An Update To My Spirit World Model (and a New Article)

I was inspired by an important idea in recent days that might pull things together more completely in terms of human spirituality. I’ve added it to the end of my Spirit Reality model on this site.

To see it, click here and then scroll to the end of the article, before the Comments begin. The update has the heading:

Update (2015 March 1):


Also, I posted a new article about healing on my Noble Savage World site. I’ll copy the intro to the article below… and to read the complete article, click here…

Editor’s note: My wife Regina—an energy healer, a volunteer and a retired counselor—gave me the notes below that I turned into bullet points. I got her permission to do some follow-up research and expand it into an article for this website. It’s on aspects of mental health treatment and recovery from addiction that can lead to happiness and well-being. Note that all of the practitioners’ names are also links to articles about their work.

Basically, there are three main approaches nowadays to treating addiction and mental and emotional ailments:


  • Takes the medical approach
  • Dwells on history
  • Looks at symptoms
  • Diagnoses
  • Treats with pharmaceutical drugs


  • Searches for strengths and passions
  • Processes old hurts and life challenges
  • Offers tools to work with day-to-day challenges
  • Helps with moving forward in life


  • Gradually forges a connection between the conscious mind and the higher self, which is everyone’s built-in, boundless source of knowledge, inner peace, and healing
  • Promotes prayer, meditation, singing, chanting, drumming… or my favorite: the 12-step program, which, when worked every day…
    • Offers a proven path to healing and almost a guarantee of spiritual awakening
    • Forges a wholesome connection to other people and to a Higher Power
    • Promotes service to others as the greatest form of love
    • Includes a huge network of recovery churches and 12-step meetings (such as AA), all anchored in this model

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1 Response to An Update To My Spirit World Model (and a New Article)

  1. Houman dehdashti DMD says:

    Great article as always!

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