Should Humanity Really Know About the Afterlife?… a Debate

To know or not to know?… that seems to be the question.

Is it better for us to enjoy our worldly dramas as we do… blind to the invisible spiritual activity flourishing around us 24/7… or would we be better off really understanding everything…

  • The astral paradise where most of us awaken after we die…
  • The shadow world of confused and troubled “lost souls” that blankets the Earth like a dark spiritual cloud…
  • The finer realms of ethereal beings who essentially live forever and observe the troubles of our world from a mostly detached view…
  • And, at the center of everything, God or Allah or Brahman or the Great Central Sun… a flicker of Whom rests at the center of our being… a soul… the real you and me.

Would it be better if we all knew about all this stuff, or would that knowledge cause too many problems for us during this roller-coaster ride here on Earth? Would it be a distraction as we try to get things done in this world?

My friend-whom-I’ve-never-met Nicola suggested a debate on the subject, in comments of my previous post, so with this short post we hope to stimulate a discussion…..  MM

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61 Responses to Should Humanity Really Know About the Afterlife?… a Debate

  1. Nicola says:

    Thanks for starting this off Mark. I expect this could open a can of worms.

    Obviously it isn’t a terrible idea, because the ITC is being allowed.

    However, the things I have read and the observations I make about our world leads me to believe that absolute knowledge of our soul journey would make very little difference at best, and give us hell on earth at worst.

    People born into difficult or terrible situations with knowledge of the continuing journey will mostly opt out. I think we would see more suicides and more mercy killings, simply to press the reset button and have another go.

    In fact there may as well be no such thing as Earth as a school if we know its secret use. If everything is more splendid on the other side, why would we voluntarily go to what would be hellish in comparison? I understand that because of these differences, lessons are learned quicker on Earth. But what is the rush if we have all eternity? Where are we going? Is our final destination god? And if so, what do we do when we get there? Is it all over at that point? Are we finally dead?

    I understand there is no hell, other than what we make. By this I mean that all people live in a heaven of their own. The evil gravitate to the evil, the good to the good. So even the evil live in heaven where I suppose they are free to out-evil each other, with their victims being each other, or people here on Earth. In short there are no consequences such as an eternity burning in hell. Would we see more killers come to fruition that are otherwise held back by the belief in eternal damnation?

    I don’t know where we are going with ITC, but I think humanity may be better off not knowing, which is why it is perhaps only taken seriously by a comparative handful of people who use it to alleviate some pain. Perhaps we aren’t supposed to know on a mass scale.

    Disclaimer: I have no special knowledge of the hereafter other than a chatty team. We don’t talk about such things. I’ve read a lot and gleaned bits and pieces from the team over the course of a year plus.

  2. Mark Macy says:

    Big issues, Nicola. Too big for a hasty reply. I’m going to need a day or two to digest the information and see what comes together in my head. Nothing like starting off with a bang! Thanks for that. 🙂 Mark

  3. Eric says:

    Hello Mark, I have been following your website/blog for quite some time and I like the debate on this subject, so I wanted to chime in.

    I agree with Nicola.

    I doubt it would lead to something positive at this moment in time and I think it would most likely lead to some form of chaos, incomprehension, massive increase in suicides and maybe even (religious) wars…even more then we already have in this world.

    Maybe it might work if people are born in this world a little less “blank” and we would be (made) more aware about what our “objectives” are for this life and maybe even know/remember/understand about good/wrong doings (or lessons learned) in past lives….a bit like how a school in this world works.

    Or..maybe the “understanding of everything” should be left to a few “world-leaders” that have their hearts in the right place, so they can lead/prepare this world to a better place for everyone.


    • Nicola says:

      Is there such a thing as a world leader with their heart in the right place? By definition the ‘leader’ would have to have an ego the size of a small planet to think they are superior enough to be able to lead others, and egos damage this type of work.

      I don’t think this would ever happen. Political or even religious leaders are too much of this earth. 🙂

      We do need leaders of course, that’s our (human) nature. But I don’t believe they would be used by our brothers and sisters in spirit to lead a spiritual revolution.

      • Mark Macy says:

        Hey Nicola, Plato advocated ‘philosopher kings’ who would (presumably) run things wisely as political leaders. But then I guess it would depend on what KIND of philosophers became kings. If it was a bunch of existentialists, things could get a little gloomy. 🙂

        I’ve come to believe that if people take the time to foster their noble qualities (love, trust, honesty, sincerity), then they could be the kinds of leaders (in any political system) who bring peace and order to society.


      • Guitarplayergeorge says:

        Hi Nicola,
        Just wondering… “Would you use the words of your first paragraph to describe Ghandi?”

        • Nicola says:

          Ghandi was not a world leader but the pacifist leader of the INC. The spirituality came first, leadership second. This is a really important difference between him and people like Trump, Putin and before them, Hitler, Churchill, Lincoln.

