Human Spirituality & Capital Punishment

I used to think the death penalty was a good thing. If certain vicious criminals couldn’t adapt to society, everyone would be better off if they were removed permanently. Executing them rather quickly, once proven guilty, would save the cost of keeping them in prison, remove the chance of them getting back out on the streets to cause more mayhem, and maybe discourage others from committing similar crimes.

Lately I’ve changed my tune, though. Now I’m firmly opposed to capital punishment… but not for the usual reasons. It has nothing to do with morality or expediency… more to do with recycling… in a spiritual kind of way. I’ll explain.

Through my afterlife research I know that:

1)     Spirits move in and out of our world constantly. They live in countless spiritual realms that are superimposed over each other and over our world… separated not by space but by vibration… like radio signals.

2)     Many of those unseen worlds and their invisible inhabitants flourish in love and light, and when those beings get close to us humans, we feel inspired and blissful. They sometimes linger close to the Earth… drawn to people who have fostered the noble side of their humanity with perpetual thoughts of good will and kindness toward others… people like saintly priests and good-hearted artists.

3)     There are also dark, dismal worlds whose scruffy inhabitants are driven by fear, loathing, and malevolence… and when THEY get close to us, their attitudes put us in a foul mood. Sometimes, fascinated by the dramas of our world, they attach themselves to susceptible humans to enjoy a prolonged ride through the dark backstreets and savage subcultures of humanity. Some people with troubled spirit entities attached to them may become violent criminals… if violence is a driving force of the entity.

So, let’s see how this multi-world scenario ties into the subject of capital punishment…

What happens to an attached spirit, or troubled spiritual parasite, when its human host dies? Typically it moves on to find another host… another susceptible human being though whom it can resume its morbid fascination with terrestrial dramas.

And that’s why I’m now firmly opposed to capital punishment. Most violent criminals are under the influence of attached entities. Killing a criminal simply frees the entity to find another host… so chaos and suffering on Earth continue. Long-story-short: executing violent criminals doesn’t solve the problem.

Here’s the solution:

1)     Acknowledge the reality of spiritual intervention in our world, both positive and negative.

2)     Encourage positive intervention both individually (by fostering the noble side of our personal nature) and through public policy (adjust society accordingly, especially schools and government).

3)     Establish on-going relationships with positive spirit teams committed to this project of neutralizing and removing negative spiritual influences from Earth.

4)     Adopt policies to contend with negative spiritual influences. These would include identifying individuals who are host to troubled entities, and working with them not just to free them of the attachment, but (with the help of our spirit teams) to remove those troubled spiritual influences permanently from this world.

There are techniques to do all of that, some of which are in practice today (such as energy healing and spirit releasement), and others that could be implemented in the near future (such as ITC systems that employ the latest communication technologies).

Another article that I’ll post in the near future will go into more detail about these techniques for solving this age-old problem on Earth, which is growing more severe in this age of encroaching darkness.

For information on how people can keep themselves clear of troubled spiritual influences, refer to my latest book, The Project.


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10 Responses to Human Spirituality & Capital Punishment

  1. wannahelp2 says:

    Hello Mark,

    I recently stumbled upon your worldITC website and later found this blog. I’m so fascinated by this subject of the afterlife and how to help humankind.

    I recently discovered Leslie Flint’s website with a treaure trove of recordings and transcripts from spirit friends who have had profound messages that have helped me immensely in my own spiritual awakening.

    Regarding the subject of capital punishment, you have hit the nail on the head. Here is a transcript of a spirit communication through Leslie Flint of a British Judge now in the afterlife, discussing his new view of capital punishment.

    I am so glad to have found your blog and plan to read The Project. I truly wish to assist and do my part to help humanity as well. Thank you for what you have done and continue to do.

    I have a blog on WordPress that I started even before I found your blog, which is called Daily Doos. I post it onto my Facebook profile every day (I have over 1000 friends now) in hopes that if all those people do the daily suggestion, it will help raise their vibrations and make an impact on the world. I hope you don’t mind, but my blog post today was about the noble side and the savage side, not claiming credit for the notion of course, but it’s such a significant thing to be aware of, that I had to share it.

    Lisa I.
    a/k/a wannahelp2

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for this insightful comment. I was introduced to the Leslie Flint tapes in the early 1990s, when I first got involved in afterlife research with the help and support of George Meek…. who had the entire collection of Flint tapes. I listened to just one or two of them (there were so many other great sources of information that George piled onto my lap, so to speak), and this particular one I wasn’t aware of. So I just now read it and, yes, it hits the capital punishment nail on the head. An excerpt:

      “When man sins against society, society is outraged and society immediately is on the defensive, and invariably in consequence commits a crime, often as bad as the criminals, and often even worse… Souls are often sent here unprepared, unready, and they linger close to the Earth, earthbound, desirous of revenue upon society, and in my opinion many of these repetitious crimes that you have, are caused through the influence brought to bear by souls on this side who are earthbound, impinging themselves upon individuals in your world who often, in themselves, are mentally unstable, causing them to commit the self-same crime. I think if society knew more, indeed much more about what happens at death… There is no justice, no true justice in your world….”

