I Woke Up Today with an Impression of Eden

Woke up with a clear impression this morning that I’d like to share….

(That’s the way I get most of my “psychic” or “intuitive” information: not as pictures or words in the mind, as a lot of gifted psychics seem to, but as impressions.)

The impression I got this morning was how they were living mostly at the astral level… in an astral paradise world. It was a timeless existence, not measured in months or years… not measured at all in terms of time as we know it.

They could don physical, human-like bodies for “awhile” to explore the material world that would come to be called Marduk, or Eden. It was like a strange, dense copy of their astral paradise. Or, it could also be said that the astral paradise was used as a template for the material world.

They took on carnal bodies the way a moon colonist in the movies puts on a space suit to step out into the lunar environment. It let them (astral beings) survive in an inhospitable (material) world.

They were our original human descendants—the Edenites. They were not really physical beings like us. They weren’t as immersed in or locked into the material reality (or, really the material illusion) the way we are. They were more adapted to the astral reality. Their excursions into Eden were more like explorations, expeditions, and research projects.

That’s the gist of my impression this morning, which I believe is an important piece of the human story.

(You can read more about The Human Story either…

here on my blog, or

in my ebook.)


This impression correlates with what The Seven told us in a series of computer texts, but rather than static words, the impression felt alive and real… although much less detailed than the ITC contacts.

As the bigger story explains (as told to us in a series of computer contacts by The Seven), the astral paradise was a template of the physical world Eden, or Marduk, which (I deduced later from meteoroid evidence in our solar system) happened to be a planet “located” in our solar system between Mars and Jupiter.

So, again, who exactly are “The Seven?” Are they some of those finer astral beings who became superhuman Edenites… maybe even some of those who became stranded on Earth when the home planet Eden was destroyed by their unstable technologies?

The jury’s still out on that one….

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6 Responses to I Woke Up Today with an Impression of Eden

  1. angelsunite says:

    Very spiritual message, thank you for shareing it.

  2. Marri Perez says:

    Hi Mark,
    Love your message! The more I learn, the more questions there seem to be!

    I also feel this human life I chose while I was still in spirit, my family that I was born into, also chosen while in spirit – to live in human form, learning certain lessons also chosen beforehand is a part of our learning journey- ultimately in search of a higher consciousness.

    I wonder if you have come across this form of info from your sources…?

  3. Hi Marri,

    “They”* told us (through ITC systems) on several occasions–some messages kind of cryptic, others fairly straightforward– that yes, we do make certain decisions at a soul or higher spirit level, before we incarnate, about what kinds of lives we want to live this time around, whom we choose to be with, and what loose ends we want to tie up… that sort of thing.

    I suspect your feelings are right-on.

    (I know that I chose certain aspects of my life. Sometimes I feel it pretty strongly. I try to follow most of those inner compulsions, but a few I still resist. My soul choices seem to have to do with higher spiritual accomplishments and spreading light through understanding, but i still enjoy getting caught up in some of Earth’s dramas…. at age 62. Go figure!)


    (“They” were both the Timestream spirit crew, and also The Seven ethereals, whose messages were a bit more cryptic. If I haven’t shared those messages on the blog yet, I’ll try to do it in the coming months….)

  4. Marri Perez says:

    Thanks Mark for giving me yet another validation regarding my feelings to this!
    There are also books now appearing pertaining to this…are you aware of them?

    Your message re: “My soul choices seem to have to do with higher spiritual accomplishments and spreading light through understanding..”
    I can relate to. I’m happy you had Timestream & although the cryptic, The Seven ethereals -that you can share their messages with us!
    With me, I read alot and search alot! I have to.

    While Evps proved to me there is an afterlife and as beautiful it is that I’ve received many intelligent communications…& of course when hearing my name first said- is an awe inspiring feeling!, yet,. it still left me wanting…

    For me, that was my afterlife ‘Miracle’ as well as my still remaining,’Challenge’..
    Evps, a part of my life more in the past than my present.
    I humbly feel it’s somehow lead me along another road and I pray, to my life’s purpose.

    On another note, I also feel there are no ‘coincidences’ in life,( if there are,then its certainly a minor few) , but you know when you get those ‘aha’ moments when you say, wow, what a coincidence this happened while I was …
    (I think you get my point 🙂
    I feel there is a reason for those coincidences! Going back to pre-birth & keeping in check with them.
    I feel it strongly to the point that I started a ‘coincidences’ log. Small yet, but sustaining , having something to believe in -along the lines of faith.

    Til next time, take care,

  5. Thanks for the comments, Marri.
    Your “coincidences log” sounds like a great idea,

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