          I was talking about the humans where leadership comes first, last and everything. Not as embarrassing and unwanted flatulence following a job well done.

          These are apples and oranges. I wouldn’t put Ghandi in the same box as Hitler.

          • Mark Macy says:

            George, good point. If noble individuals like Gandhi could be leading government, things MIGHT be better. But maybe those people are better off detached from society, working as an example for the rest of us to admire and live up to.

            But as Nicola suggests (or as I interpret), when a person winds up in charge of an unruly group of humans, they seem to have no choice but to grab on to the noble-savage character of the people. Then they have to set a course and navigate through the noble-savage upswells of society and the world.

            But Gandhi? Gotta’ love him.


            • Nicola says:

              I don’t know where George was going with that.
              World leaders, in this context, are heads of state – prime ministers, presidents, royalty, dictators. Ghandi was none of those things so didn’t fall into the ‘world leader’ box I was referring to when I was talking about egomaniacs.

          • Mark Macy says:

            Depends how you define “world leader,” I guess.

            Leader of world politics… leader of transformative thought (like Gandhi or Christ)… influence on world fashion or music……????

            But I agree, Nicole, usually when we think of “world leaders,” we think of the politicians.


          • Mark Macy says:

            I wrote the above comment while thinking about Gandhi in the later years as a sort of wandering ascetic. I’d forgotten that he was something of a world leader, or at least very politically involved, in his efforts against British colonialism.



    • Mark Macy says:

      A synchronicity happened this morning, Nicola and Eric. I was hooking up our new soundbar directly to the DVR/app box (since our old flatscreen TV doesn’t have audio output), and to try it out I happened to select a movie recently added to Netflix… called “Discovery.”

      It was about the very issue you two bring up: Truth about the afterlife is revealed, and now millions of people are committing suicide. I watched about half of the movie then decided to take a break to write this comment.

      The movie is dramatized, to keep it interesting, and probably an exaggeration of how eager everyone is to ‘check out’ after they learn how nice things are on the other side… but who really knows. From my own experience, since learning about the afterlife through ITC contacts I no longer have any fear of dying, in fact I look forward to moving on, when the time’s right. I’m in no hurry, though. There are still plenty of wonderful opportunities and adventures left in this lifetime, even at age 68. I don’t look forward to the actual dying part, which can be unpleasant, but the afterlife part will be a welcome outcome… much subtler and lighter than the Earth experience.

      Anyway, for me, knowledge of the afterlife hasn’t made me in any way suicidal. Just the opposite: Now I want to adjust my life according to what I’ve learned about life and afterlife, and how the two are interrelated.


      • Nicola says:

        No surprise. Netflix have been pushing that film for months – even more since it was aired. It’s pretty dire. In fact I moaned about it in my own blog last week. They got the suicide partially right, in my opinion,but I don’t think it would be as prevalent as the film makes out. There’s always going to be an element of distrust even when you see absolute proof. And some people actually like Earth and it’s hard knock life. 🙂

  4. Ricky says:

    My initial thoughts are that it would be beneficial to let people know that there is an afterlife – but the information containing the finer details and layout of the spirit worlds would likely be best kept to those that are prepared to handle it responsibly.

    Knowledge of our spirit reality would mostly benefit those with terminal illnesses, or those who are seeking to use the information to explore ITC and build carefully-constructed bridges to the other side.

    I can see this debate going on for a very long time..! 🙂


    • Nicola says:

      I think the finer details are already shared with people, but there has been no gag from the other side to say what can be done with that information, for the most part. However despite the information being there, it is mostly ignored.
      I suspect if our brothers and sisters on the other side hijacked all of the world’s news stations simultaneously for half an hour and brought forward well known faces to talk about their new lives, it would be dismissed as a hoax, and the well known faces as actors with good make up. Even investigating further and finding that there is no earthly point broadcasting the transmission would probably just yield a shrug of the shoulders and a sigh that we just dont possess the science to understand it yet.
      Similar happened with an alleged alien transmission on the UK ITV station where Cliff Michelmore was trying to present the news in the 1970s or 80s. The programme was interrupted for a good while and the speaker tried to warn our planet that we are on a path of destruction.
      A hoax, perhaps, who knows. But I don’t think a hoaxer was ever found, and the prank wasn’t claimed.
      In other words, even if a lot of humans are hit over the head with it I don’t think they would dare to believe. So this debate is probably largely theoretical anyway. 🙂

    • Mark Macy says:

      I tend to agree, Ricky. People would benefit knowing there’s an afterlife. As far as the details, though, many probably wouldn’t resonate with what the folks at Timestream told us, maybe because of their religious or scientific beliefs. Maybe the details could be made available as one possible scenario that they might or might not want to consider.


