What I Learned From ITC About Being Human

I no longer get the kinds of spirit contacts by phone or telephone answering device that I used to get in the late 1990s… contacts like these, from the spirit of EVP pioneer Konstantin Raudive [1909-74]…

Our spirit friends nowadays don’t evoke clear voices or pictures through my radio or TV, or take over my computer to deliver text and images… as they did for some of my fellow INIT members in Europe two decades ago.

It was a time of miracles, then. A communication bridge opened wide between our INIT group on Earth and spirit groups like Timestream that lived in communities at the Third Level, where most of us humans get settled into a new and better life after we die. (Read more about the Third Level… )

Our spirit friends were delivering world-changing information to us across the veil. (Review some of the pictures…  and   texts… )

Then, around the year 2000, the contacts ended.

Initially, the loss of our spirit communication bridge was devastating to me. After all, there was so much to lose!

  • Our ethereal friends, The Seven, had been disclosing long-buried secrets about our ancient human heritage (which probably traces back in time at least 4 billion years).
  • Our many, many spirit friends had been sharing detailed descriptions of the timeless world they woke up in after their lifetimes on Earth.

So many world-changing possibilities… lost….

But with time my shock and disappointment gradually transmuted into a solid lifetime purpose: To understand what really transpired during our brush with miracles… how ITC really works… and to try to explain it clearly to the world.

Once we know what exactly makes ITC possible, then we humans on Earth will be able to start establishing sustainable high-tech communication channels with the other side.

For now, there seems to be just one major obstacle in the way… but before addressing that obstacle, let’s look at some conditions that may seem like obstacles to ITC but in fact are not. I’ve come to realize that the biggest obstacle to ITC is not…

  • the limited power of the ethereal beings (there is no limit), nor
  • a lack of interest in the spirit realms (there is tremendous interest on the Third level in opening communications with Earth), nor
  • the level of modern technology (many technologies today could accommodate ITC contacts).

The only real obstacle to ITC is our humanness… more specifically, the dark side or savage side of our humanness.

ITC involves a living communication network that has to be resonant. The minds and attitudes of everyone in the network, on both sides of the veil, have to be in harmony with each other… like radios all tuned to the same frequency. That, according to our spirit friends, is the only way that ITC can work.

There are certain qualities of being human that make ITC possible by allowing us to resonate with each other, and there are other qualities within us that cause discord… that prevent ITC.

Which is precisely why I’ve come think of us humans on Earth as noble-savage creatures. I’ve spent most of my life trying to make sense of the myriad beliefs, attitudes, and behavior patterns that compel us to do the things we do… to be the way we are. And thanks to what I learned from ITC, I’ve been sorting through all of that diverse human nature to determine…

  • What human qualities promote ITC (those are what I call our noble qualities), and
  • What human qualities prevent ITC (those are our savage qualities).

This macyafterlife website (and, to a lesser degree, its counterpart noblesavageworld site) has all of that information scattered throughout its many pages.

My current focus is a new website, where I’m busily putting it all into neat and clear perspective… what precise steps we humans can take to become more ITC worthy… to become noble human beings working together toward the noble purpose that is ITC.

For example…

  • Meditation and prayer can slowly fine-tune our minds and spirits to provide fertile conditions for ITC.
  • Dreams are like a meter to determine our personal ITC worthiness. Dreaming is a time when our conscious mind closes down to the material world and our spiritual mind becomes active in the spirit worlds. Paying attention to our dreams as soon as we awaken can help to bridge the gap between these two inner parts of our self. If our dreams are mostly peaceful and happy, we’re probably suited to do our part in an ITC bridge with a competent, respectful spirit group. If we often awaken from troubled dreams in which fear or anger or aggression is prevalent within us or among those spirit-people around us in our dreams, then our presence in the ITC group will likely disturb the contact field and attract troubled spirits into the bridge.

(Read more about meditation, prayer, dream journaling, and other refinement tools… )

That new site (which I’m still busy developing) is all about how to refine a group of ITC collaborators so that they can resonate with a competent spirit group motivated by good will and love… so that they can sustain a viable communication bridge between Earth and Third Level of the spirit worlds.

The new site is currently in two pieces:

  • A public piece defines ITC and spells out the mission and other basics of an ITC group.
  • A private piece could be used to refine an ITC group and its individual members so that the group becomes a worldwide, resonant living system that can open up a clean, healthy rapport with a resonant spirit group like Timestream.

