The Human Heart, a Living Spiral

I read a most fascinating article recently about the heart. Did you know?…

  • The heart isn’t just a big lump of tireless muscle with chambers; it’s a long, living, helical belt that wraps around on itself into a tightly wound spiral that becomes the familiar heart shaped structure we all know and love. Knowing that the heart s like a band of wound-up spring steel helps to explain how it can do its impossible task of pumping blood nonstop throughout the body over the course of a lifetime…
  • The heart has a powerful energy field that is “scalar” in nature (outside time and space) and carries information… reminiscent of what is sometimes called life energy or chi or Shakti or holy spirit.

For centuries mystics have called the heart “the seat of the soul,” and it’s exciting (to me) to see scientists and doctors coming to the same conclusion but with their own vocabulary and cosmology.

The article that goes into some depth on the subject with illustrations, and has links to some excellent videos, was written by my friend John Day, a retired surgeon. Here’s the link:

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2 Responses to The Human Heart, a Living Spiral

  1. John says:

    Thank for posting this comment, and the link to “The Spiral of Life.”

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