Reincarnation and the Tree of Life

When our physical body dies, our spirit lives on. Reincarnation is the process of the living spirit deciding to accept another physical lifetime, and this article explains how it happens… why it happens… and how it can affect our life here on Earth in a big way.


Humans are the highest life form on Earth… the way fungi and “animalia” like tapeworms are the highest life form in a petri dish. To be clear, fungi and tapeworms are to humans, as humans are to ethereal beings… except that ethereal beings love and understand all… judge and fear none.

The diagram shows three very simplified trees of life. The bottom one looks at all life throughout the vast omniverse that consists of countless physical and spiritual universes. Reincarnation involves multiple dimensions in the omniverse. The other two trees pertain to life on Earth and are mentioned later in the article, as they too are involved in reincarnation. (For a more in-depth look at the bottom tree, this other article is a good place to start… )

Reincarnation usually involves astral entities (see bottom diagram) choosing to live another lifetime as physical entities. (These are the examples of reincarnation that were described to us through ITC systems). Since the death of their physical bodies, astral entities have settled comfortably in noble paradise communities where love, trust, good will, and service to others are the norm. Those paradise communities resonate at a fine spiritual vibration far beyond the view of our physical senses. So, I suspect that the people who come to Earth from the astral realm are usually good, solid citizens who have empathy for others and concern for the well-being of the planet.

Shadow entities have remained stuck near the Earth because they carried a lot of earthly emotion and drama along with them after death. Those shadow communities close to our world resonate at a dense spiritual vibration, just slightly finer than the material world vibration, so shadow entities live just beyond our physical senses. They’re so close that we can sometimes see or hear traces of them (ghosts, voices in the head….). I believe that they, too, can reincarnate (even though I’ve heard of no ITC contacts to support that possibility) and, as you might imagine, those people who come to Earth from the shadow world would grow up to be more immersed in worldly dramas… to be a little more “savage” in disposition… suspicious, resentful, self-involved.

Dark entities resonate at a low or dense spiritual vibration that’s generally incompatible with Earth. They’re very savage in disposition (malicious, vengeful, spiteful…), and so I believe it’s probably rare for them to reincarnate until they’ve gone through inner work that raises them back to the shadow or astral level. The only time they can get “close enough” to the Earth to influence us carnal humans is when we and our dubious partners in the shadow world become angry and hateful enough to open a temporary portal and, effectively, to invite them to partake in Earth’s dramas (not through reincarnation, but by meddling).

Ethereal entities have a very fine spiritual vibration that is also incompatible with Earth, but on rare occasions they opt for a lifetime here in an effort to raise the vibration of the planet a bit by spreading love and understanding during their lifetimes. Once they incarnate, these brilliant beings become humans who are highly sensitive, ultranoble, and wise beyond their years; they can sometimes do things that seem miraculous; and they often choose to die at a young age because life on Earth is just too grueling for their rarefied dispositions.


And now, these are the facts of reincarnation that we (INIT members) were told 1) by ethereal beings and 2) by our astral friends who currently live in paradise spirit worlds since their physical deaths and have observed the process of reincarnation firsthand. Together they explain the way it works on their side of the veil. They sent this information to our world through ITC systems. (The examples I include after the facts are from various sources, some of them not ITC-related.)

Why We Reincarnate Into Certain Life Circumstances

Some people are rich, others poor. Some people are always healthy, others have debilitating diseases.  Some people breeze through life, others struggle. These life circumstances are often (not always) the result of choices that a soul makes before reincarnating. Here are at least four reasons (with examples) why we humans choose certain circumstances before we’re born:

  1. Reparation. A selfish, thoughtless rich guy might die, get to the other side, regret his savage behavior, and choose a lifetime of poverty and suffering. A killer might choose a short lifetime as a murder victim. A Nazi who mass-murdered Jews might choose a lifetime as a Jew. A successful man who has no empathy for “bums” might come back as a drug addict or be born into a family of alcoholics….
  2. Compensation. After a lifetime of poverty, humility, or weakness, a noble soul might want to experience a new lifetime with the Midas touch or rock-star charisma… a life of fame and fortune. A child who dies in an overpopulated country riddled by famine and disease might choose a lifetime in a wealthy country where abundance and prosperity flourish.
  3. Diversity. Many souls want to get a full range of life experiences with a series of lifetimes on this rare, noble-savage planet Earth, where life preys upon life to survive. They may have many lifetimes in many cultures in many eras to get that experience. An astral entity that has spent many lifetimes as a woman might want to try living as a man for the next lifetime.
  4. Reputation. Other people’s intense feelings about a person might, for better or worse, shape a person’s spiritual destiny. A beloved prophet might find himself in a paradise afterlife community after he dies, weighed upon by a growing community of devoted followers who’ve been pulled into his presence after they died. A sizzling sex symbol might find herself with lots of craving fans in a shadow community of the Earth when she awakens from her deathbed. A torturer and murderer might find himself in a dark and fiery hell, along with some of his unforgiving victims (most murder victims simply move on with their afterlives, realizing that one short life experience on Earth was no big deal, but a few are vengeful and unforgiving, like the examples described here… and here…) The murderer and unforgiving victim are pulled there by their intense feelings of malice and vengeance. Then, each of these souls—the prophet, the follower, the sex symbol, the lusty fan, the torturer, and the unforgiving victim—will have to resume his or her own diverse spiritual destiny while finding the light and planning the next lifetime.

