Terra 09 — Our Blissful Spirit’s Wild Ride on Terra

Prologue: Our calm, timeless spirit comes to Earth for an adventure of a lifetime… literally.

The afterlife testimonials below are from two sources: 1) reliable spirit communications to our INIT group that are spread throughout this website, and 2) The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, a book by Annie Kagan, whose charming, bad-boy brother, William Cohen, 62, ravaged by a long history of alcohol and drug abuse, was fatally hit by a car and was immediately pulled into a blissful light. Then he divided his time between exploring ethereal realms in the company of light beings and sharing his experiences (mind-to-mind) with his sister Annie on Earth.

I’ve long accepted the INIT contacts—received from the spirit worlds through radios and computers and other devices—as true and reliable descriptions of the afterlife paradise that most of us will experience after we die.

If the channeled information in Annie’s book is also true, as I suspect it is, then her brother’s afterlife experiences are extraordinary. He bypassed the paradise world Eden (level 3) and apparently went straight to the formless realms of light beings and energy beings (probably at levels 5 and 6). Why would a drug addict, alcoholic, and seemingly troubled soul have an ethereal destiny? That’s one thing we’ll try to figure out in this article. Whatever the case, their book rings true for me.

I hope you find the communications in this article as fun and enlightening as I have over the years!

(Four years ago I published a series of articles about “dark afterlife adventures” that some compulsively Macchiavellian (exploitative) people experience after they die. The article below is about what might be called “LIGHT afterlife adventures,” since most of us will find ourselves in beautiful paradise surroundings after we die, with maybe an occasional glimpse of blissful ethereal splendor beyond time and space and structure. I think these accounts can help put our short, often difficult lives on Earth into perspective.)

Our Blissful Spirit’s Wild Ride on Terra

Life-energy or divine consciousness spreads from the source to create and sustain the cosmos, which is broken down here into 7 arbitrary, superimposed levels. When we die and leave the Earth (level 1), most of us awaken in a paradise world at level 3. Eventually we’ll return to another lifetime on Earth or ascend to level 4, the Summerland on our journey in-beyond back to the source. There are exceptions, as seen through the eyes of William “Billy Fingers” Cohen.

When our spirit chooses a lifetime on Terra, we know it’s going to be a wild ride. Let’s start our spiritual journey at the end of one lifetime, followed by our experiences “back home” in the afterlife, and how they compare to our Earth life. Then figure out why and how (and if) we reincarnate for another Earth adventure… or whether we stay in paradise or ascend to finer realms.

  1. Crossing over.
  2. Enjoying many blissful worlds.
  3. Feeling close to the source.
  4. Returning to stressful Earth? Really? Why??
  5. Reincarnating… or not.

Those are the six sections in the article, each section containing several first-hand accounts of people’s experiences. The first account in each section is Bill Cohen’s, from the Billy Fingers book. The other accounts are all from members of Timestream spirit group, who communicated with our INIT group primarily through the phone, radio, computer, and other devices of Maggy Fischbach of Luxembourg. Some of the more eloquent Timestream accounts were reported by Sir Richard Francis Burton, a British explorer and writer who joined the newly formed Timestream spirit group around 1990, a century after his death.

1. Crossing Over

So, here are some reliable reports of what it’s like to arrive in the afterlife after we die.

William Cohen (Afterlife of Billy Fingers)

As the car hit me, this energy came and sucked me right out of my body into a higher realm. I say “higher” since I had the feeling of rising up and suddenly all my pain was gone. I knew right away I was dead, and went with it. I just felt light and unburdened as the sucking motion drew me up inside a chamber of thick silvery blue lights. In the first nanosecond that the lights touched me, they erased any harm I suffered during my lifetime: physical, mental, emotional, or otherwise. That chamber was some kind of cosmic birthing canal that delivered me into this new life. I felt a Divine Presence. I’m guessing that floating out here in space is euphoric instead of terrifying because I’m being attended to by this celestial crew. It’s like there’s a hole in the sky, a hole between our two worlds, I can look through and see you. I know how sad you are about my death. But death isn’t as serious as you think it is, honey. So far, it’s very enjoyable. Couldn’t be better, really. Try not to take death too seriously. Try not to take life too seriously. You’d enjoy yourself a lot more….
What an angel that driver was! What a saint! To go through all that to deliver me! I needed to be delivered, darling. I wish you could find that guy and give him a kiss for me. Head through the windshield. Dealing drugs. Jail for a few years. Nothing you would be interested in, but it was interesting to me. How far out on the edge could I go before I would fall off? I was the bad-boy-saint. I was a pure-hearted spirit burning up in the fire of life, an undercover agent from the angel squad, a dark messenger of light. How could I be so beautiful and so terrible at the same time? The truth is, I don’t know!

Jules Verne

[In the spring of 1994, my colleague Maggy Fischbach received a fax from her spirit friends at Timestream as she was preparing a presentation for an upcoming conference in France. The fax contained a long letter from Jules Verne, the famous French sci-fi novelist, describing his death and transition. Here’s an excerpt, translated to English from its original French.]

