Three Most Viable Solutions for Today’s World

I’ve been studying the world and its problems and trying to find the best solutions for nearly forty years, and over time I’ve boiled it all down into three sweeping solutions that, I believe, would be most effective in bringing peace and contentment to the world today.

(This is a synopsis of a longer article I wrote recently and published on my other site. The longer article describes how I came up with the ideas below. Read the full backstory here….)

There are solutions (one each) for the personal, the national, and the planetary levels.

Personal Solution: The Oneness Within

Along with the pleasures, rewards, and loving relationships of this world, most of us also experience a fair amount of pain and suffering. Conflict, loss, failure, rejection, addiction, injury and disease… such things cannot be avoided on Earth.

True and lasting peace simply cannot be attained by anyone living in this noble-savage world. It’s like sailing a ship on a sea that’s sometimes calm, sometimes stormy.

The key, then, is to drop anchor in a safe harbor while the storm rages around us.

The only reliable harbor I’ve found during life’s storms is to acknowledge, deep down, that

  1. The storm is only an illusion just like everything on Earth is an illusion,
  2. The only reality is an invisible, omnipresent, all-powerful force at the center of everything,
  3. The storm is beyond my control and understanding, but everything is part of the omnipresent plan,
  4. I can turn my troubles and my life over to that omnipresent, all-powerful force at any time.
  5. The more often I do that, the more inner peace I have in my life.

Those five principles can provide (arguably, perhaps) the best possible peace and safety during the inevitable upheavals of life on Earth. They provide the foundation for spiritual development.

And the best way I’ve found to achieve that is to carry those principles along with me into a meditation.

Read more about meditation….

Granted, spiritual growth may not be easy for some people in some situations… especially those whose basic human needs aren’t even being met. And that’s a problem that societies need to address: Ensuring that everyone’s basic needs are being met.

National Solution: Basic Income

Provide basic income to every adult citizen of every nation that can afford it.

What’s basic income?

It’s a stipend paid to citizens on a regular basis. In the USA, for example, it could be a payment of $1,000 a month to every adult citizen. That means, just by being an adult American you would receive (from the government, tax-free, no-strings-attached) $12,000 a year.

What nations can afford it?

In loose terms, any modern nation with a sound economy could afford basic income. It would simply take government money from social programs and elsewhere, and give it to the basic income program. Each nation would have to figure out the details based on its unique economy and national budget.

The USA, for example, could solve its most pressing economic problems quickly, just by implementing basic income coupled with a wealth tax. Those two programs, working together, would narrow the huge chasm between rich and poor, and reduce the need for expensive social “safety-net” programs to protect the growing ranks of poor. Wealth tax (say, 3 percent tax per year on everyone’s total assets) would narrow the chasm… and basic income ($1,000 a month) would replace most government aid and welfare programs. As long as everyone’s paying a wealth tax, you could also eliminate or greatly reduce taxes on income, capital gains, and so on.

Read more about basic income and wealth tax…

What nations canNOT afford a basic income program?

Again, in loose terms, any nation with a struggling economy would be challenged to implement basic income.

In particular, it wouldn’t work in a country with a high fertility rate… which is an almost certain formula for disaster in today’s world of 7 billion people. Nations with a 5+ fertility rate (the average woman bears 5 or more children in her lifetime) are contending with famine, plague, war, mass execution, and other severe symptoms of overpopulation.

Nations’ fertility rates (map) compared with recent famines (table).

Nations’ fertility rates (map) compared with recent famines (table).

Read more about basic income and the fertility rate…

To solve most of the economic and social problems that plague nations today, every nation would get its economy in good enough shape to support a basic income program, then implement the program.

Read more about getting the economy in good shape…

Humanity consists of some 200 nations, each more or less independent and mistrustful of each other. The best way to minimize conflict and maximize peace among nations is to gather them together into an umbrella organization with a genuine government… which leads us to the third solution.

Global Solution: World Government

If there’s one thing that popular world history has shown very clearly, it’s that people are more peaceful and cooperative when they’re part of the same group… and groups are more peaceful with each other when they’re part of the same umbrella group.

Why? Because members of a group share standards and values. Through membership they adopt those shared values and become more compatible.

So, there’s one solution above all others for maximizing peace among nations and religions and multinational corporations of the world: A well-planned, well-run world government that draws them all under an umbrella of shared standards and values.

The challenge is to implement worldwide freedom within the limits of a basic set of standards and values that safeguard, for example, the environment and the poor.

The United Nations today is not a world government, not even close. It’s more of an international sounding board… an extremely crucial sounding board that has helped in wonderful ways to  foster unity and peace in the world… but it’s not enough. It should be legitimized as a world government and given the appropriate authority.

Read more about effective world management…


So, maximizing peace and well-being on this noble-savage Earth will involve changes at many levels of humanity.

The three changes I’ve outlined here, at the global, national, and personal levels, would probably be a very good place to start.

