Worlds Within Worlds 27 — What Are Dreams?

Note: The “contact field” is the life-energy (thoughts, attitudes, and intentions) of the ITC researchers themselves and of the spirits who work with them. The field is coherent or resonant when minds on both sides are in harmony, and that harmony enables ITC (instrumental transcommunication), the use of modern technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit.

For ITC researchers, dreams can offer hints about the condition of the contact field, so this article takes a practical look at dreams:

  • What are they?
  • Can dreams be categorized?
  • When do they indicate a coherent contact field?
  • Can we shape our dreams to become more resonant?

What Are Dreams?

Cutline: Dreams are often excursions of the mind (or spirit) into the various spirit communities around the Earth. (Read more about paradise and the shadow… )

When we die, our spirit leaves the physical body forever, to get settled into a spirit world that resonates with our thoughts and attitudes… ideally the paradise at level 3.

When we dream, our spirit leaves the physical body only for a while… to explore some of the vast and varied spirit realms near the Earth.

Based on my own dreams, and on dream accounts I’ve read online, I’ve come to believe that many dreams—if not most of them—are excursions into the spirit worlds. Our spirit (which we sometimes call our “subconscious mind”) leaves the sleeping physical body and ventures out into spirit communities that are near the Earth in vibration. Those communities would usually be at levels 1, 2 and 3, or at levels -1, -2, and -3.

Those spirit levels or realms are all superimposed over each other… not pulled apart like the accordion-style diagram. So the spirit inhabitants of all those realms are really right here, all around us.

While we’re awake, we typically don’t see or hear the spirits. Down through the ages, our conscious mind with its five senses has been switched off to the spiritual reality all around us, for whatever reason… (probably because the dramas unfolding in our physical environment on Earth need the full attention of our five senses). But when we fall asleep, the five senses go dormant, and the veil lifts as we enter various dream worlds or spirit levels.

So most of our dreams throughout the night are forgotten when we wake up and the conscious mind kicks in. Sometimes we have just brief recollections of a dream for a few moments, but they quickly fade away. After all, some of our dreams unfold in the shadow realms, and those nightmares can be, well, forgettable.

Can dreams be categorized?

If that’s all true, as I suspect it is, then dreams are easy to classify:

  • Paradise dreams occur when our spirit ventures to level 3, where everybody’s kind and friendly. We wake up feeling good from those dreams. Dreams at levels 2 and 4 would fall into this category as well… a generally positive, uplifting experience.
  • Earthplane dreams happen at level 1, which is a close copy of Earth itself—a sort of invisible, grey cloud blanketing our world. Spirits living on the earthplane are a lot like people living on Earth, where hate and fear coexist with love and awe, where honesty and trust rest uneasily with deception and doubt. We can wake up from these dreams in a dull mood.
  • Shadow dreams are nightmares that might involve people chasing each other or living in dreary or chaotic places. They occur when our spirit visits the negative realms (-1, -2, -3, and so on), and we can awaken from those nightmares in a foul mood.
  • Neurochemical dreams. Some dreams might not be related at all to our nocturnal spirit wanderings. Our mind (or spirit) simply has to unravel and process the complex dramas that have been spawned by our ego and hormones in the course of day-to-day living. These dreams are what readers have referred to as “psychic detoxing” (John) or “unresolved dust bunnies” (Don).

When do dreams indicate a coherent contact field?

I suspect that we’ve all experienced dreams that would fit into those four categories… but once we’re part of an ITC bridge, most of our dreams will probably occur in paradise.

When our spirit group visits our world to work with us and with our equipment, they feel like they’re entering a dream world. Likewise, when we visit them in their world at level 3 while we’re asleep or meditating, it has a sensation of being both familiar and unreal… a dream.

In the 1990s they (our spirit friends) told us (INIT members) clearly and frequently that they resided at level 3. They said that an ITC bridge with Earth would only work at level 3 because:

  1. Spirits at level 3 who once lived on Earth still think and behave a lot like people back home on Earth do… so they can empathize with us. They’re able to resonate with our thoughts and attitudes, and that resonance makes an ITC bridge possible. Once they move to level 4, most of their earthly habits and ways of thinking have disappeared. They’re moving toward the grander reality of the source. That’s why an ITC bridge from Earth cannot be established with any level above level 3: Spirits at those finer levels can no longer resonate with our noble-savage dispositions.
  2. Spirits at level 3 are more refined than we on Earth. They conform to most of the attitudes listed in the left-hand column of the table above. To work with us on Earth they are willing to compromise those noble values… but only a bit! When they come close to ITC researchers to work with us and with our equipment, they automatically resonate with our love and trust and dedication to the work, but also bristle a bit with any latent fears and animosities and insecurities we might harbor. Peace, order, and unity are cornerstones of an ITC bridge. Without them, a bridge will fail. That’s why an ITC bridge from Earth cannot be established with any level below level 3: Spirits at those denser levels are too vulnerable to the conflict, chaos, and divisiveness that spin off the Earth into the spirit worlds around us.

