Worlds Within Worlds 33 — Why All the Divisiveness?

Many societies today are churning… coming apart… dividing sharply into opposing camps. Americans have watched it happen here in the States early in the 21st century—left-wing Democrats vs right-wing Republicans—but it’s also happening in Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Poland, Turkey, and other countries. International scholars recently found some common factors that seem to be fracturing society—getting people more and more riled up.

Beneath all that divisiveness I think there might a more elemental force at work, which we’ll explore in a moment. But first…

Divisive Social and Political Trends

(This information comes from Carnegie Endowment organization.)

As societies break apart into opposing camps that find each other repugnant, certain conditions seem to aggravate the bitterness. There are:

  • Leaders who incite hatred, intolerance, violence, and lies,
  • Media that use modern technologies to fan those toxic embers,
  • Growing economies that allow or encourage a widening gap between rich and poor, and
  • Cronyism and corruption (a sort of hyena-pack leadership) that might get everyone excited for a while, but ultimately makes the public sick of politics as society divides ever more sharply.

Meanwhile the polarization spreads through the government (e.g. courts and legislatures) and finally “reverberates throughout the society as a whole, poisoning everyday interactions and relationships.”

The important question is: Do these things cause a society to come apart at the seams, or are they all just symptoms of a more underlying condition that really causes people to split up into opposing groups?

An Underlying Cause of Polarization?

(Some of this information comes from a recent article on this site about the End Time.)

I think there are spiritual crosscurrents moving powerfully around and through the Earth, clashing with each other and spreading toxic emotional fallout that passes through human minds. And that’s what might be causing social cohesion to break down and burst lately in families, communities, and nations, and throughout world affairs. While those spiritual crosscurrents are always present in our world, causing unrest, they seem to be getting more severe lately as riots, rebellion, gross immorality, and mass destruction break out all around the world.

So, yes, I believe that spiritual forces are behind the unrest, and I base it on:

  1. a message our INIT group received from ethereal beings in 1996 regarding an approaching “End Time,” and
  2. what I’ve been learning since then about:
    • the source and its life-energy that creates and nourishes all universes, and
    • the shadow of toxic spiritual residue that’s been forming around our world across the centuries.

An End Time Forewarning

In 1996 the Seven Ethereals told our INIT group:

We have often given you the real purpose of ITC contacts: Mankind at the End Time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms.

(That ITC [instrumental transcommunication] contact was delivered through a computer at our main receiving station in Luxembourg.)

When I first saw that contact, I wondered, What? Light and darkness shall reunite? Why? If mankind has a “dark” side, why not just excise it like a tumor and throw it away? Why not just restore humanity and Planet Earth to the “light?”

The Source and the Shadow

As rich, radiant life-energy is deflected by Earth’s brutal, predatory nature, a spiritual shadow is cast round the planet, in which life-energy is in short supply.

Those questions stewed in the back of my mind for 20 years, until I began to understand life-energy and Earth’s shadow.

  • Life-energy from the source nourishes the entire omniverse with vitality, love, joy, knowledge, morals, and other noble forces.
  • Earth’s brutal nature deflects some of that light from the source, casting a spiritual shadow around the planet that’s deficient in life-energy, resulting in weariness, hate, despair, ignorance, depravity, and other savage forces that echo and swell like an invisible storm cloud. (Read more… )

These positive and negative forces tug constantly on humanity, but they’re not like oil and water, which can easily be separated. They’re more like many long strands of fine, light yarn and course, dark yarn that get hopelessly entangled.

And that’s what life on Earth has become over the past tens of thousands of years—love, generosity, and kindness all tangled up with hate, selfishness, and malice.

That’s why finer beings who monitor and influence our world can’t just cut out the darkness and throw it away. It’s impossible to untangle the light and dark spiritual “yarns” here on Earth, which is apparently why an “end time” occurs periodically (thousands of years apart) in order to give our planet a sort of spring cleaning. Collapse of the old gives humanity a chance to evolve into something new and better.