Through each lifetime the spirit becomes lighter (more noble) or darker (more savage) by the time the person dies, depending on his or her collective thoughts, words, and actions during lifetime… and the spirit then gets settled into an appropriate afterlife scenario before coming back to Earth to try again.

An Astral Choice with Ethereal Counseling

So, as explained at the beginning, after a lifetime on Earth, many people get settled into a paradise astral community, and at some point most of them choose to return to Earth for another lifetime. Some of the astral entities make a decision quickly and come back very soon after their previous lifetime. Others might spend decades or centuries enjoying paradise before returning to Earth. Many of them choose to reincarnate alone, but sometimes an entire group of astral entities want to reincarnate together into the same extended family or community.

Some astral entities choose not to reincarnate again but to leave the Earth behind altogether by ascending to finer realms (and we’ll explore that option in a moment). But most astral entities who’ve left the Earth have a strong inner feeling that another lifetime is necessary, so they decide to reincarnate.

At that point, ethereal entities step in to provide counseling… to sort out  the astral entity’s mixed feelings, to review past lives, to make a game plan for this next lifetime, to select a family on Earth to join, and so on. The intent is to chart out a lifetime that is appropriate to the timeless soul experience of the astral entity (or group).

How the Process Works

There are various processes on the other side for executing a reincarnation, and they all apparently involve regressing an astral entity from human form to cellular form, then planting that astral cell into the physical cell of the fertilized embryo in the mother’s womb on Earth. Sometimes it’s done with special rituals, incantations, and prayers.

Our spirit friends at Timestream described a more high-tech process that they use. After the ethereal entities have counseled with the astral entity, he or she is led to a special building provided in the Timestream community for that purpose, then placed in a healing tank that resembles a hot tub. The body, which is usually age 25-30 in appearance in the astral realm, grows younger and smaller until it is a small cell. By that time it is invisible to the other astral entities observing the process, and it is transported (probably with the facilitation of ethereal beings) into the young mother’s body on Earth.

Our friends at Timestream said that in their experience the reincarnation always happens in the newly fertilized embryo on Earth. Other reports have suggested that the spirit can enter the fetus anytime between conception and birth.

No Coming Back as a Bug

Reincarnation seems like a roller-coaster ride for many souls, experiencing wealth and poverty, health and sickness, and all the other extremes of life in human civilization… but they are always human experiences. The rewards of a pleasant lifetime are sometimes the result of noble choices (love, empathy, good will) made in a previous lifetime. The consequences of an unpleasant lifetime are sometimes the result of savage choices (fear, hatred, selfishness) made in a previous lifetime.  But as we discussed, there are other factors besides reparation and compensation that make reincarnation a little complicated.

One thing was made clear to us, though: reincarnation for us humans is strictly a human experience. Though our life circumstances might vary greatly from one life to another, it’ll always be a human life. We’re never going to come back as a rat or a cockroach or a pet cat or dog or a rock.

Reincarnation is a process that involves all life forms, not just humans, but there’s no backward evolution on the earthly tree of life. In terms of life on Earth (see the top two trees of life), reincarnation is always a constant evolution that moves forward (or upward), starting with minerals, moving to plants and animals, and then to human beings. (Yes, in the bigger, omniversal picture, even minerals are regarded as living things.)

On the earthly tree of life, then, reincarnation is always an upward evolution.

The Interplay Between Astral and Physical

While we’re experiencing a lifetime on Earth, our living spirit is also alive and active in various spirit worlds, for example, as an astral being or a shadow being. However, most of us are totally wrapped up in the dramas of this physical world and oblivious to what our spirit is doing. We get glimpses of those spirit adventures in our dreams, which are quickly forgotten when we wake up. Practiced meditation can open us up more to our spirit adventures, while at the same time refining those adventures to become finer and nobler the more we meditate.

