Faces in the Mist 2: New York

Here’s the second batch of spirit face photos pulled from my archives… these from New York. They were taken at the Wainwright House in Rye (events in 2001 and 2002) and at the Edgar Cayce ARE Center in Manhattan (2004).

Again, I’ll start with what I consider some of the best examples of those pictures. You may have seen some of them in my books and websites.

Samples at:

Classic Spirit Face Photos

Debbie Alberti felt that she and her husband John were soulmates. She was a jazz singer in the tri-state area (NY-PA-NJ), and John, a drummer, was leader of the band. When he died of massive heart failure during a tennis match, Debbie was devastated.

I took several pictures of Debbie when she attended my ARE workshop, and John appeared miraculously in one of them… along with a surprise appearance (in the same photo) by who I think is the late Edgar Cayce.

Debbie and John, Lifetime

Debbie at the ARE Center

Debbie with Spirit Face(s)

Highlighted Close-Up

How our spirit friends do things like this—creating a collage of two distinct faces to be caught on film—I still haven’t figured out.

That’s John… the face on the left.

And the face on the right, I believe belongs to the late Edgar Cayce. After all, it was his New York center where we had the workshop.

Edgar Cayce in lifetime (photo courtesy of the Edgar Cayce Foundation)

More about Edgar Cayce:

One of my favorite photo subjects was Meme, a highly sensitive young woman who introduced herself at the same workshop. Her picture became the cover of a book.

Meme at the ARE Center

Meme with two spirit faces replacing hers.

Tianna had recently lost William, the love of her life, to illness. I took several pictures of her during my workshop, and William showed up clearly in one.

Tianna alone (left) and with William’s face replacing hers (right).

William in lifetime.

Here are some of the other interesting photos taken in New York, with a brief comment under each.

Some people, such as Lisa, seemed especially receptive to spiritual influences while I was taking pictures. I didn’t get a clear picture of her because so many spirits were trying to show themselves. In these two, she sees her father’s face in the picture on the left… and the fellow superimposed over her face in the right-hand photo she doesn’t recognize.

Lisa Huston (a different Lisa), a good friend of ours, was videotaping my workshop at the ARE Center. If you look closely you can see a fellow’s face peering out from the left of her face.

“Connie” got an exceptionally clear picture of her son posing with her. Her son had died in an accident, so this picture was especially moving and meaningful to her.

These pictures of Elfie show a most interesting phenomenon that happened fairly often during these photo sessions with the luminator–a bleeding effect of the lights.

The bleeding effect also occurs on shiny silver jewelry, as in this picture of Judy.

Paula also has the light phenomenon, as well as a face trying to form over her face.

I’m hoping that by sharing this cross-section of many photos with diverse results, you’ll get a feeling for how spiritual phenomena manifested in these photos taken with the luminator.

I’ll probably do just one more of these posts of spirit faces, as they don’t seem to attract the interest I thought they might.

Then, back into more grounded topics… well, “grounded” is a relative term, right?  🙂


The Faces in the Mist series:

1. Colorado Springs

2. New York

3. Amazement in the basement

4. Deafening silence

5. Visits from beyond

6. Afterword about fear




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9 Responses to Faces in the Mist 2: New York

  1. Liz Wagner says:

    Hello Mark: To say again how much I appreciate the sincerity of your work but also to say that these photos hold no meaning to me. They just seem like some blurry images and one could say this one looks like so and so and that one looks like John Denver and all I can say is – so what? It is our own mind that thinks it knows the face of a certain person and I see it as all delusion.
    A kind of wishful thinking. Perhaps it all is as you say it is, it’s just that I don’t see it or believe it. It’s not (to me) empirical evidence of anything at all.
    I wish you the best, as always.

    • Hi Liz,

      Thanks for your frank assessment. The beauty of life on Earth is that it’s ALL an illusion, and we all perceive it from different viewpoints… and put meaning in different aspects of the illusion. I think it’s safe to say that you and I share that understanding, since we’ve been corresponding for a long time. You were among the first subscribers to my Timestream reports back in the early 90s, as I recall. You’ve shared some of your own multi-faceted spiritual journey in your letters. The more you immerse yourself in spiritual truth, the more illusory this material world begins to appear. At least, that’s been my experience, and I assume it’s been yours as well.

