Touching Base

You might have noticed that it’s been kind of quiet here on macyafterlife lately. No posts at all last month (January 2016). That’s because the last few months have been incredibly taxing for me.

That wasn’t intended as a pun, although tax season is here and doing taxes is somewhat time-consuming.

No, a couple of other things have captured the bulk of my attention:

  1. Laying out a new website (actually, two inter-related websites) that could provide a template for the kinds of ITC groups that could really find success in the future in opening up sustainable bridges with the other side… and
  2. Coming to terms with the new Uncle Sam, as represented by big oil, the military-industrial complex, and Donald Trump.

First, the new worlditcnet website(s) can be accessed from the following links, to give you an idea of how it’s all coming together, and what might be in store for the future of ITC research:

Public site…   and   Private site….

The second item—how the USA has gotten to the ugly place where it is today—has absorbed and disturbed me for the past two months… to the point that I had to write a series of articles just to try to come to terms with the dark situation and to find a semblance of mental and emotional stability.

I’ve finished three of the four articles and posted them on my noblesavageworld website. They’ve given me a clearer understanding of the forces at play, so that I can now, hopefully, get back to my afterlife-related writing and research. (Although I still have one article to write to finish up the series.)

If you’re interested, here are the links to those articles:

                    –  Part 1 (Transformation and treason)

                    –  Part 2 (Sliding toward a dark age behind big oil’s trump card)

                    –  Part 3 (You’re a mean one, Uncle Sam)


In a nutshell, here’s what I think has been happening in US politics (and I’m the first to admit that at first glance “nutshell” sounds like the right word for this delusional view… but bear in mind that cracks often let the light in 🙂 ):

Big Oil and other forces aligned to the Far Right have hijacked the government by stealing the November presidential election electronically. The candidates whom they groomed with an oil agenda for the presidency (Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, and others) were pummeled and beaten in debates against the rabblerousing, angry pinball Donald Trump, who is not in the pocket of Big Oil, but who otherwise will make a really bad, chaotic, shoot-from-the-hip president.

It’s almost as though the campaigning and the election were choreographed by higher forces as a cosmic prank and painful lesson for those (oil billionaires, their fixers, etc.) who have been mangling noble politics in savage ways. (And, frankly, I’m not so sure it wasn’t… choreographed, that is.)

Donald Trump is the personification of the chaos and conflict that is the inevitable outcome of the kind of hate- and fear-mongering that has been going on in right-wing politics here in the States since the year 2000.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, writing those articles has given me enough peace of mind to resume my afterlife writing and research. So if you don’t agree with my articles, hopefully you’ll at least recognize their therapeutic value for me… letting off steam, getting things off my chest, and so on.

Tying It All Together

Speaking of angry pinballs, I recall at least two very vivid dreams in recent months in which I visit our spirit friends on the Third Level, and I’m the angry pinball. In these dreams, our spirit friends are in contented surroundings, sitting or standing, sometimes in friendly conversation with each other.

I arrive in the scene, fresh from Earth with my worldly emotional baggage. I arrrive with a chip on my shoulder, very angry at someone or other for one silly reason or another. People in these dreams always seem a little taken aback by my anger, but then I quickly wake up… and leave the Third Level behind as I return to Earth.

Then, just last night I had another very vivid dream. I’m in a stunningly beautiful high-rise hotel brimming with flourishing, vibrant white orchids. Every room and every section of hallway has 3, 4, or 5 brilliant white orchids growing in vases or potted areas.

Then, suddenly, I’m at the entrance to the hotel at a reception desk or security desk, and the men and women at the desk say I have to pay 25 cents to get back into the hotel. I pull coins from my pocket and spread them out on the desk. There’s 35 cents there, and I’m having a frustrated time, fingering the coins, trying to separate 25 cents from the little pile. It seems like an impossible task.

Meanwhile, I realize that I’ve arrived at the entrance with Donald Trump, who apparently is somehow closely associated with the hotel. He passes right through security while I’m struggling with my coins. He glances back at me, kind of rolls his eyes, and says, “I’ll meet you in the office on the fourth floor.”

And then I woke up. I guess I never got to the office on the fourth floor.

I’m not sure what these dreams mean, but I have an idea.

First, I think that when I die I might have to make a decision about ITC. Do I want to continue ITC research from the other side, trying to get in touch with experimenters on Earth? That’s a choice that other researchers had to make after they died, such as Konstantin Raudive and Bill O’Neil.

If I do decide to pursue ITC from the other side, then I’ll have to deal with my anger issues before getting settled into a spiritside ITC group.

I also have a strong feeling that if I decide to continue ITC on the other side, then the spirit group will be monitoring earthside groups who are taking the approach that I’ve been laying out in the worlditcnet website (above), and we’ll only be able to contact researchers on Earth who are having some success sustaining resonance by such means as those described on the website.

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3 Responses to Touching Base

  1. Atheria says:

    Hi Mark! Due to a friend, I just found you again. I moved up near you (if you are still in Boulder) last April but it didn’t work out, so I’m back in New Mexico…but a better part of NM…magical Northern NM. Do you ever come down to Taos (my extra special place) or Santa Fe to do presentations?

    And yes, the whole Trump thing has SEVERELY affected me….and not in a good way. I’m quite despondent.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Atheria, Yes, we’re still living near Boulder. Sorry the area didn’t work out for you, and I hope the Taos area suits you better.

      I’m still a little stunned by Donald Trump and his bluster… but I’m actually not too worried about the chaos and rancor that he’s bound to keep stirring up from the White House. It’s when (and if) he’s ousted and replaced by VP Mike Pence that I believe the real problems begin… a rigid, rational disposition hiding a very savage agenda that’s tied closely to big oil, the military, and the CIA. I suspect that that’s when the downhill momentum really takes off. Trump’s cabinet has some of that toxicity built into it…

      … but it’ll probably have a hard time coalescing into policy as long as Trump is at the helm.


      • Atheria says:

        I live on Indian land…the Pueblo of Pojoaque, but go to magical Taos often. Pence is almost worse in that he’s also a religious fanatic, which Trump isn’t. If I could find a job in Costa Rica and move, I would.

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