Worlds Within Worlds 19 —Spirit Contacts and the Public

A little spooky….

Phone calls from the dead. Spooky, right?

Well, maybe to the general public spirit communication is still a little unsettling, but once we understand what’s really going on?… once we see the bigger picture?… not so spooky.

So let’s take a look at the bigger picture of afterlife research, especially an ITC bridge. Maybe we can chip away some of the fear about death and afterlife…. if not from the public, then at least from our own mind.

 [ITC (instrumental transcommunication) is the use of radios, TVs, telephones, computers, and other technical devices on Earth to get in touch with the worlds of spirit. A bridge, or “contact field,” implies that conditions are present on both sides, allowing exceptional communications to happen.]

These are the big questions that need an answer:

  1. What’s the big picture?
  2. How does an ITC bridge fit into the picture?
  3. Who’s at the other end of the bridge? Where do they, um, live?
  4. When (under what conditions) can the spirits contact us with reassuring, insightful, and sometimes world-changing information? How does an ITC bridge work?

Then, after answering those main questions, there are a few loose ends to tie up:

  • Why are spirit contacts sometimes troubled and confused?
  • How does public perception affect ITC?… and vice versa?
  • What are the pros and cons of going public with ITC results?

The right answers to all of those questions could provide all sorts of rewards.

1.     The Big Picture

Life-force from the source creates and sustains many parallel universes. (Diagram adapted from a photo of a Tesla ball, or plasma lamp.)

Here’s a picture of everything—the entire omniverse.

  • The eternal source is at the center of everything, constantly emitting a creative force of life, love, and consciousness.
  • This life-force is the essence that creates and sustains countless parallel universes and everything in them.

The universes are depicted in the picture by the fine, white concentric circles. (Our own physical universe would be represented by one of those white circles near the outer fringes of the omniverse, as we’ll see in a moment.)

So, 1) the source, 2) its life-force, and 3) the many parallel universes it creates… together they are the big picture. Together they comprise the crux of everything.

However, trying to depict the vast, multidimensional omniverse in a 2-dimensional diagram like this is bound to be limiting. To get a more complete understanding we’d have to use our imaginations with a process like the one below.

[Or, we could go directly to # 2 An ITC Bridge and skip the following process for now (since it can be a bit distracting), and then return here later for a deeper understanding. Reader’s choice.]

  • First, imagine that there are countless universes, far more than can be shown in this diagram… and they’re all flourishing with life. If we trace them from the outer fringes (where we are) inward toward the source, living things in those universes become ever more brilliant and beautiful beyond anything that we on Earth can imagine. That’s because the life-force closest to the source is most abundant and vibrates at the fastest and finest rate. As the life-force streams from the source outward, toward the fringes, it becomes less abundant, slower, and denser.
  • Next, imagine that you and Planet Earth and every other physical entity in our material universe is just a counterpart—a copy or template—of finer entities that thrive in subtler universes closer to the source. So there are countless versions of you—one per universe—not just the one who’s reading this article… not just the one your carnal mind is familiar with. So there is no single universe that’s radically different from all the others; they’re all just different versions of each other with small, subtle variations from one universe to the next as we move toward the source.
  • The universes aren’t really separated by space the way they’re depicted in the diagram, so imagine taking the four corners of the diagram and shrinking it all down smaller than a pinpoint, so that it’s all superimposed in the same “space.” (So, now, all of those versions of you are jumbled together in the same “space”… including the source itself, which can also be called your “soul.”)
  • Then imagine locking that entire pinpoint omniverse into that superimposed state, and then expanding the diagram outward again… all the way to infinity. Now, everything in the omniverse is one, but at the same time each entity remains unique by the amount and the vibration of the life-force that nourishes it.

[Even that mind exercise gives only a partial (and I hope at least fairly accurate) understanding of the big picture, as it doesn’t take into account “time,” which is just as illusory as “space.” Apparently an ethereal being can be experiencing several carnal lifetimes on Earth, which we think of as “past lives,” but to the ethereal being they’d apparently be experienced as concurrent lives. I haven’t figured out how to add that to the steps above without making it all too mind-boggling.]

If we can start to imagine all of that, perhaps by just reflecting on it occasionally in our quiet times, then we’ll get a clearer, more intimate sense of the omniverse… the big picture. Many questions and uncertainties are bound to crop up during these reflective moments, but they’ll all be answered eventually for each of us searching for answers… as they bubble up (or outward or out-beyond) from our finer self into our conscious mind.