God only knows how that planetary purge actually works, but I suspect it might happen something like this:

  • Finer spiritual beings from levels 5 through 7 start directing a lot of life-energy into our world in order to enhance humanity’s love, happiness, and truth.
  • That causes of sort of bristling in Earth’s shadow, stirring up the latent hatred, anger, and deception that’s been trapped around the planet.
  • All of these mixed feelings filter into human minds, influencing different people in different ways:
    • At one extreme are those who resonate with the life-energy. They’re inspired to solve the problems of society and the world. They want wise, benevolent leaders who can ease the pain and suffering going on around them while devising fair, sustainable societies. Just make the world a better place!
    • At the other extreme are those who bristle with the shadow. Agitated by the crime and conflict and immorality going on around them, they want strong leaders to take charge, whether by hook or by crook, to impose law and order and punishment. Just make the world a better place!
    • Most people are in the middle of those two extremes, feeling both light and dark influences in their lives, but in divisive times like these they may feel pulled rather strongly in one direction or the other.

So when the ethereal beings observe our troubled little planet and say, Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again, this intense discord that we’re witnessing today is apparently how that process feels as we get caught up in the mounting drama. Everyone around us is either a potential ally or a potential adversary, depending on their political views.

Some people relish the drama and stimulation that come from divisiveness. Their competitive or predatory or parasitic qualities might help them excel at pursuits involving money, power, and other such worldly pleasures, but their unworldly pursuits are liable to have negative results until they can deal with their dark, symbiotic compulsions.

Other people prefer a peaceful life with less drama and more positive spiritual rewards, so the following conclusion is mostly for them.

Silencing the Drama

While we can’t heal society’s divisions overnight and make everyone suddenly like each other, I believe we can soften the drama in our own life—in our own mind—simply by understanding the general scenario described in this article, which is:

Essentially, we’re all influenced by the spiritual forces around us.  

  • The main force (life-energy from the source) promotes peace and order throughout the omniverse (what the ethereal beings referred to as “light”).
  • Other forces emerge from Earth’s shadow to stir up conflict and chaos in our little world (what they referred to as “darkness”).

With that knowledge we can then buffer ourselves against shadow influences and their dramas. As explained in the previous article, we simply:

  1. Acknowledge the source as the only thing that’s “real,”
  2. Know that our sensory impressions of Earth with its dramas are largely illusions that we experience for just a short lifetime, and
  3. Use techniques like meditation to foster a conscious contact with the source.

The more we adapt those three steps into our life, the more peace and happiness we’ll enjoy from day to day as the dramas going on around us have less and less impact. Once we choose the lighter spiritual path, we’ll be compelled to contribute to the positive evolution of the planet and mankind.

Then, after our brief lifetime, we leave the Earth behind and “go home” to paradise, closer to the source, with some incredible memories.


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21 Responses to Worlds Within Worlds 33 — Why All the Divisiveness?

  1. Thank you Mark for this is most insightful analysis. I agree with your conclusions 100%

  2. Regina Macy says:

    Why did you say “left-wing” democrats and “right-wing” republicans, when even moderate democrats and republicans have issues with each other’s policies?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Good question, Regina.

      When I wrote that sentence I wasn’t thinking of “far-left” and “far-right”. I was trying to convey that here in the States we have two main political parties, Democrats are considered the “left wing” of the government, and Republicans are considered the “right wing.” (That’s so that non-American readers will have a better understanding of what the two parties stand for. I think the Brits used to have Whigs and Tories, and now have Labour and Conservative parties. I just looked up Kenya, and they have LOTS of political parties. India has the right-wing BJP and left-wing-moderate INC party.)

      Anyway, I figured many non-Americans might have no idea (or interest) in what Democrats and Republicans stand for here in the States, and I guess I was just trying to give a little hint there with the left-wing and right-wing modifiers.. 🙂


  3. kate says:

    ‘We have often given you the real purpose of ITC contacts: Mankind at the End Time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms’.

    24 years later we are experiencing a pandemic and signs of social collapse.

    Possibly the End Time apocalypse is when great revelations appear of the principle of truth.

    Eckhart Tolle said in his talk with Russell Brand that end of suffering is finding transending dimension.

    This article covers it all so well thanks.

    • Kate says:

      Wow I’m just watching the wonderful Anita Moorjani on youtube called ‘Empowering messages’ and it is so parrallel to this article. She starts off using the same word ‘Divisiveness’. It’s as if she’s read this article but I’m sure that the light source is streaming through certain people right now….