In other words, an ITC bridge “can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony, and when their aims and intentions are pure.”

When our dreams are mostly pleasant experiences in paradise surroundings, I suspect that’s a sign that an ITC bridge is possible.

(To get an actual view of those paradise worlds, I recommend looking into the work of Juergen Ziewe, a German artist who is currently designing videos of the paradise worlds he’s seen in his dreams. You can see his youtube video near the end of this article.)

Can we shape our dreams to become more resonant?

Resonance can be sustained only when noble forces prevail (again, see the left-hand column of the table). If we want most of our dreams to unfold in paradise, then we might have to do some inner work (meditation, prayer, healthy habits, and so on) so that we begin to resonate with those noble values. Our dreams will gradually follow suit as our mind and disposition become more polished.

Achieving that polished state might not guarantee an ITC bridge (since there are additional factors involved an ITC bridge, such as a focused will that’s possessed by just a minority of people on Earth)… but what is guaranteed as we align with noble forces, is greater peace and contentment amid Earth’s dramas.

And, of course, pleasant dreams! 🙂

Closing Thoughts

A few additional considerations about dreams… after gathering up random ideas about dreams that I’ve posted in other articles on this website:

Are they more memorable as we age? It makes sense that in the years leading up to our death, our spirit (or subconscious mind) begins to spend more of its time and attention visiting the spirit worlds… and less time fixated on events and dramas of the material world. It feels normal for some oldsters like me (I turned 70 a few months ago) to start napping more often, and to have more memorable dreams.

That gradual transition from carnal living to spiritual living might also explain why older people often seem befuddled much of the time… and why some old people get dementia and Alzheimer’s disease… and why on their deathbed they start talking to deceased relatives and friends. They’re simply spending more time “in their dreams” as their spirit leaves the physical body for more extended periods.

Why we picture hell “down below.” The earthplane and Earth’s shadow blanket our world like fuzz on a peach. But those dark, unsavory worlds don’t adhere tightly to the planet like peach fuzz; it’s more likely that they form a sort of thick, wobbly bubble of spiritual residue around the Earth that might extend a little bit “above” the surface of the planet and to a larger degree “within” the planet.

So when we’re having troubled dreams and nightmares, they often seem to be happening underground, where much of Earth’s shadow seems to be trapped.

Adventures in paradise. As we explore the paradise worlds in our dreams, their beauty can be awesome, as illustrated by artist Juergen Ziewe:

And paradise dreaming is probably the ideal place to conclude this article. 🙂


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9 Responses to Worlds Within Worlds 27 — What Are Dreams?

  1. Don Marsh says:

    Great article as usual. Gives us hope for the future. Perhaps in the future more and more people will begin to wake up to the fact that entertaining our lower vibration or savage side energies is not in our best interest. Connecting to higher level 3 energies requires that we maintain a high or noble side energy within ourselves as much as possible. Once more and more people become aware of that fact they should be more inclined to cultivate their noble side. Who doesn’t want to talk to their departed loved ones or a brilliant departed scientist? This will be possible in the future if we are willing to pay the price of admission (I.e. catering to our noble side).

  2. John R.M. Day says:

    Thank you Mark and Don…I enjoyed reading your writings on dreams, and beyond.

  3. Ricky says:

    Hi Mark – I hope you are doing great during these crazy times here on earth!

    What an absolutely beautiful article. I love the topic of dreams. It is among my favorites. Always fascinated to hear others’ incredible dream experiences. Do you have any dreams that *really* stood out for you? Are you having more and more dreams that take place in paradise?

    70 is still young, by the way. 🙂

    All the best to you, Mark, and everyone else!


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Ricky, I share your fascination with dreams.

      My dreams lately are mostly positive experiences. In my dreams that I’ve mentioned in some previous articles, I was often the guy in the dream setting who was a little too compulsive or confused to fit into those calm, pleasant scenarios. Lately I seem to be more relaxed and, well, just happy to be in those settings.

      So I seem to be more relaxed and easy-going lately in the day-to-day… and I sometimes feel some regrets for some of my choices and behaviors that might have had some unpleasant effects on other people over my lifetime.

      I actually had to reflect on your comment for a few days before responding… and that’s what I came up with. So thanks for this latest comment! 🙂


  4. ELLISA BEAVER says:

    Thank you for this. ITC is an enormous passion of mine and I love learning and experimenting as much as possible. Your words make perfect sense and are a wonderful validation to stay cognizant of enhancing nobility. 💖

  5. Tom from poland says:

    I don’t know how it is possible that evp’s proofs are so real and the world pretends they don’t exist .. I asked my grandma in evp if she visited me in my sleep the night before. She answered yes. To my communication via Evp she replied “a bit strange” that I got along with her alive.

    Best regards.

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