When Confusion Turns Grief to Madness

Enough time has passed, I think, to start publishing details surrounding ITC dramas that distressed people’s lives 20 or more ago. Hard feelings have settled by now, and people, hopefully, have moved on.

This story involves the mental illness of a woman whose husband had died in World War II… and how the wife’s anguish 50 years later boiled over into the lives of ITC researchers who were only asked to help.

This is just one of several similar situations faced by the Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxembourg, whose communications from their spirit friends were so detailed and exotic and evidential and other-worldly… that observers were often left aghast. Their belief systems were sometimes shaken to the breaking point… and they attacked the messenger. Not an easy life, ITC research.

Lucie Moos

In 1994, researcher Maggy Fischbach was approached by Lucie Moos, a long-time widow whose husband Arthur had died violently as a German soldier in World War II. Lucie asked if Maggy’s spirit-world collaborators at Timestream sending station might have some information about her late husband. For years she and her daughter had felt Arthur’s invisible presence in their lives.

With the help of The Seven ethereal beings, who provided guidance and protection to the ITC bridge, Arthur was located in a dark, confused spiritual state and light-modulated (beamed up, so to speak) to the Third Spirit level, the home world of Timestream spirit group.

Timestream shortly sent a report about the arrival of Arthur Moos at Timestream… but Maggy withheld the report from the public for a couple of years because of the problems his wife Lucie was having.

Read the story of Arthur Moos…

Here’s what happened. Reading the report, Lucie recognized Arthur at once from his words and the knowledge and feelings behind them, especially the details known only to her from his letters to her during lifetime. She was at first overjoyed and grateful for the contact.

Three weeks later, though, the joy had turned to anger and accusations toward Maggy. Lucie had shared the contact with friends and family members who’d never heard of ITC… and their strident skepticism filled her with doubt.

She was persuaded to file a complaint with the Luxembourg Court of Justice, accusing Maggy and her husband of faking spirit contacts for profit. In fact, the couple never asked for money, nor did they receive any money from Lucie Moos, who now wanted to take legal action against the couple.

Fortunately, the authorities had known Maggy’s husband Jules for years as a serious, honest public servant in the legal field, and they recognized that the grieving wife, Lucie, was suffering from a nervous disorder.

Lucie died in 1996 in a poor condition in a psychiatric hospital.

A friend of Lucie’s, Mrs Weydert, had always tried to defend Maggy and Jules during Lucie’s troubles, and shortly after Lucie died, Mrs Weydert received a brief contact from the late Konstantin Raudive, also at Timestream:

Lucie Moos is now realizing her error, and she deeply regrets her attacks on Maggy and Jules.

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14 Responses to When Confusion Turns Grief to Madness

  1. Piotr Zalewski says:

    I am sure that spirit box is not only a radio device everyone can use it. In my opinion this device in some aspects access your soul. Spirit communication is some kind a way limited by God so we are able to get very little from them. Spirit communication has some negative impact on my perception. It can destroy your World. ..

    • Mark Macy says:

      Not sure what point(s) you’re trying to make, Piotr, but I do agree that a spirit box has its limitations…

      • Piotr Zalewski says:

        I am trying to make a point that I am able to pick up just a part of spirit communication. Let me give you some example. ..Me: Hello…Who is in my house …L: Lee… Are there amy Angels with you ? L: Some… Me: Angeles where are you? Three speaking at the same time/ A: Heaven! Are there any angels to protect me.. ? A : No! Who is with me then ?A: God’s. .. Who’s with me ?.G: I! Me: Who ? G: Me ! Me: Who’s me? God. I am unable to get any communication among angels and also angels to God. .. I have feelings that something is missing in the middle of conversation. So to simplify the most is…under censorship. I am able to chat with an angel but when I ask specific questions fo you have wings. ..or Are the angels without wings? Heaven an other spirits are absolutely silent. I heard heaven is closed now…blackout. ..? I am telling you that they can’t pass a lot of information? That is my opinion based on my experience.

  2. Mark Macy says:

    Hi Piotr, thanks for the good explanation.

    I think that is a similar experience of almost everyone who uses one of the different kinds of “spirit boxes.”

    I believe they all operate basically the same way. They scan through the radio frequencies and pick up very short excerpts of radio broadcasts all along the way. Most of the audio coming from the spirit boxes is just that: fragments of voices from different radio broadcasts.

    The theory is that spirit can use that rich collection of voice fragments and convert it into messages they wish to convey to the researchers.
    I suspect there is some truth to the theory, knowing how spirit uses thought to manifest things… but I also suspect that most of the voices coming through a spirit box (by FAR most of them) are simply random radio voices… and not spirit voices.

    All the best,

    • Piotr Zalewski says:

      Mark … With all of respect to you. I can’t have a random conversation with funny angels voices of them are different from human and diffrest from demons voices …They’re very distinct too.. God himself repeating himself 3 times….speaking yo me. It sounds schizophrenic. ..but devil speking hi mate with dus demonic voice. .. it is not present on radio conversation and also please notice that you can’t have any Polish radio stations in UK calling me Piotr… and saying.. słucham in Polish..When I said to an angel I killed a rat today …please forgive me. Are the any rats in heaven? No we do not have rats in heven.? I am sure your problem is uou still rejected the existence of God or you are not sure. ..

  3. Mark Macy says:

    Piotr, some people do seem to attract and enable ITC contacts by their presence. I’d be interested to hear some of your spirit box results, if you happen to post them somewhere on the Internet (like youtube). If they are accessible to hear, please let me know………


  4. Mark Macy says:

    Dear Piotr,
    Thank you very much for these youtube links.
    They show very clearly and effectively how the spirit boxes work.
    I’ve only viewed the first one so far, and hope to view the others in the coming days.

    People viewing your results will probably have mixed reactions.
    Skeptics will claim the voices are all from radio broadcasts.
    ITC researchers will acknowledge that many of the voices do indeed sound like spirit voices.

    Me? I’m in the second group.
    Some voices do indeed sound to me like spirit voices.
    Still, it would be good if a spirit group develops around you so that the voices get better and better in terms of clarity, content, and being evidential.

    Best of success in your experiments!

    • Mark! I had the same voices for all the week. I use AM frequency at very slow speed of 500 ms… I had a long conversation with the same voices. ..so you just have a little part of my research. .Read Piotr

      • Mark Macy says:

        that’s what I gathered from your clips.
        You’re scanning through the AM frequencies, about a half-second on each frequency.
        Good to hear you’re getting long conversations………..
        To your growing success!

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