  5. Mark Macy says:

    After growing up in a small-town newspaper family and later getting a degree in journalism, I guess I never really thought about what information should or shouldn’t be fed to the public. Just dig for the facts and get them out to the public. Those who resonate with the “facts” presented will devour them; those who don’t will ignore them. (I put “facts” in quotes because this whole material world is really an illusion, if you believe, as I do, the mystics who seem to have found God or finer spirit in their journeys here on Earth.)

    I think maybe that this whole issue of whether humanity today is ready to know everything we’ve learned about the afterlife… maybe it all has to do with what The Seven ethereals refer to as “the project.”

    “In the course of bygone decades, of thousands of earthly years, beings interested in the human species meet to decide on the continuation of the project. You must not imagine that only The Seven implicated in the actual development of INIT are there. No, it is a coming together of all entities interested in mankind. The interests are various….”

    Since the year 2000 I’ve slowly adjusted and refined my thoughts on what “the project” really is. I’m going to have to stew on this for a day or two and then try to write a coherent comment to add to this one. I think it all ties in to the thoughts and ideas you guys are expressing so well here (Nicola, Eric, Ricky….)


    • Mark Macy says:

      The Seven ethereals told us, essentially, that for a long time many sorts of entities (ethereals like themselves, ETs, paradise humans, troubled souls stuck near the Earth, and others) all have been debating about “the project”… and whether or not it should continue.

      Now, as I see it today (after slowly digesting the message for a number of years), “the project” was/is an effort to develop,to observe, and to try to influence a species of short-lived, temperamental humans (us) who might be able to survive and flourish on Planet Earth… which is a troubled world because of things that happened long ago (such as the destruction of Eden, contention with ancient reptiles, and then the civilization of Atlantis, where seeds were planted for this, the Second Epoch.

      More about that here:

      We seem to be at a real crucial crossroads today, and a lot will depend on whether we humans have it in us to come together in small, cohesive groups, to take the necessary steps to resonate with each other, and to keep our sights on the finer, lighter aspects of spirit while protecting ourselves from the darkness (skepticism, envy, contempt, and fear) not only within us but also around us… people and spirits who have other agendas and see unity and light as a threat.

      ITC in the late 1990s was, I believe, an effort by those ethereal beings to let us know that we live in vital times and have some important decisions to make. If we can take that big step to forge a connection with the light (by polishing up our own inner natures), then “the project” will continue. And it doesn’t have to be everyone on Earth who can come together in trust and good will… just a small group of people committed to the project and to each other and to our spirit group… and to the continuation of life on Earth.

      Before we can succeed, I think we need to understand the bigger picture that The Seven described to us… which is what I’ve been trying hard to do with this website. Once we understand what’s really going on with “the project,” then we’ll be able to determine whether we’re up to the task… that is, fostering what I’ve come to call our “noble side” of love, trust, honesty, and good will, and putting it in the driver’s seat. Relegating our “savage side” with its fear, deception, and suspicion into the back seat.

      “The continuation of the project” seems to depend upon our ability to do that. Again, not EVERYone, but at least small groups of people who can resonate with each other.

      For that important task, it’s probably necessary for these small groups to know everything there is to know about the afterlife, from the light, ethereal realms to the dense, dark shadow world surrounding our planet.


      • Mark Macy says:

        On the other hand… I don’t want to come off sounding like a doomsday prophet… one of those bearded guys with the sign, “The end is nigh.’

        And I told myself (and my wife Regina) when I got involved in ITC that I would not get preoccupied by notions of the End Times. I was going to lots of new-age/spiritual-metaphysical conferences at the time (in the late 1990s), and there were always people there with End Times maps, books, and scenarios. Also, there were some older researchers (very bright men and women) who were convinced of approaching End Times around the year 2000, and I felt that perhaps the fact that they felt a close attachment to the world… well, maybe they were projecting their own, personal approaching ‘end-times’ (end-of-a-lifetime) to the world.

        I don’t want to do that… and so my intention is to let that comment of mine above be the last time I dwell on the End Times here on this blog. Can’t promise, but that’s what I intend. At age 68, I’m not sure I can trust my aging brain on matters of the metaphysical fate of the world… having seen what I saw among some very brilliant elderly men and women at the 1990s conferences. (The political and economic fate of the world… that’s another matter, something I write about on my other website.)

        Anyway, “The Project” that The Seven referred to might not actually be related to the continuation of humanity. The Project might just be the opening of gateways between our world and the afterlife, as I assumed during the years of INIT (1995-2000). It’s only since then that I began to believe that maybe “the Project” was the development and evolution of humanity on Earth. That latter scenario makes more sense to me, based on the contacts from The Seven relating to Eden, Atlantis, and humanity… but I’m not 100% certain at this point.