“What I can see here far exceeds any fiction that I could produce! – March 17, 1994.” This picture of Jules Verne in Eden arrived as a second FAX within weeks of his letter.

Deaf in the left ear, practically blind and cardiac, with a defective stomach and suffering from rheumatism, with acute gout and diabetes, I was startled to find myself, at the expiration of my earthly life on the 24th of March, 1905, transported from my domicile at six Boulevard Longueville, as it were, without warning and without my being exactly able to describe the circumstances, towards a place that was totally strange to me. I suddenly realized with amazement that I no longer had pain—anywhere—and that my blindness had completely disappeared, which allowed me to observe, among other things, that I was in a sumptuous palace bringing to mind the splendid residences of the rajahs, with walls constructed not in sandstone but in resplendent white marble. The opulence of many mirrors reflected the blaze of the solid silver furniture….
I then heard music so soft and sweet that I cried with joy. Slender, fine and exquisite creatures, reminding me of my Honorine when she still possessed all the beauty and freshness of her youth, and who, molded in their orange and blue silk garments which contrasted with their tanned skin, invited me to sit upon the soft pillows and inquired as to my desires and wishes…. (Read the complete letter from Jules Verne… )

Konrad Lorenz (reported by Swejen Salter, director of Timestream, and translated to English)

Konrad Lorenz was a prominent Austrian zoologist well known for his imprinting research with geese. (lifetime photo)

He (Lorenz) was transported to us in a magnificent ship surrounded by people. Imagine a Viking ship in which his (spirit) body was brought to his destination. He is still in a state of sleep. But it can already be observed that his features and his body are changing and becoming more youthful. Lorenz will probably remain in this regenerative sleep for only a short time. The sleep duration varies from one individual to another. It is generally about six weeks of earth time. Some people need considerably less. (read the complete reports about Konrad Lorenz, Edith Koerner, and Olof Palme… )

Edith Koerner (narrated by island girl Mootai and reported by Richard Francis Burton)

[Edith Koerner Schoenheid, wife of retired German pharmacist and INIT member Ludwig Schoenheid, died in the early spring of 1995 and awakened in a spirit community of peaceful Polynesians.]

I, Mootai, will now tell you a tale, a tale that happened just as you will read it now. I was sitting in the bay near the lagoon…. Suddenly I heard a noise accompanied by the noa-noa of the hibiscus blossoms and the tiare blossoms. It was that same noise that one always hears when the tunnel is opening. A black point, first only as big as a coconut, began to grow and grow until it was as wide as a large wooden cask. The noise was like a rustle and gurgle, also like the roar of water as it lashes at the outer edge of a coral reef. The whole event was accompanied by colors that revolve around the black entrance of the tunnel—rich colors of cobalt blue, aquamarine and turquoise. One of the Light beings, which we also call the People of the Rainbow, came out of the tunnel. I, Mootai, knelt down and closed my eyes in awe. Then I looked up and the twilight of the night went into broad daylight. The Light being was carrying a woman in his arms, a sight that at first frightened me because she was old and her hair was gray, her skin white, and she was sleeping the dead sleep. “Here,” I was told by the one from the People of the Rainbow, “I bring you this woman to take care of. She was living with the name Edith Koerner and she went through much sorrow and pain. Now that she has finished her mortal life she shall rest among your people and recover from the dead sleep….”
Maupai Hartmann, who is of white skin too and has been with us for many years, often and long talked with her about his journeys into other regions along the River of Eternity. The two were like brother and sister. The more Edith heard about the world outside our tribe, the more restless she became…. Maupai Hartmann took her along in his boat with sail that was driven by energy of the suns. The whole tribe stood along the shore to say goodbye. Under the stars the two embarked for the station which they call Timestream, as Edith knows people of her family there and she will help the great white doctor (Swejen Salter) who talks with picture boxes and sound boxes and whose magic is so strong that word of it has spread even here to the lagoon….

Olof Palme (narrated by Viking poet Skjoldung and reported by RF Burton)

Lifetime photo of Olof Palme.

[Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was assassinated in 1986 after leaving a Stockholm movie theater with his wife, and a decade later our INIT group received a letter from Timestream Spirit Group, describing Mr Palme’s arrival in the spirit world… among an ancient tribe of Vikings, one of whom was present when Palme arrived in the afterlife.]