      • Kate says:

        Anita has only put this video out today so it’s new. I read this article yesterday and was listening to youtube music which came up with the song by Leonard Cohen called ‘First we take Manhatten’……On the tab at the top was a 22 beside it which enticed me to open it up and I clicked something that led me to Wiki about the song. I couldn’t believe what I was reading because it was described as religious end of time theme, apocalytic nature, social collapse ect….hence my comment. It may sound ridiculous but 22 and 222 come up all the time over the last 5 years for me so I now take notice. Then this morning Anita Moorjani has come up with a new video which is so parrallel to this article and even at the end talks of sychronicities.

      • Mark Macy says:

        Hi Kate, thanks for that introduction to Anita Moorjani. I hadn’t heard of her, but that’s probably the best youtube video I’ve ever watched. (Fact is, I don’t watch much youtube because my hearing is not so good. Amazingly, I clearly heard every word she said, but when the fellow spoke off-screen near the end of the video I could understand only about 20 percent of his words.)

        Anyway, Anita’s description of cocooning herself in a marinade of empowering thoughts and attitudes as a protection against fear-based modalities is brilliant. It’s how she freed herself from lymphoma, it was reinforced by her NDE, and it inspired her to start creating that “parallel world” of empowerment that will probably be a huge help to a lot of folks. Bravo Anita! And bravo Kate. 🙂 I’ve never heard it as clearly expressed as it was expressed by Anita based on her experience of growing up in three very separate parallel worlds: western culture, Chinese culture, and Hindu culture.

        I was lucky to have John Day as my doctor during my own health crisis in 1988. (Like Anita, I too feel that the word “cancer” is a little frightening and disempowering.) John, like Anita, was apparently also in a “cocoon of empowering marinade” of Eastern thinking, which probably enhanced his surgical skills and his healing effects on his patients like me. He introduced me to Siddha Yoga… a turning point.

        Yes, I think her work leads to the same conclusion as my article… but that’s just because many paths lead toward the same source. There are so many good paths to the source. 🙂

        Here’s a link to Anita’s video that (yes) was posted just yesterday:

        • Kate says:

          I’m so glad you enjoyed Anitas video. Her account of what happened to her is an amazing one and her words flow as if she is a channel straight from the source.
          It was a blessing you met and were treated by someone like John Day because Anita is absolutely right about her experiences and the different approach to how people are treated.

          Thanks again for the article

    • Mark Macy says:

      Interesting synchronicity: A couple of days ago wife Regina met with some women, and one of them recommended watching the “Heal” documentary on Netflix, produced by Kelly Noonan.
      Then yesterday you introduced me to Anita’s video.
      Then last night Regina and I watched “Heal”… and Anita was one of the 18 gifted healers and researchers and clients who were interviewed. They all had the same basic message: Most illness is the result of stress. Healing from that sort of illness is done mostly from within, determined by our beliefs and attitudes about our condition.

      It was a terrific video. The different experts had a few minor differences of opinion (such as whether spirits or angels are involved or God or consciousness… and whether vitamin supplements and strictly vegetarian diets should be part of the healing process… ) but they all agreed on almost everything important.


      • Kate says:

        I’ve just watched it and it’s very uplifting indeed. I agree with almost all of it. Thanks for that Regina and Mark and as said I found it very uplifting and informative, infact I am going to more diligent with my meditation and prayers, I think it’s something to work into an everyday routine because the importance of it is quite significant I think,
        Blessings to you both

  4. Beto cano says:

    Hello Mr. Macy, I have followed your work and of many afterlife researchers and I am convinced that we survived death.

    I also like to research ITC and wanted to ask your opinion in a controversy without trying to disrespect you.

    I found an interview where Ernst Senkowski doubts a bit about the authenticity of the Harsch-Fischbach couple and shows an image that they say is the equipment used by Raudive but it turns out to be identical to the cover of a book that already existed.

    this is the page where the page is–S-.–TALKS-WITH-A-.–CARDOSO.htm

    I would like to know your opinion about that image if possible, since for me it is very valuable, thank you very much for your time …

    P.S. ( I made this question before reading this article but, anyways I would like to know you opinion on the picture)

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Beto, thank you for that very important comment. FIrst I have to say that I agree with what Anabela, Ernst and Ralf (Determeyer) say in that interview. I include three fairly long excerpts from their comments below, and then after that I’ll share my own view, which is very similar to theirs:

