Tapping On Heaven’s Door

Life isn’t easy for us noble-savage humans in a noble-savage world, but there are certainly ways to make the most of it. There’s adventure, drama, and romance for those who crave it… and given our biological makeup, especially our hormones, we all crave it at various times in our lives.

But for what it’s worth… if it’s peace, happiness, success, and a ticket to a paradise afterlife that you want, by far the best technique I’ve found is heart meditation. It’s what the ethereals taught to the Titans of Atlantis: seek wisdom and knowledge from the Source through the heart.”

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Recently I’ve added a couple of things to my heart meditations with good results.


When I lie down and start to relax and begin to move my awareness from the head to the heart, I rest my two hands on my chest.

The hands are relaxed, as shown.

Then I start tapping gently, either with the thumbs, or with the tips of the index fingers, or sometimes with the entire loose fists (minus the thumbs, which remain resting on my chest).

The tapping seems to help my mind to move from the brain to the heart… acting as a sort of homing signal.

Four-Beat Mantra

Once I’ve gotten settled in the heart and feel that welcome peacefulness, I stop the tapping and then eventually start reciting a mantra… silently… just thinking it.

It consists of four beats synchronized to my breathing—one beat for each out-breath, or exhalation:

Beat 1: Dear God

Beat 2: … our oneness

Beat 3: … is the cornerstone

Beat 4: … of my life.

The complete mantra, then, is “Dear God, our oneness is the cornerstone of my life.” And each beat is done on an out-breath.

Replacement words

If you don’t like the word God or the term Dear God, replace it with whatever word or very short phrase represents to you the totality of everything—that awesome, all-powerful, omnipresent essence of which you are a part. It could be Allah, Jahweh, Tao, Brahma, nature, force, source, powers that be, universe….

The rest of the mantra is pretty solid, although…

In the course of a heart meditation, I replace the term “oneness” frequently with other terms like strength, love, light, unity, wisdom, purity, or ageless wisdom. You could probably use terms like prosperity and success also, but these words begin to reflect the illusion of the material world… and I prefer to use words that represent the timeless spiritual forces that apply to all life everywhere, in every universe.

Always use the term “our.” Don’t replace it with “your.” The point here is to reinforce our oneness with the totality… not to separate ourself from it. That’s one problem I see with a lot of traditional prayer: the tendency to think of God as a force outside of ourself.

So, lately I like to tap the heart chakra to help move my awareness from the head to the chest.

Then, once settled in that place of peace, I reinforce my connection by using the mantra. And I do the mantra over and over, with every four-breath cycle. Then I relax in silence and enjoy the ride.

The mantra can gradually change the way you live your life. You’ll start living more as the timeless spiritual being whom you really are… and THAT is where the true powers are.

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2 Responses to Tapping On Heaven’s Door

  1. dustylady1 says:

    Yes, and breathing through the heart chakra during the meditation is also important. I have experienced “visions’ during my heart meditations, or pictures, that I do not experience in regular brain-oriented meditation. Also, for powerful high tech meditations, try the cd’s offered at synchronicity.org. They have samples there for people to try! I have had extremely blissful experiences from using those with headphones. They take you down to Delta and Theta levels. 🙂 Thanks, Mark.

  2. Hi Melody, thanks for the tip.
    I wasn’t aware of synchronicity.org. So I went to the site and listened to some of the samples. I don’t know if he uses brain-synchronization pulsing like the Monroe Institute does. If so, these could be great resources to people learning to meditate. If not, the clips I heard sounded nice and relaxing… so still a nice way to meditate.
    For anyone interested, here’s a link:

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