our mutual friend and colleague, physics professor Dr Ernst Senkowski. I considered myself a good friend of Meek and Maggy for a time… until fear entered the picture and eroded the relationships.

A story in itself….

In any case, human fears of all kinds stir up mistrust and mayhem in the world.

So let’s look at the root of fear. Some experts try to boil fears down into several basic types or classifications.

Read more about the types of fear

The Root of Human Fear

I tend to believe that all human fears trace back to our fear of death. As we get caught up in the illusion of material living and forget our eternal nature, we harbor a general sense of insecurity that spins off into all sorts of troubled emotions.

Read more on the fear of death…

In Your Face

I think one reason we humans fear death is the unsavory nature of what I’ve lately been calling the “shadow world” that covers our planet like a dark spiritual cloud… the source of ghosts, hauntings, spirit possession, and other spooky stuff.

The shadow world is the spirit realm closest to us in spiritual vibration, so it can be a little scary when we get a glimpse into it, especially when it’s right there before our eyes in an up-close-and-personal kind of way… like the spirit face photos.

I’ve also called it the “dismal realm” or the “quantum realm,” and it’s long been referred to by others as purgatory or the lower astral planes…

… and it’s that shadow world or dismal realm where things are definitely “not right.”

The shadow world, our fear of death, the illusion of material living… it all goes back to the proverbial fall of man. It happened in Atlantis, when humans were genetically modified into the noble-savage creatures we are today, falling into the cycle of life, death and perpetual conflict here on Earth.

Before Atlantis, our superhuman ancestors were truly noble beings who moved easily among dimensions, lived for many thousands of years, and provided wise stewardship to the planet.

Since Atlantis, humans are short-lived, short-fused, animalistic creatures with dreams of Titans.

So the downfall of Atlantis was caused by the wholesale downgrade of humanity to a demi-savage state… and that was the true fall of man.

Read more about Atlantis

Read more on the fall of man…

After Atlantis, human life on Earth became a difficult marriage of love and fear. We evolved as timeless, finer spiritual beings trapped in short-lived carnal bodies driven largely by our egos and hormones.

Over the millennia, our troubled thought-forms swirled off the Earth… in-beyond… to form the shadow world of spirit that surrounds our planet. It’s a bizarre world woven together from the roller-coaster of human thoughts, emotions, and motivations.

When we get a glimpse of life in the shadow world, it ignites some deep-seated spiritual memories of the fall of man… troubled memories that humanity has tried to forget by trying to forge a noble life in a savage world… constructing lavish civilizations in a vain attempt to carve paradise into a perilous world of predators… predators of human as well as nonhuman persuasion.

The endless human dramas that play out on Earth all become a part of the shadow world—that dark and dynamic spiritual residue of human life on Earth… residue that builds up around our world like an invisible storm cloud.

So that’s the REAL source of human fear: our noble-savage heritage and the spiritual residue that it’s formed across the millennia.

And that’s what feels wrong to us as we glance at the spirit face photos or hear bumps in the night: The ancient engineering of noble humans for life in a savage world, and the resulting spiritual residue.


There’s only one way to really overcome human fear in a lasting, comprehensive way… one way to find deep inner peace and happiness while living on Earth as a human being.

The one and only way to transcend fear on Earth is to return to our spiritual roots—to acknowledge our spiritual composition and to take steps to move our self… from the conscious clutter of our brain, to that place of peace within that has never been disturbed.

There are many practices that can move us in that direction—yoga, prayer, meditation, mind control, breathing exercises….

Heart Meditation

I’ve tried all of these and more… and by far my favorite technique is heart meditation. It’s easy, effective, and energizing, and it transforms my mind to a realm of love and peace. It carries me away from the fear instantly… away from the shadowy residue.

All you do is sit or lie in a comfortable position, relax, and move your awareness from the head to the heart… so that it feels like you’re thinking from the chest. Then miracles happen.

Read more about heart meditation

Lately I’ve added a couple of new elements to my heart meditations, which I’ll share in my next article.


The Faces in the Mist series:

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2. New York

3. Amazement in the basement

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5. Visits from beyond

6. Afterword about fear



About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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10 Responses to Faces in the Mist 6: Afterword About Fear

  1. dustylady1 says:

    Those spirit faces scare the hell out of me, and I don’t even believe in God. (I’m an atheist). Its something very visceral, like the way humans feel about snakes. You can’t change the hard wiring.

    • Thanks Melody (I remember you from previous chats).
      Your candor on this is VERY much appreciated and helpful.
      I may have underestimated the level of fear stirred up by these pictures among the public. 🙂 ….. and hence the ‘dead silence’ as I’ve made them public.
      Still, what’s true is true… and it’s not just on a whim that I’m obliged to publicize these pictures. I think it’s really important for us humans to know the truth about our collective lot in life.

