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Simply Concentrate, Contemplate, and Meditate: Sai Baba

Concentration is the ability to focus unwaveringly on something for 9 or 10 seconds. Focusing 9 or 10 times longer (about a minute and a half) is contemplation. Focusing 9 or 10 times longer than that (about 15 minutes) is meditation…. Continue reading

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Three Most Viable Solutions for Today’s World

I’ve been studying the world and its problems and trying to find the best solutions for nearly forty years, and over time I’ve boiled it all down into three sweeping solutions that, I believe, would be most effective in bringing peace and contentment to the world today. Continue reading

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Cleansing and Clearing the Cluttered Mind

I’ve developed a technique to alleviate suffering and bring peace of mind. Except for a couple of especially difficult times in recent months, it’s worked really well for me, bringing a lot of joy. Before I describe it (at the end of this article), it’s important first to understand some of the obstacles we humans face in finding peace and happiness… and to look at other effective techniques (some similar to mine) that are also available…. Continue reading

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Embrace the Divine; It’s Where We Shine

When we acknowledge our divine core as the only reality, and our worldly problems and suffering and preoccupations as illusion, then our noble side shines through more brightly and enlightens human society. We find greater peace within us as peace spreads around us. The savage side begins to retreat…. Continue reading

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Tapping On Heaven’s Door

The mantra can gradually change the way you live your life. You’ll start living more as the timeless spiritual being whom you really are… and THAT is where the true powers are. Continue reading

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