Worlds Within Worlds 21 —Spirit and Money

As explained in the previous article, the tiny Earth is apparently a rare case in the big scheme of the omniverse, or the “all-that-is,” where the source nourishes everything with its enriching life-energy. That flow of pure life-energy gets disrupted when it reaches Earth, where living things steal impure or “contaminated” life-energy from each other by feeding off each other, often killing each other in the process. Parasitic, predatory behavior, with its toxic emotional residue, is both the cause and the effect of Earth’s damaged connection to the source. Even if we can’t wash away the bloodthirsty qualities from our world overnight, we can minimize their effect on our lives by strengthening our own connection to the source.

As we’re seeing today with the coronavirus pandemic*, the world economy is an artificial construct that can crumble, virtually overnight. By “artificial” I mean it’s fed with money, which is a sort of artificial life-energy.

Life-energy nourishes everything. Life-energy is the essence of the source that nourishes everything everywhere with life, love, truth, understanding, and other self-regulating forces. The general intent of the source is to create and sustain a vast, abounding (some might say “divine”) creation of countless universes.

Money nourishes social systems. Money is a symbol of worth that humanity uses to nourish its social systems—families, businesses, communities, nations, and so on—in Earth’s predatory environment.

While money is artificial and illusory in our little world, life-energy is the real, fundamental essence of everything everywhere.

While money can help us flourish during a short lifetime in this predatory little world, life-energy lets us flourish in the boundless omniverse, now and forever… literally.

The challenge is to train ourselves to flourish on pure life-energy from the source amid Earth’s dramas and distractions. And putting money in perspective is one of the first steps.

Peace Amid the Drama

If we recognize money as an artificial measure of the value of things in this noble-savage world, then we can use it to navigate the drama. It can fuel all of the motivations shown in the table to the right, depending on our choices. The fact that it can fuel savage forces in the world makes money troublesome.

If we acknowledge life-energy from the source, then there’s no limit to what we can achieve as we foster our connection to finer spirit. Life-energy fuels only the noble motivations in the first (left-hand) column, and it’s boundless. If a person or group on Earth has opened a channel for pure life-energy from the source, and tries to use it for savage purposes, the channel begins to close down. (That’s a subject for a future article.)

That can be helpful information for anyone seeking peace of mind and heart during a lifetime on Earth, and it’s especially helpful for anyone pursuing a spiritual project, such as an ITC bridge to finer realms of spirit. In a nutshell:

Rely on pure life-energy from the source to nourish our lives and our projects, so that we refine our spirit and become noble forces in the omniverse, as well as on Earth. That way, we resonate with bright beings in finer realms closer to the source. (Techniques for opening ourselves to life-energy from the source are explored elsewhere....)

Use money selectively, as it can be acquired and spent in both noble and savage ways.

  • Using money for noble purposes can nourish good projects on Earth, and at the same time refine our spirit so that we become light, positive forces in the omniverse. Using money nobly also has positive implications for the afterlife scenarios that will open to us at the end of our lives… drawing us toward paradise.
  • Using money for savage purposes restricts our personal channel for pure life-energy. It also darkens our spirit so that we begin to resonate with troubled and confused spiritual forces residing in Earth’s shadow. If we let savage motivations rule our lives in our financial decisions, chances are we’ll join those folks in the shadows at the end of our lives. (It’s never a lost cause, though; lots of people awaken in the shadows, and they all have the opportunity to work their way back to the light. It’s just a bit easier to do that while we’re still alive on Earth.)

*Finally, here’s some good information about getting through the pandemic:


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4 Responses to Worlds Within Worlds 21 —Spirit and Money

  1. As nice and succinct an article on this weighty subject as one will find…thank you Mark!
    (I linked this writing is several of my website writings.)

  2. kate says:

    I re-read your article number 9, The Approaching Storm, which is very accurate now that this is upon us. I’m speechless about the world situation, there is so much going on and it’s just the beginning. My recent recording, ITC (surprised me because it was so clear), when someone said that the world is still a beautiful place. I agree with John about this article, well said. As always thank you Mark

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Kate,

      I also agree with your ITC (spirit) communicator; “The world is still a beautiful place.”
      It’s certainly going through its troubles (has been for a long time), but there’s a rich beauty that underlies everything. Lots of nature documentaries show Earth at its best (along with glimpses of some of the savagery that goes on within the beauty).

      I’m sure we’ll get through this cleansing or purging or whatever the COVID-19 pandemic is.
      Stay safe and healthy!


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