  2. dustylady1 says:

    I do love and agree with the value of heart meditation (like from Heart Math)!!

  3. Exactly! The Heart-Math Institute in NorCal does wonderful work. Their buildings are tucked away in the woods near Santa Cruz, surrounded by an aura of light and love. GREAT place to visit!

    There was a time (around the year 1998) that I wanted our INIT group to have a meeting with both the Heart-Math Institute and The Monroe Institute. I thought it would greatly improve our contact field, and maybe open up a time-space gateway our ethereal friends were interested in. The fellow in Luxembourg didn’t like the idea and proposed a meeting on his home turf… someplace called the Nathal Institute. Anyway, it was around the time our group’s funding was running out, so it became a moot point………

  4. Deborah L. Goforth - Deb says:

    Hi Mark, just found your site today! It’s odd in a way, because I’ve been interested in the paranormal I think since I was a child. Wish I’d known about your site earlier, I’d have been happy to respond about my impressions of the pictures. This is fascinating stuff!
    Since I came to accept that there is life beyond this life, I don’t think I have feared death. I may not know exactly what to expect when I pass from this world to the next but I hope that I can leave my discomfort (mental, emotional and physical) and fears behind me. This life sometimes feels so weighted, heavy and full of heartache. I look forward to the day when I no longer have to strive and preserver but can relax and enjoy as man was created to do.
    I spent the last four years of my father’s life taking care of him and the one thing he hated most was that he felt that his body was in a prison. He could no longer do the things his body told him he should be able to do. He hated life and longed for death, even if he didn’t know for sure what to expect. I guess I gained some of my perceptions of the afterlife from him. He was a long time explorer through the writings of Ruth Montgomery, Raymond Moody and others. I’ve read many of the books he still had from the 60’s. After his death I spoke with him often, if he replied I could not hear for these worldly ears were not attuned to his vibration, but I could feel him and the cats knew when he was about. I think they were a little freaked out LOL you could tell when he was near because you could see their furtive looks all around them and then they would streak off.
    This has gotten rather long and I didn’t intend to let it get that way but I wanted to share one other thought before I go. You made a statement something to the effect that what one experienced in the life after life was based on what they could allow themselves to believe. I’ve often said something similar to that when talking with others on the subject. My person belief is that if you can only imagine that you would be singing in a choir of angels after this life then that was what you would have, if you believed that you were created by God, Allah, Universal Consciousness, Supreme Being, or Prime Creator, whatever you choose to call it, then you were a child of that being and as such were heir to them and their attributes; ie gods as well. If you believed there was nothing then that is what you would experience. I for one would like to believe in God and that as his child I would experience, have and be all that He was. As a parent I know I want my children to have all that I can give them which is good for them and all their hearts can imagine

    • Hi Deb,
      Somehow I didn’t notice your comment getting onto my site earlier this year.
      Your perceptions and experiences are much appreciated!
      I resonate with them.

      I’d only add… sometimes people get an afterliife experience they aren’t expecting.
      Atheists and skeptics are usually quite surprised when they find themselves alive in a nice world after they die. They expected nothing. Some of them hold onto their skepticism… now they no longer believe in life on Earth; they think it was just a strange dream. LOL again……

      Anyway, thanks for the comments!

  5. Brooke Attebury says:

    Dearest Mr. Macy,
    Your explination of what is really occuring inside my mind is the ONLY one thats trully made sense! Ive suffereda constant battle of being kind to people, or being outright mean when im hurt for many years…Ive had alot of heartache andd emotional struggles. Ive found counseling, 12 step meetings, church, self help books , etc to be helpful but its as if an explination of WHY we are this way was never found. You spoke to me in reguards to a few questions abd comments I made, and I instantly was so grateful to you for taking time to respond! As I read more on Itc world and here I feel better daily! Thank you for all you do. Research, writing, answering small questions from people with just general questions, etc. Also, I wanted to say I AM NOT SILENT ABOUT YOUR SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY! Im amazed, stunned, and would give ALMOST ANYTHING to have a chance to try it. I dont know my bio father, but was raised by a wonderful man I called Dad, whos recently passed. Also most of my mothers family had passed early on in my life, or before I existe d. So to see just who floats along with me in loving spirit would be a treasured chance of a lifetime! I pray for your joy and happiness as youve immensely improved my state of mind. Ive wanted to ask a question of you, The 2107 group that upset Mrs. Fishbach, have they contacted anyone else? And if they were contacting a person , how would one know it was them…Or, what did they do to upset her? I fear trying ITC/EVP experiments abd being attacked by negatives of the such….Again, THANK YOU KIND SIR . Im so thankful I stumbled upon you and your teachings!!!!
    Sincerely Yours,
    Kara “Brooke” Attebury.

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