Human Spirituality & Government

There are all sorts of invisible influences on our world imposed on us by living, nonphysical beings – – spirits. Some spirit beings inspire lovers, dreamers, artists, and inventors. Others compel murderers, thieves, and rapists.

We attract spiritual influences into our lives that resonate with our patterns of thought and behavior. If we’re loving, honest, and wise, and if we serve and support the people around us, then we attract light, creative spirit beings into our lives. If we’re driven by fears or animosities, if we are deceptive and make other people suffer for our own selfish purposes, then we attract dark, destructive spiritual influences into our lives.

That’s a profound spiritual law very simply stated that applies not only to us as individuals, but also to our groups. The decisions made by leaders of our groups determine to a large extent the kinds of spirit beings who move in close to influence the group and all of its receptive members.

Government leaders today wield an immense responsibility. The larger their domain, the greater effect they have on our world in terms of the spiritual influences they attract into the people’s lives. If the leaders of a nation make decisions that help the poor, foster the education of all children, open channels of dialog with other nations, and protect the environment, then doors are opened to guidance and support from the light, ethereal realms of existence. Angels help the nation and its inhabitants move toward a future of prosperity and decency.

On the other hand, if the leaders of a nation pursue selfish goals and devastate hundreds of thousands of families by lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, fear-mongering, war-mongering, and character assassination, the light beings back away as doors are opened to dark and destructive spiritual influences that stir up chaos and suffering throughout the society and in its dealings with other countries. The lives of millions can spiral toward dark, dismal conditions as a result of deceptive, destructive decisions made by a small circle of government leaders with a self-serving agenda. If these leaders of the dark path were aware of the low spiritual vibrations they were bringing to the world and the dismal afterlife scenarios they were creating for themselves – – scenarios that can last many centuries of Earth time – – they surely would think twice.

There’s nothing more important in our world today than choosing the right people and establishing the right policies for the management of our nations and our world. That’s the subject of Part Three of Macy’s The Project; the past, present, and future of humanity.

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