Dark Afterlife Adventures 2: Serving the Brotherhood

This series of articles explores the classic (1896) book, Wanderer in the Spirit Lands, about a self-absorbed man who dies and awakens, stuck, in a dark and seedy spirit world before finding his way painfully to the light. The regular text is a chapter-by-chapter summary, and the italicized text is my observations, based on what I’ve learned about the afterlife over the years, especially through ITC research.  

Ch6. Franchezzo moves to a new, lighter building in the Twilight Land also belonging to the Brotherhood of Hope. His new small room includes a living picture of his soulmate that’s like her mirror image, showing her smiling back at him or going about her daily activities. Also a fragrant, white rose that she asked to be sent to him in the dark, dry, totally barren realm that he’s described to her in one of their sessions. He begins to practice his service work (with little success at first, so mostly he observes) as he journeys into other dark realms that seem metaphorically created by their residents’ thoughts and attitudes:

  • A selfish world: a dim, rocky realm of gray stones and gray hills inhabited by people who’d loved and gratified only themselves during lifetime, so that now they can’t even see each other as they straggle aimlessly across the barren land… until at last they have an urge to see and to help another person. At that point they leave the gray world behind. Some rise to a place that’s only slightly better…
  • A land of unrest: a vast desert of sand and miserable hovels, some scattered about the shadowy landscape, others clustered into small communities. The wretched residents look like beggars. Many of Earth’s richest and poorest come together here, jealous of each other, quarreling and complaining about the injustice of it all. Some try to swindle each other, plotting against those who might interfere with their schemes. Some, if they can make an effort to overcome their selfishness and feel a small desire to help others, tend small personal gardens that sprout small blades of grass and stunted shrubs.
  • A miser’s world: a dingy land of black soil where inhabitants use their long-claw-like fingers to dig up rare gold nuggets and to hoard them in little handbags held close to the heart. They all instinctively keep a distance from each other lest they get robbed.
  • A land of misery: a darker version of the land of unrest… a gamblers’ land where betting men, card sharps, and deceptive bankers and brokers have fierce fights and bitter quarrels. Franchezzo enters a city resting on black soil reminiscent of a cinder heap and is drawn to loud quarreling coming from one of the many hovels. Inside he finds a dozen grotesque, wild-eyed men resembling animals, dressed in tattered clothes from many eras. Their argument over a bag of coins lying on the table soon erupts into violence as one guy grabs it and they all chase him outside and fight viciously for the coins.

Franchezzo thinks he’s reached the pit of hell in this land of misery, but there is worse yet to come later on. Meanwhile….

Ch7. The fellow who grabs the bag of coins is Raoul, a nice-looking young man who’s obviously out of place among the vile gamblers in that land of misery. He’d found the bag and introduced it to the others with the hope of enjoying a fair game of chance, until it becomes clear that playing games is the furthest from anyone’s mind. Franchezzo helps Raoul escape from his attackers and learns his backstory:  A jealous husband finds his wife enamored by Raoul and kills him. After his death Raoul looks in on the woman to see if he can somehow console her. He’s shocked to discover that she isn’t grieving at all, but is simply annoyed by both her husband and her late lover. Her only desire now is to find a wealthier husband. In bitterness, shame, and self-pity, Raoul disavows the existence of any true love or goodness on Earth. That denial of decency pulls him quickly to the land of misery, and his hopelessness keeps him trapped there, where he’s eventually beaten by the gamblers. Franchezzo has rescued Raoul and now tells him that hopelessness is often the result of unhappiness, and he persuades the jaded lover to accompany him on a visit to his own soulmate, in order to prove that goodness and true love do exist on Earth. The experience is so moving to Raoul that he becomes Franchezzo’s working partner.

