The Approaching Storm

Thanks for exploring with me on this macyafterlife website over the years. We’ve crossed uncharted waters and visited mystical lands beyond time and space, where brilliant beings quietly beckoned us like gracious, guiding sirens. All along the way it’s been mostly smooth sailing on what has been (for me) a most exciting journey.

Now, in the early spring of 2019, I’m starting to wake up each morning with a growing sense that a storm (see below*) could be approaching. So I’m going to take some time off from writing new articles (maybe a few weeks or months) while I “batten down the hatches” and clean things up.

Basically I plan to go through this website with a critical eye, making a clearer distinction between the stuff that I believe is:

  • true (INIT’s ITC contacts),
  • reliable (science and solid evidence such as megalithic ruins), and
  • inspired (religion, myth, channeled information, alternative science, my own hypotheses and interpretations…).

So when the storm hits (if it hits), then, hopefully, we’ll face it head-on with a storm-worthy vessel.

I’ll try to get everything shipshape quickly, before the storm hits, because after that we’ll be too busy fighting to stay on course and to keep from capsizing.

Hm, whether the storm comes or not, it seems like a good idea at this point to do a thorough inspection of the vessel and to make it more seaworthy, so bear with me for a while. I’ll grab my toolbox…. 🙂

— Mark Macy

*A high-pressure front of what might be called rabid rationalism seems to be moving through the Internet here in the USA and might (or might not) be growing into a storm in the near future… a sort of reverse Inquisition whipped up by zealous factions from mainstream science, academia, and money-motivated special interests such as the oil and pharmaceutical industries.


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9 Responses to The Approaching Storm

  1. Julie Toney says:

    I know what you mean been researching myself and found a lot of stuff as well as yours that makes loads of sense when all put together…recently found Steve Treu and love what he has to say on the bible and quantum physics but not a lot on the after life for that I come to you Mark …enjoy your respite 😆

  2. Today is Earth Day, 2019.
    I perceive a gathering storm of geophysical, geopolitical, and socioeconomic forces. It is evident that each of these forces is becoming increasingly unstable, and unable to tend to themselves.
    If humans would simply stop tampering with the earth, she would quickly heal herself.
    The most important of these 3 problem zones which requires humanity’s attention and efforts is earth’s geophysical decline. How can humans pull together in a concerted effort to save our beautiful earth home from further degradation? Can humans even pull together over this?
    The answers and solutions will surely rest in how we begin to educate people at all levels of formal and informal schooling to participate in better stewarding of our planet. All social institutions must come forward in a new schooling model. It would help if the religious institutions joined the effort instead of the continued promotion of their sacrosanct ideologies. What is more sacred than the earth?
    What good are remediated geopolitical and socioeconomic forces if the earth is heaving in daily crisis and sliping beyond some tipping point?
    One day hence all schools will adopt such courses at all levels of study. I hope we are not too late. It is time for leaders who advocate for the earth to come forward in greater number and influence. Schools have to gear up all manner of course work to mold such leaders…right down to their foundational conscious and subconscious beliefs.
    We have to flip the switch. However, the real work will come in broadly integrating the new ways of helping our earth home. It won’t help to just build more bureaucracies to churn and “manage” all of the past data.
    We need educators and difference makers in the field now. All social institutions and schools must come forward to offer some meaningful education to the people who will make the differences going forward.
    This little editorial note of mine brings us back full circle to Mark’s 1987 book, “Solutions for a Troubled World.” This was the book that started waking me up 32 years ago.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi John,
      So many important changes to make in the world, so little time, so much resistance from the mainstream…. 🙂
      I also agree with one of your earlier comments… as we get older it’s nice to “retire” from a lot of the drama, just knowing we’ve been doing the best we can while cleaning up our own nest as we get ready for the next big adventure (afterlife).