As we humans on Earth start reflecting on our own place in the multidimensional omniverse, our appreciation of life starts to wash away our fear of death and the suffering that it manifests.

2.     An ITC Bridge

The omniverse is easier to understand if we divide it up into arbitrary pieces. Here are a couple of good ways to break it up… as 3 realms and 7 levels.

       2.1    Three realms

An ITC bridge can only be established from a sending station in the astral realm to a receiving station on Earth in the physical realm. (Specific reasons will be explained in a moment.)

  • The physical realm contains trillions of worlds and entities that have dense form and structure… including each of us carnal humans and our planet Earth. Being furthest from the source, the physical universes and everything in them are the most deformed and illusory.
  • The astral realm contains subtle copies or templates of all of those worlds and entities and structures that exist in the physical realm. When things in the physical realm cease to exist (when they die, disintegrate, or are destroyed), their subtle copies or templates in the astral realm continue to exist for a while.
  • The ethereal realm also has copies of all those things that exist in the physical and astral realms, but everything in the ethereal realm is so subtle (while at the same time rich and powerful) that it has no form and structure. All of the ethereal worlds and entities are like brilliant stars of living light or super-conscious clouds of living energy. Since they’re closest to the source, the ethereal universes and everything in them are the most pure and real.

       2.2   Seven levels

The seven arbitrary levels are all described elsewhere on this website (a recent article here, for example, or an older article here…). All we need to know for this article is that an ITC bridge is established from a sending station at level 3 to a receiving station on Earth (at level 1). Level 3 is where most people on Earth awaken after they die… (one reason why an ITC bridge always starts at level 3).

Also, an ITC bridge between level 1 and level 3 apparently has to be facilitated by finer beings (maybe from level 5?). (Again, that’s all explained a bit later in this article… why an ITC bridge to Earth has to be at level 3 and why it has to be protected and supported by finer beings.)

3.     Hello? Who’s There?

A stable ITC bridge always involves our departed loved ones and ancestors who are committed to our best interests and the best interests of our world. That’s the basic disposition of spirit entities residing at level 3: Kindness, respect, acceptance, friendship, support, and so on. A stable ITC bridge always resonates with those noble attitudes.

During the 1980s and 90s there were hundreds, maybe thousands of good-hearted spirits who gathered at Timestream Station on level 3 for the purpose of getting in touch with people back home on Earth.

These are just a few of the folks at level 3 chosen by Timestream Spirit Group to have their pictures sent to Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach (my Luxembourg colleagues in the 1990s).

Computer images sent from Timestream’s technical labs

  • Ernst Mackes, a German friend of the couple, is shown in front of his computer in his new home in the spirit worlds in the spring of 1993, four months after his death. He’s now living in a modern-day paradise at level 3 where Timestream is located.
  • Austrian scientist Konrad Lorenz (1903-1989) poses in a Timestream lab.
  • Americans Thomas Edison (inventor) and George Cukor (filmmaker) are also involved with Timestream.

Computer images of the paradise at level 3

  • Bwele M’Banga says that his life on Earth ended “in the stomach of an African lion,” and he now enjoys exploring level 3 with Richard Francis Burton and other Timestream folks.
  • Yang Fudse says he lived in the Chinese capital of Yo Lang during the reign of Shun Ti around the years 150 to 200 A.D., and is now “keeper of the shrine” on the Hill of Yellow Jade amid “small pens, bee hives, fields and woods” near Station Co-Time (which is apparently another name for Timestream, or maybe another spirit group at level 3 associated with Timestream).

Early images (late 1980s) that came through TV

  • Hanna Buschbeck (1906-84) was a pioneer in technical spirit communication in Europe, and got settled in happily at Timestream soon after her death.
  • Marie Curie (1897-1956) currently heads up a group of late scientists associated with Timestream.
  • Konstantin Raudive, shown here in spirit with a small lifetime photo (inset) for comparison, works tirelessly to support ITC since his death in 1974. The spirit picture was received via TV in Luxembourg around the time I was getting involved in ITC in 1991.

In the 1990s (thanks to my close collaboration with the Luxembourg couple and their friends at Timestream) I received several phone calls from the late Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist who did pioneering work in technical spirit communication before his death… and then chose to continue his research from the other side. During lifetime he’d recorded tens of thousands of clearly audible spirit voices on audiotape, many under strict laboratory conditions… which have boggled the public mind ever since.

