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Having grown up in a journalistic family (my folks ran a small-town newspaper in Colorado), I’ve followed the news all my life in an effort to keep a pulse on things. In recent years I find myself filtering the latest news according to what I regard as the real human story, based on what I’ve learned mostly through ITC and related research.

Here are some examples.

Eden Rubble On Mars

Mars today is a barren planet covered with rocks and marred by craters. NASA orbiters offer some of the best snapshots… like this one showing dry lake-beds that probably flourished with life several billion years ago. (Credit: NASA/JPL/ImperialCollegeofLondon)

A recent article analyzed pictures of ruts and grooves behind some of the Mars rocks, suggesting the rocks had slid downhill recently, maybe as a result of a marsquake. (Credit: NASA/HiRISE image)

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As I see it, when planet Eden was destroyed 4 billion years ago by advanced technologies of its superhuman inhabitants, the nearest planet, Mars, must have received the brunt of the blast.

Physical life on ‘the red planet’ was obliterated as it was pummeled by debris from the explosion… before most of the debris settled into an asteroid belt that today fills Eden’s former orbit.

Before that, Mars was one of several planets in our solar system that flourished with life, as shown in this artist’s rendition of Mars several billion years ago. (credit:WikimediaCommons/ Ittiz)

Reviving Ancient Life Forms

Global warming, like most crises, may have some opportunities. Ancient life forms that have been buried under arctic ice for tens of thousands of years are suddenly making themselves known.

This narrow-leaf campion hasn’t flourished on Earth for 32,000 years… until Russian scientists excavated seeds from thawing tundra in Siberia a few years ago and were able to nurture the seeds to life. (Credit: Svetlana Yashina)

This is by far the oldest terrestrial life form ever to be rejuvenated, so independent scientists are suppressing their enthusiasm until further tests are done.

Read a related New York Times article

I’m confident that advanced life was flourishing on Earth 4 billion years ago, when superhuman Edenites were colonizing our world. The colonists became marooned here after the destruction of their home world and set about nurturing terrestrial life and charting a course for the evolution of humankind.

As a result, life on Earth (and humanity in particular) has a rich, flourishing history tracing back billions of years, and it will all start to come together at a quickening pace in the coming years as science uncovers more clues like the narrow-leaf campion.

Engineering at the Atomic Level

As microchips continue to get ever smaller and more densely populated by digital circuits, scientists now have developed a working transistor using a single phosphorus atom placed on a silicon crystal. For someone like me who’s spent most of his adult life involved in the high-tech industry, this is big news… maybe a big step toward quantum computing.

Read the related article from TG Daily

ITC contacts from The Seven ethereals suggest that the ancient Edenites and their latter-day descendants, the Titans of Atlantis, were accomplished at microcosmic engineering. We modern humans, with our comparatively short lifespans and intellectual gifts, are quickly rediscovering the knowledge lost by our superhuman ancestors.

Contending with Our Noble-Savage Nature

As one of many species of social animals, how social are we, really? How strong is our noble side in relation to our savage side? When kids get together, how well do they share the marbles? When adults live together, how well do the rich share with the poor?

Behavioral scientists in Germany are studying a situations in human affairs that seem to promote or obstruct altruistic behavior among us humans. When kids cooperate on a task, they share the rewards. When they work independently they tend to horde.

This simple finding, if given the attention it deserves, could have tremendous impact on social and political systems in the future. It could bring together the best qualities of capitalism and communism… of democracy and autocracy… in order to create social and political systems best suited to our noble-savage nature… striking that perfect balance between people’s need for freedom and society’s need for stability.

Read the related New York Times article

(Note: I’m planning my next article series, which will take a closer look at the spirit face photographs I gathered over the years using the luminator and a Polaroid camera… and what I learned from those pictures about our nature has multidimensional human beings. I hope to launch that series next month… so stay tuned. 🙂  MM)

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