You can track the progress of that two-part website as it quickly approaches preliminary completion. It could well be the last act in this drama that has been my current lifetime. I’ll probably complete the site in the next few months, and then carefully polish it up over the coming years. In any case, I think the information on that new site may be helpful to someone… sometime….

Here are links to both pieces of the new website:

About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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18 Responses to What I Learned From ITC About Being Human

  1. angusmacro says:

    interesting timing, Mark – I’d literally just been writing about ITC on another website forum as notification of your piece arrived in my mailbox.

    Things don’t seem that rosy. The guide about needing harmony you’ve spoken about puts me in mind of the situation of home-circles where a harmonious group atmosphere brings better communication. It’s not an easy ask when this physical world subjects us almost constantly to emotional and other stresses – one of the reasons we come here!

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Angus,
      Yep, I think that gets right to the heart of the problem… how “this physical world subjects us almost constantly to emotional and other stresses”… and how to deal with all of that.

      When you say, “one of the reasons we come here,” I think you’re referring to the reason why souls come to Earth. Right?


  2. I’ve been doing exactly what you’re talking about Mark, on inner purification and developing and refining qualities that will bring me more into alignment with the spirit of the Holy, which I think are the same requirements that will bring us into more perfect alignment with the energies of the higher level spirits. Everything is taking second place to that, so I have not participated as I used to in dialogues or whatever. Karlfield Durkheim describes it as developing our Being, the essential self, through a process of what he calls Initiation, which is preparation for the total transformation of consciousness, not only through spiritual work but through the deep grounding of ourselves in our humanity, in earth and body. Maybe that is why the spirits are silent. Having awoken us to the possibility and desirability of trans-dimensional communication, they are waiting for us to do the necessary preparation, the essential groundwork of bringing ourselves into alignment with our higher Selves. Maybe we have lost nothing, but are actually on the plan, which in many ways resembles the path of the mystic: experience of what’s possible awakens the desire to experience it again and again…. through self-work, laying the basis in ourselves for ongoing experience of what has been tasted ….. perfecting our framework through constant effort and testing … until what was once miraculous, a gift of grace becomes part of our natural capability and experience.

    Your websites look very good, Mark. I admire your determination and the clarity of your thinking. Please count me in as an applicant when the time comes. God bless you and your work.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Tosca,

      I think your comment gets to the heart of the solution… how it’s not a case of finer spirit abandoning us after a brief flurry of miraculous ITC activity in the late 1990s, but more a case of (as you say)…

      “waiting for us to do the necessary preparation, the essential groundwork of bringing ourselves into alignment with our higher Selves.”

      I hope you’re right, as that gives my efforts on the new site more impetus…


  3. angusmacro says:

    Elsewhere online some of us were discussing this past summer the ITC communication bridge (allegedly) established, and in fine working order, by Rio Do Tempo in Brazil. That discussion thread was part of an ongoing ‘ITC with Stations’ experiment to establish a (virtual) North American Station.

    It was reported that the South American Station has for some time been using their virtual communication base for linking incarnate parents with their lost children. It’s reported that the communication comes about using computer-like equipment (on both sides of the divide) and not needing the human assistance of a (spiritual) medium.

    If the reported details are accurate it would seem that spiritual harmony isn’t necessary as the parents sit independent of others and (as far as I’m aware) have not prepared in any way eg meditation etc. to improve their chances of good communication. The aim presently, I’m told, is to establish an equivalent English-speakers station.

    All that sounds very hopeful and exciting but what you’ve written about here, Mark, seems to be working toward establishing a harmonious (incarnate) group to interact with discarnate counterparts. That’s similar to what’s been done in the Modern Spiritualism movement for many decades or more.

    Or am I misunderstanding?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Great examples of resonance. Relationships between moms and their kids are typically ready-made with love, trust, and good will… ideally suited for ITC bridges. Hence the encouraging results of dear Sonia in Brazil, and the Big Circle moms here in the States… who include Martha Copeland, Vicki Talbott, and the late Debbie Caruso, I met them all, they’re all sweethearts, and the moms are deeply in love with their late kids. Sonia is also a committed, dedicated experimenter with her heart in the right place… all the good ingredients for ITC.


      Spiritists and spiritualists also typically have their hearts in the right place, from what I’ve seen and read, in addition to their ability to perceive beyond the five senses… into the realms of spirit.