Our village Hleidhra is nearer to the snow-land (level 2?) than the Summerland (level 4) which I have often traveled to, in the more than twelve hundred years that I have been here. Some people from our village have gone there too, though many who were brave warriors on Earth have looked for it but have not found it…. Here, the days are cooler and the sky is gray. (I often tell my village the story of that evening ten years ago when) I stood on the hill with my harp on my back. Below me a brook glistened through the beech and oak trees. The earth smelled spicy and eagles circled above me….
As I stood on the hill, I heard a rustle nearby. I jumped there quickly and saw a man in the underbrush. A little blood was dripping from two wounds, then it stopped. His eyes were staring and his mouth was open. The hair stuck to his head. He wore strange clothing like they wear in Summerland. I pulled him out of the bushes. After I bedded him on the soft ground, he started to move. Also, his eyes moved again. He spoke, croaking at first with effort, then becoming better and clearer. “What is this here? Certainly not a hospital, and I am not dead either.” He spoke a Swedish that sounded strange to me and I could hardly understand him. I calmed him down, speaking to him in the language of the River. “You are among friends. Feel welcome. I, Skoldjung, vouch for your safety.” He also spoke the language of the River now and said, “Where is Lisbeth? Where is Stockholm?” I could not answer that.
He was weak and had two holes in his body, from which blood had been flowing but now had dried up, as always happens with our wounds very quickly here. I supported him and with my arms around him he staggered to Hleidhra, getting steadier as we came closer. He spoke of strange things, Burton, of something he called “Movie” and of two blows that hit him like blows with a hammer. He said his name was Olof Palme and he had to tell the world that he was still alive. When we reached the first houses of the village, he lost consciousness. I dropped him off in the Bohrer Inn, maintained by a man who came from Jutland. He took him in just like anyone else whom we can offer hospitality. He slept there for long weeks and when he left us he was a young man. He had heard of you and of your group (Timestream) and the Summerland. He insisted on going to you, just like the “Righ People” who had lived here a long time, but had left us a few years ago to join you.
When he left us, he told me, “I thank you, friend Skjoldung. You and your people have taught me much. I think I am ready to look for the Summerland, even though I was a politician.”
Burton, I imagine a “politician” in the country he came from must be a great prince, for he was a good man and we respect him highly. You tell me that he has found a friend by the name of Frahm. This makes me happy in my heart, for a right man needs his friends. This evening, I shall have to tell everybody my story again….

Anne de Guigné (1993)

This portrait of Anne de Guigné was “painted” in the afterlife by Honorine de Viane (wife of writer Jules Verne) and Susannah Lehnhof (wife of painter Edouard Manet, better known in lifetime as Suzanne Leenhoff Manet). It closely resembles lifetime pictures of Anne (inset).

As a little girl in France I got very ill. I was an important source of information (for higher beings monitoring her life on Earth). Through spiritual insight and prayer I learned from the omnipotence that I was better able to understand the things I needed to know here at level 3 and could do more for mankind from here than on Earth. I desired the change into a multi-dimensional world and was allowed a fast passing over to a world some memory of which was still alive in me. It is the same beautiful world you have heard about from others like me. There are 35,000 to 40,000 children dying daily on Earth. My task became clear to me. Together with other scientists, physicians and theologians I am in charge of a group for the protection of all newborn life. We are particularly concerned about those who have to die as children.

[It’s important to note that Anne’s spirit group is concerned with protecting children from the kinds of pain and suffering that can cause spiritual injuries that have to be healed after they cross over. The message doesn’t apply to abortion. Our spirit friends told us on another occasion that the spirit in the fetus carries no recollection of an abortion because the child has not fully developed and begun experiencing a lifetime.]

Arthur Moos

[Arthur Moos was a German soldier in the second world war when he died in a rural area northwest of Cologne (Koln).]

Today, almost fifty years later, I still wake up at night soaked in sweat and become aware of the reality and needlessness of my death. I still see the four of us in the carriage of the farmer who gave us a ride from Kotorz (or Kachen as it was called then). We were heading for Oppeln. The birch trees to the right of the road not far from Ehrenfeld were dressed in their first green leaves. It was April 1945 and it was a mild spring day. I see in front of me the piercing, all-consuming yellow-red flash that lifted us into the air like a fist of steel. I thought we went higher and higher and I felt like a rabbit that someone grabbed by the neck and shook up violently, only to toss down at breakneck speed to smash on the ground of this bloody, tortured and war-torn Earth. Everything around me went deep black; only my spirit floated through a flickering dark matter. No sound could be heard and no light penetrated the darkness. I remained in this state a very long time, though I learned meanwhile that time is nonexistent here. I remember thinking that this must be life after death….
All at once, I do not know how many earth years had passed, I heard a distant wonderful music. A violet iridescent light, far off, rotated like a spiral. I moved toward the Light…. I floated into this iridescent light, and I saw before me, almost as through a somewhat distorted film, a beautiful valley with lush vegetation. Between the mountain slopes flowed a silvery river. It may sound a bit pathetic, but at that moment a flood of tears were released which I had kept back in the long, cold winter months far from home…. I cried like a child for the joy of seeing such beauty once more. Then I lost consciousness. I don’t know how long it lasted, but when I opened my eyes I was lying in grass fresh with morning dew, right next to a hazelnut bush….
A young woman here, a scientist by the name of Swejen Salter, has located me in the post-mortal space vacuum. She and a group of people, among them a fantastic guy and technical genius named Jean Eberhard, transferred me by means of “light modulation”. It is the opposite of “down modulation”. (I still have much to learn.) I have been here for about fourteen days and have already found so many friends, that it seems like I’ve always been here. (Read the entire letter by Arthur Moos… )

Sir Richard Francis Burton

[These are the memories of Abdallah Ibn Bekr (a contemporary of Prophet Mohammed), who found Sir Richard moments after he died and since then has been a close afterlife friend of Burton. Abdallah’s story is translated into English and reported by Burton.]