        Long story short, I see much logic in the argument that the general public is better off not knowing about all aspects of the afterlife. Fortunately, this website has a rather small, exclusive readership, and I hope it remains that way… something for seekers.

        (Well, Nicola, maybe you DID open a ‘can of worms’ with this discussion) 🙂

  6. Brian Edwards says:

    Hi Mr. Macy,

    Great topic here and this is certainly a discussion that should be had.

    I can relate to both points of view. I guess the only thing that I can add would be some concern from my own personal experience over how people respond to this type of disclosure and if it would inspire more people to seek to take up spirit communication on their own.

    I’ve commented on your blog before about how my brief experimentation with EVP went bad towards then end when negative spirits essentially broke in and caused a lot of problems for me, it was quite a traumatic experience, and I am still in fact dealing with some of the after effects to this day.

    Since this happened to me two years ago, I’ve met several others who have also had bad experiences …even traumatic experiences after experimenting with things like EVP and Spirit Boxes. I’m very glad that in your writing you do talk about the reality of the Shadow World that is so close to us because I think when many people get into this type of thing based off of what their seeing on Youtube and TV (and I admit that was me two years ago), a run in with the Shadow World is very likely.

    So, on the one hand I’m glad that I discovered personally that there is more to reality, but on the other hand, if I had a chance to go back in time and do it over, I’d probably stay clear of it all because of the trauma that these negative spirit attachments caused me.

    So the knowledge in itself I’m glad about, but the cost was very high in my case. I think a full realization of the reality of the spirit worlds would indeed be a mixed bag, at least while the nature of the Shadow World is the way it is.

    I was wondering, in your work with ITC groups, was the spirit contact mostly the spirit teams contacting your group or was it the earthside researchers seeking initiating the contact?

    As you have mentioned, it would seem that certain conditions have to be right to avoid interference from troubled spirits that seek to cause disruption.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I too had a brush with the more troubled entities during my research, on various occasions.

      • – – – When our INIT group was going through its difficulties I got some pesky contacts (by phone and radio) from irritating spirits trying to disrupt things.
      • – – – While running the luminator in our home for several years, I got the impression that there were teams and hordes of spirits in our house affecting my family… for better and for worse.

      So… the question remains: Is it better for the general public to know about the wonders of the spirit world (along with the dangers), or are they better off flying blind or wearing kaleidoscopes or rose-colored glasses?

      As this dialog continues, I’m no longer so sure what the answer is.


      • Mark Macy says:

        Brian, in answer to your important question (which I overlooked on first reading your comment; sorry about that), Maggy Fischbach started dabbling with EVP and soon got the voice of Technician coming through. He’s one of “The Seven” ethereals who (among many other ethereal beings, i’m sure) have been observing humanity in its development and have tried to give us humans a helping hand. For some reason (probably having to do with her basic honesty and sincerity and other noble qualities), Maggy was apparently chosen by Technician’s ethereal group to be a part of a landmark communication bridge, carefully facilitated and protected by The Seven. They helped to facilitate the development of Timestream spirit group (a very respectful, well-intentioned group of humans-now-in-spirit) to work with Maggy at the other end of the bridge. It was obvious to me that she resonated with that spirit group and they loved her because of it. They (Timestream and The Seven) encouraged her (I believe) to get out of her comfort zone by getting researchers to unite in one mind. That led to the formation of INIT, of which I was a part. The Seven made it clear that a unity of mind would be crucial to the successful development of ITC here on Earth.

        That’s at least a partial answer to your question. If I think of other important facts, I’ll try to add them later……..


    • Nicola says:

      Hi Brian

      I know that was directed at Mark, but I may be able to help you.
      It’s strange but the darker forces are not mentioned in spiritual ITC nowadays. In fact, ask an ITC researcher that is trying to promote ITC and most of them will speak to you as if you are the only one who has ever experienced this. You are a freak, you are bad, you deserve it and like attracts like (without actually saying it outright). Poppycock.

      My own experience came in the form of imposters who broke my heart when I thought they were my real spirit team and became emotionally abusive over the course of several months. I was very naive and had no idea this could happen. Partially as a result of these things, I no longer publish my EVP as it draws earthly attention and emotions, not necessarily good. These in turn draw the negative deceased, the curtain twitchers, the looks-loos and the nasty. I am now under the radar and boring. I don’t get involved with others (apart from here) and I’m nobody special. I am not a threat.

      From my point of view I do not see these negative things as anything frightening, but as people that waste our time, and are repulsive. The emotional and spiritual barrier that went up (automatically) when I realised they weren’t my beloved team was sufficient to all but obliterate their ability to meddle (I could barely hear them). Or perhaps they just got bored. From time to time they still break through. The last time was a few days ago when they told me to close down my site because it would ‘serve (me) best’ (I don’t care about what serves me, that was their mistake). If they can’t be ignored I end the session.