      So yes, I suppose I’m developing my new ITC site (worlditcnet.org) for the more “normal” ITC researchers who’ll need to foster the kind of heart connections with each other that come naturally to moms and their kids.


      • angusmacro says:

        Are the reports of routine, unaided communication between parents and children as straightforward and simple as they’re portrayed, Mark? Regular, incarnate parents able to communicate with their discarnate children ‘under their own steam’ so to speak – without facilitation by an incarnate medium?

        If so do you foresee that such ITC will remain the province only ofcommunications these special, loving relationships with adult-to-adult still needing an intermediary medium?

        • Mark Macy says:

          If you’ll recall that answering device message I got from Konstantin Raudive (link near the top of the article above), he told me there’d be no further ITC contacts to my Colorado ITC group until I would have strengthened the bridge, the mediumistic bridge, to their Timestream spirit group.

          So it’s apparent that ITC contacts do rely on some mediumistic abilities on the Earthside team… now that you mention it. Thanks for bringing that up……

          That said, it’s my understanding that psychic mediums are usually needed in the early stages of ITC, then as the groups on Earth and in spirit become more resonant, the individual mediumship becomes less important than the group consciousness.

          If there’s built-in resonance between mothers and their late kids, who am I to say that a medium is or is not required. We carnal humans don’t fully understand all of the complications involved in spirit communication. At least, I don’t. The best I can do is explain things as clearly as I can based on the information we received from Timestream and The Seven. While I consider that information reliable, it all came to us in bits and pieces… not as one large, conclusive, comprehensive explanation that puts everything neatly into place.

          • angusmacro says:

            That’s VERY interesting, Mark, because all along I’ve had doubts about the claims I’d heard for computer-like communication devices that would allow regular, unassisted contact. Moving on now, though, I found myself looking at another page on your website where there’s a description of a building-like center used as an etheric communication base. (Inside Timestream, 1 August 2015)

            I haven’t had chance to properly study that thread but I did notice with interest your indented responses to Albert Fischbach’s descriptions of what he was seeing ‘over there’. I intend to read the whole thing thoroughly and I hope you won’t mind my coming back later to you with my own reactions and thoughts.

  4. angusmacro says:

    Having taken a look at the private group template it puts me in mind of the ‘Noah’s Ark Society’ (NAS) protocols for developing physical mediumship circles. A quick flick through your’s shows your passion but I have to wonder how many individuals in this modern world will have either the time or the inclination to – in effect – ‘sit for development’ in such ways….

    I hope my doubts are unfounded. I hope there will be enough individuals able to come together in the experiment. But as a former member of the NAS I remember what an uphill slog it was with comparatively little reported progress.

    The founder of that movement passed away just recently incidentally.

    • Mark Macy says:

      No, I think you’re right, it’ll take a lot of commitment and work among the (probably) volunteer members… which has an upside and a downside.

      Downside: It won’t be real popular to a lot of people.

      Upside: Those who do get involved will probably take it seriously, making the chances of genuine resonance and successful ITC bridges that much more likely. The mandatory (and fun!) participation in committees, task forces, and special ITC projects will help foster commitment and sense of purpose on the part of each member, I think.

      Fortunately, I’m in no big rush to get people signed up to this more comprehensive approach to ITC. If it doesn’t come together in my lifetime, I’m fine with that. I just want to do the best I can before I go, to get all the ducks in a row… and (what I believe to be) the needed resources for successful, world-changing ITC all in one place. 🙂

      Basically I’m trying to adapt the needs of normal, healthy, resonant spirit-world interaction… to the difficult, bristly conditions inherent in human nature here on Earth. Not an easy feat.

      There are some useful aspects of this approach I’m taking with the new site: No anonymity (everyone knows who’s in the group), each member makes efforts to overcome nagging doubts, fears, animosities, and other “savage” human emotions… that sort of thing. The intent is to foster trust, friendship, encouragement, and other, more “noble” human motivations that make ITC possible.


  5. angusmacro says:

    I’m unsure how I arrived here initially but it likely by following a link posted by a contact on AfterLifeForums where ITC with Stations was under discussion.

    I’ve spent some time following links and reading up on the history of events in the ITC projects prior to year 2000 when all apparently came to an end. But now I’m confused although as I grow ever older that’s not too unusual! The question “why?” keeps coming.

    After all those years of trans-dimensional communication, why was there not a greater public awareness of the information transmitted? And given the earlier outcome, years now after those events have ceased, why try to set off re-creating another set of experiments, the protocols for which you’ve been talking about recently?