      ANABELA: “My opinion is that this (spirits sending their colleagues on Earth images and other information that is oddly similar to images and information already existing on Earth) was perhaps an easier way for the communicators to convey their messages to us, using matching, existent terrestrial mental patterns to exemplify their situation in another dimension with some concepts that we could relate to and understand. In the case of the photographs, for instance, it could be that the reproduction of an already existent photo on the screen of a TV apparatus (in the case of the H-F disconnected from the net and even malfunctioning) was easier to achieve than constructing a new photo of the deceased person who, naturally, will no longer have the same face or body to be photographed. The communicators tell us that they ‘also have a body’ albeit made of ‘a kind of electricity’, as they have told me. In effect, it is very difficult to imagine how that ‘new body’ could be photographed and transmitted via a TV screen that uses our earthly technology! I can personally understand all that but the truth is that the procedure apparently used by Timestream was extremely undesirable as it prompted a wave of accusations against the H-F and ITC.

      ERNST: “In the past years a remarkable number of messages and images (from beyond) have been found to be identical or resembling their counterparts in our realm of existence. Twelve of these cases are examined in detail. Excluding conscious manipulation as too simple an explanation, several tentative models are discussed including the ones given by the transentities. At present there exists no satisfactory solution for the inherent inconsistencies. We will see whether a better understanding of the background will be developed in the future.”

      Ernst quotes his colleague RALF DETERMEYER: “(Despite some cases of transimages resembling existing images on Earth, I am convinced that the Harsch-Fischbach results are legitimate.) From the beginning I followed and accompanied their work and took part in numerous direct TC contacts with the transentities – Technician, Dr. Konstantin Raudive and others. The phenomenon of duplication is known to me from the results of other experimenters. Apparently, it is a general fact that renders some insight into the cosmic information storage or processing…. Questioning some transentities via different channels yielded quite similar descriptions. For instance, we were told: — ‘Everything spoken at any time was released from an information center… (it) found its (terrestrial) deposition/condensation and in spite of that is still substantial’ — There seems to be an all comprising holomorphic information field. The different dimensions and individuals are participating and helping to its configuration … The multidimensional information field may be related, coupled or identified with the so called Akasha Chronicle and contains timeless fundamental structures or ‘truths’ that by transformation into (our) four dimensional speech symbols produce similar patterns. Quantum Physicist David Bohm (according to Einstein ‘the only one who could surpass quantummechanics’) introduced the notion of an implicate order ‘behind’ our explicate order; in other words: enfolded and outfolded.”

      MY OWN view: Over the years it’s become more and more evident to me that our universe and everything in it (whether a star, a planet, or a person) has many copies in parallel universes. Throughout this vast omniverse, everything gets finer and subtler and more “real” in those copies that are closer to “the source,” which is at the center of everything… as I try to explain and illustrate in some recent articles like this one:
      If it’s true (as I suspect it is) that all of those universes contain most or all of the same stuff, then I guess it’s not so surprising that some of the information that our spirit friends have sent to us through ITC contacts sometimes seems very familiar to us.

      I hope that’s an adequate answer, but if there’s any confusion I’ll try to clarify.


      • Mark Macy says:

        And, of course, I believe (actually, I know) that Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch were and are honest with their ITC work. There was no conscious manipulation by them to fake contacts, as some people suspect. Maggy and Jules were sometimes as puzzled by these phenomena as everyone else was. The results of their work are legitimate and really quite amazing by earthly standards. Mark

        • Beto cano says:

          Thanks for your answer, I also think their case is real, but the image that its similar to the book cover its what puzle me more…

          maybe Raudive words were not the best choice because when he said multi purpose device maybe that image conjure a some kind of computers in a lab to us ( at least to me)….

          When I saw the book cover I thought it look like some kind of buildings, but maybe they are some kind of giant device with antennas ? and they were inspired from above to the artist? and thats what Raudive mean by ¨device¨ like a generic term?

          Well thanks for your time…

          • Mark Macy says:

            Our spirit friends have told us that material structures like the ones in our world are also mental structures or energy structures or nonphysical structures in parallel (spiritual) universes. I’m not sure which is manifested “first”… the material structure or the mental/energy structure, but I suspect the latter (mental). In any case, before really commenting with any certainty on those two pictures I’d first want to know the source of the one that appeared on the book cover. I’ve been searching online for picture credits (the name of the author and how he or she was inspired to create the picture), but I could not find that information. So for now I guess it’s a mystery (at least in my mind).

            Thanks for the follow-up. I think this is important information (for future scientists), and it definitely deserves attention.

