For happiness on Earth, know Heaven

Patient to Doctor: They‘re all just jealous because the voices only talk to me.

If I gathered up everything I’ve learned about the afterlife over the past 20 years, and boiled it all down to the most important information, the result could be called…

Spirituality 101

In a nutshell, there are many, many spiritual worlds or universes, and they’re all jumbled together in the same space along with our physical world. They’re like radio signals—all superimposed over each other, but distinct from each other by their unique vibration. So all of the many spirit worlds are right here, and inhabitants of those worlds move in and out of our world constantly.

There are countless light, blissful worlds of brisk, fine vibration formed by the love, trust, good will, and other happy thought-forms of their inhabitants. There are also some dark, dismal worlds of slow, dense vibration, formed by the fears, doubts, resentments and other troubled thought-forms of their inhabitants. And in between those two extremes are many, many other worlds varying in lightness.

Here on Earth, each of us personally tunes into the spirit realms and the spirit beings that resonate with our own disposition. If we’re happy and loving and kind, we attract wonderful spiritual influences into our lives who make our lives more and more wonderful. But if we’re consumed by contempt or fear, we attract troubled spirits into our lives who stir things up even more. So the key to a happy life on Earth, spiritually speaking, is simply to keep your spirits up! Love people, forgive them their mistakes, love yourself, forgive yourself, and do other altruistic things taught by all the time-proven world religions.

So our mind is like a radio dial. By adjusting our disposition, we can tune into brilliant angels, or late loved ones who are settled in paradise, or confused spirits—ghosts—who are stuck near the Earth, or malevolent entities in dark, scary places. It depends largely on ourselves, and what we’re thinking about!

The Contact Field and Group Spirituality

Once we understand those basic spiritual truths, we can put them to use to foster the kind of life we want, especially in our interactions with other people.

When people work together on a spiritual project, their thoughts, beliefs and attitudes form a pool of life energy or consciousness, which our spirit friends call a “contact field.” They say that if everyone’s in harmony (if there’s a lot of friendship, trust, and good will), the contact field becomes clear, so our spirit friends can then see into our world and work with our equipment.

But if there’s a lot of suspicion, doubt, and resentment among the members, then the contact field becomes cloudy, and our spirit friends have a tough time coming through our equipment.

So, one key to healthy collaboration in a spiritual group, especially an ITC research group (in which the members begin to receive phone calls, radio messages, computer and TV images, and other miraculous contacts directly from a dedicated team of positive spirit friends) is to sustain harmony among the members.

Easier Said Than Done!

Harmony provides a suitable contact field for ITC, but it’s not so easy to achieve and sustain harmony here on Earth among us humans, not with our egos and hormones.

As I discuss in my latest book, one of the most troublesome hormones is dopamine. Dopamine is a pleasure drug like morphine or cocaine produced by the body. Over many thousands of years human bodies have developed dopamine networks called “reward pathways.” Whenever we get into situations that encourage survival, we’re “rewarded” by a shot of dopamine, giving us a surge of pleasure. So we’re kind of like lab rats, unconsciously behaving in ways that give us the dopamine rush.

If our body only rewarded us for good behavior, the world would be a beautiful place. We’d be helping each other out, feeling empathy for the less fortunate, sharing our wealth freely with those around us, taking care of the world like wise caretakers, and so on, because we’d get dopamine each time we behaved altruistically.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Except for meditation and exercise, most of our dopamine-rewarded behaviors are potentially harmful to human interactions. Violence and aggression, for example, helped our ancestors survive in a vicious world rife with predators, so violent situations trigger dopamine—whether we’re engaging in them, running from them, or simply observing them.

Other dopamine-inducing activities include eating, acquiring things, and having sex—driving many people to gluttony, shopaholism, gambling addiction, and sexual disorders. So when people are together over time, for example in committed relationships, in businesses, in associations and other groups, dopamine causes all sorts of problems, making sustained harmony almost impossible.

Spiritual Research and Ghost Hunting

That’s why ghost hunting is more popular today than serious spiritual research, such as ITC. Fostering a loving rapport with a positive, supportive spirit group is not nearly as exciting as hearing a spooky voice in a haunted house. Surprises, shocks, and bumps in the night give us a dopamine rush. (They also attract a big audience for TV shows and movies!) Receiving a detailed picture and description of the paradise world where most of our departed loved ones live…does not. It might be inspiring and wonderful for some people, but it doesn’t give us a dopamine rush. Hearing a lost soul wailing for help or an angry spirit cursing at us is more stimulating than gentle words of support from a guardian angel.

And therein lies the number-one obstacle to spiritual research, especially ITC. It’s inside of us humans. It’s our savage side.

Until a team of people can commit to and succeed in putting their savage side in its place and fostering their noble side, our spiritual friends in many light and subtle worlds will be shaking their heads, wondering if working with humans on Earth is worth the effort.

That’s why I’m no longer involved in any ITC groups. I’d love to join with a circle of people from various countries who really understand the nature of their own personal noble qualities and savage qualities, and are willing to commit to the inner work needed to tip the balance heavily toward the noble. Lip service is easy, but truly doing the work to sustain harmony is not. Why? Because, in the words of a wise man long ago… we’re only human.

Frankly, I’m no longer certain that I myself am ready to make the necessary sacrifices. I have some weaknesses that are pretty daunting!  But enough about me…   :-))))

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