Asteroids Pummeled Earth for 2 Billion Years

Science is closing in on Eden. A few days ago scientists published two reports in Nature providing solid evidence that Earth was bombarded by asteroids on a steady basis for half its known lifespan—from 4 billion to 2 billion years ago… a much longer stretch of time than previously believed.

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One of the two studies concludes that the asteroids that crashed into our world frequently for 2 billion years came from the asteroid belt, which rings the sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

The study didn’t speculate as to how or why the asteroids achieved their initial momentum and velocity to leave orbit and speed toward Earth. Was it because…

… God was pissed?

… the Earth sucks?

… our universe is part of some intricate video game being played by a giant kid in front of a macrocosmic laptop?

… the heavenly bodies foresaw the evolution of modern conservative politics and wanted to nip it in the bud?

More likely… a Saturn-size planet (Eden, or Marduk) blew up 4 billion years ago, sending a hellish storm of shrapnel flying everywhere in the solar system, and it took a couple billion years for the chaos to settle down. (see my previous post)

Scientists seem to be closing in on the truth about Eden… as long as they don’t diverge into one of their silly modern epicycles.

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