Oops! Don’t Dwell on the Past

In my most recent article and the one before that I mentioned an experience I had a couple of weeks ago when—during a meditation—events and relationships from my past began to flash through my mind like a PowerPoint slide show, and each “slide” was immersed in love. There were none of the usual twinges of regret or shame or resentment that I sometimes feel when reflecting back over my lifetime. It felt like a very healing experience for me.

So for the past two weeks, almost everyday I’ve been trying to relive that healing experience by 1) entering a meditative state while moving my awareness to my heart, 2) visualizing a stream of pure life-energy from the source passing through my spirit bodies (or energy package) into my semiconscious mind, and then 3) revisiting events and relationships from my lifetime while trying to heal them with that same love I felt during the spontaneous experience. The events from my past involved family members, kids I grew up with, men and women I worked with over the years, old friendships that came and went… anyone who came to mind during each meditation. Any negative feelings that typically come up with those memories I tried to replace with that loving energy from the source.

The theory, or the plan, was to heal those past relationships with these meditations.

Spiritually astute men and women already know many of the things I’m learning through trial and error, and their knowledge has been collected by the main world religions.

While the meditation experiences themselves seemed very good, very successful in the moment, the results so far have been surprising. It’s not the deep healing experience I expected, at least not yet. In the past few days I’ve been more temperamental than usual. My nightly dreams are markedly different. They’re more erratic and less calm-and-pleasant than they’ve typically been in recent years. There’s been less friendly interaction with the “people” (spirits) I meet in my dreams, and more confrontation. The interesting excursions with the spirit people that I’ve come to expect in my dreams are now sometimes replaced with scenes of chasing and fleeing, some actual fighting (in which no one gets hurt but everyone vents their intense emotions).

Whether my moodiness and erratic dreams are the result of my meditations or caused by other factors (such as the current pandemic that’s stirring up a lot of fear and angst in the world)… I’m not sure.

Maybe the moodiness and troubled dreams are all part of the healing experience, or maybe I’m venturing into areas where I don’t belong. Again, I’m not sure at this point.

So, my current plan is to suspend those revisiting-my-past meditations for a couple of weeks and monitor my dreams (maybe get back to dream-journaling, which I haven’t done for several years). If the dreams get back to normal and copacetic in the coming days, then I’ll try it again—meditating back over my life experiences—to see if the moodiness and troubled dreams return.

Basically, I’d like to figure out what’s going on here.

Here’s what I suspect is going on, but I want to verify it (or not) by experimenting in the coming weeks: I suspect that when I make these meditative connections to people from my past, I forge a kind of weak and temporary energy bridge with each of them. Once that energy bridge is established, then my guys (spirits involved in my life) get together with their guys, and relationships among all those “guys” can get a little unwieldy (since they’re all strangers who’ll need some time to get used to each other). And that unwieldiness is reflected in my dreams.

I also suspect that my spirit guides facilitated that “spontaneous” experience I had a couple of weeks ago. They knew how to coordinate those visits through my lifetime experiences in a way that would be safe and healing for me. When I tried to recreate those visits without their guidance and protection, things went awry, and the experience was no longer safe and healing. I was like venturing into the wild without a guide and proper equipment.

That’s the kind thing I hope to figure out in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, I’m going to make some changes to the two previous articles. I’ll start by simply crossing out the information about my efforts to recreate that healing experience I had. I won’t remove the information from those two articles yet, but just do strikethroughs, along with a brief note about why I crossed the information out, along with a link to this article. Eventually I might “heal” the two articles by replacing the crossed-out sections with a brief warning about dwelling on the past. That’ll all depend on what I figure out in the coming weeks during these meditative experiments.

(This article you’re reading now isn’t part of the Worlds Within Worlds series, since the information in it will be added to the previous article and to the next article in the series, which will be about spirit groups who work with ITC experimenters, as explained below.)