Sir Richard Francis Burton in lifetime.

Allah be with you, Burton. It is nice to see you once again in Yatrib Quastar. We have known each other for over a hundred years. Each time we meet, memory bridges time and I remember the day I first met you. I went to the bazaar early in the morning before the heat of the suns forced people back into their homes….
On that morning, a group of horsemen, led by a trumpeter, passed me and I quickly stepped into a doorway to avoid them. A long time ago I had been careless and did not get out of the way of a horse fast enough. It ran me down and I broke the right arm and shoulder blade. I had no pain and felt well enough, except that I had to use my left arm for the next ten days until my other arm healed totally. Another man already stood in the dark doorway. Somewhat blinded by the sunlight, it took me some time to get used to the dark. He was tall, very tanned, and looked like one of our people. Also, he was dressed in our customary clothing. “Peace be with you, stranger,” I addressed him.
“Peace be with you,” he replied. “Your city is beautiful, my friend. I have only been here a short time and already noticed great comfort and happy hearts within your walls.” I liked his words and showed him hospitality by inviting him to a nearby coffee house. And there, sitting under precious tapestries and in front of an artfully carved table of leaf ornaments and mother-of-pearl inlay he told me his name was Burton. He had woken up a few days ago in a shady palm-and-fruit garden near a bubbling spring in the middle of the city. A young goat was licking him and when he gained consciousness his outer appearance and clothes were exactly like they are now. He has absolutely no knowledge how he got here. At first, he believed to have lost his mind, because he remembered just lying in bed when a terrible pain went through him. He lost his consciousness and then woke up in this garden and now feels better than he has for decades. He was free of pain and could breathe freely.
“But,” the stranger added, “I had a beard most of my life which is now gone. I have not shaved for three days,” he continued and passed his hand over his face, “yet my face is as smooth as a baby’s butt”.
“You are telling the truth!” I responded. “God knows, many of us will miss this adornment of our face but will get used to it”…. (read Burton’s entire report… )

2. Enjoying Many Blissful Worlds

[Shortly after we die we migrate into a community of like-minded spirits, since resonance seems to be a basic “law of physics” throughout most of the cosmos, though not so much on Earth. After death, most of us find ourselves living, at level 3, in a beautiful paradise world similar to Earth but much more subtle and kind—a place that William “Billy Fingers” Cohen calls the “Supra World.” A few people, like Bill Cohen, ascend quickly to blissful realms of pure consciousness far beyond time, space, and structure. Based on the following narratives by Cohen and Swejen Salter, I suspect that Bill began his afterlife journey at level 5 or level 6, then settled for a while at level 4 (Summerland) in a subtle human form before “dissolving” back into an energy body to resume his adventures in ethereal realms. Swejen, Burton, and their Timestream crew all settled at level 3 after they died.]

William Cohen

I’m deep into the bliss experience… like being in love multiplied by a thousand, but it has nothing to do with anyone else. It’s fulfilling in and of itself….
I was floating around becoming the Universe when suddenly I was sucked back into a body, a body made of light. Instead of flesh, my new body is made of concentrated light. My rebelliousness has served me well now that I’m here. Now, instead of being a wise guy, I’m a wise man. Wisdom is coming from inside me and shining out in all directions as bliss pours from my heart. I’m in a sky that is very, very blue. On earth, your senses are separate from each other, but this blueness I can hear and smell and taste and touch….
I was sitting cross-legged next to a magical stream. This stream is so long it seems to go on forever. This stream is made of rippling waves of brilliant lights: violet, red, yellow, orange, green, and blue. The thing about this stream is, it moves with a flow of enchanted sound. I’d say it sounds like electric chimes mixed with the fading ring of a low-pitched gong. This description, however, leaves out the most critical part, the most important feature of this stream: its mystical effect. If you could hear the stream, my darling sister, even just for a second, you would probably never feel afraid or angry, or ever be upset again. I had to close my eyes. It drew me in deeper until nothing existed except that sound. As the sound of the stream intensified, I became more and more intoxicated. The Stream of Life was upping my natural ecstasy factor. Soon, my me-ness started dissolving. Like the stream, I myself became ripples of chiming rainbow colors flowing into eternity….
When Daddy died, after he went through the healing chamber, he didn’t find himself floating through the Universe like I did. He made an extra stop on his journey up the cosmic elevator. He landed in a place that more closely resembles people’s ideas about heaven. Let’s call it the Supra World. The Supra World is a very accommodating place. Things there are designed for the comfort of the newly dead soul. One of the things people do in that world is learn to let go of certain fears—fear of death, fear of not having a body, fear of punishment. And in most cases the newly dead have a strong desire for reunion with the people they loved on earth. The Supra World is where that happens. The Supra World is built on the world of human ideas. By the time you’re ready to view your life, you’ve left behind a lot of human concepts and you’re looking through divine-colored glasses. It’s different here than it is on earth. No one wants to go someplace other than where they’re going. Some souls go back to your planet to reincarnate and others go to places in the afterworlds to develop more and prepare for becoming the Universe experience. Sometimes in hardship you’re forced to stand alone, and standing alone prepares you for becoming the Universe. Make your life as interesting as you can. Take chances. Go after your dreams….

