Worlds Within Worlds 17 — End Times in Perspective

Reading this sort of stuff can be dreadful, but hey, it’s not the end of the world. 🙂 I’ll try to present it in a way that’s reasonable, maybe even hopeful if that’s possible.

Until I got involved in ITC back in the early 1990s, I never gave much thought to Armageddon or the Apocalypse—cataclysmic years of big wars, population explosion, environmental destruction, and natural disasters that might someday decimate humanity.  Then…

  • Metascience founder George Meek gave me a copy of his Collapse and Comeback report,
  • And he introduced me to the Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxembourg, whose reliable spirit friends at Timestream had some insightful and surprising things to say about the End Time.

Since then I’ve been trying to figure out what’s really going on with the whole End Time scenario. I’ll try to explain it as clearly as I can in a moment, but first let’s glimpse some of the more popular eschatological visions, both old and new, to find common threads.

Popular End Time Scenarios

There are both worldly symptoms and other-worldly implications associated with the End Time idea. Religions generally look at both, while science and other secular studies concern themselves only with the worldly information (which, by itself, can be a little daunting).

Worldly signs. Deteriorating geological, social, political, and moral conditions on Planet Earth support the notion that we’re approaching some sort of cataclysm. Signs include:

  • Christian view: “War on a large scale, famine, great earthquakes, pestilences or epidemics of terrible diseases, increase of crime, ruining the Earth by mankind, deterioration of people’s attitudes, breakdown of the family, love of God growing cold, noteworthy displays of religious hypocrisy….” — from the Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Hindu view: “…property alone will confer rank; wealth will be the only source of devotion; passion will be the sole bond of union between the sexes; falsehood will be the only means of success in litigation; and women will be objects merely of sensual gratification. Earth will be venerated only for its mineral treasures….” — Vishnu Purana
  • Scientific, technological view: Artificial Intelligence could evolve on the Internet into a global brain that perceives us 7 billion humans as being too destructive for the planet and for our own good, so devises ways to eliminate the parasitic infestation that we’ve become. Gamma rays from nearby supernovas could surge through our solar system, destroying life. Bioengineered viruses could spread epidemics on an epic scale. Particle physics experiments, such as the Large Hadron Collider, could go awry and cause massive explosions and earthquakes worldwide. — from The End of the World podcast by Josh Clark
  • Political, economic view: “Secular eschatological visions… have been responsible for more death and destruction in the twentieth century than the minor mischief caused by religious visions of the end. Of the three great mythic-political systems that promised an end to ordinary history and the dawning of utopia, the communist dream of a classless society and the fascist vision of a thousand-year Reich resulted in the deaths of millions before they collapsed. The jury is still out on the American version of the myth of progress. But things are not looking good….” — from A Secular Apocalypse by Sam Keen

Spiritual implications. All of the great, time-proven religions promise a reawakening or a rising-up of noble humanity after its savage fall. Examples include:

  • Christian rapture: Around the time of his death, Jesus told his disciples that he’d precede them to the afterlife, set up a nice place in paradise, then return to greet them and to accompany them there at the end of their lives (John 14:1-3). Other Christian writings add that Jesus will return at the end of the current epoch to take all of his followers to his afterlife paradise in a state of rapture.
  • Buddhist resurrection: Some 2,500 years ago, Gautama Buddha told his followers that his teachings would be forgotten after many centuries, when greed, lust, poverty, murder, and sexual deviancy cause social collapse, and then a new, all-knowing Buddha called Maitreya will appear on Earth to enlighten humanity for a new epoch.
  • Hindu cycles and stages: Hindu scripture offers a more intricate scenario. A day of Brahman (4,320,000,000 years) consists of 1,000 cycles called maha yugas (each lasting 4,320,000 years), each cycle containing four stages:
    1. Golden Age. Noble human supergiants, 32 feet tall, have 100,000-year lifespans.
    2. Silver Age. Human giants, 21 feet tall, are 3 parts noble and 1 part savage, and live about 10,000 years.
    3. Bronze Age. Humans, 11 feet tall, are half noble and half savage, and live about 1,000 years.
    4. Iron Age. By stage 4, humans are now only 5-6 feet tall, are 1 part noble and 3 parts savage, and live about 100 years.
      Today we’re near the end of stage 4, a time of darkness when human consciousness is engrossed in material living. We’ve lost touch with our noble spiritual heritage. Hindus say this current stage might have begun around 3102 BCE and could end as early as 2025 or as late as 6898. When the end comes, Lord Vishnu will return to Earth incarnated as Kalki to wash away the darkness that has engulfed the planet… and to return us to another golden age of truth. Then it’s back to stage 1 as the next 4.32-million-year cycle begins.