Ch8. Franchezzo embarks on his most challenging mission yet: returning close to Earth to look in on a man, still living, who’d ruined Franchezzo’s life, filling him with bitterness and thoughts of revenge. In his afterlife wanderings along the earth plane (or shadow world), he’s seen many ways that spirits stir up the lives of carnal (physical) humans, moving in close to unwitting humans, imposing their own troubled thinking on them, driving them to fear, hate, even murder. Seeing his nemesis on Earth from here in the spirit world fills him with ten times more anger and grief than he’d felt while living on Earth, since spirits are far more susceptible to emotions than carnal humans are, until they can rise to more peaceful realms. Franchezzo’s thoughts of raw vengeance attract a horde of black, nightmarish spirits from a hellish realm. Their demonic vibration is too low to exist on the shadow world of Earth. They can’t even visit here unless spirits here succumb to dark, hellish emotions. Then the demons typically move in quickly and do their dirty work on the earth plane before sinking back into the depths. In times of widespread malice and hostility, such as bitter wars and political revolutions, they can form vast, dark clouds around the hated enemies and abused masses who are fueled by loathing and bent on revenge. Now, a few of these same horrible beings crowd around Franchezzo and whisper methods of revenge so appalling that he shrinks back from them in horror. Though he’s still locked into thoughts of revenge, the sudden, clear voice of his soulmate beckoning him pulls him like a rope to her side. The demons try to follow him, grasping at him, but they soon fall away. She (sitting at home) implores him (standing close beside her in the shadow world) to choose her love, once and for all, over his own hatred, and he reluctantly agrees only after a passionate discussion that ends with her weeping and his heart melting. And he sinks, exhausted, at her feet. Their mutual love, and his promise to her to relinquish hatred, together provide impervious armor against his future encounters with the demons.

Ch9. Franchezzo is next sent to a sparsely populated frozen land of ice and snow inhabited by loveless spirits who had chilled and hardened any kindness and affection from themselves and from others before they died. Most notable here are leaders of business, government, and religion among the diverse people of all nationalities. One man locked in an icy cage had been an austere Inquisitor in Venice whose very name stirred fear and who never felt a twinge of pity for his countless victims of torture and murder. Two types of spirits move around his cage to haunt and taunt him. Some are misty, empty astral shells of his maimed and crushed victims, whose living souls have long moved on. The living spirits had somehow shed their deep suffering like old garments, but those bloody garments continue to hover close to the source of their suffering: the Inquisitor.  Other spirits, also maimed and bloody, are more solid-looking, living astral spirits of victims who still hold onto their hatred for their heartless torturer, their murderer. The Inquisitor sees his cage as both a prison against his freedom and a refuge from his hateful, vengeful victims, who hurl spears, curses, and slime at him through the icy bars of the cage. Franchezzo pities the prisoner until he’s shown the man’s thoughts and desires. If released, he would move quickly to the earth plane to find kindred spirits of malice who together would prey on susceptible carnal humans on Earth, urging them toward the same lust for torture and murder that drove his own lifetime pursuits. So Franchezzo gladly leaves the frozen land behind, and en route back home to the land of twilight, he passes by caverns of slumber where drug addicts who’d killed themselves by overdose lie in a complete stupor, unaware of anything around them. They might sleep for years or decades or centuries, depending on how deeply they were immersed in their drugs of choice… whether they were weekend partiers or permanent clients of opium dens or crack houses.


The Inquisitor’s icy cage reminds me of a troubling ITC contact received in 1994 by German ITC researcher Adolf Homes. It was a letter from the spirit of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoess, who described a personal hell that he and some of his Nazi colleagues were enduring because of the atrocities they’d imposed on Jews and other victims of the Nazi death camps of the second world war. They were apparently imprisoned in a sort of gas chamber. The message from Hoess was formulated by the spirit group Centrale, who were working closely with Mr Homes and somehow arranged Hoess’s desperate message to be delivered to Homes’s old Commodore 64 computer. (Read more about that contact…. )

The ITC bridge between Timestream spirit group and our INIT association was, I believe, a more purified or refined bridge than the one with Centrale. It was sustained and protected by The Seven ethereals, who had established the bridge between our earthside network and a spirit group inhabiting a spirit world called Eden, or Marduk. From Eden, I suspect the Timestream spirit group could observe the raw dramas going on in Earth’s shadow world and in the various other spirit realms associated with Earth, but they themselves apparently were not as immersed in the kinds of dramas described in the above article. The Seven stressed the importance of keeping immersed in good will, friendship, and love… “the best qualities of mankind.” That way, our earthside team would resonate with finer realms of spirit, which will be the subject of some later articles in this series.

The following paragraph will soon be removed, thanks to the comment by James (below).

