Prayer – – Another Ticket

If meditation is the technique of listening to finer spiritual minds, prayer is the art of talking to them. Both techniques can raise our spiritual vibration to make our lives on Earth blissful and to carry us home to paradise after we die.

Prayer is sometimes described as focused intention and a request for help. When we relax, focus our mind, set an intention, and state it in words, we send out streams of consciousness that mobilize powerful forces in light, lovely worlds. Our focused thoughts actually help shape subtle realities beyond our physical world. The realities we create and the forces we mobilize in those in-beyond realms then feed back onto our world to affect our lives. Prayer can help this process unfold in a most beautiful way when done from the heart with a clear, focused mind.

Throughout our lives we can always ask for help from the many Ethereal beings (angels) who provide guidance and protection to Earth and its inhabitants. As we align to those brilliant beings, we raise our spiritual vibration, which strengthens our noble side and weakens that savage voice inside that compels us to make bad choices.

We can pray directly to God, even though God is the Principle and as such cannot talk to individual beings.* There are countless powerful intercessors who CAN help anyone, anytime. All we have to do is ask . . . especially through prayer.

This picture was taken by my friend Bill Stansmore, who accompanied the Dalai Lama on a visit to New York City in the late 90s. The Tibetan holy man was issuing a short prayer while visiting a cathedral, and his hands were alight with energy visible only to Bill’s 35-mm camera.

* So the Ethereal beings told us . . . see the 1996/03 issue of Contact!, which documents some key messages from “The Seven.”

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2 Responses to Prayer – – Another Ticket

  1. Joan parris says:

    Do you know Bill Stansmore’s where snouts?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Joan,
      Wow, I haven’t seen Bill since the 1990s. I recall, when a group of us went to England for the first INIT meeting in 1995, he was browsing one of the many small bookstores, and bought me an early edition of Konstantin Raudive’s Breakthrough book.

      You might ask Alison van Dyk. I’ll send you her email via email……


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