All of these worldly End Time scenarios have a similar theme: The savage aspect of humanity causes ever greater destruction on Earth until it all falls apart.

Then spiritual scenarios take over: Other-worldly forces intervene to clean up the savage mess and to restore humanity’s noble bearing.

End Time in a Nutshell

Over the past two centuries, degrading conditions that distress the Earth are like fast-growing cancer cells that are killing the body. The only effective treatment for planetary malaise (as far as I can see) would be a world authority that regulates population, environmental integrity, and military activity… but that’s not likely to happen anytime soon. So world crises seem to be coming to a head.
Sources for the top chart: World History For Us All (UCLA), the EPA… and the National Review.
Source for the lower chart: Gregory Chi-Yu Lee, via Researchgate.

Planet Earth today is like someone in the late stages of cancer.

  • The rapid growth of malignant tumors suggests a personal end time, in a similar way that…
  • The rapid rise of population, war deaths, environmental destruction, and natural disasters suggests a planetary End Time.

Those, again, are all worldly signs of “the end.”

Then spiritual factors step in to assure us that the end is really just the beginning… or that it’s all just part of an endless cycle.

  • When a person succumbs to cancer (or to any other cause of death), he or she immediately resumes living in the worlds of spirit.
  • There have apparently been many End Times (dark ages) on Earth of various magnitude, always followed by a spiritual renaissance (age of enlightenment), during which finer spiritual forces stream love and understanding into our world.

Here’s what we learned about the End Time through ITC contacts (reliable, high-tech communications with the other side through a stable portal).

The Seven Ethereals told our INIT group in 1996, through a computer at our main European station in Luxembourg:

We have often given you the real purpose of ITC contacts: Mankind at the End Time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms.

The principle, or source, emits light (life-force) that creates and nourishes all life throughout the omniverse. Everything that receives the light feels it as an all-embracing love. When it reaches Earth, however, some of the light is deflected by the brutal nature of the planet, where living things kill and eat each other to supplement their life-force… a process that has come to fill the world with fear, suffering, indignation, and grief. The result is like sunlight deflected off a building. It casts a sort of shadow, creating a dark spirit realm of troubled thoughts and motivations that envelops our world like an invisible storm cloud.

So the first thing we need to do is to understand what they mean by “the principle” and by “light and darkness.”

  • The principle, or source, is what religions call God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahman, Tao, or Nirvana.
  • Light is the life-force inherent in the principle that manifests and sustains the entire omniverse and everything in it.
  • Darkness is a condition, exclusive to Earth, caused by our “dog-eat-dog” way of life—a sort of shadow realm of spiritual residue, as depicted in the small illustration. I suspect that killing and eating each other (as living things on Earth do) is inconceivable just about everywhere else in the omniverse, where (I suspect) everything is nourished almost entirely by life-force from the source.

So when our ethereal friends say, “Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again,” I believe they mean that once the Earth “hits bottom” and reaches its worst period of suffering, the dark, shadowy spiritual residue around our world will somehow be pulled into the light of the omniverse to be cleansed and maybe polished away like tarnish from silver. At the same time, intense, healing light and love will be streamed to Earth from the finer realms of spirit.

In another 1996 ITC contact, The Seven told us:

It makes no difference what religion you belong to. What matters is the victory of reason and understanding over materialism and irrationality at the End Time.

Hopefully, articles like this one can provide a small step toward “reason and understanding” of what we all face today in terms of endings, new beginnings, and the cyclic, timeless nature of life.

Meanwhile (as Lucia points out below), the best we can do during a lifetime on Earth (where we’re locked into certain savage behaviors, like eating other living things) is to make noble choices from day to day, such as helping other living things to be happy and healthy.


ITC contacts like the two above can be found in our original Contact! journals, especially issue 9603 (page 5) and issue 9702 (page 16).

(Issue 9603 also has an article on page 10 about how humans can reconcile the fact that we have to kill and eat other living things during a lifetime. It includes the passage, “Keep on eating the meat and vegetables you need to subsist, but be grateful for what you eat. Prayers at the table spoken from the heart will help you not to feel like you have blood on your hands.”)

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11 Responses to Worlds Within Worlds 17 — End Times in Perspective

  1. Lucia says:

    Thanks for the article. All we can do is try to live without doing harm. I have been thinking of becoming a vegetarian. We shouldn’t be eating each other, & I take you are referring to animals. I watch my little dog & how he dreams, feels, loves…..what difference is there in a cow, chicken, or a pig?