ITC Implications

But most important (for me, at any rate)—regarding the things I’ve been learning from these meditations—are their implications for ITC research—implications having to do with spirit groups. Each specially suited ITC experimenter has an ITC bridge or contact field that connects them with a spirit group. In the 1990s, Maggy Fischbach (Luxembourg) was connected to Timestream spirit group, who delivered information to her by phone, radio, TV, computer, and other means. Adolf Homes and Friedrich Malkhoff (Germany) were connected to Centrale and Cloverleaf spirit groups, respectively, and they received spirit communications from those groups. There were other spirit groups also committed to ITC at that time, in different countries, including one that was working with me here in the States… and of course with Hans-Otto Koenig in Germany, Marcello Bacci in Italy, and the Scole Group in England.

When two or three of those “specially suited” or ITC-sensitive experimenters worked together on a project (for example, as members of INIT), then their spirit groups also came together to collaborate.

In order for ITC to work—for the bridges or contact fields to remain clear and stable—there had to be resonant thoughts and attitudes between the experimenters on this side, and between their spirit groups on that side of the veil.

(And my recent meditation experiments might shed some light on the delicate nature of those energy bridges that are so key to ITC. We’ll see.)

Again, that’ll be the subject of my next article: ITC experimenters and their spirit groups.


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10 Responses to Oops! Don’t Dwell on the Past

  1. John R.M. Day says:

    At least in my inner world, I believe that my dreams are largely about psychic detoxing.
    My dreams often have bizarre features and plot lines with imagry that is only explainable through the lens of those troubling past events that my psyche is trying to clarify and heal.
    It would be nice if I could experience more self awareness during my dream states such that I might be able to more consciously bring some resolution to the issues being presented in the dream.
    Upon awakening, the dream details rapidly fade from memory, and I am left with wispy feeling states about the dream contents.
    I have the feeling that when we leave this plane and cross over, we soon forget about aspects of this worldly dream state. And then, when we reincarnate again, we rapidly forget about aspects of that spirit world we came from also.
    I was sitting on the edge of the bed this morning, seconds after waking up, thinking that I need to disentangle from events of this worldly plane. The world is too much with me, as Wordsworth once wrote.
    I just need to come to peace with the world and my entanglement with it is what I really meant by this morning’s awakening thoughts.
    Thanks for this writing Mark.

    • Mark says:

      Thanks for those insights, John… (and Don, below).

      Your explanations of dreams make good sense (psychic detoxing and clearing out toxic dust bunnies). They compelled me to do an online search on “what are dreams”… and I found several good sites that agree (psychologytoday, webmd, medicalnewstoday…). This one’s especially concise on the subject:

      I’m thinking of spiritual explanations that take into account our spiritual make-up or “energy bundle” and go a little beyond science and medicine. (or it might be just a semantic difference.) The idea being that during our physical lifetimes on Earth, our spirit is still active at many levels, and our spiritual adventures leak into our conscious minds as we awaken from dreams, filtered through our five senses.
      Confusing dreams might come from the earthplane (level 1)
      Frightening dreams might come from Earth’s shadow (levels -2, -3…)
      Happy dreams might come from level 3.
      Inspirations (songs, inventions) might come from level 4.
      … and so on.

      That overall scenario came to mind while I was reflecting on your comments the past couple of days. If it gels, I may write an article about it soon.

      Many thanks!

  2. Don Marsh says:

    It could be that you are in the process of working out the unresolved dust bunnies of low vibration energy that you have accumulated throughout your life. Sounds like the experience when it occurred with your guides was filled with love (as many report happens in our life review process that follows our physical death). When you attempt to clear out those dust bunnies on your own through meditation the process is less pleasant but I would think more rewarding in the end. Part of the reason we incarnate in the first place. If you can maintain a position of observer when you encounter those less than pleasant events in you meditation, I would think that it would result in you raising your vibration, since you would be clearing out negative energy that you had not been able to access previously. Just my two cents.

    Your wisdom and insights have been a real inspiration to me in my quest for a better understanding of all that is. Please keep your posts coming and know that you are having a positive impact on at least some of us.