      They’re like hecklers. If you put yourself forward and you are actually getting results, I think this is inevitable. Mark and INIT had their own experience of somebody pretending to be Dr Raudive. I think our signals go out pretty much unguarded and like a lighthouse, our beacon draws people – good and bad.

      Hope that helps in some way.

      By the way I wouldn’t recommend spirit boxes for anything but paranormal (ghost) research. A spirit box seems to me to be a crude way of communicating. I haven’t heard my team through any method but a computer and a sound file. I have tried DRV, spirit box apps, PB7 and silence, so I’m not without a little experience of these methods. They prefer the gibberish.


  7. Julie Toney says:

    Hello ,I personally love knowing that I’m energy and that I shall continue after this life and hopefully reach the dizzy heights of Summerland….😀

  8. Nicola says:

    There is also the matter of the misuse of ITC communication if it ever got accepted as normal.
    How many people will actually want to talk to and use the lower spirits for their own gain? How many people actually want to be with the good, so won’t care if they end up in their own version of heaven in the shadowlands?
    Rather than inspire joy, awe and wonder, in a significant percentage of the population it will inspire greed and powerlust.
    I am not saying the shadowland is filled with demons and monsters willing to do the bidding of a human for the price of a soul, but just imagine how much influence people in the shadowland could exert if asked, and will do so just for the pleasure of having something destructive to do with their time. My own team are perfectly capable of shaking me awake from a deep sleep with invisible hands that I feel on me as I wake. If they can physically interact with our world, so can the others. Imagine the harm they could do to a human body if given a reason.
    I think ITC is probably at the stage where it should be.
    In fact.. if I were on the other side right now I would be pleading with them to stop before it’s too late.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Spot on, Nicola. INIT was afforded the support and protection of finer spiritual energies who made it possible to sustain a bridge of mutual love and respect across the veil. Even then, the secure bridge broke down once in a while as our savage inclinations (on Earth) started to stir up animosities among the membership… and other, darker spirits were then pulled into the bridge for a while… until we could sort things out and reestablish the mutual trust and good will with each other (on Earth). Then those finer spiritual energies could once again stabilize the contact field, and our wonderful spirit friends at Timestream were again in charge of the sending station, and the communications of respect, wisdom, and love once again started to stream through our equipment.

      That’s why I eventually gave up my experiments altogether… an unstable contact bridge that was vulnerable to shadow entities became the norm.

      If a team of Earth researchers are able to commit to the inner work that sustains trust and good will among them… and if another stable ITC bridge is able to be sustained in my lifetime.. then my dream has come true.

      If not, then it’s time to move on… and dream on…. 🙂


      • Nicola says:

        I think the time is already upon us that we no longer need to work in teams. I think ITC has advanced on the other side to allow strong communication with just one soul. Perhaps thirty years ago their technology needed a group of souls to present brilliant communication. Now they seem to be able to work with solo souls (Bacci (ret.), Cardoso, Rinaldi). Haven’t heard of any of them getting the negative guys. (?)

        I hope so anyway. Put two souls in a room together and it’s just a matter of time before the savagery surfaces. It will only work, consistently, with one soul, and when that soul passes on, it dies with them. But as more people become aware of ITC there are successors to step into their shoes and the work goes on. 🙂

        • Nicola says:

          Just realised, of course those three have probably been working for thirty years so perhaps the technology has always been there. 🙂

        • Mark Macy says:

          Yes, Nicola, I think the “powers that be” in ITC, the gatekeepers (you know who you are 🙂 ) first tried opening good bridges with select researchers whose hearts were in the right place and who also had that elusive ITC knack to shape things with their minds (Koenig, Bacci, Maggy Fischbach, and others), then they said (and I paraphrase), “The next stage of ITC will happen when researchers can work together with one mind.”

          So I still think that the future of ITC rests on our ability to find peace and resonance among a group of researchers dedicated to each other and to the task at hand: Working with good souls on the other side for the betterment of humanity and the world.

          It’s basically a simple test: Do we humans have it in us to work together in harmony for an extended period of time?… such that we are worthy of intergalactic, interdimensional collaboration with other species and communities of good souls? “Much depends on” the answer to that question.


  9. Nicola says:

    Honestly the more time goes on, the further from the spiritual we seem to be getting. I don’t thInk we will ever be able to work together with one mind.
    I hope the gatekeepers will be able to ‘dumb it down’ so they can use the power of just one soul.

    How many of you read this and thought I was being pessimistic and grim, perhaps wrong and therefore probably not as bright or of as sunny a disposition as you? That’s it, right there! It’s the thoughts that foil you, and foil your connection. Even thinking ‘bless her, she needs some light’, is implying superiority, and there you have it again. You would have to be a saint to be able to stop those thoughts, or missing a vast part of you cerebral cortex.