Swejen Salter (director of Timestream spirit group, describing in a computer letter her level-3 world called Eden or Marduk)

While the third spirit plane is a product of the human mind, it is as much a reality as is planet Earth. People whose ideas and beliefs agree with each other come together here in groups and form one unity. This unity is the stepping stone from level 3 to level 4. After crossing into the fourth dimension, also called The Summerland, the human being is relieved of the laws of reincarnation. To establish this contact with you we have to get close to your world and adapt ourselves as much as possible. In the process we come to resonate with many of your thoughts and attitudes. At the same time, the members of Timestream are already approaching the border lines of higher consciousness at the fourth level. Sometimes we feel pulled into the beauty of level 4 (the Summerland), and it’s only the thoughts of our ITC responsibilities with Earth that tear us away, so we can return to the ITC station on the level 3. Our experiences and knowledge from level 4 might be useful to you.
We live along the banks of the River of Eternity along with those who were once living on Earth. There are animals here. Vegetation varies from algae to mammoth trees. Many buildings are made of wood. Some people or animals wake up here already reborn into bodies at the prime of life. Others come to us as old people and turn young again after the regenerating sleep. Why there are such differences, we do not know. At the end of the growth or rejuvenation process most people will be 25-30 years old. Animals also will be at an age of vitality and well-being, since ethical factors are not involved here. Damaged tissue or broken bones regenerate just like wounds heal in your world but much more perfect. Lost limbs will regrow. The blind will see again, and so on. The color of your hair and skin cannot be changed and will be the same as it was during your Earth life. Here in the river world, beings arrive from all levels of life. Gnomes and giants live together with formless beings and the former human inhabitants of planet Earth. Doubles who were joined but lived on parallel worlds do not live together at the same area of the river.

Swejen Salter (in a computer letter describing “The Seven” finer beings who facilitate ITC and watch over humanity across the ages)

They live on our plane (level 3) and yet are really not among us.  They can ascend to higher planes and again “bend down” to our level. Their power is almost unlimited and so is their wisdom and goodness. Their entire being is illuminated by understanding and forgiveness. It is impossible to describe the good feeling that overcomes the person who faces them and can speak to them. We seek council with these higher beings to determine the information to send to Earth. The meetings take place in a round room with transparent walls. During the talks the room revolves and lights, colors and shapes of breathtaking beauty pass by on the outside. Soft “music of the spheres” is heard in the background.

3. Feeling Close to the Source

William Cohen

When we forget our connection to source, we are sometimes reminded of this spark of the divine in another and hold on desperately as if God were only in that one specific person, but God is everywhere, especially inside of us….
I’m alone, but it’s a good alone, not like the alone I felt those last years of my life. After you die, you spend a lot of time, solo time, exploring yourself as a Universe. Believe me, Annie, everything you ever need is already inside you. And who you really are is far beyond your comprehension. That’s why living squeezed into the human experience can be painful at times. The benevolence of whoever or whatever this was left no room for fear. The Higher Beings seem to be particular attributes of the Divine Presence. This Presence—the limitless light that fills the Universe everywhere—its personality contains every good quality imaginable. Perfect wisdom? Yes. Tender compassion? Of course. All-encompassing love? Definitely. The kindness and understanding from the Higher Beings now comes to me from myself. I love myself as I never could have when I first arrived in the afterlife. When you’re born, when the amnesia happens, you forget your magnificence, and think you have to earn the right to be loved. How can you earn what already belongs to you? The sensation keeps getting better and better. The more I let go of my so-called self, the better I feel. As I blend more and more into the Universal energy, I think, “This is it, I’m going to lose myself.” But it feels so good I don’t care, so I let go and blend. Then, lo and behold, I’m still myself, but more blissed out. Wow, baby sister, how I love!… and how good it feels, this love.

Swejen Salter (speaking by phone to Maggy Fischbach in 1991)

God, the Principal, the Creator or whatever else you wish to call him, is everywhere. He is in the universe and the universe is in Him. However, the Universe and therefore God are two entities. Being and non-being. Matter and nonmatter…. Nonmatter is not to be compared to anti-matter but is really what we describe as soul or spirit. Every living creature, even an amoeba or a bacillus, has a soul.

“Technician” (one of The Seven ethereal beings who facilitate ITC and watch over the Earth, speaking through radio)

I am not human, and I was never a material being (incarnate). I am not and never was an animal. I am neither an energy being nor a light being. I was and I am a superhuman being responsible for planet earth….
The contacts of spirit beings with earth is only a partial aspect of ITC. They should serve as proof that you will live forever and have a higher calling. Ethereal beings in finer realms are not particularly interested in contacts between dimensions, but they support it because the contacts can bring man closer to the realization of eternal life and the principle or being that you call God, Yahweh or Nirvana.

