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What ITC Groups Could Learn From the Ancients (8.4)

Some of our superhuman ancestors apparently had super egos, judging by the Thoth story and by ancient Hindu writings that are rich with stories about ancient, high-tech airships (Vimanas) and nuclear wars that shaped life on Earth over the course of “a day of Brahma”… or 4.3 billion years…. Continue reading

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The Human Story 13: Thoth the Atlantean

“I lived among other mighty ones long ago in the Atlantean city of Keor on the island of Undal, where we renewed our lives across the eons in the Halls of Amenti. I myself went through more than 1,000 such revitalizations. Mortals today in the Second Epoch, with their fleeting lives and small stature, can only imagine the mightiness of the Atlanteans….: Continue reading

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