Dark Afterlife Adventures 11: Analysis


Here are some of the names that have been given to the various spirit levels. According to Franchezzo, the levels (or spheres) can each be divided into 12 sublevels (circles). While this is the model that he and his Brotherhood use, he says other spirit groups sometimes divide things up differently, creating a slightly different model or map of the spirit worlds around Earth. Most people, regardless of their religious beliefs, are basically decent during lifetime and awaken at level 3 after they die, as I mentioned. They go through a rejuvenating sleep lasting about 6 weeks of earth time, during which their worldly blemishes and shortcomings are polished away. The earthplane or shadow world of Earth is a spirit realm superimposed so closely with the physical planet that it’s not practical to try to separate the Earth from the shadow world conceptually. The spirits of that shadow world move in and out of our physical world, meddling in human lives and human affairs, for better or worse. ITC in its purest form involves a stable communication bridge between Earth and level 3 of heaven.

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