Ishkumar, one of The Seven (in a computer letter to Maggy)

Many of you have a false impression about us. Unfortunately this is often the case with your mediums, who recognize only part of us. Also, there are a great number of people who claim to have a direct connection to God, Jaweh or Jehovah. Some ITC experimenters believe this. It is not correct. Many Earth people mistakenly perceive God as a person or an individual entity. God is not a person, but the highest principle of life, as well as the absolute reality. He, or it, is the absolute unity and the absolute, unlimited and all-encompassing Universe. As a limitless entity, the universe can never be one of the creative individuals who are numerous in the cosmos. Nor is it tenable that there is a single Son of God for the entire cosmos. Jesus Christ, today a part of Pescator, has never described himself as such. Since God, ultimately, is everything, and everything is God, it makes no difference which religion you belong to. There is only one universal truth which can be found through the path of decency. For those who follow eternal principles, the doors to freedom are open.

4. Returning to Stressful Earth? Really? Why??

Our brains, DNA, and hormones set us up for a stressful life on Terra. Once we die and are free of the drama, why would we want to come back for another lifetime?

William Cohen

Hey, Princess. Good morning… I was done with my life, Annie. I paid my debt, although it’s not what we usually think of as payment. It wasn’t some price for my so-called sins. It was more a learning thing. Pain is just part of the human experience. Pain is part of the earth deal, so don’t be overly concerned about it. And how do I know all this? Honestly, I don’t know. All of a sudden I know a bunch of things I didn’t know when I was alive. When you’re born, when you pop out, that big pop gives you a kind of amnesia. One of the main things we’re doing when we’re alive is trying to remember the things we forgot….
All beings on Earth carry the light from this sphere within them. That’s why spiritual philosophies say that we are one. Where I am, this isn’t just a theory. I see the blue-white light everywhere, in everything—in me, as well as in you. And, just like me, one day you will get a gorgeous new body made of the light from the blue-white sphere. Then, instead of carrying the light inside you, the light will carry you inside it. That will happen when you’re living where I am now, in a realm that has no shadows. I know you’re afraid that things will go wrong. They will. It’s like that on Earth. We’re all permitted our pain, but pain is a transitory state. Know that the shadow is illusory and temporary. Bliss, ultimately bliss and light, are the truer and stronger reality. Who but you could I tell these secrets to, my darling? Who but you could share my journey through the worlds beyond? And who but you could help me write this book?…

Technician (1989)

Reincarnation exists. There are parallel worlds. Mankind evolves in a forever moving wheel of life. Some have arrived at a point of development that allows them a better understanding. Reincarnation means progression forward, not backward. Animals too are subject to the cycle of incarnation. A person does not reincarnate in an animal body. Important earth personalities are being born again as simple people if they used their previous life only to exploit others. There is a purpose for sickness and infirmity. Do not judge the fate of other people. If we feel it is important enough to let you know why some people are being tested this way, we will do so. It is only appropriate to advise and help some people, while others do not want to be helped. Those individuals have selected a life of suffering for their incarnation.

Technician (referring to Richard Francis Burton, 1991)

When a man has experienced all facets of earthly life, grief, joy, happiness, pain, suffering and exhaustion, when all search for knowledge has been satisfied and he has explored all corners of the Earth, when the wheel of life comes to a halt after many incarnations, then the time has come to look for new horizons. At this point, reincarnation ends.

5. Reincarnating… or Not

[Bill Cohen says he’s now, since his death, part of the “Lohana soul tribe,” suggesting he might have had a previous lifetime that grew out of the ancient Lohana spiritual tradition in India that’s said to trace back to giant superhuman Rama, an incarnation of ethereal Vishnu. Whatever the reason, after his lifetime as “Billy Fingers,” he ascended immediately beyond level 3, where reincarnation usually takes place, and he migrated naturally to the Lohana soul tribe. If those soul tribes (perhaps at level 4, 5, or 6?) have “special explorations to undertake on Earth,” as he says, then it would make sense that those explorations would include incarnating on rare occasions into a particular lifetime for a particular reason. People who incarnate from those finer realms probably have a finer “quality of light” that might manifest on Earth as charisma, empathy, intellectual acuity, playfulness, or other signs of spiritual refinement. Once incarnate, however,  the life experiences one chooses to explore with those refined qualities are no doubt as wild and diverse as Earth itself, where relationships can be win-win, live-and-let-live, competitive, parasitic, or even predatory. Lots of interesting stuff here to explore!]