    That’s what I mean. We cannot possibly resonate to the degree we need to with another person in the mix. We judge from the moment we open our eyes.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Nicola, I think something like this will show up in the future to provide a good personal tool for people’s self-attunement.

      Granted, I threw this together kind of fast to put together a new website, but I think it includes the kinds of things that individuals can do to get them into a more resonant state of mind.

      Those personal efforts are monitored by our friends on the other side… assuming we have some sort of intention of fostering spiritual connections. I believe there are many folks in spirit who are waiting for people on our side to make the effort.


    • Mark Macy says:

      When I see the stuff that goes on in politics and business, it often seems totally hopeless. Still, individual efforts to rise above the savage world are very much appreciated on many levels…..

  10. kate says:

    If spirit didn’t want us to tell everything then why would they tell us in the first place…assuming they are the genuine ones…surly they are not going to trust us unreliable humans with information that would damage mankind? Does someone like marcello Bacci get negative entities on his old valve radio, …I don’t know but I doubt it. There’s people out there that work for spirit who do a very good job helping others there’s no need to pursue something that causes problems for ourselves….if in doubt leave it out. I’m starting to doubt very much that I will pursue ITC I do feel that it will come if the times right.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Kate, I think you caught the gist of the situation. The spirit worlds and all sorts of spirits are out there among us, and not all of them are helpful and pleasant… just as not every aspect of a person’s consciousness is helpful and pleasant. Fortunately there are apparently some higher-level “gatekeeper” entities out there who have the best interests and wishes for humanity, and who try to help us see the bigger picture… and, as you say, will probably know when “the time’s right” for ITC.


  11. Nicola says:

    I think we would be wise to avoid deifying the communicators. For the most part they will not be pure or angelic, they are doing the best they can just like good and well intentioned ITC researchers. By this I mean that the communicators will be given free will to do what they think is best and good, and I mean the communicators that work in ITC teams otherside and are therefore sufficiently unchanged from the human blueprint to be unreachable. (I’m disregarding extra terrestrials – not an interest of mine as I don’t even understand my own species let alone an alien species).

    The more enlightened are more detached from humanity and its petty squabbles (I think), and to them I think it would make no difference whether knowledge of them ITC brings harmony or disharmony. We all end up in the same place and suffering is part of being human.

    Of course Bacci had negative or false voices. He would have learned quickly to ignore them, and I think if you are ignored long enough you go away. It is simply not true that ITC researchers ONLY hear from the good or the angelic. The ones who think they have a one way phone to the good only are delusional, liars or ignorant, and there is no other kind of ITC researcher that utters that.

    If you consider ITC as a direct route to good you will be shocked. You are shining a light in the dark, and you will attract everybody that is bored/angry as well as the good. And you need to understand also that you may not even know they are the wrong kind until you have been hurt (as happened to me). They are good impersonators, and itc work is currently like talking on the phone to friends that are at noisy cocktail parties with no door policy keeping out hooligans.

    If there are any doubts about your ability to emotionally handle liars and creeps, don’t do ITC or ANY communication of any sort.

    We are one, and I am nothing but another soul. That is my experience, for what it’s worth.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Some good points there, Nicola. I’ve worked in some start-up high-tech companies, and some of them figured if you offer big salaries you’ll attract the best engineers. In fact, big salaries attracted EVERYone. As you said, ITC researchers with a “shining light” attract not just the light beings, but a LOT of spirits. That, I think, is probably why students of Hindu and Buddhist meditation always go through a period of having to clear the “monkey mind” and to contend with lots of troubled spirit entities as they move through their various levels of consciousness, purifying themselves along the way, eventually to reach the heart, the soul, or the state of nirvana or enlightenment… at which point they apparently have risen above the clatter.

      ITC is a bridge between us carnal humans and those entities at the third level who are most like us. I think maybe the intent of an ITC bridge is for the carnal humans working together to try to polish up their minds as much as they can (love, trust, honesty, good will, concern for the less fortunate…) so that they attract a spirit team of like disposition. Not such an easy thing for us humans to do… as you say below.


  12. Nicola says:

    I just wanted to add that sometimes you do have a direct line to the right people and you will know that because they will tell you that they love you over and over again (in between other communications). Even then you can be interrupted by a heckler telling you to eff off etc. That’s life (and afterlife) and until we establish a way to circumnavigate the crowds, that’s how it will stay. Even then we will only truly know when we have left earth and live in our next reality.