  3. Kate says:

    The last couple of weeks I’ve had this dragging depression which isn’t my normal state of mind…I usually manage to pull away from those feelings with positive thinking. I’ve actually been concerned. I do think that what is going on worldwide is having an impact on us all in every way. Maybe it’s time to focus on protection. Maybe we all need to keep those portals well guarded. I’ve been meditating and can’t do that at the moment, my mind is all over the place. I’m not the sort of person that gives much credence to the negative so I don’t say it lightly.

    For some reason, I ended up watching a couple of documentaries on the Garabandal apparitions Saint Michael the Archangel and the Blessed Virgin Mary that began on June 18, 1961. Four young girls had many incidents of this and were given the same message that there will be a specific short time, worldwide, where each person will view and feel all the less good things they have done in order to change. If nothing else I found it fascinating but also came to the conclusion I believe it. I believe they had the experience and that, if not already taken place, this might happen.

    I do think world events are affecting a lot of us. Thanks for the article Mark it has definitely helped confirm in my own mind that I need to plan for protection and change, what that is I’m not sure of yet.

    Thanks again.

    • Kate says:

      I just want to add that the protection and changes I feel I need to make are something that has been creeping into my thoughts the last few days….this article feels like another affirmation of that. Also want to say I’d never heard of Garabandal until this last week. I think I watched the first documentary on Amazon Prime free videos but it might be on Youtube.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Kate,

      Your comment made me remember an ITC contact from The Seven:

      “We have often given you the real purpose of ITC contacts: Mankind at the End Time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms.”

      If that’s what’s happening now, I guess that might explain a proliferation of troubled dreams.

      Thanks for the heads-up on the Garabandal event (4 kids in Spain have visions of Michael and Mother Mary). I’ll add that to the list of things to find on Netflix (or wherever it’s available at the moment) in the coming days. I heard about the event years ago and was always curious….


      (PS – looks like it’s on Amazon Prime)

      • Kate says:

        Yes, I saw the documentary on Amazon Prime then watched a couple more on youtube which was the girls, years later, as adult women and the message is very clear.

        Yes, it could be part if not all of the reason for troubling dreams. Thanks for the reply and also the message The Seven gave.

        • Don Marsh says:

          A recent book on Garabandal was written by Jose Luis Saavedra as part of his Theology thesis under the direction of the Department of Historical Theology at the University of Navarre. The book is an extremely detailed account of all events that transpired and what various individuals (within and outside the Catholic Church) say about the events (including Saint Theresa of Calcutta or Mother Theresa).
          The final apparition is the most interesting of all. It predicts a great miracle, “It will be much bigger, much stronger than the one in Fatima… It will cause such an impression that no one who sees it will be able to leave there with doubts.”
          Conchita (one of the four young girls at Garabandal) will announce the miracle 8 days before it occurs and in accordance with the prediction it will occur during the reign of the current Pope (Pope Francis). A quote from Jose’s book, “Before the miracle, a supernatural warning will occur pre-announcing it, everyone will see in his/her own interior or conscience, the good and the evil he/she has done as seen by God: each person will see the state of his/her soul before God. This “warning” will come directly from God and will be experienced by everyone in the world regardless of his or her condition and knowledge of God, and all in exactly the same moment.” Sounds like everyone that is alive will experience what near death experiencers refer to as a “life review.”
          If the “warning” and the miracle are not enough to convince mankind to change our ways, then a great chastisement will be in store for us (according to the prediction).
          This prediction reminds me of one of my favorite old science fiction movies, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” An alien lands in a spaceship to deliver a similar message to mankind. First science fiction back in 1951, then spiritual revelation in 1961 what more does mankind need to change our ways. Hopefully the “warning” followed by the big miracle will be sufficient. If not the “Reset” button on humanity may just be pressed once again.

          • Mark says:

            Don, I really like your metaphors… unresolved dust bunnies (bad dreams), the reset button (apocalyptic and end time scenarios), and so on. They carry a subtle depth and intelligence that can make troubling subjects easier to understand and talk about.
            Much appreciated,

            (“The Day the Earth Stood Still” had an impact on this boy’s mind too back in the 50s. 🙂 )

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