Timely Help for a New ITC Group Website

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will Appear….

So said Lao Tzu, the father of Taoism, 2,600 years ago.

I think that happens to most of us, but not just with teachers. There’re also healers, fixers, donors, networkers, new friends, and a wide range of other people… even wannabe pets… who cross our path at the moment we need them.

Some of those encounters solve a short-term dilemma, others can be life-changing. In either case, I suspect they’re often choreographed by finer spirit.

For me, the life-changers include (in order of appearance) Robert Muller, Bill Hewitt, my wife Regina, John Day, George Meek, Juliette Hollister, Marilyn and John Rossner, and Rolf Ehrhardt.

Lots of people have crossed paths with me over the years when they (or when I) had a skill that could be useful.

Most recently, when I mentioned in a recent article a new kind of website for ITC groups, a couple of fellows contacted me at opportune moments.

  • Michael van Heerden of New Zealand read the article, exchanged some ideas in the comments section, launched that website on a great web-development platform called “weebly,” and got it moving in the right direction. Then I went in and polished it up the way I envisioned it.

That was the public portion of the website. Then came the start of the hard work: creating the private portion of the website.

As I was on the computer writing the first article for the private site, I got an email from another fellow:

  • John Hall, a computer guy from here in the States, expressed an interest in the private ITC group website and offered some helpful tips on how to go about it. I incorporated those ideas into the article I was writing, launched another weebly website to represent the private portion of the ITC group website, and posted the first article this week.

If you’re interested, you can observe the private website as it develops. Here’s a link to the homepage, which is the personal workspace for each member of an ITC group:


About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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10 Responses to Timely Help for a New ITC Group Website

  1. John Day says:

    Thank you Mark…what a fabulous start!
    You and Michael and John have done much here. It is a great manifesto of good intention and evolving refinement of the ITC process.
    The adapted 12 Steps are well done, as is the expression of the site in general.
    Strong work!…Onward!

    (PS…thank you for coming into my life also. Your life has changed my life…after all, here I am.)

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks John, I’m hoping this comments section might attract other people’s good ideas for developing the private ITC group website. It’s going to be a long, slow process,and there are a lot of ITC researchers out there who’ve been involved in projects more than I have in recent years… so we’ll see if they have any suggestions.

      Likewise… here I am. 🙂


  2. Debra Fawcett says:

    Thank you so much Mark. This will be a wonderful group for seasoned and enlightened researchers to share ideas and gain further insight in a nurturing and supportive environment. I have learned so much from you and I’m excited about this site!

  3. George W. says:

    Mark, site looks great. Very professional.
    I’d like to help in anyway I can. I know great things are going to happen and hope I can play some small part.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks George, we’ll see how things come together….

      • Mark, is it possible to sign up yet? And do you know about the world wide meditation for itc tomorrow?

        • Sorry about that mark. I didn’t leave a link. Here it is just in case:

        • Mark Macy says:

          Hi George,

          Thanks for that youtube link to today’s upcoming meditation.
          If you go to Keith’s site…


          … there’s a countdown timer that makes it easier to know exactly when the meditation is beginning. That makes it easier to know exactly when to start the meditation… and I’m sure it’s especially helpful for our spirit groups, who face a huge challenge trying to coordinate with our timeline here on Earth.

          Thanks for the heads-up about the meditation.

          As far as signing up on the worlditcnet website that I’ve been developing, that’s probably not going to happen, at least not anytime soon. That site is intended just as a template that could be used by an ITC group that wants to approach ITC in this comprehensive way.
          I’m still busy figuring out the details, especially on the private portion of the site.
          It could be a month or two (or several) before I have it fairly complete.

          Great hearing from you again,


          • Thank you Mark. I’ve missed being here and can tell much has transpired. I also wanted to mention that Yesterday, 23rd Sept… I kept running across names of some of the members of timestream. 2 of which I KNOW you are familiar with. One being Jules Verne and the other being the world traveler Burton. I think something is leading me to this meditation event. Also, George Meeks name keeps popping up.

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