    • kate says:

      Hi Nicola thanks for reply. I’ve been in circles and done developement for mediumship and had a lot of things via electrical stuff which switched me on to ITC. I walked away from training to be a medium and healer ,even though i loved the people, because it didn’t feel right for me. I was lucky enough to not encounter anything negative and I refuse to entertain the thoughts that I wouldn’t be able to handle entities that enter our frequency….it’s my way of dealing with the subject. Now, I don’t disbelieve you in saying what you do…I’ve never done ITC at the level you have and to be honest hearing this has put me off a bit. I’ve always believed that fear plays a big part in the negative but as I said I’ve not done what you have. One thing i’ve noticed about any good medium is the ones I class as exceptional are very often the least knowledgeable…could be totally inaccurate but after seeing and training with many it seems to be the case. I really wanted to help people who are grieving in a natural uncontrived way but I’ve decided I’m not going to seek out ways of doing it other than the things I’ve already done. The world is such a mess and I think it would be more use, at the moment, sending out healing and prayer…I’m also active in other activist things that seem to be more ground level than esoteric. I really do admire your honesty and thoughts on the subject I think you could write a very interesting book Nicola x

      • Nicola says:

        I doubt anything I write would be of any interest to any but the most voracious reader of ITC literature (and therefore reads everything including anything I had to say), but thank you for the compliment. I will leave the writing to Mark. 🙂

        I spent some time in the spiritualist church many years ago and even sat in the church circle. But the egos there (and I suspect in many churches) are huge, with competition rife to be the best, the most sensitive. But sensitivity is nothing without extreme humility. You cannot successfully communicate what is intended if too much of your Self goes into it. We all have this problem to a greater or lesser degree. The people that train for many years to suppress the ego would be the most accurate if they had the sensitivity to go with the humility, and the inclination to do that sort of work.

        Receiving training from another human being is also filled with pitfalls (and ego). Cherry picking what seems right from books and learning that way avoids the egos of others.

        But, as Mark would attest from various correspondence, I am not a people (in body) person, and have no faith in more than one human at a time being able to sustain useful contact. 😀

        • kate says:

          I’ve shown a few spiritual, broad minded friends Marks youtube stuff and the response is strange..they glaze over and go very quiet, my guess is they can’t believe it. Very interesting as a couple of them have spent many years taking part in all sorts of spiritual activities, I’ve also put forward Marks web sites and work on my local paranormal investigation group fakebook page with no response.. it’s a very miopic observation but people seem to struggle believing it. I used to write up stuff on Arthur Findlay Facebook page saying ITC could be the new mediumship for the future and oh dear that didn’t go down very well apart from trance mediums there was a bit of outrage from people who maybe felt threatened and seemed to be blinkered. I see exactly why you suggested the topic about do you tell people or not…it had me thinking for hours yesterday. It reminds me of an aritcle I read when someone (i forget) put forward the idea that healers shouldn’t heal that we should leave people to carry on with their own destiny and not try to change things…same sort of thing really. I’m soon going to talk myself into just not doing anything at all 🙂 Just sit on a bench like Eckhart Tolle and just be…maybe i do understand what he says afterall.

          • Nicola says:

            Hmm, the idea that healers don’t heal people seems extreme and I don’t see any reason behind that argument. People will just suffer if that is witheld. :/

          • Mark Macy says:

            Kate & Nicola, my wife Regina’s an energy healer, but she insists she’s not really “a healer,” but just a carnal vehicle that finer beings can use to help deliver healing energies here in this dense world, to people who need it. I definitely disagree with those who think, “don’t help people heal, let them suffer what they’re meant to suffer.” I don’t think we humans are intended to suffer, but rather that some of our ancient ancestors made some bad choices at critical times in the evolution or development of humanity, so that we today still have to contend with the consequences. In any case, alleviating human suffering is a noble service of the highest order here on Earth… imho…

      • Mark Macy says:

        Bingo, Kate. Thank you for that. It’s a reminder to me if a person’s heart is really “in the right place,” their dealings with the other side will be positive.

        • Nicola says:

          I wonder if it is possible for a healing channeller to unintentionally channel bad spirits and harm the recipient accidentally? Hmmm!

          • Mark Macy says:

            I think that it depends on the mood and disposition of the channels, and that they do their best work when they’re “in good spirits.” Also, experienced practitioners tend to have a team of spirits working reliably with them, as I understand it. I’ll run it by Regina, and if her experience is different from that, I’ll let you know.

          • Mark Macy says:

            Regina told me, simply: “Man is the instrument used by God to heal.”
            I suppose that makes sense. If you believe in God (as we do), then all of those ethereal intercessors can pick up the message or intent and delegate as needed. I suspect it works something like that.

        • kate says:

          Thanks you both..a subject well worth thinking about and very usefull to anyone embarking on the practice of ITC. Conclusion for me…should you tell…yes, the ones that can’t process it wont and will just think your mad as a box of frogs 🙂

  13. kate says:

    Got to add that all the training and teachers time involved in helping me didn’t go to waste I try to implement what I know as much as I can even to the point at a doctors visit I was sending him healing thoughts because he looked so stressed, bit ironic and funny really, don’t know if it helps but worth a go. The ripple effect of very small things can make a big difference…I know it has in my life.