At those times (while dreaming or meditating or daydreaming) we open a bridge between our conscious mind and our finer, spiritual mind. Thoughts and words and life scenarios bubble up from our spiritual mind into our conscious mind. In other words, many of our thoughts, words, and actions during our daily life are actually initiated by our spirit, not by our conscious mind.

Many of our life circumstances, even how and when we will die, have been defined before we were even born… while our spirit was developing a game plan for its reincarnation into this present life.

If we really want to know our self and to understand the many implications of those decision and adventures of our finer spirit, we can do that by developing and fine-tuning our mediumistic and intuitive abilities… which we all have. Again, this can be done through meditation.

The End of Reincarnation

When an astral entity has come to Earth for many lifetimes and is satisfied with all of the joy, love, pain, suffering, exhaustion, and worldly knowledge that it has experienced, then it’s finally time to kiss the Earth good-bye. Then he or she can stay in paradise for a while before ascending to finer realms. (Again, you can get a glimpse of those finer realms and the rest of the many spirit worlds here… )



Because of the complex variables involved in reincarnation, it’s probably wise for us humans not to judge people around us about their life circumstances and how they got there. The overall goal here, in the long run, is to keep raising our spirit by making it ever lighter in the course of many lifetimes. The more we can share unconditional empathy, love, and understanding with people around us (as well as with animals and other living things here on Earth), the more effectively we can chart our spiritual destiny in the best possible way.


Source Material

Here are the actual contacts that we (INIT… especially the work of INIT member Maggy Fischbach) received pertaining to reincarnation… where I got the information for this article.

In early 1987 through GA-1 the ethereal entity Technician told Maggy in a voice contact via radio:

It (reincarnation) is not always a process of reparation in this life for a past life. If people around you are hard hit by fate, do not always assume that they have to make up for past transgressions. Never judge! You may be wrong and are burdening yourself by your judgment. There are people whose grief and sickness were not imposed on them because of past karma. They used their own free will to select a more difficult road to reach their goals faster.

Some people are not making up for something, nor did they pick a life of suffering. Their grief was placed upon them as a burden by the thoughts and actions of others. For these reasons always think first how you can help, not whether a person deserves his suffering or not. Should the occasion arise when you can help someone, we will let you know. If necessary, we will inform you about their previous lives. If we remain quiet, that information is of no importance to you. In this case follow your conscience.


On Jan. 14, 1992, astral entity Swejen Salter had a phone conversation with ITC researcher Maggy Fischbach of Luxembourg to discuss reincarnation and what happens on her side of the veil when a spirit chooses another lifetime on Earth.

Earthside: Swejen, you told me the people in your world live similarly to people on earth. They have a body as we do but have no diseases or complaints and enjoy a pleasant existence. They live together with relatives or with people to whom they are attracted. Surely, their departure from their friends must be difficult when they return to earth for a new existence? Do people decide themselves how and when they incarnate?

Spiritside: in many cases, people decide themselves. In some cases they are also being told by higher beings. Nobody is forced to return. To many, the process is like an inner voice that reminds them of their duties and lessons that are still waiting for them on earth. They may delay these tasks for many years but know they cannot avoid them forever.

Many people depend on being reminded of their duties by spiritually more evolved beings who tell them when the time has come to go back to earth. They need superior guiding spirits. Others do not like to be reminded of their task. They need neither spirit guides nor other people to tell them what to do. For such spirits there is an inner voice that tells them what they still have to finish on earth.

Whether a spirit guide or an inner voice reminds them is unimportant. The results are always the same.

Earthside: What comes next when they make up their minds. Are there special locations for reembodiment?

Spiritside: When a person of our group has finally decided for reincarnation, higher beings consult with each other about his thoughts and wishes which led him to this decision. When higher beings have consented to a new reincarnation or have motivated a being for such a decision, the person is led to a special building provided for reincarnations.

Earthside: That reminds me a little of dying on our side. Describe the procedure for me, please. Does the person concerned take leave from close spiritual sisters or brothers?

Spiritside: The procedure is similar to people’s arrival here, only this time it is a going back. The person is again placed in what looks like a tub. His body, which on this level usually takes on an average age of 25-30 years, begins to change and becomes increasingly younger and smaller. It returns to the state of a child and then to a baby and finally to a small cell. By the time the body has become a cell, it is no longer present here among us. The cell has meanwhile arrived in the female body of a human being.

Earthside: What makes possible the return process from body to cell on your side, is it done with the help of technical equipment?

Spiritside: Yes, the process takes place with the help of apparatuses.

Earthside: How do people incarnate who have no technical equipment?

Spiritside: With the help of incantations and prayers.

Earthside: So, this is how we all have come back. That is hard to imagine. The soul of the being is therefore in the cell as soon as the cell has developed in the female body?

Spiritside: Yes, at the moment the body disappears for us, the conception has taken place on earth, and the soul is in the cell.


