An Apology Can Lift the Spirit

As I inventory my life—something I’ve been doing of late—I’ve found nothing that heals old emotional wounds more powerfully than apologies. An apology can break down the walls of mistrust and angst that divide us… walls that block the heart-and-soul connections that would otherwise unite us in a most natural (and supernatural) way.

When we insult or belittle someone, harsh vibrations are generated that create static in human relationships… and it doesn’t dissipate over time. The static remains, bristling in the spiritual field around us.

If we take the time to reflect on our mistakes and bad choices that have hurt people around us over the years… if we can feel the pain we caused and say we’re sorry… only then can the spiritual blemishes begin to fade away and disappear.

Simply put, an apology can free the spirit… if done with sincerity.

When doctors and nurses apologized to actor James Woods recently for mistakes they’d made leading to the death of his brother Michael during heart surgery, a healing took place. When the hospital’s chief executive, Sandra Coletta, opened up to Woods’ mother, not as a hospital administrator but as a mother herself… it was a moving moment for everyone. The Woods family withdrew a malpractice lawsuit.

Scientists have found that apologies can bring peace when offered with sincerity… or they can heighten the conflict when done for dark motives.

Read about that study

When radio personality Rush Limbaugh called college student Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute last week for her stand on contraceptives, people were outraged. And when he apologized, reluctantly and backhandedly, it stirred up even more hatred and venom across the social networks.

Watching these two clips tell us a lot about our noble-savage nature, and the challenges we face in trying to fulfill the human purpose… which is to restore paradise on Earth.

That will involve a healing of human relationships.

Not an easy task!… but sincere, heartfelt apologies are a big step in the right direction.

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