    As for the end coming, I too have seen this in my nde but I also have to wonder about those before who also saw the end in their lifetime.

    As for returning higher beings, people have been saying this for centuries. Will this happen in ours? I don’t think anyone can say when the end times will come. There is still much goodness in this world to keep that darkness away, but yes, I believe you are right in that it will come.

    We are swallowing too many resources. We are many & there is too much discrepancy between those that have & those that have not. With people moving toward greener pastures, those too will become barren. Mother Earth can only give & take care of so many.

    Sadly, we leave it to others to pave the way for us.

    I don’t have an answer. We can only do the best we can & try to take care of those we come in contact with that we can help.

    Remember, we are forever & these bodies are our vehicles. The end, when it comes, is another cycle just like everything else.

    God bless everyone & lead us on a better path.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Lucia, we got some advice from the other side about how to deal with the fact that, while living on Earth, we have to kill and eat other living things to survive. Here’s an excerpt from a long article on the subject:

      “Keep on eating the meat and vegetables you need to subsist,
      but be grateful for what you eat. Prayers at the table spoken
      from the heart will help you not to feel like you have blood on
      your hands.”

      The entire article can be found on page 10 of this journal:

      I think you got to the heart of the matter, “We can only do the best we can & try to take care of those we come in contact with that we can help.”

      In other words, make noble choices in our interactions with other life on the planet, even though we’re locked into certain savage behaviors (such as eating other living things) while we’re on Earth. That would have been an important message to include at the end of my article. I might still do that (add the comment above before posting the article on my other website), and credit your comment.

      (Wife Regina thinks that might be a good subject for my next article, and she’s probably right.)


  2. Thank you Mark for putting a nice spiritual perspective on this difficult subject.
    I think we are already entangled in this process. It is ongoing now
    We can only do the best we can for ourselves and others.
    I appreciate your comments and Lucia’s comments.

    • Mark Macy says:

      I agree, John, we seem to be moving right along in that direction, though the actual timing of things apparently gets really nebulous for something as broad in scope as a planetary end time. Some bright people whom I admire a lot (e.g. George Meek, Jean Haines), tried to determine an actual date (2000, 2012) when things would completely unravel, but that’s just so darn difficult to do.
      Best to you and your Jean,

  3. kate says:

    “Keep on eating the meat and vegetables you need to subsist, but be grateful for what you eat. Prayers at the table spoken from the heart will help you not to feel like you have blood on your hands.”

    I already highlighted this before I saw the comments. I feel this is very important to people, like me, who don’t like the thought of eating other beings.

    For the last couple of years I have changed my diet and eliminated everything except meat due to health problems. When I started to eat carnivore (which is now becoming very popular with a lot of people), I cured excrutiating pains in my hips and knees…I was getting to the point I felt my life, as I had always known it, was coming to an end because I could hardly walk, I was told I had bio mechanical leg problem and my knees point in the wrong direction (by a specialist). It was mind boggling to realise that plants were causing these problems especially the so called healthy leafy greens which were the last thing to go. In the opinions of some carnivore supporters red meat and saturated fats are the most nutritious complete food that a human can eat as well as eggs, raw milk etc, A lot of others report that they have also cured illnesses. My experience is like a miracle and has changed my life for the better. Dr Shawn Baker (who can be found on Youtube and also has a website and podcast), has recently done interesting surveys to build data for the carnivore diet and although anecdotal there are many stories of people having miraculous recoveries of illnesses. Of course, I understand vegans and agree the way we treat animals isn’t ethical so the message to ‘keep on eating meat and vegetables’ clears a lot of anxiety and confusion I have felt, I even recently asked a vegan trance medium if the afterlife have confirmed we shouldn’t eat meat and never got an answer to the question. It seems there’s not one single tribe of people that eat only vegan and as far as we know never has been.

    A couple of days ago i was at the birth of my grand daughter. It was a beautiful thing to be part of. I looked at her in a hard scratchy towel that the nurse bundled her up in and thought how hard it all is being alive right from the start, she screams when the clothes come off and winces in the light…..I did go and get a nice soft one when the nurse went. That’s it really all we can do is try and make everything less harsh and cruel in this world.

    Thanks for this article Mark. I am so grateful.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Kate, cheers for you and the granddaughter. Nothing better than some love and kindness to christen a new journey. 🙂

      Your dietary experiences are really fascinating to me, vegetables being toxic to you.
      Years ago i heard about people with different blood types needing different nutrients in their foods. (
      I didn’t know (still don’t know for sure) how definite the correlation is, between blood types (A, B, O, AB) and food types (meats vs veggies vs legumes vs seeds), but a lot of people follow it closely… or at least bear it in mind when selecting foods for lunch or dinner.