Also in 1992, the Technician to Maggy via radio message:

The human soul returns back to earth often enough to learn all human life experiences . . . Reincarnation is a constant evolution that moves forward, beginning with minerals, moving to plants and animals, then to human beings. There is no backwards evolution. The human soul does not return to earth in the body of an animal.

Maggy then wrote in her CETL journal: “The reader will understand that we did not feel much different from any other person growing up in a Western culture who feels a little uncomfortable with reincarnation. I must say that the words of the TECHNICIAN did not change my old beliefs but expanded them. I thought if this is true, and there is no reason to doubt it, the responsibility of each being towards his fellow being is really much bigger than I thought. We decide not only our own fate but affect the decisions of others.”


Early in 1992, the Technician delivered this message as a computer text:

Some of this we have told you before. Your life, beginning with your daily activities, your thoughts, deeds and events you think you have no control over, (I speak of environmental catastrophes, etc.) in the final analysis are being created by yourself but in different dimensions, in dreams and other trance-like conditions when you are your real self.

None of you has to die to be the person you would really like to be. You only have to die because you selected one of many possibilities for yourself. The person who has become panicky and fears death may wish to recall that he has selected his death long before in another dimension.

We cannot explain these psychological processes and the variety of possibilities within the limits of TC contacts. You can, however, learn from us through your mediumistic and intuitive abilities which you all have but only a few of you use creatively.


In 1989 the Technician told Maggy via radio:

Reincarnation exists. There are parallel worlds. Mankind evolves in a forever moving wheel of life. Some have arrived at a point of development that allows them a better understanding. Reincarnation means progression forward, not backward. Animals too are subject to the cycle of incarnation. A person does not reincarnate in an animal body. Important earth personalities are being born again as simple people if they used their previous life only to exploit others. There is a purpose for sickness and infirmity. Do not judge the fate of other people. If we feel it is important enough to let you know why some people are being tested this way, we will do so. It is only appropriate to advise and help some people, while others do not want to be helped. Those individuals have selected a life of suffering for their incarnation.


Finally, in 1991, the Technician again spoke of reincarnation, referring to the afterlife of Sir Richard Francis Burton, the explorer:

When a man has experienced all facets of earthly life, grief, joy, happiness, pain, suffering and exhaustion, when all search for knowledge has been satisfied and he has explored all corners of the Earth, when the wheel of life comes to a halt after many incarnations, then the time has come to look for new horizons. At this point, reincarnation ends.

 (Note: These ITC contacts were received and published in German, then translated to English by Hans Heckmann, so that I could publish them in English translations of Maggy’s work, and in INIT’s Contact! journal.)

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10 Responses to Reincarnation and the Tree of Life

  1. This is a very helpful writing…..thank you Mark…and everyone else noted above!!!

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks, John, I published the article yesterday then did lots of polishing and detailing this morning, I think it’s pretty much the way I want it now. (And as you suggest, thanks especially to Maggy, God bless her beautiful soul!)


    hello mark, my name is linda wiinikainen. i was in contact with you many years ago after my son john w. omalley passed over. our communication was extremely helpfull for my onward and upward mobility….that was around 1992. i dont know if you ever had any confirmation from him? but i know i did…if you have any information concerning him, it would be awesome…thankyou for all you have done and continuously do today…thankyou so much…linda wiinikainen

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Linda, thanks for reconnecting after all these years.
      As it turns out, I have not been experimenting for many years.
      Mostly I am writing on this website (and some other ones) about what I learned in my experiences.
      So, sorry to say, I don’t recall getting any information from or about John.
      I’m very glad that you got some confirmation.
      Many warm wishes,

  3. kate says:

    Absolutely love this, a really good guide. Very profound key points about the process and life purpose. Thanks

  4. Donovan Corzo says:

    So, I won’t lose my identity? Once I cross over to the astral level, I will still be me even if i decide to reincarnate? The way it was explained to me once is I will always be me, but my higher self will reincarnate another person.

    • Mark Macy says:

      That’s how I understand it too. My “higher self” or soul is the real me, and it doesn’t change much… instead it has a lot of different experiences having different lifetimes at different times and in different places. Some of the qualities and talents of the “real me” or “higher self” become part of the carnal me who gets born on Earth, while other aspects of my personality and ego develop anew, shaped largely by forces in my environment as I individuate and grow up here on Earth.
      Another way to say it: the “real me” isn’t this guy on Earth, but the finer spirit within me.


  5. I am very grateful that this writing has resurfaced at this time.
    Thank you.
    Judgment is a terrible burden to carry around in one’s life, and I am referring to not only judgment about others, but mostly the judgment we impose on our own selves.

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