Once upon a time, long, lo-o-o-ong ago…

Rocky sandals, chiseled stones, steel balls, and human bones. Nothing so unusual about all that…unless they were on Earth as early as 3 BILLION years ago! …which seems to be the case, based on archaeological evidence dug up in various places around the world in recent years.

(google these terms: “ica stones“, “grooved spheres”, “meister sandal track”, and “Ed Conrad”, or see my youtube clip:

When you put all that evidence together, an exciting puzzle begins to emerge relating to our ancient heritage: Humans were alive on Earth long before conventional science would believe possible. It’s almost a certainty!

And when you add another key puzzle piece, we start to get a pretty clear picture of what it really means to be “human.” That puzzle piece is a set of communications we received via ITC systems from seven ethereal beings, or angels, who said they’d accompanied our world from the beginning. Here’s what they said:

       Long, long ago when humans came to Earth from Eden (or Marduk), they lost mastery over nature after their dissension with the serpent…. Humans had to fight against nature and some of its most dangerous creatures. You call them monsters, but they were only life forms which defended themselves and their kind. These creatures did not subject themselves to the intellectual superiority of humans and had to be defeated and destroyed by cunning and strength. Human civilizations prevailed. Of these times long, long ago, only legends were handed down. Do not scorn them. The day may not be far off when your sciences will dig up the skeleton of a dragon. By the time Christianity started its conquest, Earth had been freed of these monstrous animals, but they were still very much present in people’s minds. Now it was saints such as Michael who defeated them by force. Later on, others whom you call saints subdued the so-called wild animals up to the day when force became superfluous and they were subdued by intellect….
       The “fall of Man” is a legend handed down from Greek mythology. It was maintained by the “Mysteries” and found its way into the schools of philosophy during the Greek classic period. Humans were considered to be descendants of Titans who had killed the young Dionysus-Zagreus. The burden of this crime weighed heavily on them. In a writing by (early Greek scientist and philosopher) Anaximander it is said that the unity of the world was destroyed by a prehistoric crime. In reality, these legends are based on a factual incident: the downfall of the civilization you often call Atlantis (also known by other names). This downfall was brought about by the descendants of the last inhabitants of Marduk who became marooned on planet Terra. This downfall came through reliance on and blind trust in a massive technology.
You see, there was a “fall of Man,” but different from what you imagined. The fact that many among you will not believe us does not bother us. We know that this is how it was. Today you may consider it science fiction, but you too will one day, once more, recognize its validity.

So when you shuffle together all of the evidence from this world and Beyond, apparently Eden was a real paradise world where we humans originated long, long ago. We today are, perhaps, the result of cross-breeding between the god-like humans of Eden, who became stranded here after their world exploded, and the animalistic humans native to Earth.  Or, maybe we animalistic humans didn’t really exist way-back-when… and were engineered recently (15,000 years ago) by Titans in Atlantis. In either case, I suspect that’s why we’re a somewhat schizophrenic species today—rallying for peace one day and waging war the next.


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