Confused About Daylight Saving? Think About Our Spirit Friends… O.M.G.

The variables of time can make Daylight Saving Time really confusing:

  • Do clocks move ahead an hour or back an hour?
  • When we talk about the beginning and end of DST, and the beginning and end of each day, things get murky. During or after DST, do we get more light at the beginning of the day or the end of the day?

Hard for many of us to remember or to try to figure out.

Wife Regina and I reconciled the first item some years ago with the little slogan, “Spring forward, fall back.” Move the clocks an hour forward in the spring and back in the fall (autumn).

But the second item has always confused us when we try to figure out if we’re going to get more daylight in the morning or in the evening during DST months.

Fortunately, I found a good LiveScience article over the weekend that mentions in passing, brighter evenings during Daylight Saving Time(Read all about DST… )

So during Daylight Saving we get an extra hour of daylight in the evening.

Then I thought of how our spirit friends have to deal with the passage of time on Earth. Adjusting to our timeline has to be at least 10 times harder for them than DST is for us.

That was mentioned to us in various ITC contacts:

  • Albert Fischbach explains the difficulties he had navigating time after arriving on the other side. (Read more… )
  • Spirit friend Swejen Salter describes how it’s easy to get caught up in the spirit world timelessness, and she has to shake herself back to her ITC responsibilities in order to realign to the timeline of her friends on Earth. (Read more… )
  • In another contact Swejen talks about how, from the perspective of her colleagues at the third level, a time-based existence could not be possible, and many people after leaving the Earth don’t believe it really existed. They’ve forgotten the nature of their Earth experience and don’t believe they were really a part of it. (Read more… )
  • During a telephone chat, Swejen reminds Maggy that “there are no space and time separations” on the other side. When she has to meet with spirit world communities of Nordic people or giants or dwarves, she has to sort of teleport to their dimensions, rather than travel through space at a certain time. (Read more… )

I wonder if the spirits have come up with slogans to help them adjust to our timeline… the way we’ve come up with “Spring ahead, fall back”… and “Brighter evenings during DST.”

Maybe that’ll be one of my tasks after I cross over: To come up with slogans or concepts that help the good folks in the spirit worlds try to stay better aligned to the folks back home on Earth, time-wise, during ITC collaboration. But having had to contend with the small problem of Daylight Saving Time here on Earth, I sort of hope not. 🙂

Oh yes, Daylight Saving Time kicks in this Sunday, November 5 (2017).

Oops, correction made to the above article the morning (11/3) after I posted it: Regina reminded me last night that DST ends this Sunday (it doesn’t “kick in”), so it’s going to be brighter mornings starting next week. Hm, maybe it’s just me who’s baffled by DST.

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8 Responses to Confused About Daylight Saving? Think About Our Spirit Friends… O.M.G.

  1. kate says:

    When the clocks changed I forgot to change my one and only clock in the living room. I had visitors coming on the Sunday and I thought how late they were so i sent them a text and they said they were ready to be picked up from thier camper at the local camp site. During tea time someone pointed out my clock was wrong and I changed it and thought to myself that my visitors weren’t late after all and must have thought I was a bit pushy texting them before they could even set up thier camp. Later on I looked on my computer clock and then accross at the wall clock and had a shock, I thought I was going nuts, the clock was still a couple of hours wrong!…I got a bit worried then realised the battery was dying. What a shambles I felt and I realised how dependant we are on our clocks. Someone once said, in one of the spiritual groups I went to, if you ask time to slow down it does and this is something I’ve always done if I’m feeling under pressure from a time schedule….it does seem to work but not sure why…maybe we just get a bit more mindfull or aware of it.

    I’ve said many times before in conversations that, based on all the information over the years, I believe past, present, future all happen at the same time and this totally resonates with me so maybe it’s just something remembered from being a spirit. I also believe this is how humans can access information through sources of devination like the tarot. Interesting reads above thanks I will have a look.

    • kate says:

      I had a quantum physics phase where I tried to understand and affirm spiritual ideas through some understanding of science but realise now that even the worlds leading physicists don’t have absolute evidence and are still in early stages which as Greg Branden (the god code) once said ‘still taking baby steps’.

      • Mark Macy says:

        Spiritual and esoteric knowledge is spreading so quickly today on the Internet that (I’m guessing here) science’s baby steps toward afterlife understanding will soon take a quantum leap.

  2. Mark Macy says:

    Similar experiences here. I wake up briefly and look at the clock: 2:05 am. I go back to sleep for what feels like a couple of hours, wake up and glance at the clock again: 2:00 am. That’s happened to me a couple of times in the past few weeks, and I’ve shrugged it off to my blurry, sleep-filled eyes misreading the clock the first time. It must have been 12:05.

    After hearing your experiences, I’m not so sure. 🙂
    (Actually, I’m near-sighted too, so my first wake-up is probably around midnight. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.)


    • kate says:

      Did you actually wake up or did you just dream you woke up lol….if you Listen to me to much you could lose all sense of reality, maybe :-)…. got the name wrong, up there on previous comment, it’s Gregg Braden who was one of the first people I started to watch on my quest. Last night I was catching up with info on the Bosnian pyramids which are bigger than Giza…apparently there’s a constant source of electro magnetic energy rising from the apex of pyamid watched for a length of time, (days), by worlds leading physicists there was also mention of scalar waves which are 20 times faster than speed of light and the mention of them being like a universal wifi. I’m sure we’ve probably been as advanced as we are now with the internet and technology probably more so when we look at the structures left behind. Has anyone ever had explanations to all these pyramids accross the world on land and sea from the afterlife?

      • Mark Macy says:

        Timestream and The Seven didn’t mention pyramids, as far as I can recall. But when they explained that humans came to Earth from Eden/Marduk (presumablly some 4 billion years ago), all the ‘little stuff’ 🙂 (pyramids, ziggurats, massive temples, Stonehenge, Easter Island…) falls into place as superhuman (by our standards) remnants of our superhuman ancestors.

  3. Thank god I live in Arizona. Our clocks never change! : )

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