Science and Religion; Common Ground at Last!

Did we humans rise from the proverbial sludge or fall from paradise?

Are we products of evolution or divine creation?

Did we come from the apes or from pure and perfect humans like Adam and Eve?

Based on a lifetime interest in science and nearly two decades of other-worldly research, including five amazing years as a member of INIT, I’m convinced there’s truth in all of those scenarios. Here’s what I’m confident is the real story (at least the outline of the real story) of our ancient human heritage:

Does our humanity trace back ultimately to a paradise called Eden? Yes… and it had various other names as well.

Do we trace back spiritually to the source, a.k.a God? Yes… we do indeed have at the center of our being a soul—our highest self—which is a piece of the source.

Do we today suffer largely because of humanity’s fall from paradise long ago? Yes… our ancient superhuman ancestors actually destroyed their paradise and became marooned on this terrific, terrible, terrifying Earth… and the rest, as they say, is history.

Have species changed genetically down through the ages, allowing them to adapt to changing environments? Yes… as a result not only of evolution but also of what might be called outside intervention.

Are the myriad life forms on Earth today the result of natural selection? Yes… (again, outside intervention also played a role).

Did humans coexist on Earth with dinosaurs? Yes.

Is the growing body of scientific knowledge the answer to a vibrant human future? Yes.

Is growing spiritual understanding the answer to a vibrant human future? Yes.

Will science and religion come together to show the way? Yes… and the sooner the better!

So, at this point I can either write a big, long blog going into great detail of this amazing story of humanity on Earth, or I can send you over to a google website that already has the complete story posted for reading.

Hm, it’s Saturday after Thanksgiving, and I have a long list of holiday chores to attend to—hanging Christmas lights, hauling boxes to and from the garage—so I guess I’ll send you off to google.

And now, the rest of the story, courtesy of google… *

(Meanwhile, if you’re interested, here are some pictures of actual fragments of Eden left over from the destruction of that ancient paradise long, long ago, courtesy of modern science.

And here’s one of the hardest-hit victims of that ancient calamity as it exists today… again, courtesy of science.)

And, finally, if you’re interested in the statistics of how the public today regards science vs religion (at least here in the States), here’s a two-year-old report that’s pretty darned interesting!

* I notice that from my desktop I can read most of my book, The Project, at the google page, but from my laptop I can read only a few select sections. I order a lot of books from from the desktop (Regina belongs to a book club), and I think that’s why I’m allowed to preview other books in greater depth from the desktop. So… if you want to read a lot of my book online, click on the google link above from a computer that’s used to buy a lot of books online

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