How ITC Bridges Really Work

[For the past 30 years (nearly half my life) I’ve been trying to figure out what really happens to us after we die. Most important, I was part of an international research team (INIT) in the late 1990s, and we received exceptional contacts from finer spirit realms via radios, phones, TVs, and computers. Through those ITC (instrumental transcommunication) contacts, we got a clear picture of a world where many of our ancestors and loved ones awaken and resume living after they die. Over the years, while digesting all of that mind-boggling information and comparing it with science, religion and other sources, I believe I’ve refined my understanding to the point where I can now spend my few remaining years on Earth describing with some certainty our relationship (as carnal humans on Earth) to spirits, angels, and God, many of whom are intimately entwined with us in the truest sense of the word.     —Mark Macy]

A fairly accurate “roadmap” of the spirit realms around the Earth.

Spirit level 3. An ITC bridge is a high-tech communication portal (phone calls, radio voices, texts and images via computer…) between Earth and spirit level 3, which is an afterlife paradise realm where human dispositions are not too far removed from their earthiness. The spirits at level 3 are similar enough to us carnal humans to resonate with us… (key to an ITC bridge). Human spirits at level 3 are a bit more “noble” (trusting, sincere, honest, kind, empathetic, supportive…) than what is the norm here on Earth. Most of the “savage” human motivations (suspicion, fear, deception, malice, self-interest…) that are still prominent on Earth have been left behind at the lower levels of spirit and have no place at level 3. The darker dispositions of spirits in those lower realms are too unstable to support an ITC bridge.

A noble disposition. From that it’s easy to deduce that ITC researchers on Earth need to polish up their own dispositions in order to stay attuned to their spirit group at level 3. In fact, I’ve come to believe with some certainty that that is the key ingredient and the greatest challenge for an ITC bridge. Due to our hormones and egos, we carnal humans don’t always play nicely with each other. For ITC, we each need to become nobler through inner work, to be able to work with other people as part of a trusting, cohesive team. Only then can a stable bridge be built and sustained. Much easier said than done.

Gatekeepers. There are finer beings, probably at levels 4 and 5, who observe our world often, keeping an eye out for conditions conducive to a stable, interdimensional communication portal. Some of those finer beings—like the ethereal being who calls himself “Technician,” since that’s his assigned role in ITC—are gatekeepers whose job it is to open and sustain a portal when someone on Earth possesses two qualities: 1) an appropriate, noble disposition (explained above), and 2) a psychic sensitivity that can accommodate communication with spirits. Once a portal is opened, it stays open until the person or team on Earth becomes distracted by worldly things or gives in to savage thinking… letting their envy or fear or suspicion corrupt the bridge. Then the portal closes down.

Here on this site I recently summarized a classic, 1896 book, Wanderer in the Spirit Lands, and one particular excerpt from the book explains this bridge-building beautifully:

  • Angelic gatekeepers stand here and there on the earthplane beside doors where knowledge and wisdom from the higher realms filter down through a vast multilevel network, flooding through the doors to certain people of pure heart and generous nature who have the sensitivity and commitment to help the world.
  • Some of these protected doors 1) falter as the gifted humans surrender to earthly distractions, or 2) distort as they surrender to dogma and misunderstanding, or 3) putrefy as they surrender to savage human thoughts and desires, and dark spirits move in… at which time the doors are closed permanently by the gatekeepers.

Psychic sensitivity. Some people are born with a musical ear or a rock-star charisma or a knack for mechanics, and other people, try as they might, can’t find success in those fields as easily and as naturally as the gifted. The same is true with spiritual attunement. Some people are born with a life-long sensitivity that allows them to communicate with spirits. Some of those sensitive people become spiritual mediums. Others, with a different form of sensitivity, can become successful ITC experimenters. Our spirit friends told us that ITC-gifted individuals are born with “a sort of ‘emotional lance’ in the center of their emotional consciousness which ‘materializes’ inaudible and invisible tones, signs and pictures” here on Earth. That type of sensitivity, coupled with a noble mindset, is apparently the foundation upon which an ITC bridge is created and sustained.

Focused desire. Once a person is ready for ITC, with 1) a noble disposition, 2) an “emotional lance” sensitivity, and 3) a strong, focused desire to communicate with the other side, he or she will quickly attract the attention of those gatekeepers. An ITC bridge will then be opened and nurtured by an ethereal gatekeeper, and a good-hearted spirit team from level 3 will quickly come together around the person. Bear in mind, though, that those three qualities together are extremely rare here on Earth.

Technology. The equipment used in ITC is of little consequence. Whatever modern technologies an ITC researcher has in his or her home or lab will quickly be assessed and mastered by a competent spirit team. As long as the conditions mentioned above have captured the attention of one of those ethereal gatekeepers, the spirits will work with the gatekeeper, who can then convert thoughts from the spirit team into voices, texts, and images that can come through the earthside equipment in ways that are meaningful (and quite stunning!) to the experimenter.

Establishing an ITC bridge. So this, I believe, is the bottom line:

To establish an ITC bridge:

  1. Be kind to and supportive of other noble people and living things on Earth, especially your colleagues on the ITC project,
  2. Be sure that you or someone on your project has an “emotional lance” psychic sensitivity, and
  3. Share a strong, focused desire with your colleagues to open a clear communication channel with the other side.

Then you can expect an ethereal gatekeeper to open the gate and your spirit team to do the rest. Once the bridge is open, if you then want to experiment with new techniques and new technologies, your spirit team will almost certainly consider your ideas, and probably offer suggestions about how to maximize the results. They might tell you that conditions (on Earth) aren’t yet right for certain possibilities and suggest alternative projects. Over time there will be a growing trust and sense of good will between your earthside group and your spirit team.

And that, I believe, is the gist of an ITC bridge, which allows wonderful, amazing information to stream from finer spirit realms into our world through our technologies.

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10 Responses to How ITC Bridges Really Work

  1. Very concise, precise, and to the point. I am glad that you are here to piece together fragments from all of these sources to paint a picture of better understanding. We, and the next generation also, do and will continue to appreciate it.

  2. Dan Smith says:

    This article beautifully explains the intricacies of an ITC bridge. The focused desire and intent are crucial to keeping the bridge open. Even if colleagues are burdened by life’s stranglehold of responsibilities, setting aside a small amount of private time each week works wonders. Time to focus and improve yourself spiritually and connect with your spirit team are essential best practices. These focused efforts can go a long way towards keeping the attention of the spirit team as well as keeping the bridge open and clear.

  3. This is another good one about those subtle practicalities that help ITC work in this world…thank you, Mark.

  4. Sheila kelley says:

    Thank you Mark I do like reading all you put out it’s what i belive in and my spirit friends tell me the same God Bless you

  5. Mark Macy says:

    Thanks John and Sheila!

  6. ladychaol says:

    Fantastic!!! I wonder if the connection is related to places or you can contact your entity from wherever you want…

    • Mark Macy says:

      I think the geographic location is not so important for an ITC bridge. What’s crucial are those three points I listed in the article (I believe). As I say, though, those three qualities are very rare among us mortal humans. (And it’s not just one entity that makes an ITC bridge, but a massive, competent spirit team from various levels with various skills. It’s a major undertaking, I believe, not taken lightly.)

      • ladychaol says:

        I think you are right. I can have dialogues with this entity in other locations especially churches. My experience is really unique and the feeling fantastic. When this entity arrives, I feel just blessed. Thank you for your reply. I will get in touch privately to tell you more.

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