William Cohen

Source, in its multitudinous glorious playfulness, the Infinite creates diversity, so there are many soul tribes. Each tribe has its special explorations to undertake on earth. Many elaborate symbols appear throughout my Book of Life. They are written in a language I have never learned, but seem to know intimately. My beloved Joseph and I are from the tribe Lohana, and these symbols are our tribe’s wisdom formulas. What’s surprising is how unconventional these Lohana formulas are. They contain no fixed idea of what is virtuous. These equations go far beyond human labels of “good” and “bad” and focus instead on the quality of one’s light. They also speak to a great mystery. Why would a soul forget its high origins, clothe itself in a body, and leave the Higher Worlds for the more difficult earth? Well, my darling, because the soul loves experience and doesn’t fear suffering. The soul knows it can never be injured.
When we’re alive, there’s something inside us, a sort of cosmic computer chip, that records everything we go through. Right now, I’m watching my whole life from my birth to my death. I’m looking here, looking there, fast-forwarding, rewinding, zooming in and out. I see the paths I took, and the ones I didn’t. I see where my genius was, and where I might have done better. I don’t feel moralistic or judgmental about any of it, though. It all just seems interesting. Well, guess what? My hologram is expandable. I can live out the life those “what ifs” would have brought me to. I can follow all the different paths I didn’t take when I was alive and see how they would have turned out. What’s surprising, though, is that it doesn’t seem like one way is more valuable than any other. I don’t have a preference. It’s all fascinating, and I have no regrets. I had a great life. It was all great, even the hard parts. Of course, I didn’t see my life that way when I was alive. My new viewpoint takes the difficulty, the struggling feeling, out of it all. They say there’s Judgment Day after you die, but actually the opposite is true. There’s No-Judgment Day. Viewing my life has become surprisingly enjoyable because I have an absolute acceptance of myself and everything I’ve done. Everything looks so much better now than it did then. It’s like I’m on some kind of drug. It’s not like any drug I’ve ever taken, though. It’s very pure and much more wonderful and there are no side effects. Oh, and it’s not illegal [laughs]. I think this so-called drug is really the Divine Presence. There’s no question in my mind that there are Beings in the atmosphere around me: wise, kind, super-evolved Beings whose loving custody I’m now in. And remember, when you think about love, you’re using your human mind. There’s no comparison to the actual over-the-top nature of this love….
Thanks for sprinkling some of my ashes in the bay this morning. I feel better. I really do, though, because you did it with so much love. On earth there’s a lot of who’s-better-than-who-type issues and that cause a lot of suffering. It’s a game devised by the forces of Maya, or illusion, to make people unhappy. That’s one of the purposes of illusion: human misery. Memories like getting on that plane from Margarita with my new sidekick Guru Guy, crashing in a motel room in Miami, then waking up from my intoxicated sleep and seeing you standing over me like a Madonna. I had been away such a long time and I was so happy to see my baby sister, caring for me, saving me, getting me ready for the hospital, doing whatever it took to keep me from dying in hell. So now you’re crying at your computer, wondering if I forgive you. Maybe the real question to ask yourself is, do you forgive me? And really, darling, there is no one to forgive, because we signed up to do this dance together before we were born. People knew the workings of the experiment, it would lose some of its punch, and that losing of punch, well, that’s a little bit of what enlightenment is all about.

Swejen Salter (1992, in a phone call to Maggy Fischbach)

In many cases, people decide (to reincarnate). In some cases they are also being counseled by higher beings. Nobody is forced to return. To many, the process is like an inner voice that reminds them of their duties and lessons that are still waiting for them on Earth. They may delay these tasks for many years but know they cannot avoid them forever. Many people depend on being reminded of their duties by spiritually more evolved beings who tell them when the time has come to go back to Earth. They need superior guiding spirits. Others do not like to be reminded of their task. They need neither spirit guides nor other people to tell them what to do. For such spirits there is an inner voice that tells them what they still have to finish on Earth. Whether a spirit guide or an inner voice reminds them is unimportant. The results are always the same….
When a person of our group has finally decided on reincarnation, higher beings consult with each other about his thoughts and wishes which led him to this decision. When higher beings have consented to a new reincarnation or have motivated a being for such a decision, the person is led to a special building provided for reincarnations….
The procedure is similar to people’s arrival here, only this time it is a going back. The person is again placed in what looks like a tub. His body, which on this level usually takes on an average age of 25-30 years, begins to change and becomes increasingly younger and smaller. It returns to the state of a child and then to a baby and finally to a small cell. By the time the body has become a cell, it is no longer present here among us. The cell has meanwhile arrived in the female body of a human being. The process takes place with the help of apparatuses, or with the help of incantations and prayers. At the moment the body disappears for us, the conception has taken place on earth, and the soul is in the cell.

# # #

Epilogue: Gratitude to Annie Kagan and her late brother William Cohen for their glimpse into the cosmos, presented in their book with detail, clarity and depth. Thanks also, always, to the insights from our friends at Timestream spirit group (especially The Seven finer beings) and their main receivers on Earth—Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch of Luxembourg. From them (and my wife Regina) I’ve learned a couple of important life lessons:

  • See the world through spiritual eyes; let the perfect inner light within me always try to see the perfect inner light within everyone and everything else.
  • When I see people who are suffering or behaving in ways that feel offensive or even cause me harm, see their inner light and feel empathy and love, not judgment.

I still struggle with these things, but the more I try to live that way and the more it becomes a habit, the happier I am (despite my own suffering). The closer I feel to the source.

About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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17 Responses to Terra 09 — Our Blissful Spirit’s Wild Ride on Terra

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Mark,

    Happy Holidays, and thanks for this great collection.

    (I just posted this comment on the wrong blog post, so just ignore that one)

    Why do you think Jules wasn’t able to connect with his parents? That’s a bit disconcerting as most people claim we’re able to connect with loved ones, including family members. Unless, of course, they didn’t have a loving relationship but it sounds as if he did:

    “Naturally I searched for friends and acquaintances who were with me during my earthly life. Not one of the Hetzels, nor my dear parents Sophie and Pierre were, unfortunately, known in the palace nor in the agglomerations situated in the clearings of the majestic forests that surrounded my new domicile.”