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7 Responses to Three Most Viable Solutions for Today’s World

  1. Julie Toney says:

    Are you tallking here about people who can’t work, or everyone who isn’t a multi million type? I can see that this would create a lot of ill feeling, unfortunately, people are so negative towards those who “live off the state”. They receive so much negative press especially here in England, I totally agree that for each adult there should be an adequate amount and if possible they could donate some of their free time for the good of others, this is one of those ideal universes we dream about; this is what I’d like too worldwide ☺

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Julie,
      Right, I’m talking about all adult citizens, poor or rich, handicapped or healthy. All would get the basic income… plus whatever more they wish to earn through their jobs, investments, and so on.
      Ideal universe indeed…. 🙂

  2. Julie Toney says:

    Ok, yes i see, so no more poor, and everyone has enough ….i like it 😊

  3. Ricky says:

    Hi Mark,

    If only the world could understand the entire, comprehensive solution presented by this article. The puzzle pieces come together and the flaws essentially seem to be ironed out – especially with those countries that have out-of-control fertility rates.

    Do you still receive any subtle messages from our Spirit friends? I remember you mentioned that there was a spirit portal in your lab a while back, and I’m curious if they’re still around, continuing to attempt connections with our world.

    Always a pleasure to read and follow your writings!


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Ricky,
      That portal in the basement was real active while I had my lab down there and was actively experimenting with the radios… and while INIT (our international association) was still active. There was a lot of excitement and expectation on both sides of the veil. And a lot of activity in the radio sounds.
      When troubles started to build in INIT in late 1997, the portal started to ‘spring some leaks’ with negative entities starting to come through now and then. I began to spend more time in the lab meditating and less time experimenting.

      I no longer have a lab in the basement, and none of us spend much time down there, so I suspect the portal is still there, but there’s little or no activity associated with it.
      That’s my sense of things.
      I’m not sensitive enough to see the portal, but when it was active I could kind of ‘feel’ the activity.

      Almost every morning I wake up with impressions from spirit. As long as I keep writing these articles about humanity’s well-being and spiritual nature I feel mostly encouragement and warm feelings from the other side.


  4. Tosca Zraikat says:

    The main impediments to any genuine and workable solution are, as I see it, secrecy, apathy (or complacency, perhaps), and fear.
    Secrecy – As long as governments, big business and economics continue to camouflage and lie about their intentions and doings, which they do and have done for a very long time, most of us remain ignorant of the true state of the world, including our own local situation. We do not realise the extent of harm already done to the environment, or the urgent need for change. We do not understand how deep and extensive the problems of poverty, disease and human suffering really are, and how much our own comforts, luxuries, health and wealth contribute to the suffering of others. Nor do we appreciate how deeply conditioned, brainwashed and manipulated by our social media, educational and other systems, and how little most of us really know, understand, enquire or think about for ourselves.
    Apathy or complacency – One devastating effect of our ignorance is the belief that we are powerless to change things, even to take charge of our lives. Beneath all the pushing and striving for more and better, the mass of humanity, I suspect, is in a state of deep depression caused by a belief in our helplessness. For many of us in the west, this depression might be even more mind-numbing, because some small part of us knows that most of the world is truly enslaved for our benefit, and are ashamed. No wonder we in the west are so greedy for distraction! When conscience is too hard to bear, there is complacency, an attitude of “I’m good! Tough luck for the rest of you.” Where apathy can be seen as a symptom of awareness (even if unconscious), complacency is the simple refusal to see, the determination to go through life blindfolded.
    Fear – Ah, much has been written about the debilitating effect of fear. Fear turns our muscles to water, and renders our will as flaccid and weak as sludge. That is why governments, the media, corporations, even our systems of schooling work so hard to cultivate fear, to weave it so deeply into our social discourses and thinking as to make fear appear the most rational and reasonable state of mind. Fear keeps us divided from each other, and from ourselves. It keeps our energies focused on that which we fear – poverty, social embarrassment, being outdone, outshone or outsmarted, illness, death, loss, global destruction, collapse of the environment etc. – and through that focus, we unknowingly feed and empower that which we fear. Fear makes us apathetic. Fear that doing for others will leave us with less makes us complacent. Fear allows us to be manipulated, governed and controlled. How governments and those in power love it! And how well they manipulate it, because they themselves are also driven by fear.

    Perhaps if we focus our minds, intentions and energies on creative solutions, like those that you have proposed, Mark, or others that we might be prepared to commit to, we can help humanity to climb out of its ignorance, apathy and fearfulness, and to find hope for our collective future. With hope, we can envision a better world, a new earth, and individually as well as collectively, consider how we might go about creating it. Your plan is hopeful, Mark, and for that reason, very worth sharing. It helps me to revive my sometimes flagging hopefulness, and turn my energies, thoughts and desires towards a future that can only begin if we are prepared to imagine it, and have faith that what we have imagined, we can make true.

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