What ITC Groups Could Learn From INIT (9.2 – Mission)

The inner workings of an ITC bridge were a mystery to most of the INIT members when we first came together in 1995. The detailed messages streaming to us from our spirit friends through computers, radios, TVs, and telephones, describing life in other-worldly terms, seemed like magic.

Our spirit friends, especially The Seven ethereals who identified themselves as “gatekeepers” between our world and theirs, had to explain to us how ITC worked. We on Earth had responsibilities in sustaining the bridge, and we would have to learn and understand those responsibilities.

At first, in 1995, they referred to our work as “Project Kindergarten,” and after a couple years, as we became more familiar with spiritual principles (and with the contact field in particular) we were upgraded to “Project Sothis.”

Everything seemed to evolve around the all-important contact field, that pool of life energy consisting of the beliefs, intentions, and attitudes of everyone involved in the project on both sides of the veil.

The contact field was invisible to us humans, almost an abstract concept, but to our spirit friends it was substantial and crucial to the ITC bridge.

If we could all stay in harmony, they said, then the contact field would remain clear and stable, but if doubts, fears, and differences of opinion were allowed to fester, the contact field would become murky and unstable. ITC communications would then become difficult, and the field would become vulnerable to negative spirits who could break in to the bridge to stir up the fears and doubts among our members.

Mission and Motivation

In the beginning, then, it would have been impossible for us humans (steeped in worldly knowledge and subject to the whims of our egos and hormones) to chart out a practical mission for our ITC group (which rests heavily on other-worldly, spiritual principles and an even temperament), so our spirit friends, especially The Seven ethereals, gave us some important tips along the way.

Here are some examples of the ideas (bullet items) that we gleaned from the actual spirit messages (in italics):

  • The ultimate aim of our INIT group was to foster a rapport with the finer realms of spirit.

“… This is the seventh time that we accompany and guide you on your progress toward a free, wealthy, and sane future in which humanity would have stripped off the chains of intolerance and cruelty — a future in which it will be able to establish fruitful and durable relationship with the light, ethereal realms of existence….”


  • A better definition of “morality” can help with that rapport. Our “moral role” as ITC researchers and INIT members was to assimilate the messages of our ethereal guides, to acknowledge the information, to adapt it to fit our situation and our world, and then to behave accordingly.

“… We, the Seven of the Rainbow People, have decided to help and support the way chosen by you, in INIT. It is the way of morals, which means to understand, to acknowledge, to devise, and to act. It is not to be mixed up with religion, which means to believe. The two can be complementary, but they are independent one to the other.…”


  • Our ITC bridge, though facilitated by ethereal (angelic) beings, would have to connect us to the “third level” of the spirit realm, where most humans awaken after a lifetime on Earth, because it’s at the third level where spirits are most like us on Earth in their dispositions and attitudes. Unity, or like mind, or resonance, is necessary in ITC and spiritual evolvement. 

“… While the third spirit plane (mid-astral) is a product of the human mind, it is as much a reality as is planet Earth. People whose ideas and beliefs agree with each other come together here in groups and form one unity. This unity is the stepping stone to the fourth dimension. After crossing into the fourth (higher astral) dimension, also called The Summerland, the human being is relieved of the laws of reincarnation. To establish this contact with you we have to get close to your world and adapt ourselves as much as possible. In the process we come to resonate with many of your thoughts and attitudes. At the same time, the members of Timestream are already approaching the border lines of higher consciousness at the fourth level. Sometimes we feel pulled into the beauty of the fourth level, and it’s only the thought of our ITC responsibilities with Earth that tear us away, so we can return to the ITC station on the third level. Our experiences and knowledge from the fourth level might be useful to you….” (Read more about the third level… )


  • There is also “a plague” of negative spirits out there, in a sort of dark, shadowy realm surrounding the Earth, so INIT members would have to be careful and discerning.

“… You already know that also pharisees, ghouls, swindlers, thieves, yes, even murderers, have their interested supporters here among the dead….”.


  • Being “of one mind” is important in sustaining a contact field with the finer realms. Over a period of five years, arguments occasionally developed among INIT members, and our ethereal friends urged us to “lay our cards on the table” and resolve the issues. They encouraged us to deal with our doubts and fears, and to always return to a base of good will and friendship. Through our unity, the ethereals said they could protect us from “the plague” of darkness.

“… Your meeting in Tarrytown is a decisive one… men and women of wit whittled-out together to make true the dream of a strong international association based on morals and on ethics, not only by giving it a fundamental constitution and sheltering it this way from the wind, the rain and the storms of pernicious attacks, but also by strengthening love and friendship true, the best qualities of mankind.”

“… Be assured, even if we cannot avoid the plague, we can control the gravity. Whatever has happened, do not lose courage. We are there. You are in the right way. You are a small number, but much depends on you and your decisions on those days. We trust in you.”

 “… It is not love alone that advances the world but also doubt. Doubt is the price of freedom. There is doubt that is just and results in enlightenment, and there is poisoning doubt that only sows discord. If doubt works against you, your life becomes confused. If doubt is on your side, life becomes an adventure….”


  • ITC should facilitate the coming together of humanity.

“… We have often given you the real purpose of ITC contacts: Mankind at the end time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms….”

(Read more about these ethereal messages… )


The next three articles will conclude this series about what ITC groups could learn from the INIT experience, and they’ll be on the subjects of…

  • Egos and Personalities,
  • Management and Direction, and
  • Funding and Support

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