            • Beto cano says:

              Hi mr Mark I found the info about the original picture, its on a french site, I paste you the link and below an google translation ….it seems its not even a building but a chemical crystals saw trough a microscope ….So it adds to the mystery…

              Heres the french site


              and heres the translation

              NINTH CASE
              In May 89, Dr Delavre discovered a duplication between a video sequence recorded on January 14, 1989 at the Harsch-Fischbach’s house and the cover of The Quantum Universe (Tony Hey Patrick Walters, University Press, Cambridge, 1987). This is a photo of microscopic crystals of lead-tin-antimony found in this rare form in an English research laboratory. Manfred Kage later found this same reproduction in World Within Worlds (Michael Marten, Holt New-York, 1977, page 30).

              There is also, among the Luxembourg trans-video recordings, a motif corresponding to this original image, but with structural parts arranged in a different order, each of which, however, taken separately, is identical to the original. We also see two people. In an audio message, Raudive, from the Hereafter, describes this image as that of a device from the Beyond, with multiple destinations, already reported to be able to improve instrumental transcontacts in different ways. The two persons were referred to as Dr Swejen Salter and Albert Einstein.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi BC (I hope you don’t mind me addressing you as such since I’m not sure of your surname or given name at the moment),

      A gigantic “thank you” for that link to the Parasciences article by Ernst Senkowski–one of the most illuminating and concise articles about the “physics” behind ITC and the nature of the Beyond that I’ve had the pleasure to read. 🙂 Google’s automatic translation from French to English was amazingly accurate and clear once I clicked the link. When I got to know Maggy and Jules and Ernst in the 1990s, accurate translations were labor-intensive and rare, so I was only vaguely aware of amazing articles like these that were already well established in Europe. Seems that I still have some ‘catch-up’ to do (perhaps typical of many of us Americans).

      So… lead, tin, and antimony crystals. The mystery deepens indeed. 🙂 When I first saw that picture of the “multipurpose device”/metal crystals, and the picture of Swejen Salter and Albert Einstein in the Timestream sending station lab, both pictures were distorted (like the “Abb. 3a Trans-Videobild” you added to one comment), probably because of the primitive-by-today’s-standards reproduction technologies that were prevalent back in the early 90s.

      Anyway, Ernst’s descriptions of the seemingly duplicate contacts, the difficulty and patience of our spirit friends in trying to convey “new” information to us on Earth, and the descriptions of many parallel universes containing similar structures… that information is probably the best explanation available on Earth at the moment of how and why the text, audio, and images from spirit are the way they are, and why they often seem puzzling to us.

      Thanks again for this dialog,
      Mark Macy

      • Mark Macy says:

        One final note that might get more to the heart of your question: For me to understand why Konstantin and Swejen sent us on Earth a picture of metal crystals which they called “a multi-purpose device,” I would first need to know their motivations and how their technologies are actually “formed” at level 3. (I believe they are apparently mental constructs of some sort created somehow, but I don’t really know much more than that. So, again, I think Anabela, Ernst, and Ralf gave better explanations than I could.)

  5. Ricky says:


    This article is absolutely spot-on and I couldn’t agree more with everything that you have said. As we continue to watch how fragile civil society actually is, it’s important to be reminded of our spiritual reality – and how we only need to move toward the source in order to heal the planet. Ideally, if the planet as a whole could move toward the source (easier said than done!), it would quickly unravel that tangled yarn that you mention. Only by reminding people and educating people about our origins as spiritual beings, can our world’s emotions become less complex, and much more unequivocally position our planet closer to finer realms of spirit.

    It’s truly disconcerting to see all of the chaos and drama unnecessarily stirred up by some leaders on our planet. Obvious ones come to mind, but there are many more all over the globe as well. Instead of being the beacons of light that they should be, our leaders have become invokers of confusion, selfishness, excessive materialism and divisive tribalism.

    I hope the years to come will begin to reveal a finer side of humanity that we’ve long departed from. Where people can learn to balance their earthly needs or desires with the much larger picture of our eternally powerful nature. It’s so easy to forget that we are simply spirits that are having a “human experience” right now. Maybe a daily reminder would help?


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Ricky, well said. Always good to hear from you and other kindred spirits. I guess the best we can do during a lifetime is just to try to rise above most of the drama by fostering a closer conscious connection with the source. FInding a degree of personal peace and order amid the conflict and chaos going on in the world… as you say.


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