      I’d recommend to readers a visit to that Leslie Flint website you linked in your comment, and explore a bit. You may have to wade through some rambling details by the spirit communicators, but the morsels of wisdom you invariably find are well worth the effort.

      I should mention also: Leslie Flint did “direct voice” channeling. An invisible etheric voicebox formed a foot or so off to the side of his head, wobbling in the air, and the voice of the spirits used that to express their message loudly and clearly into our world, without having to go through Flint’s mind, which would have ‘filtered’ the message, as is the case with typical channeling.

      I also took a gander at your new blog, Lisa. Very good information, and I hope your following grows in the coming months. At first I was a little disappointed that you didn’t include a link to the noble-savage article on my blog that inspired your post… then I realized that it would go against the style you established for your site: nice, short daily lessons. Uncluttered and neat.

      Keep up the good work!


  2. Wannahelp2 says:

    Thanks for the response, Mark! Pleasure to “meet” you! I was very close to posting the link to your article on my blog. Not sure if my FB friends are ready to wrap their minds around ITC yet, and am trying to ease into the afterlife subject. There are several fundamentalist, Evangelicals in my friends who are already challenging my posts and detracts from the positive message in general. Linking your blog might have started something I was not knowledgeable enough about to defend on my FB page and lose the crux of the message over in argument. Does that make sense?

    I did post the Leslie Flint transcript on my FB profile, but not in my blog yet. It’s forthcoming, especially after the Bin Laden execution. Something to ponder for sure.

    I will post links to your blog in the future since I now know it’s okay to do so. I do want to spread this knowledge and info to humanity, but need to do it in a piece meal fashion with my friends. Thank you for your work and for enlightening me!

  3. Makes complete sense, Lisa. I have friends and family who have different political and religious views than mine. With rare exceptions, we try to avoid discussions about politics or religion. So I understand your decision not to link to an ITC blog… and certainly to use your discretion about that sort of thing in the future. You have in important job, walking the line… something I know all too well.

  4. Wannahelp2 says:

    Absolutely! My blog mostly is about getting people to focus on love, fostering good-will, etc., and to get them to stop themselves when they catch themselves in fearful, negative ways of thinking. My personal FB page is where I’m delving into a little but more esoteric things like the Leslie Flint transcript, and getting some dissenting comments. I link my blog to it every day and most of my friends really enjoy it and share it. I absolutely LOVE your blog and am still trying to read it all. I’m still in the early 2010 entries so far. Totally food for thought!

  5. Thank you, much appreciated! Wanted to share a bit of an article written by J.S. Thompson on the subject matter titled “Criminals and Punishment for Crimes in the Afterlife” as follows…

    Those who commit heinous crimes and get away with it on the earth and many of those who were caught and punished have a big surprise awaiting them when they die. When these criminals die, they are met by their family as we all are, but they are also met by the family(s) of the victim(s)! For most of us, when we leave the earth, it is a joyous occasion, the best day of our lives but for those who have harmed the innocent, it is tragic! Criminals find out very quickly that they are in peril, as they stare out across the sea of angry faces.

    A life review is a very advanced 3D interactive film and all of us get one shortly after we die to the earth and are initiated into the next society, or what I refer to as “solamenta. A life review is like a debriefing of our short time on earth.

    Out there we are represented by large families that are responsible for our actions while we are on the earth. When a crime is committed, there is a prearranged punishment awaiting the criminal that has been established and agreed upon by both the family of the criminal and the family(s) of the victim(s).

    It is not about revenge, it is about transformation! It is well known by those out there solamenta, that transformation and true positive evolution is a product of accountability; accountability for crimes and proper praise and reward for accomplishments. Here on the earth, judicial systems are not always fair but these disparities are made right solamenta. Out there, the truth can be seen because it has been recorded! Out there, there is no doubt about who was right and who was wrong when all of the evidence had been documented and recorded! Unresolved issues follow us into our next lives. So purging the negativity and weakness of character is imperative. We do not get out of anything… ever! [more….]

    • Arissa, thanks for the book synopsis… and the link for those who might want to read more.
      There are many different scenarios that can unfold for different people who led similar lives… and I’m sure the scenario described is a valid one for some criminals.
      Very interesting! Thanks again,
      Mark M

  6. Rachael Bakker says:

    Whole-heartedly agree. Spiritual leaders and adults souls need to start setting examples and start speaking as spiritual leaders to implement these changes.

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