      As far as the spirit-face photos go, they’re very meaningful to me, because when I study some of the faces I very clearly see two, sometimes three or more very distinct faces in the pictures. And I have the advantage of having gotten to know the individuals in the pictures, at least on a face-to-face basis. So when I see starkly different faces reflecting starkly different personalities showing up with the person standing in front of me, it’s pretty incredible!

      On the other hand, I’ve also chatted on the phone with people in spirit, and my colleagues have received long computer texts from spirit friends containing detailed descriptions of the other side and describing humanity’s ancient past.

      Compared to those elaborate ITC contacts, these spirit-faces photos are nearly meaningless.

      Compared to your own multifaceted spiritual experiences, I can understand how these pictures might be rather meaningless to you as well.

      It’s all a matter of perspective.

      As far as the pictures go, I think the bottom line is that they provide good evidence that our world is superimposed by subtler worlds of structure that flourish with life. For someone who already accepts and understands spiritual reality, these pictures may have little meaning. But for someone else—someone who’s completely immersed in the material world and oblivious to spiritual existence—these pictures could be a game-changer.

      So… thanks for your patience as I wrap up this short series on spirit-face photos. 🙂


  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Mark,

    I was so honored to be in your NYC workshop, be included in Spirit Faces. How cool to see those two published here (I’m the “Lisa” with the long, dark hair who has the unidentified male spirit show up, and the one on the left that looks like my father) I don’t see how anybody can dismiss these as mere, “blurry images,” when it’s SO obvious they are spirit images, especially when you compare the photos of the individual while they were alive. Lots of debunkers out there who refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence even when it’s staring them in the face!

    Anyway, these photos are incredible, and I always love seeing them again. I’ve forward it to several people, who are amazed as well.



  3. Lisa says:

    Mark, did you ever see this? It’s a brilliant satire about close-minded debunkers, and is spot-on:

    How to Debunk Just About Anything:


    • Lisa, thanks for the comments… and the link, which was very synchronistic.

      The author of that article about skeptics—Dan Drasin—is a friendly acquaintance of mine. In fact, he came along with Regina and me to my first workshop at Wainwright House, and videotaped the event for use in a future documentary (which so far hasn’t been produced). We got a lot of great spirit faces that evening, including the one of “Connie” and her son, which is included in this article, above. So… again, small world!

      Ironically, even Dan seemed a little leery of my spirit-face photos. He wanted me to mount the camera solidly on something when I took pictures, instead of holding it in my hands, to rule out camera blur… so that the pictures would stand up better to scrutiny by skeptics.

      I never felt compelled to do that. It’s been my experience over the years that as I became more rigid and mechanical in my experiments, the spiritual results diminished. I had my best results when I was feeling peaceful and positive inside, when the situation flowed smoothly, when the people involved followed their inner motivations without inhibitions, and a certain degree of spontaneity happened during the sessions. For the spirit-face photos, that involved changing the camera angle, moving closer to a particular light, stepping forward or backward, that sort of thing.

      Anyway, in this line of work I’ve had to contend with all sorts of skepticism, and I’ve learned that it’s important to consider the source.
      At one end of the spectrum there are people who simply find the spirit-face photos (and other phenomena) hard to reconcile in their minds, and it’s easiest for them not to dwell on the phenomena as they move on with their lives.

      At the other end of the spectrum are skeptics who turn vicious in their attacks against the things they can’t accept or don’t understand… and if the attacks become personal, sometimes you have to defend yourself… even fight back. This is the Earth, after all, a place of squabbles. 🙂

      As far as that comment from Liz goes (above), you can rest assured she’s not in that camp of vicious skeptics. My correspondence with her over the years gives me a sense of someone who’s sincere and trustworthy.