[I’ve long believed that the carnal human mind (brain) is resilient only to a point; in the course of a lifetime it continually updates its unique version of reality with new information until it encounters information so radical that it might break the model… then there’s trouble. Once the conscious mind reaches the boggle point, it snaps shut, sometimes resulting in strident skepticism… which presents a thorn to serious afterlife research, as we’ll see in a moment. Meanwhile…]

By the time Konstantin started calling me, he was working with Timestream, whose aim was to make exceptional contacts with Maggy in Luxembourg and a small, international network of trusting colleagues that was growing around her work. During this particular phone call he gave me technical advice for the radio experiments I was conducting in my basement lab at the time, here in Colorado.

Once we founded our INIT group in 1995 (International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication), we received a series of very insightful contacts from a group of seven ethereal beings (angels), whose most important and most challenging job was to protect and stabilize our ITC bridge, while also enlightening us about ITC and the afterlife.

Our INIT group in 1995, at Dartington UK during our first annual meeting. From left: Mark Macy (USA), Tony Broad (GBR), Hans Luethi (CHE), Jules Harsch (LUX), Irma Weisen (FIN), Juliet Hollister (USA), Theo Locher (CHE), Sonia Rinaldi (BRA) Maggy Fischbach (LUX), Guenter Emde (DEU), Nils Jacobson (SWE), Fritz Malkhoff (DEU), Claudius Kern (AUT), Ralf Determeyer (DEU), and Jon Marten (GBR).
Inset, top: Nsitden, one of The Seven ethereal beings who watched over our ITC bridge, protecting it and keeping it stable until around the year 2000. This color picture of Nsitden came through the TV of Maggy and Jules (LUX).


4.     How Does an ITC Bridge Work?

The diagram at the far right skews the omniverse to show an ITC bridge more from an earthly vantage point.

We have a lot of loved ones and ancestors settled in at level 3, and some of them still have a strong desire to stay connected to Earth. If people on Earth share a mutual strong desire to connect with loved ones and ancestors at level 3, then forces are mobilized in the astral and ethereal realms to try to make that happen. They gather at level 3 to discuss creative ways to forge a connection with Earth. So…

An ITC bridge is forged largely by a strong mutual desire (at level 1 and level 3) to connect.

Everyone and everything living at level 3 has a noble disposition (love, trust, good-will, desire to serve…), and they can only connect with people on Earth who are motivated by the same noble attitudes. So…

An ITC bridge is sustained largely by resonance, like radios tuned to the same station.

For ITC, the spirit group at level 3 assesses the technologies currently being used by select people on Earth (those with the necessary desire and resonance), and then they begin devising ways to make contact through those technologies. They can create their own technical devices that resonate not just with the earthside researchers but also with earthside equipment. They don’t “manufacture” their spirit-world equipment in some sort of astral factory; instead (I suspect) they start with astral templates of devices that are currently being used on Earth, and then modify them as needed. Then, in the course of building the bridge, the folks at level 3 will try to advise their earthside colleagues to adjust their own equipment to improve the resonance. That advice might come psychically to sensitive researchers, or it might be delivered in an ITC contact once that is possible. So…

An ITC bridge is organized, activated, and finely tuned from level 3.

This is all being done with the guidance and protection of powerful entities beyond level 3, closer to the source. Those ethereal “gatekeepers” are vital to an ITC project for reasons explained below.

5.     Tying Up Loose Ends

To the best of my understanding, the big picture explained above is fairly accurate, and an ITC bridge should be an easy, natural process. There should be thousands of ITC stations operating around the Earth today, streaming friendly, insightful information from level 3 into our world through modern communication devices.

Now we have to figure out why that’s not happening. What are the obstacles to ITC?… and how do we overcome them?

5.1    Outshining Earth’s Shadows

The only true power in the omniverse is in the source and its life-force—the power of love, trust, and understanding. Dramas of Earth life often seem compelling, but they’re really weak and illusory. Even the predatory nature of life on Earth, where living things kill and eat each other to supplement their life-force, is just an illusion.
Earth’s predatory nature deflects some of the life-force that streams freely from the source (like sunlight bouncing off a building) and casts a spiritual shadow around our world. Earth’s shadow is weak and illusory, but it sometimes feels imposing as it ferments with fear, confusion, indignation, deception, grief and other emotional poisons of predatory living that have no place in the omniverse.
So while powerful life-force from the source enriches us with love, trust, and understanding… the weak, toxic shadows disturb us by cycling fear, deception, and confusion back into our world. Hence the endless struggle on Earth between light and darkness… between “good and evil.”

