Our Paradise Destiny

We have a paradise destiny in two ways—personally and as a species.

 Our personal paradise destiny….

Because of our ancient roots in Eden, or Marduk (see my previous blog entry), it’s most natural for many of us to return to that paradise existence after we die. Our spirit body, when detached from the lifeless physical body, finds its way naturally to the spirit-world Marduk (which was detached from it’s own “physical body” after a primordial explosion).

The paradise destiny of humanity….

 In the bigger picture, I believe that when the physical paradise of Marduk (Eden) was destroyed long, long ago, it became the overall aim of the last living superhuman Edenites marooned on Earth—as well as the aim of their gifted descendants (whom our ancestors referred to as titans and gods), and of the finer spiritual beings who have supported and guided human development down through the ages—to someday convert Earth to a paradise.

 So, long story short: There’s a paradise awaiting us beyond the Earth after we die, and there’s a paradise awaiting the human species someday here on Earth. That’s the good news.

 The bad news is that there are some obstacles to both scenarios. There are things that can “sidetrack” us, so that after we die we get stuck in humdrum surroundings for awhile, or stuck near the earth, invisible and confused…or worse—in dark and dismal worlds where fear and malevolence are everywhere.

 And again, in the bigger picture, there are things that could delay the conversion of our world to a paradise existence… or could prevent it altogether, resulting instead in the demise of humankind once and for all.

 And, finally, the best news: Those obstacles can all be overcome.

 On the personal front, we can learn certain techniques that raise our spiritual vibration in such a way that a paradise afterlife is guaranteed. Some of those techniques are time-proven and taught by all the great religions of the world—meditation and prayer, for example. Other techniques are secular—Monroe Institute technologies, community-building workshops, character-building courses, and the Swadhyaya movement in India, to name a few. There are also some technical and scientific techniques. Brain implants and genetic engineering, for example, hold tremendous potential for refining our spiritual and emotional nature, as I address (along with these other topics) in my recent book, The Project. But essentially, to get a ticket to paradise after we die, all it really takes is a general sense of love and good will—being kind to other people and other life. An understanding and acceptance of our spiritual nature helps, but is not necessary. Even atheists of good will find themselves in paradise after they die… though they may be a bit surprised! 

 (We were told by our spirit friends that many skeptics who die and awaken in paradise hold onto their skepticism… although now they no longer believe in life on Earth; they’re convinced it was just a bad dream.  I kid you not…)

 At the global level, there are also things we can do today to help the human race lock in its paradise destiny here on Earth—techniques for overcoming the clashing dogmas and ideologies that pit nation against nation, religion against religion; new economic principles for removing inequities among classes and the ravages of poverty once and for all. Many of these macro-techniques are also addressed in my book… case in point, the “Vitality Ratio,” which introduces a simple formula and new economic theory, based on a new way of looking at living systems on Earth, especially social systems. Plugging that ratio into the Internet could solve most of the world’s economic problems in very short order. That may sound like a glib promise of a dreamer, but I’ve digested and refined and contemplated on that ratio over the past thirty years, so that today I know it is not an idle claim.

 Anyway, the main point I want to make today is that we have a paradise destiny—not just a personal one that can await each of us at the end of our earthly life—but also the destiny of humanity to turn this world into a paradise. And both are available to us today. All it will take is the acceptance of that destiny, and a few good choices at the personal and global levels.

 It’s all explained in my book, and it’ll be coming together in this blog as well, in the coming months and years.

About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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4 Responses to Our Paradise Destiny

  1. Paradise… The heavenly planet wherein shall be no evil talk… What a place to be!

  2. I agree!… and hope to see you there, say, over a cup of tea. 🙂

  3. I guess we’re all Godly at some level… it’s just the worldly clutter (ego, personality, hormones…) that keeps things challenging… 🙂
    I like to think I have most of my ‘clutter’ under control… but it still leaks out and gets messy from time to time.
    The main thing for me: I focus mostly on my noble side, and I try to let my savage side exert itself in ways that don’t harm people.

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