      For several months, Regina and I have been on the “Gundry plan” (aka Plant Paradox, lectin-free…), and I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life.

      So I guess we humans each have to figure out through experience what food types are best for us… but even that’s not easy, since things like drugs, alcohol, and sugar can bungle up the biochemistry and make the decision-making tenuous.

      I think if there’s one single principle about nourishment that applies universally, it’s probably this:
      Foster our personal connection to the source (meditation, self-awareness, being in the heart…) in order to clear the path for life-force to nourish us directly from the source… the “really natural” way of being nourished.

      Then, concede that while living on Earth we also have to live in this contrived illusion of eating some of our fellow creatures (plants, animals…) to supplement our nourishment. And, as “they” told us, express gratitude (give thanks) for the things we eat.

      Tough place (Earth) to make right choices, innit…..

      • kate says:

        Back in the 70s food was far more nutritious then it is now….now you have to eat a much larger quantity of fruits and vegetables because they are genetically modified to grow well with less nutrients and to not die with the weed killers treatment (roundup)……the insects and birds die and millions of animals are chewed up and killed in harvesters to supply grains, oils and other fruits, vegetables. Animals are fed on grains not nutrient dense grass with enough sunlight. Chickens are fed grains and fish. It’s hardly surprising people get sick. Pregnant women are told not to eat to much fish because of mercury poisoning.

        The Gundry diet you are on looks a well balanced one and I noticed grass fed and organic in the lists.

        I don’t think anyone should be extreme with thier diet, like I have been, but if they’ve tried everything and are suffering it’s worth researching and looking into. Ketogenic diet, paleo might be better than hardcore carnivore and as effective. These diets do lead to fasting because they are so nutrient dense and the body changes to fat burning and ketosis rather than carbohydrate burning and the body running off of continously topped up levels of glycogen. Fasting is done all around the world and there’s lots of evidence now showing the healing effects it has on the body although not to be done without firstly checking it’s safe especiallly with health problems. Having said that I agree and think a lot of what we eat depends on a lot of variables and our genetics, blood types may well be something that is worth taking into consideration. Gene expression, SNPs and mutations are things that can affect how we deal with foods. I do believe it is all down to genes. Scientifically we know that we can not utilise plant foods the way other animals do. ‘Barry Groves: Homo Carnivorus What We Are Designed to Eat’ This is a great video explaining it all. (youtube).

        Foster our personal connection to the source (meditation, self-awareness, being in the heart…) in order to clear the path for life-force to nourish us directly from the source… the “really natural” way of being nourished.’

        ….I agree with this and feel it’s the same as mind over matter, literally. It is also a way to reduce stress which there’s no doubt changes the body and does kill people regardless of thier diet. Bruce Lipton and epigenetics is something a friend of mine got into and she managed to grow back half of her thyroid gland which baffled the doctors. The trouble is not everyone can unleash the powers of thier minds, myself included, especially when faced with one crisis after another. It can be done but not always easy. As Michael Newton says in Destiny of Souls book, being human is supposed to be one of the hardest reincarnations…..hope so, makes me feel better….we are all doing Ok.

        • Mark Macy says:

          Hi Kate, thanks for that. I tried fasting years ago, briefly, after my cancer surgery and during my recovery, a time when I was highly sensitized to everything. I recall it was a happy, energized time.
          While reading your comment and writing mine, I’ve sort of decided to try something this fall, probably starting in November:

          – Fasting, starting 1 or 2 days at a time (to suspend eating)
          – Meditating several times a day (to welcome “natural” life force)

          We’ll see how that works out. Maybe I’ll increase the fasts and meditations in the coming months (if I don’t get too hungry 🙂 )

          Recently I received a very rare, unsolicited personal note, typed and hand-written, in my mailbox outside. It was from a Japanese fellow urging me to try “Cho Wa” tea, which has a mystical story behind it.

          A hundred-year-old hermit living alone in the mountains in Japan had kept an ancient family secret about a healing, rejuvenating tea. People who visited the hermit (they had to climb the mountain) reported miracle healings for physical and mental disorders. Word spread, and more people made the trek. They’d often feel their illnesses and weaknesses fading away as they climbed the mountain. After a few days with the hermit, drinking a cup of tea a day, their illnesses would sometimes disappear completely.

          Well, one doctor was amazed and spent many years with the hermit, who finally, reluctantly relented and gave him the recipe for the tea, which he now makes available to the public.