As mentioned, the source emits an omnipotent life-force that creates and sustains everything in the omniverse with love, honesty, and understanding… but by the time it reaches the Earth in the physical realm, the life-force has lost a lot of its strength and luster.

This diagram shows a condition that, I believe, is rare throughout the omniverse. The predatory nature of life on Earth (living things all killing and eating each other to supplement their life-force) has created a weak, toxic realm of spiritual residue to form around the planet like an invisible storm cloud.

That shadow realm generates persistent static around our world that interferes with an ITC bridge.

The best way to overcome the static is to realize and accept the fact that the source and its life-force are all-powerful, and all of the illusions of earthly living are comparatively weak. That knowledge can keep us firmly anchored in the noble values that allow an ITC bridge to resonate with level 3. Committing to those values (love, honesty, friendship, understanding…) also attracts the help of ethereal beings who work tirelessly to raise humanity out of the shadows.

Walking a noble path on Earth isn’t always easy, though.

During the years of INIT (1995-2000), I learned that even when the noblest of people come together as an ITC group, troubled spirits from the shadows take any opportunity to stir up distrust and animosity among them… like disease germs constantly trying to gain a foothold against the coherent human body and its immune system. Again, the predatory nature of life on Earth is a weak but persistent force in and around our world.

That’s why ethereal beings are vital to an ITC bridge: They can offer a degree of protection and support against what they call “the plague” of spiritual darkness around the Earth.

An ITC bridge cannot be built and sustained between Earth and the shadow realm because conditions are too chaotic and personalities too volatile to allow the necessary resonance. Clever entities in the shadows can, however, break into an existing ITC bridge with unsettling results from time to time, especially when researchers are susceptible to troubled thinking, for example, when stressed or under the influence of alcohol.

 5.2    How the Public Affects an ITC Bridge

Again, it’s the widespread fear and deception and other troubled feelings and motivations throughout human affairs that cycle back and forth between Earth and its shadows, creating an unavoidable obstacle for an ITC bridge. ITC researchers have to find ways to rise above that public interference.

 5.3    Pros and Cons of Going Public with ITC Research Results

It stands to reason, then, that public awareness of ITC can be a blessing or a curse.

  • When ITC contacts inspire and educate the public, then publicity can help an ITC bridge to be stable and clear.
  • When ITC contacts stir up public fear or confusion, then publicity destabilizes a contact field so that an ITC bridge is difficult to sustain.

So, can ITC researchers go public with their results without destabilizing the contact field?

Answer: Only if they inspire and educate the public.

Note: At this stage in life (I turned 70 a few days ago, I haven’t done any active experiments for more than a decade, and I’m not involved in any active ITC groups), I’ve decided to test the waters of publicity. Besides the macyafterlife website that I’ve been maintaining over the years with its small, interested readership, I’ll be branching out a bit in the coming months into more active publicity. I’ll provide details on those efforts as things progress….   —MM

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19 Responses to Worlds Within Worlds 19 —Spirit Contacts and the Public

  1. linda wiinikainen says:

    hi Mark…i have been into ITC, inactively for many years…I contacted you way back in the late 80s or early 90s? my son, john omalley had passed and i was hoping to get a message, but I didnt and went on my way…got some of your news letters…I dont know if you might recall anything? onward and upwardthen. Mrk ph one question do you know of steve huff paranormal or josh at hope paranormal. two wonderful man beings working in this field…they are beautiful men//

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Linda, very nice to hear from you again. 🙂
      Sorry your son John hasn’t made contact, but getting through clearly to Earth isn’t so easy in many cases.
      Best we can do with departed loved ones, in most cases, is to trust that all’s well.
      I haven’t been following the afterlife research going on in recent years, even though I know a lot of people are doing a lot of good work.
      I’ve been more focused on digesting the things I learned over the years and conveying it as clearly as I can here on this site.
      Warm wishes to you,

  2. It is good to bring this information and technology out to the view and consideration of the public.
    I feel that good forces will assist the effort.
    Perhaps all spirits and egos can harmoniously assist you along the way.
    “Good luck” seems cliche, but good luck is good, nonetheless.
    God Bless.