  3. Stephen N. Prince says:

    Hallo Mark !
    I have just posted a comment elsewhere but as this one concerns a completely different aspect of your work, I preferred to post it separately.
    As you of course know, the Internet and the Social Media have provided mankind with a worldwide forum never experienced by previous generations of humans, at least not over the past 5,000 years, I would say. People contact each other daily, and pass on information and ideas to each other, that didn’t know each other just a short time previously. It is a fascinating new world of communication – not without its dangers (as always in our society) – but generally speaking, highly beneficial for most of humanity. It was while contributing to such information in the comments sections of YouTube music channels, that individuals opened their hearts and souls and told me of their personal losses, the deaths of their beloved and how they grieved. My first instinct was to provide some of the most genuine individuals with a link to your website and the afterlife subject. It was then that I thought “Wait a second ! If I go about spreading the link to Mark’s afterlife blog, this would result in a host of new people coming there, asking questions that Mark may have dealt with – and moved on from – years ago. By spreading this information, I would be directly responsible for bringing a whole new pallet of work down on Mark’s head ! I should at least ask him for permission first”.
    Is it beneficial to you and your work to have potentially naive and uninformed newcomers come to your website, with all of the connotations coupled with this influx ? One does try to help people in any possible way, particularly people with grief weighing down on them, but misplaced empathy can at times bring unthought of complications with it. Hence my query.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Stephen, that’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot in recent years: the prospect that this website starts getting a bigger readership. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having a small readership so I can spend most of my efforts writing new stuff and exchanging comments with people ‘in the know,’ often expanding my own understanding of things in the process.
      Fortunately it’s a ‘moderated’ site with a good spam blocker. Most of the spam with sales pitches and links to xxx sites get blocked automatically (and there’s a lot of those coming in everyday). And when newcomers send their first comment I have to approve it before they can start posting comments freely. When I get brash, thoughtless comments about how ridiculous this information is (which I get rarely but see so often on more widely read sites), I can just delete them. As the readership expands in the coming years,there are bound to be some challenges… people venting or asking for details that are already scattered around the website. We’ll just have to see how things evolve.
      If you think people might benefit from information here, by all means send them over.
      Meanwhile, with this Worlds Within Worlds series of articles I’m currently writing, I’m trying to gather all the information up into a neat package, so I might just suggest to newcomers-with-random-questions to first read that series of articles, to get a sort of general knowledge. Then we can engage in a more meaningful dialog in the comments section.

      I agree fully with your comments of the Internet. It’s a wonderful, “fascinating new world of communication” we live in! I’ve been thankful everyday to have gotten a lifetime at this point in human development. Lately, though, I think the “global brain” is being edited by people with an agenda. “Fixers” are being paid (I believe) to optimize messages of special interests, so that their favored websites show up prominently in search results, while sites with opposing views are becoming hard to find.
      Until very recently, if i wanted to find interesting evidence of afterlife and metaphysical stuff, I could search on, for example, “seeing dinosaurs or demons during delerium tremens” I’d see lots of chatrooms or personal testimonials by people who’ve gone through DTs. Now what I find is mostly lists of academic websites talking about “hallucinations,” along with the physical symptoms of DTs.
      So, the Internet is being shaped by special interests… but I digress.

      Bottom line, of course, feel free to send people to this site if you think they’d like it. I appreciate your thoughfulness for asking. 🙂


  4. kate says:

    I’m going to miss your posts Mark but do understand.
    There is a large portion of the younger generations that know far more than we realize much more than past generations before the internet. They believe, they know and will slip through the net. They know what is really going on in the world. We are all being censored, it’s a fact. As INIT have said this is a parallel universe and my own belief just a nuance an expression. Going by all the information on this website spirit want Earth to return to a peaceful place that survives, they haven’t given up or have they? Either way, it’s best not to fear, try and keep the higher vibration up, however small if possible.

    Much appreciation for all the work you do and have done. Hope to see you back sooner than later,
    Love and light to you and yours

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Kate, I don’t think spirit has given up on the Earth, 🙂 , but there was that one contact by The Seven:
      “In the course of bygone decades, of thousands of earthly years, beings interested in human species meet to decide on the continuation of The Project….”

      For years I had no idea what “The Project” was, but I’ve become more and more convinced it was (is) probably a project that took place in Atlantis, involving a new species of humans and a new way of life on Earth in which life began killing and eating other life forms in order to supplement the life force (not just receiving the life force given off by the source, which nourishes everything everywhere, but now also assimilating life force of the things they ate).
      Apparently that hasn’t been working out too well… 🙂 with the spread of fear and craving and aggression and conflict as a basis of life on Earth.
      Maybe spirit is wondering what can be done about that thorny problem here in our world?


      • kate says:

        Thanks for pointing that out Mark that is very powerful and probably the key to what will happen. I’ve listened to that on your Youtube channel several times and shared it with certain people but not really thought in depth about each word. Sounds like the project manager wasn’t up to scratch but then again what’s new! Agreed things aren’t working too well for the reasons you’ve stated. People being enlightened doesn’t seem to be on the agenda yet. In the Scoles experiments a clear face of extraterrestrial came up and I think this is quite common….unusual beings show up in ITC. This could be the future.

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