  14. Julie Toney says:

    Mark ,I believe in your experience wholeheartedly,but I would like to know your view of Richard Dawkins ,and Sam Harris to say I’m confused is an understatement ,I know we are all entitled to our own opinions but when you have no experience of your own to draw from it makes coming to conclusions difficult .I wondered if you could offer me some perspective 😱

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi julie,

      I’m not familiar with Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris. I’ll do a quick search for general impressions and let you know.


      • Nicola says:

        I don’t know who Sam Harris is, but Richard Dawkins is a well known atheist, anti-creationist, biologist and orator.

        I associate Richard Dawkins with Christopher Hitchins (journalist, social commentator – died 2011), though in my opinion Dawkins is a far inferior orator and evangelist of the atheist/anti-creationist cause. If you want to confuse, but amuse, yourself still further, please look for Hitchins on YouTube. Prior to becoming involved in ITC I examined all angles and thoroughly enjoyed Christopher Hitchins’s charismatic, hilarious, but ultimately mostly incorrect opinions about God and survival. Even with his charm and wit and with my open mind, I still came down on the side of survival. Yes, I have a bit of a crush on him. I resent Wikipedia referring to him as Anglo-American. He was English. Another nail in the coffin of respectability for Wikipedia for me.

        Don’t let their powerful, amusing and intelligent arguments convince you we don’t survive. However ridiculous they consider the idea, I think it’s more ridiculous to believe we are animated blood, meat and bones, courtesy of our brain. Evidence for survival is plentiful and far exceeds anything science otherwise requires to be ‘proof’ of a theory in any other area.

        Though lacking the waspish charisma of Christopher Hitchins you will find even more qualified arguments for survival in Dr. Eben Alexander (neuro-surgeon), Dr Robert Lanza (scientist, stem cell researcher, doctor), Dr. Raymond Moody (psychologist, physician), Rupert Sheldrake (biologist) and professor Dr. Ernst Senkovski (physicist).

        I haven’t yet come across a charismatic personality like Hitch arguing for survival. Which is a shame.

      • Julie Toney says:

        Thank you it’s an oxymoron really as I should just go with my own feelings☺

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hm, Dawkins and Harris are what I think of as militant atheists or savage skeptics… the way abortion-clinic bombers are militant or savage Christians. Here’s a good article I found quickly about the “New Atheists.”

      The key to all of this is our human nature… how each of us has a noble side (love, trust, good will, tolerance…) and a savage side (fear, hate, intolerance, mistrust…).

      When our noble side is at work, ANY religious or political or secular activity is a beneficial thing for the world and for humanity.

      When our savage side is at work, ANY religious or political or secular activity is a harmful thing for the world and for humanity.

      MY problem is when I start hating the haters or distrusting the distrusters. It’s when I seem to start having angry dreams. 🙂

      That, I think, is why Jesus advocated turning the other cheek and told his supporters in the Garden of Gethsemane not to fight the soldiers who’d arrived to arrest him.

      So, I think the answer is not in what religion or politics you choose to get involved with. I think the answer is to choose noble living instead of savage living. That’s when everything starts working more smoothly in human affairs… even if you become a noble force getting ground up by savage forces. (But in the history of human affairs, I suspect that is the exception… noble forces being harmed by savage forces; the general trend is probably noble forces flourishing together as savagery goes on elsewhere.)


  15. Julie Toney says:

    Thankyou….it made me question my own thoughts but yours and Nicolas opinions are worthy of having… to get some kind of perspective.I need to stop watching all these different points of view and concentrate on strengthening mine many thanks …..

  16. Robert Crabtree says:

    Plato said “the belief in immortality is the bond of every society, break the bond and society falls to pieces” Our church has ruled for 15 centuries by book, word, fear, fire and sword. She blames the people for her downfall. She cannot see that all is her doing and the people of today gain no confidence in her teachings and ridiculous dogmas. She bears a grave responsibility. After 5 centuries since Jesus she taught broadways of progress towards spiritual inspiration but the advent of certain Bishops and Roman Plontifs she changed course for a new direction based of earthly and financial interests of the church.. Here was where the dogmas started to creep in, non of which had anything to do with Jesus and his sublime and simple teachings. We are 15 centuries behind our true progress. Drastic change is needed before it is too late, but will they even listen?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Robert,
      I certainly agree about a belief in immortality. It helps remove the fear of death and makes life on Earth a lot more peaceful. 🙂
      I guess religions tried the best they could to make sense of ancient wisdom, and “the Church” became a bureaucracy with the kinds of troubles bureaucracies have (personalities, leadership issues….)
      Thanks for the comment!

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