  4. Lisa says:

    Thanks, Mark. But I have no patience for debunkers who refuse to thoroughly examine the overwhelming evidence with an open, curious mind. Their comments and so-called criticisms show me that they have not done that at all, but only took a quick look, and then became dismissive. I see this all the time in NDE research, as well. A ghost could dance in front of them, and they would still discount it! Their doubt is coming from an internal place, not from a lack of evidence “out there.”

    I find their comments to often be mean-spirited, suggesting those of us who do believe are “delusional” and it’s only “wishful thinking.” I do find that vicious. I am involved with several paranormal groups, and have received my own Class A EVPs after my brother died – and just have no tolerance or patience for those who debunk when overwhelming evidence is THERE. There’s a big difference between a healthy skeptic and a confirmed debunker. A healthy skeptic is a great thing – and examines evidence with an open mind. But a confirmed debunker will scoff and dismiss, even when the proof is staring them in the face. I guess it’s their own fear that’s holding them back, although I’m not exactly sure what they’re afraid of – perhaps some are terrified of the death of the illusion of our egos and what the afterlife represents.

    That’s very interesting about Dan! Had no idea he was a friendly acquaintance of yours. I do find some of his satire on debunkers extremely accurate!

    Anyway, thanks again for everything! The Luminator workshop was one of the greatest and most meaningful experience of my spiritual path – and I treasure those photos. Please don’t let the skeptics dissuade you from your ongoing great work!

    Best regards,


  5. Hard to believe, but the photos and the video! very convincing. It’s a weird feeling~!

  6. Gate Seeker says:


    My experience, as I become much further-immersed into spiritual truth, is exactly what you mentioned to Liz Wagner. It has become the re-awakening of the very core of my being – and it is not a feeling that many of our fellow humans seem to have the ‘opportunity’ or appetite to enjoy.

    I deal with logic, numbers and ‘facts’ in the world of daily life. But I know that there is much more than meets the eye. With our subtle energies, such as resonance, I believe greatly in the possibility of finally allowing the veil to open wide. Despite the skepticism that crawls all over our globe, I am a true believer in your ITC contacts.

    I found a series on youtube that had been uploaded of what appears to be the ‘Second Brazilian Congress of Instrumental Transcommunication’ as the title appears to say. I wish there were english subtitles, as the language barrier appears tougher for me to break than the dimensional barrier. 🙂 I was wondering if you were aware of these videos on youtube?

    One of the women in these videos actually reminds me a lot of Swejen Salter! She appears in parte 1 – 2 de 10 in the orange shirt (visible from related videos upon watching the first part in the link above). Of course it is not Salter, as many of Salter’s characeristics appear to be very different in her photos, but I think it is the hairstyle of this woman that fondly reminds me of the appearance of Salter.

    My comment appears to have trailed off, but I could not keep myself from sharing my thoughts with you. The work of ITC is, in my opinion, the best thing ever to happen to the world and the confusion that plagues it day after day.

    Many well-wishes to you Mark! I am, and will always be, one of the “dots”,

    – A very staunch ally of the work

  7. Hi GS, Thanks for that youtube link!
    I wasn’t aware that our third INIT meeting was posted online. (The first in England 1995, second in NY 1996, and the third in Sao Paulo 1997.)
    One of our Brazilian members, I suspect, since the dubbing is in Portuguese.
    I’m delighted that they took the time and effort to upload each presentation.

    Yes, I could name all of the speakers from the meeting. I’m the thin guy with the mustache speaking English.
    The woman in the orange blouse would be Maggy Fischbach. As the main receiver of our group, she was in close personal contact with spirit friend Swejen Salter, who sent several pictures of herself over the years. Having known Maggy personally, meeting with her on various occasions, I never noticed much facial resemblance between her and Swejen. Very different personalities are reflected in their faces when you get to know them.
    There was certainly a strong, intimate rapport and friendship between the two, however, that could be heard in their phone dialogs (mostly in German).
    Good wishes and high hopes for your ITC intentions in the coming years.
    It’s a vital field that needs good people with the right qualities and ability to resonate with each other.

    PS – Here’s another link to that Sao Paolo conference, with Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach presenting.

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