    • mark macy says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Actually, you posted the comment right both times. That excerpt about his friends and acquaintances is in the original report that’s linked above…
      but it wasn’t included in the excerpt in the above article.

      Anyway, it’s my understanding that we don’t always resonate spiritually with many of our friends and family; we might have a different spiritual vibration, even though we might love them, so when we all get to the other side there’s a chance we won’t encounter them. There’s also a good chance that we WILL encounter them. Sometimes spirits choreograph reunions for newcomers, (but sometimes I guess they don’t).

      In any case, we might not know exactly what to expect when we die and move on, but it’s usually a great adventure.

      Happy holidays and new year to you too!


      • Lisa says:

        Thanks, Mark.

        Also, I still cherish my luminator photos from your NYC workshop – one was included in your book, Spirit Faces. Do you still have the luminator? I suppose it’s impossible now that they’ve stopped making Polaroid film, but maybe it would work using video instead.

        All the best for the New Year!


    • tomrawlings8b101893a8 says:

      Beautiful stories! But I guess I want to stay closer to earth when I cross over! Merry Christmas!!!!!

      • Mark Macy says:

        Happy New Year, Tom!
        If there’s one thing I learned from all this afterlife research, it’s not to start the big journey (at the end of a lifetime) with a lot of preconceived plans and expectations. 🙂 There are so many surprises that are just mind-boggling at first, but also (as a rule) wonderful.
        God bless, Tom,

        • tomrawlings8b101893a8 says:

          Hi Mark, I know what you mean now about having preconceived plans! In making this Xmas video I got completely off track of what I wanted to do! It’s mainly family stuff but at the end is my best evp…. As far as being meaning full for me! Just I thought I’d share it! Happy new year! https://wormhole.app/KMJMq#Bp2TIgdMOut8wSem6RGg5w

          • Mark Macy says:

            Hey Tom,
            My hearing’s not so good anymore.
            I rarely listen to EVP experiments ’cause I just can’t hear much.
            But most important,
            HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too…
            My the spirit of the holidays carry you (and all of us) through the coming year.

            • tomrawlings8b101893a8 says:

              Sorry I got too personal again! Thanks for the good wishes, and for your dedication to this important study. Your work changed my life for the better!

            • Nestor Sajol says:

              Hi Mark,
              Happy New year to you and your family. I’d loved to read and visit your site always. The part that I love to read most is the transition of Maggy’s father it’s amazing and I hope that until now you have still in contact with Maggy.

            • Mark Macy says:

              Thanks Nestor,
              Those contacts from Maggy’s father are among my favorites too.
              I haven’t had much contact with Maggy since INIT came apart more than 20 years ago.
              Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Lizzie Wagner says:

    Hello Mark: This is quite a remarkable collection of “afterlife” experiences recounted from entities actually there and not NDE. My own problem at present (a stage of life no doubt) is that I don’t believe any of it seeing it as some kind of brain manifestation. My disbelief probably relates to the many people in my life who died, close loved ones, and through the years not a single, solitary sign that they exist in some shape or form. All this despite my trips to India meeting with wondrous mystics and reading everything I can on this subject through the years. Perhaps this phase will pass and I will believe again!!
    In the meantime, Mark, I so appreciate your work and your endeavours and trust you have recovered as well from the fires. Thank you.

  3. mark macy says:

    Hi Liz, always good to hear from you.
    I guess if the afterlife is a reality (as I’m convinced it is), then we’ll all become believers eventually. 🙂 No hurry…… we all have our own soul journey during a lifetime that might or might not include a (usually vague) awareness of the afterlife.

    On the other hand, if everyone’s spiritual experiences are really brain anomalies, then I guess it’s all a moot point. That would be hard for me to believe (emotionally as well as intellectually) based on what I’ve experienced over the years. I guess we’ll all find out soon enough.

    Thanks for the good comments, and yes, we’ve recovered from the big fire a year ago this week. From that fairly big house in Louisville (Colorado), we’ve downsized into a small condo across the street from two lakes, some woods, and open space north of Boulder. We love it.


  4. kate says:

    A lovely collection of experiences of the afterlife to end the year, thanks Mark.

    Love and light to everyone

  5. John Day says:

    I enjoyed this writing Mark. Thank you.
    The adventure of a lifetime is a good way to have started this one!
    Just a perusal of Richard Francis Burton’s life validates this idea.
    Lately I have been studying what Jesus did in those 18 “lost years” from age 12 to 30 which the Gospels do not report on. Talk about a lifetime of experiences.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hey John,
      Those 2,000-year-old Tibetan scrolls of ISSA (Yeshua, Jesus) visiting their monasteries as a young man before returning to Palestine to be crucified could be some amazing evidence.
      It would be interesting to learn someday if he really hitched rides on camel caravans?… or just sort of “beamed over” the way finer spirits do. 🙂

      Fascinating information!

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