  3. John S. says:

    Dear Mark, I had seen all of these wonderous afterlife photos before except for the one of Ernst Mackes. I know that loved ones will show themselves as remembered, but 1. Why do you think Ernst is wearing glasses? and, 2. Have or will you set up a Gallery of absolutely all the photos transmitted? Thanks!

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi John, here’s what I wrote on that subject some time ago. I’ll reflect on it to see if there’s more I’ve learned since then, and if so will follow-up. Mark

      “In the pictures I’ve seen from the other side, when we’ve received multiple images of the same person, they might look old in one picture, young in another. It seems to have something to do with our expectations of what they look like. (A picture of George Washington would probably look a lot like the guy on the dollar bill.) But the main thing, I think, is that when our departed loved ones descend in vibration from their paradise world to come closer to the Earth in vibration (something they seem to have to do for ITC communications) they begin to take on the appearances they had on Earth. Their light, subtle astral bodies become denser. Their smooth, clear complexions might become scruffier, showing wear, tear, and aging that they’d experienced on Earth.

      People who enjoyed wearing ties on Earth, sometimes “wear” ties on their astral bodies as well, even in paradise. The father of Maggy Harsch-Fischbach sent her a computer letter a few months after his death, saying that on one occasion he was in a spirit-world house similar to the one he’d lived in on Earth, and he wanted to wear a nice green sports coat with a tie. He opened the closet and found the exact coat he was envisioning. There wasn’t a tie, however, so he closed and reopened the closet… and there was the tie! He said he didn’t know how such things are accomplished, but that’s just how things are over there. I suspect the same tendency to manifest patterns from life on Earth is responsible for eyeglasses, like those sometimes seen on ITC images of Konstantin Raudive.”

      As far as putting all of the amazing results of Maggy’s work together into a complete archive accessible to the public… that will probably have to be done someday by Maggy herself, or by someone she chooses to do that for her. All I can do is share the information that she shared with me in the 1990s and authorized me to publish.
      Incidentally, most of the pictures that Maggy shared with me were sent by FAX or were copied on a xerox machine… so the pictures I present are not always of the best quality. If and when Maggy decides to make her work public, I suspect the pictures will be much, much better than the versions I publish.


  4. FelixR says:

    I asked a being with more advanced senses and technology about the state of the bridge to the sprit realm:
    Q: When will there be a strong bridge again and why isn’t there one today?
    A: “Understand that, that clear bridge, that clear communication does in fact exist.
    But the information is being handled very delicate, for a variety of reasons.
    The idea is to tune into the frequency of that type of connection with the realm of spirit,
    and recognize that, that way of experiencing your relationship to spirit can be something you choose with your theme for connection.
    So allow for it, your connection to spirit, to be very deep, allow for it to be very clear, allow for it to be very obvious, and the idea is to imagine that you are in that reality and to feel it fully, and you will find that your relationship with spirit then begins to take on that theme.
    It begins to take on that form, because remember, that relationship is not built in stone in terms of its quality, its quality shifts to reflect your evolution.
    But to answer your question again, there are those who have that type of connection, where there is very obvious data exchange between the physical reality and the spiritual reality, and they have captured it, they have allowed for it to become documented.
    The idea is again that it’s being handled very delicate.”

    2 days after this I had a very cool, i guess, astral projection where i met an alien looking person, but still very human, maybe a hybrid, we walked in some rooms, i looked outside the window, then outdoors to say goodbye, i guess as a little fun, she tried to give me lottery numbers, i tried to write them down but also have forgotten them.
    It was again with the feeling of knowing that i am there, could control myself to a degree and when i woke up i was shaking and laughing!
    Sooo cool this stuff!

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Felix,
      Yes, I think astral projections, OBEs, and psychic mediumship are a lot more “natural” and free-flowing means of afterlife communication than ITC, in which our spirit friends have to work with our technologies and electromagnetic energies.. as well as the natural life-force energies that are part of us.
      And apparently a person with an ‘ITC disposition,’ a sort of strong, focused mind that can create realities, can help forge an ITC bridge from this side of the veil, which might go along with what the channeler in the video is saying?

      I couldn’t hear much of the youtube clip because of my hearing..

