Our Journey Resumes as the Website Becomes Shipshape

The clean-up of this website I discussed in the previous article wasn’t as complicated as I’d assumed it would be. It’s well underway, and so now I can start writing the next article in the Worlds Within Worlds series. It’ll probably be a smooth multi-tasking process in the future… writing a little here, fixing a little there….

The main thing I’ve done so far? I’ve added a Basic Truths page to the site (accessible in the banner at the top). I’ve also begun to add a synopsis of those (what I consider to be) “basic truths” at various places in the website, for example, at the end of the “About” page. Here’s what that truth provision looks like:

Note (added 2019-04-30): This website is built on what I consider to be a few basic truths and a lot of supporting ideas provided by science, metaphysics, myth, frontier science, and physical evidence such as ancient carvings and megaliths… and my own interpretations of all of this information. The basic truths are a series of ITC contacts that were received from ethereal beings in the closing years of the 20th Century (see ITC Gems and Humanity as Seen Through Ethereal Eyes)… almost like clear, unfiltered messages straight from God’s lips to our ears. They include:

  1. Humans originally came to Earth from Eden (Marduk) long, long ago and got marooned here.
  2. Humans (Edenite castaways) were on Earth, and life on Earth was peaceful, before the last ice age (which ended some 260 million years ago, around the time dinosaurs became prominent on Earth).
  3. The Edenites had descendants whom we today call Titans or demigods.
  4. A highly advanced, megalithic civilization preceded our civilization, and it was developed and governed by the Titans, whom we today would consider to be superhuman giants.
  5. Our civilization has been part of the “Second Epoch” (the First Epoch apparently having been that megalithic, global civilization that was called Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, and other names, whose pyramids, temples, and intricate carvings have survived the ages).
  6. Today we are approaching the end of the Second Epoch, which began in Babylon.
  7. Through it all, humans and all other physical things in our universe have had a close, intimate connection to our spiritual roots, since we all have subtle counterparts or copies or templates flourishing in many spiritual universes that are superimposed over our physical universe… like radio signals filling the same room.

So those are what I consider to be the basic truths that provide a foundation for this website.


That truth provision will help make this website stable enough to weather any storms stirred up in the future by skeptics who feel strongly that some of my interpretations are at odds with theories and beliefs and evidence that various scientific or religious groups hold sacred.

I’m willing to change my interpretations accordingly, if necessary… but the basic truths are set in stone, so to speak… not subject to negotiation.

There may be more of these basic truths added to the list in the coming months as I reflect on the ITC contacts we received from The Seven ethereals, but I think the list above is a good start.


About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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2 Responses to Our Journey Resumes as the Website Becomes Shipshape

  1. John R.M. Day says:

    Have you consulted with Bill about this?
    Bill is in the news everyday. Recently, he was even in the august and respected Boulder Daily Camera in an obscure editorial. I think he may have a righteous opinion, or two, or three, or seven.
    Of course, if things are non negotiable with these truths, which we readers of your site hold to be self evident, then Bill’s opinion is an unnecessary embellishment, and we can perhaps ignore it.
    Bill would probably just muddy up your mission, and our reading and enlightenment.
    Please excuse my fun.
    Retiring now, and faithfully yours,

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi John,

      Yes, I “noticed” that editorial comment in the Boulder Camera a couple of weeks ago. This morning I looked at recent headlines on the Internet, and apparently this “Bill” guy is still riling people up:


      Still not sure who he is, but he’s apparently a politician, and fortunately he seems to be losing steam lately:


      Oh, for pete’s sake, now there are two of these guys:



      Thanks for the comments about this new “truth provision” I’m adding to the website. I doubt if “Bill” will be messing things up here. He still seems to be totally wrapped up in his own little dramas.


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