    We’ve touched on the need for a unified, harmonious group when beginning to work towards establishing a communication bridge. But isn’t that a forlorn hope given the reasons for abandonment of the earlier one? Humankind’s overall lack of spiritual awareness/progression?

    Even after all the time and effort put into that earlier venture it was brought to a halt. (I’ve read about some of the reasons in your Afterlife descriptions summary of INIT.) Coincidentally (?) during the last years the ‘Scole Experiment’ also started and folded in a very similar way, the aims similar but the experiments less sophisticated and delivering less success.

    Wouldn’t it be a case of re-inventing the wheel to start again trying to establish similar communications? And without any real indication the outcome stands any better chance of progressing beyond the point the old one stopped?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Yes, the Scole experiments and INIT’s ITC bridge both came apart around the same time… just before the year 2000. I suppose there are several possible reasons for that:

      1. Maybe it was in “the BIG plan” to open clear portals for about a decade as humanity approaches this next “End of Times.”

      2. Maybe the “cosmic variables” were just right at that time… stars in alignment, a thin veil between the material and astral realms… whatever… or…

      3. Maybe (and this is the reason that makes the most sense to me, based on what the 7 ethereals told us*) spirits and ETs of many kinds from many levels have been monitoring humans on Earth, closed off as we are by our five senses from the vast, flourishing, invisible dimensions around us. And they’ve been discussing how best to start opening us carnal humans up to the grander reality beyond the Earth. Well, the Scole experiments and the INIT experience gave us an amazing glimpse into the other side. And that, I believe, was the intent.

      * “In the course of bygone decades…” https://macyafterlife.com/2010/05/16/humanity-as-seen-from-ethereal-eyes-part-1/

      Now, I believe, they’re giving humanity the time and the opportunity to assimilate the information. The 7 ethereals also reminded us in INIT that we shouldn’t expect the great ITC contacts just to keep streaming into our world; there would be quiet times too, when we would be expected to digest and spread the information. It would be a slow evolution. (Humanity always bristles at new or unfamiliar truths that disrupt the status quo that is based on misinformation and limited knowledge.)

      So, long story short, I really believe that if dedicated teams of us earthly humans can do our part to overcome our ITC and spiritual shortcomings (polish up our noble side), then a new, more glorious era of ITC will commence. And THAT is the reason for that new worlditcnet website I’ve been developing. Hopefully it will help us humans overcome the anonymities, doubts, fears, mistrust, and other savage motivations that keep us trapped in the dark… all to become more “ITC-worthy”.


  6. angusmacro says:

    Did you friends/contacts ‘in spirit’ say their good-byes before the plug was pulled?

    • Mark Macy says:

      To me? No. I just get impressions and have dreams from the folks in spirit who are still in touch, just not through radios, phones, etc.

      To Maggy in Luxembourg? I’m sure she’s also in touch psychospiritually if not via technology.

      What’s your point?


      • angusmacro says:

        I’m trying to see a little more of ‘the big picture’ concerning what happened and why the ITC stopped as it did.

        I’ve been reading the various pages you’ve posted and trying to understand what led to what and preferably why. I’m also curious why both your own ITC and the communications in Scole, UK ceased abruptly around the same time. I had expected the activities of the NSSF to bear fruit in the longer term and having read the account of ITC going back to the 80s (I think it was) I would have expected that would have borne fruit similarly over the longer term.

        Contact through dreams etc. are commonplace but less so – I thought – that of ITC. Maybe it’s just my own lack of awareness of all the events that’s making it hard for me to follow?

  7. Jim says:

    “Then, around the year 2000, the contacts ended.”
    Edited from 2016 December 12 at 5:24 pm comment:
    “ … no further ITC contacts to my Colorado ITC group until I would have strengthened the mediumistic bridge … So it’s apparent that ITC contacts do rely on some mediumistic abilities”

    Perhaps we could look at the earlier technology-mediated-communication as getting your attention, saying “Look, we’re here!”, to encourage you to look further.

    Now they are stepping back (as we do as parents when we show a child something then step back to let them work and grow and learn for themselves) to let each of us in our own way connect. Although an electrical engineer, I recognize that my connection (to my larger self) must be direct, just as my ‘connection’ to my hand is direct. Technology might get your attention, but it’s the finger pointing at the moon: you’re being invited to look at and learn about the moon, NOT to get lost in looking at the finger.

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