          My initial thought was (and I still suspect it’s right) is that the old hermit had opened his connection to the source and streamed a lot of life-force into our world. That powerful stream of life-force is probably what caused “miracle” healings to occur. The tea was probably more of a vehicle, like a medium’s crystal ball or an ITC researcher’s radio. Not so important in the big picture, except insofar as the hermit impinged his life-force into the tea. Visitors who believed in the hermit became resonant and could thus receive the life-force. Skeptics probably blocked it unconsciously. That’s my guess.

          Anyway, I decided to try the tea for 3 months. I’ve been drinking it for about a week so far… too early to tell. If I have any miraculous results, I’ll certainly let you know. Mentally I’m somewhere on the line between belief and skepticism, as explained above… so we’ll see. While drinking the tea, I try to think of the hermit… sort of open a channel. Not sure what side of the veil he’s on at the moment, but I suspect he still makes his life-force available to people who know his story and believe it.

          Like the Beatles making a connection with the Maharishi in India in 1968. I suspect the life-force tremendously enhanced their success as messengers in the coming years. Life-force is a big deal in our world, when it can get through the shadowy clutter into resonant human minds.
          Beatles article…


          • kate says:

            I was so surprised to see your link about the Beatles because this morning I played 2 John lennon songs, Imagine and God, then the Beatles song ‘Don’t let me down’ which I love watching as they sang it from the roof top and looked like they felt so free and having such fun. I don’t usually play music in the mornings and even though I love the Beatles and grew up listening and loving the Abbey Road album I don’t often listen to them….I enjoyed reading the link you sent.
            You may find these people interesting;
            Dr Jason Fung is a good one to listen to about fasting and the evidence in the last couple of years is told by Dr Valter Longo….he talks about the affects it has on disease and cancer
            (Valter Longo: Nutrition, Fasting mimicking diets, Regeneration and Longevity on Youtube) Dr Longo does push a fasting mimmicking package of food to help people who feel they need to eat but the extremely low calorie packets of food aren’t need. A lot of people fasting take a drink called snake juice which is from the Snake juice diet. The snake juice is made up of
            Potassium chloride =1 tsp
            Sodium chloride = 1/2 tsp
            Sodium Bicarbonate = 1 tsp
            Magnesium Sulphate = 1/2 tsp
            This helps with any loss of electrolytes during fasting and can have as much as wanted but he recommends only this and not ordianary water also use good quality bottled water to make it up. You can also get sachets of electrolyte stuff already made..

            Very intriguing finding a note in your mail box and I love the story of the hermit. I’ve never thought of people, like the hermit, being able to stream the life force into the world in such a way… I’ve only ever visualised the sort of energy a healers hands have. There was a nurse called Rene Cassie who created a tea which was a receipe she got from a patient that was cured from cancer. Essiac is rooted in Native American medicine, specifically, from the Ojibwe tribe in Canada. The tea is said to have cured so many people that had been given up on by doctors. Cassie was shut down by the government. Although the Canadian government closed the clinic in 1941, Cassie continued to provide Essiac to cancer patients from her home.She was 90 when she died in 1978. As with cannabis and old remedies, like tinctures and herbs, I’m sure these teas do help people.

            Thanks Mark for the response, fascinating and a message for both of us here I’m sure.

  4. I enjoy everyone’s comments.
    Thank you.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks John and Kate, for your two most recent replies. Regarding Kate’s comment

      “Very intriguing finding a note in your mail box and I love the story of the hermit. I’ve never thought of people, like the hermit, being able to stream the life force into the world in such a way… I’ve only ever visualised the sort of energy a healers hands have….”

      I remember having the same impressions as Kate had, and as you probably recall, John, I had a big “eye-opener” in the late 80s when I took your advice and attended (with Regina) a Siddha Yoga gathering one weekend when Gurumayi came from India to Denver. She sat before a ballroom full of people and spread “shakti” (life-energy) to everyone in the room. I could kind of feel a shift inside, but for Regina it was a profound experience, kind of life-changing. I suspect it was life-changing for me too, even though I was probably too desensitized by a lifetime of agnosticism and my recent bout with cancer to feel it at the moment. For Regina it was like feeling a powerful wave of love sweeping through the room and washing over her and everyone else.

      Anyway, it was that experience that introduced me first-hand to the reality of how an enlightened individual can spread life-force out into our world to affect a lot of other people, because of his or her close, conscious connection to the source.

      Warm wishes to you both,

      (And, Kate, thanks for the fasting tips! They’ll be helpful. And “Abbey Road” is one of my favorite all-time albums, along with the Moody Blues “Days of Future Past.” I don’t know what it is about you Brits… maybe the inspiration that comes through your rich Celtic heritage. 🙂 )

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