      Thanks for the comment,


  5. Lucia says:

    Happy belated birthday Mark!
    Thank you for this editorial. I am following the work of both Sonia Rinaldi & Dr. G Schwartz. Sonia’s work seems more in-line with others where’s Dr. Schwartz’s seems almost backwards. By backwards, I mean he has resorted to yes & no answers but using a medium. They are supposed to be having a public forum to show this method, in order to fund it as well as have people believe.
    What confuses me is in your site, you have established that telephones can be a way of our loved ones coming through. An actual voice.
    Dr. Schwartz cannot get this but has reduced it to yes & no answers, all facilitated through a medium being there to help.
    I think this is why the public has so much trouble with believing it is possible, as well as feeling a “scam alert” resonate through their body & soul.
    I KNOW that they are real & I KNOW they can communicated as I have had a very clear EVP/ITC, which I treasure still today. So, WHY is this such a problem? WHY are people like Dr. Schwartz, having issues? Since you say it has to do with honorable intentions, etc., what is to stop me from wondering if perhaps his are not. Why is he having so much problems “hooking up?”
    It’s happened before as well as now, where it is possible.
    Do you see what I am getting at? I believe this is why so many people, unless they experience it themselves, believe that these things are scams.
    Difficult to get my idea in writing. I will leave this for you, for now, & see if I can clarify what I am trying to say, later on….when I am not at work, lol

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Lucia,

      I suspect that a HUGE proportion (maybe 95%??) of people trying to get EVP or ITC results don’t have much success right away, and it can be frustrating.

      Some of those people give up and move onto other, more interesting pursuits (music, job, career, storm-chasing, investing… 🙂 )
      Some people keep trying, and might or might not get results. But they’re dedicated.
      Some of THOSE people start getting really good results, others don’t.
      Some people decide that if they can’t get results, it can’t be real.
      Some people decide that if they don’t get results, everyone else’s results are fake, and they start accusing people of fraud.
      But mostly, I think that people who remain dedicated are doing good service to humanity.

      We’re human, and so we have a very limited view of the big picture (but that’s starting to change). Basically, though, we all approach ITC (and anything else) in ways that are guided by a complex mix of soul purpose, personality, ego, desire, inspiration, and a lot more. We’re human, so life isn’t always simple. 🙂 .

      I haven’t been following anyone’s research for about 20 years, not even Sonia (whom I considered a good friend during our years together in INIT). I’ve been too busy trying to digest it all and figure it out. That’s really my only interest in ITC lately.

      Warm wishes,

      (PS – It’s safe to say that if I were experimenting today, I would not be getting the kind of results that I and other INIT members were getting in the 1990s. In hindsight I can say that we enjoyed a very rare window of opportunity during those years.)

  6. Julie Guisto says:

    Happy Birthday Mark.😊

  7. kate says:

    Hi Mark it sounds great that you are going to test the waters out in publicity and I am really looking forwards to that. When I first heard your YouTube videos my mind boggled, I then went on to research and try and find anything else you were involved in and did find a radio interview so for new people the more exposure out there will be a blessing…that’s assuming the new project is based around information of the afterlife. Whatever your plans are afterlife related or not I wish you all the best wishes.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Kate. As always, a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks!

      • Julian Bristow says:

        Hello again, Mark. I just wanted to say that your doing an excellent job and I am a fan of your website since I read about George Meek. I am just one soul of many who is searching for the answers in a world that is very mysterious. I believe that love, truth and wisdom is the key, but I’m still having difficulties with the overall picture. I certainly agree with your theories as being substantial. I suppose there are complex reasons about why we do not get good contacts as compared to the 1990’s. But I’m guessing the conditions on the earth were different then. My general idea about the overall picture would be LIGHT or ENERGY and how it is orchestrated or arranged properly. Only the source ( God) and His representatives ( Angels) could accomplish that. You have definitely witnessed some miracles yourself………A note about Yang Fudse. I looked up the Chinese capital of Yo Lang but found nothing in the historical records. Also, I couldn’t locate the Chinese emperor Shun Ti in any period especially in 200AD. Perhaps this was a misunderstanding in communication? Your thoughts on the matter. As always, thanks a million!

  8. Julian Bristow says:

    P.S. Thanks, Mark for verifying that name and place. I had some difficulty at first , but I did find some more references to emperor Shun Ti and it was in the general time frame ( 2nd century AD) Yang Fudse had indicated. . Apparently, according to what you found, there was a city or capital that existed in China in about 150 AD. That’s great to know that our friends over there are being truthful about their past circumstances which reinforces our hope that there is continued existence for us when the physical body dies.

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