If It’s Boring, How Can It Be Important?

I’ve posted the latest article on the ITC group website template (visit that page… ).

I’ll tell you now, it’s about forming committees and other subgroups within an ITC group… and you’ll think, bor-r-r-r-ing… and you’ll probably be right!

Well, here’s why these articles about developing an ITC group might be important (at least, in the ‘big picture’), even if the subjects sound really tedious (committees, conflict resolution, reflective listening, member involvement, change management…).

They explain principles that (I believe) are crucial to ITC in the future…

… how spiritual seekers and scientists and experimenters and all sorts of talented people can come together to build futuristic communication systems… to establish durable communication bridges with other worlds… worlds that flourish with intelligent, living beings who are right here, all around us… not way off, millions of light-years, among the distant stars.

It’s important information, but not the kind of information that most people will want or need to get involved with.

It’s like our interest in cars… or smartphones….

Most of us seek out websites that show the latest models and how well they perform and how much they cost… how fast and safe and comfortable and reliable and economical and cool-looking they are.

  • What cars get the best gas mileage or are the roomiest or the most powerful…
  • What smartphones have the most GigaBytes for storage and RAM, the best pixel count and screen size….

That’s where the real exciting and practical and important information is found, right?

Well, right… certainly for consumers.

But beneath that consumer information there’s an ocean of engineering and scientific wisdom about how the car or the smartphone has been put together and operates… the mechanical assemblies… the electronic circuitry… the fundamentals of physics that make it all possible….

Without that scientific and engineering expertise, the cars and smartphones and other wonderful gadgets of the modern world wouldn’t be possible.

So… boring? To most people, yes, the engineering and scientific principles are unnecessary knowledge… TMI… for those of us just living our lives and pursuing our interests.

But important? Critically so!

And I guess I need to remember:

That’s the difference between the information shared on this macyafterlife site, and the information that I’m assembling on the worlditcnet.org sites—both the public one and the private one.

Here on macyafterlife I like to share information that’s useful, informative, and inspiring to, hopefully, everyone interested in the subjects of afterlife, ITC research, and what it really means to be “human.”

The worlditcnet websites dig a bit deeper… to show how ITC really works. I’m trying to set up a framework for ITC groups that will maximize their chances of opening and sustaining a reliable communication bridge to the other side. And, yes, that gets a little technical and tedious for most of us.

But, then, I was a technical writer for many years… and I guess technical-and-tedious is part of the job description… 🙂 gathering up the technical information while researching and digging and putting it all together. I suppose those are the job skills I’m using to assemble the worlditcnet templates.

So as I assemble the worlditcnet websites, I’ll just put a link to the new posts here on macyafterlife, and maybe write up an interesting little article around it, like this one, that helps to keep things in perspective.

About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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