A New Website for ITC Groups

A recent post here about ITC management stirred a lot of interest among readers, resulting in some fascinating dialog in the comments section at the end of the article.

Michael van Heerden of New Zealand jumped on the idea of a website that would take a new approach to ITC… in which researchers would work to purify themselves in order to foster a clean, clear contact field… resulting in extraordinary contacts.

I’d been thinking that a website of that type could revolutionize ITC but had no plans to develop one anytime soon. It was just a sort of theoretical dream of mine.

But Michael seems to be one of those no-nonsense, get-it-done kind of fellows, so he launched a new website called worlditcnet.org, and we quickly developed it into a model or framework that explains how it could work.

It’s not a working website of a new ITC group, but rather a template website that could be adopted by any ITC group in order to maximize their chances at getting some of the best ITC contacts ever.

Imagine members of an ITC group getting regular phone calls from departed loved ones… or having world-changing text letters delivered by angels into their computers… or receiving vivid pictures and video clips from the worlds of spirit… the kinds of contacts that were received by INIT members between 1995 and 2000.

That’s what I believe is very likely to happen, once ITC researchers take (what I believe to be) the correct approach to ITC (fine-tuning themselves in order to resonate more effectively)… and that’s what we hope to achieve with this new www.worlditcnet.org website:



There’s still a lot to be done with the new site template, but it’s far enough along now to give you an idea of our approach to ITC.

About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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13 Responses to A New Website for ITC Groups

  1. Tosca Zraikat says:

    I haven’t been commenting for a while, Mark, working intently on my own inner purification. But enjoying all your posts. This idea sounds excellent, and I look forward to signing up to the finished site. Best wishes to you and Michael on this project. I’m sure that some spirits on the other side are patiently waiting for the right conditions here on earth. Time to buy a phone, I think

  2. kevin himes says:

    Mr. Macy…my name is Kevin Himes; and I’ve been such a huge fan of your work; to the extend of even reading from your website; the many wonderful articles and documented accounts of your team’s ongoing communication with “TimeStream” and work with the INIT group. What a real blessing. After becoming more enlightened for this information given(or so I believe so), I’ve really been trying to focus strictly with higher spirit friends; of which they’ve recently began to refer to themselves as “The Circle”. They’ve been referring to me as “prophet”; of which a title, is truly the last thing I’d want; but I take it that simply means a messenger; and I figure that’s due to my not wanting to reach lower level spirit but more so, higher and more enlightened and knowledgeable spirits for certain. I’ve always admired yours and other’s work; such as Roudive, George Meek/William O’Neal; and Jorgensen; as well as “The Scole Experimental Group”. I’ve always wanted to research and find answers that are of higher importance and relevance; but it seems within the paranormal community on YouTube land; they’re so few and far between. This is a most fantastic concept; and I’d truly love to see this come into fruition for sure my friend. Thanks so very much for your work; and thanks goes out to Michael Van Heerden as well, for this idea.

    Thanks for all your work and many blessings sir,

    Kevin HImes

  3. Lisa Brooks says:

    It was only a matter of time Mark, and that has now arrived. I wish you, Michael, Nicola and everyone else involved all the success you deserve. I look forwarding to signing up when the time is right. Lisa.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Lisa, I’m not sure if I’ll ever make a working site like this, unless INIT ever reunites with this direction in mind… in which case I’d give it a lot of time and attention.

      Otherwise, my hope is that other researchers decide to work together in this united, self-evaluating kind of way. I think (hope) it’ll make a big difference in the results. We’ll see.


  4. George W. says:

    Hi Mark, It’s been awhile since my last post but rest assured I have been following this site with great interest.
    I’m beside myself with joy that this is going to happen. I can’t wait to become a part of it. I’ll do whatever I can to help.
    FYI, I moved from NJ. I now live in Arizona.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Wishing you well in Arizona, George!
      Winters should be a lot nicer than NJ, eh.
      Not sure at all how this new website approach to ITC will work out, if at all (there’s a lot of work in honest self-evaluation that’ll turn lots of people off, I suspect… it’s not easy), but if it ever gets up and running, it’ll be good to collaborate…….

  5. Steve W. says:

    Hi, Mark! It’s been a while since we talked. What a wonderful idea! I myself would very much be interested in joining a new ITC group. As you’ve already said, if a new group does form, I hope that everyone will take some time to remember what led to the dissolution of the earlier group, and what kinds of things we can do to prevent those issues from re-emerging (strife, arguing, jealousy and so forth). If we’re going to have the kind of results that were prevalent during 1995-2000, we all must remember to “lift each other” up as much as possible!

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Steve,
      Nice hearing from you again.
      I’m putting together the template for the private site now, and plan to post the first page in the next few days.
      We’ll see what interest there is….

  6. emkarblog says:

    Congratulations, Mark and Michael on the new venture. I am looking forward to the new planned site. With the work you are doing helping get that going and reorganising The Beacon, you sure have lots of work ahead of you. Your foresight and abilities are colossal.
    Best wishes, and Blessings, Karyn.

  7. Mark Macy says:

    Hi Karyn,
    That’s an old (2016) article about the “new” website….

    Michael, Nicola, and I collaborated for a few months in getting that website set up, then went our separate ways.

    I haven’t touched that website for a few years, and I think weebly (the host) emailed me last year, saying that our worlditcnet.org site will probably be shut down one of these days, along with some other free, static websites.

    My intention with that site was to consolidate the most important stuff I know (or believe) about building and sustaining an ITC group. The same or similar information is scattered around this (macyafterlife) site, and I should probably round it all up and make it avaliable here.

    In fact, your comment comes at a crucial time, as I start overhauling this site.
    I should figure out a way to export all the information from THAT site and add it to THIS site. Another big job, but important.

    THanks so much Karyn. I’ll add it to the list of things to do… hmm, maybe make it the next series of articles on this macyafterlife site.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction… something you seem to have a knack for.

    Blessings to you as well, my friend,

    PS, I did the same thing with the original worlditc site…
    and collaborated around the year 2000 with Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt of Germany (who really did about 95 percent of the work putting it all together).
    That massive site also became static, and I was (regrettably) going to let it lapse until a friend at varanormal offered to continue paying Earthlink to host it, as is.
    I’m deeply grateful to that good fellow and varanormal 🙂 and hope that big repository of information remains available to people.
    I’d once thought of gathering up all of that good information and putting it here on macyafterlife, but that was way too big a job. Also, Rolf got permission and arranged translations for all of those books into English that he posted on worlditc.org, and I don’t have those permissions to put them here on macyafterlife… which could be problematic.
    As long as the information stays on the original worlditc.org website, all should be copacetic, and a blessing to ITC research.

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