For the past 20 years or so, ultraconservative politicians in the USA have employed a dark and dangerous strategy to win votes and to gain political control of the American government by stirring public hatred and intolerance toward liberals (such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) and toward specific groups outside the USA whom they view as dangerous (such as Middle Eastern Muslims who possess most of the world’s oil, and poor immigrants seeking a better life in the USA). These ultraconservative policymakers stir up hatred and intolerance through emails and websites geared to Republican voters, but much moreso through the media, especially hate-radio talk shows and the Fox News television channel. The above article (especially Chapter 8) offers a good look at what goes on behind the scenes when mass hatred and intolerance spread through society. Mass hatred on Earth attracts spirits in the shadow world who escalate the hatred tenfold, which in turn summons black, demonic clouds from the pits of human savagery to help reduce civilization to a living hell.


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Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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4 Responses to Dark Afterlife Adventures 2: Serving the Brotherhood

  1. James Mackenzie says:

    I was enjoying these articles until I came across your hatred of the conservatives. Funnily enough, it is those people who preach love and tolerance, who are the most hateful of all people. All is well and good until one disagrees with them. Then watch how they turn into the same viscious beings who inhabit the lower realms. I was warned against evil masquerading as good from my parents and my Christian school teacher.
    So you see Hillary Clinton as good? I am very disappointed. It looks like the liberals are attempting to monopolise the afterlife too.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi James, thanks for that.

      Yes, I’m a liberal or progressive, politically speaking… and I was taken aback by your comment. I wasn’t aware that my political views had leeched into this series of articles, and I apologize for that. I read through my article and saw my diatribe about ultraconservatives at the end. Big mistake.

      I’m going to tweak the article, starting with strikethroughs of that last paragraph, so that other readers can see what your comment is referring to. (Guilty as charged) Eventually I’ll plan on removing that paragraph altogether, unless you object. If I remove that paragraph I should probably removed these two comments too, since your comment would no longer be pointing to anything in the article. But, if you’d like me to keep all of this stuff in (and remove the strikethroughs), let me know.

      Meantime, yes, I think Hillary Clinton is a great gal, and Barack Obama is an exceptional human being. And I see Donald Trump as a narcissist and Mike Pence as much worse… a pawn in the pockets of Big Oil and special interests. But that’s the kind of polarizing venom that keeps us all divided. It’s all part of the illusion of this noble-savage world.

      The purpose of this macyafterlife website is simply to distinguish between “noble and savage” behavior, not to get embroiled in political prejudices. Thanks for the heads-up.


      PS – – – my noblesavageworld website is where I let myself do some venting… but that site only averages about 3 hits a day, so it’s really just a case of letting off steam with no effect. 🙂

      • James Mackenzie says:

        Thanks Mark. Your reply was refreshing. I was worried you would tell me that those who regularly watched Fox when on Earth would be subjected to an afterlife of endless broadcasts of CNN to bring them into the light 🙂

        Yes, this world is becoming more and more divided. Whether it better to look at things as globalists and patriots rather than left and right wing, I don’t know? Everything seems to have become politicised these days. I have had to give up on Twitter etc, as the science outlets I followed, kept bringing politics into articles.

        My main inspiration in life is from The Spirit’s Book, which I think espouses a certain amount of social conservatism. Also, having taken part in some Ayahuasca sessions in Peru and Ecuador, I have become aware of many persons in the world who think they are ‘enlightened’ but who are really more like enightened egos. I find that in many cases they identify as liberal. I myself fell into that trap, and still have much to do to stop looking down my nose at others, and thinking I know something about love and light that others do not.

        The above observations are not aimed at your good self. As I say, your reply was refreshing, and not divisive in any way.

        Please feel free to keep or remove my comment as you see fit.

        Thanks again,


        • Mark Macy says:

          Okay, James, what I’ll probably do is leave the strikethrough paragraph in place for a while, and then remove that and the comments one of these days. For now it feels like you and I are at that important place where opponents meet and tensions ease as they start to understand each other… where fear and suspicion start giving way to friendship. Since that’s such a crucial part of sustaining resonance here on Earth (a key ingredient of an ITC bridge), it could be helpful to keep this dialog up here for now.

          That’s funny, the idea that vitriolic viewers of Fox News and CNN could be consigned to hells in which they had to watch the opposing programs nonstop. 🙂 I recall one contact telling us that some people get the Level 3 after they die, and they’re disgruntled to find themselves among the kinds of people they were “above”… people who had no right to be in the same heaven that they’re in. 🙂 So it’s probably better for us liberals and conservatives to rectify our differences here on Earth, before we move on.

          Anyway, it’s been a pleasure sharing important thoughts with you,


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