A Chat with My Wife

This morning Regina and I woke up early and had an interesting chat lying in bed. For you to make sense of it, you’ll probably need some background information…


I formed a small spiritual group recently, and I handed out a few heart meditation CDs, two to each member. The plan is for each of us to do the meditation a few times a week. Regina chose not to be a regular member, but to provide spiritual support from behind the scenes with her energy healing work (fostering resonance, removing foreign energies, keeping the field clear, and so on). She likes doing the meditations, which help her relax, or to fall asleep if she’s having trouble sleeping, but would rather not be a regular member.

I haven’t had a haircut in more than a year, so unless I tie up my long, gray, frizzy hair in the back, it looks pretty wild. Regina doesn’t like my hair unless it’s tied up.

I spent nearly a decade experimenting with the “luminator,” a four-foot-tall tower-like device that lets me take Polaroid pictures of people, often getting clear faces of nonphysical people (spirits) posing with the live subjects… but for the past year or so the luminator has been resting idle, not plugged in, and I still have about two dozen packs of Polaroid film that are nearing the end of their shelf life. Meanwhile, Polaroid stopped making its 600 film, then new film was reportedly being made, but it’s more expensive. I haven’t looked into that new film. It just feels to me like it’s an end of a short, fun, and rather amazing era—my spirit face photos with the luminator. (click here to see some of those photos). There’s an urban legend that the inventor Patrick Richards put three luminators together on one occasion, and his head passed through a wall as though it were a beam of light… suggesting that a trio of luminators melts away the illusion of our material reality, in effect opening a portal to other realms. (I believe the legend is true. In fact, Patrick told me by phone, before he died, that while the portal was open on that one occasion, something scary came into our world. He didn’t elaborate.)

Fifteen years ago I helped form a major research panel, INIT, which was together from 1995 to 2000, a time of miracles for our group. For me, I feel it was a once-in-many-lifetimes experience to have been a member of INIT. A cluster of seven ethereal beings (angels) gave our group protection and guidance, and told us about a project forged long ago (presumably in Atlantis), whose aim was to establish a “space-time doorway” through which people could not only communicate with bright minds in other dimensions (spirits, angels, ETs…) but actually visit those other dimensions and return to Earth. As that great civilization approached the end of their golden ages, perhaps 5,000 years ago, a circle of priests met to acknowledge that The Project had failed. The space-time arch had not been completed, and humanity, severely overpopulated and drug-ridden, would now plunge into a great dark age… leading to the second Epoch that would start centuries later in Babylon. We today are in the second Epoch of humanity. (click here to see the old INIT group, and click here for some video clips about The Project (and a glimpse of my frizzy hair about a year ago))

– – –

Our Conversation This Morning

“I’m not sure what the group’s supposed to be doing,” said Regina, “other than the meditations.”

“Well, for now we should think about our spirit friends during the meditations and feel gratitude if they choose to work with us.”

“When I meditate, I like to be with God. I make an effort to avoid thinking about individual entities, since it distracts me from that oneness.”

“That’s why you’re not part of my group,” I said. We both chuckled.

“So what are you going to do with the luminator. Still thinking of selling it?”

“I guess, if someone makes the right offer… but I don’t think I’m ready to let it go. I still have that film to use up sometime. Anyway, it’s kind of collector’s item. There were only about eight of them ever made, and they did some really amazing things with those spirit-face photos.”

“Hm, kind of a huge knickknack.” (More chuckles.)

“And who knows,” I said, half-seriously “maybe we can get a couple more luminators and finish that space-time doorway.”

“Well, your hair looks a little like that nutty professor in the movie… what was it called?”

“The Absent-Minded Professor?” I asked.

“No, the other one… Back to the Future.”

I imitated Christopher Lloyd’s wavering voice and wild eyes. “Whoa-a-a-a, Marty.”

She continued, “That’s the one. Anyway, you’re not going to set up any space-time doorway in this house… and you’re DEFinitely not going to be the first guy to walk through it…. I’m going to die before you do. You have too much of a mess in the basement.”

We both laughed, then I said, “It would still be great to see that portal finished in my lifetime. And to be able to step into paradise for awhile, then come back to Earth? Who wouldn’t want to do that?”

“Well… as long as you tie up your hair before you step back through….”

– – –

Interesting conversations at our house!

About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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12 Responses to A Chat with My Wife

  1. Stephen says:

    Are you familiar with this man? http://faculty.physics.tamu.edu/bryan/

    He’s a university physicist and has done some serious scientific papers on ITC, and also knows Jules and Maggy pretty well, or did. Swejen Salter even appears in one of his papers!


    • Leslie Harris says:


      Thanks for posting this URL.

      This field highlights the fact that we can see only a tiny fraction of what is going on in the universe and reinforces the fact that in quantum mechanics, most of what we know is the result of deduction, not direct observation. This is extremely bad news for the sceptics who ask for continually higher levels of proof of the existence of entities in places other than our Here & Now.

      As I have probably said before, sceptics are universally silent when it comes to particle physics and quantum mechanics, fields in which people of unchallengable intelligence not only deduce the existence of particles but postulate multiple dimensions, other realities and parallel universes.

      Do we hear sceptics shouting ‘rubbish’, ‘mass telepathy’, ‘stray radio broadcasts’ and the like? No, just stony silence!


      • Stephen, Les…
        For me, the MOST interesting item on Ron’s really interesting site is his 2008 Powerpoint presentation to the Seth Conference here in Colorado?
        For interested readers, here’s the url link that he makes available from his site:
        (http://faculty.physics.tamu.edu/bryan/ColoradoSethConf2008.ppt#256,1,Magic with Maggy Harsch-Fischbach)
        It includes wonderful insights into The Seven ethereals… and the fact that Maggy was still getting some miraculous contacts into this century… hopefully still is.
        So, yes, I second Les’s statement: thanks, Stephen, for the link!

        PS: I suspect that the Stanford professor that Ron mentions in his Powerpoint presentation (Ethereal being Technician tells Ron that the professor’s death was NOT an accident, but was necessary because his experiments would change Earth’s timeline), was Jeff Willick. Here’s a link to him and his work:

  2. Hi Stephen,
    Yes, I know Ron. He’s a physicist at Texas A&M.
    He was associated with the Luxembourg couple for several years after the break-up of INIT.
    I’ve met with him a few times, and he’s my main source of information about the couple and their activities since the year 2000. (Even so, that information is scant.)
    I like Ron… although he tries hard to change my opinion that CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is destabilizing the Earth’s crust, moving us ahead more briskly toward the next ‘End Time.’ :-)))

  3. Alex says:

    Mark, I was thinking how the Luminator configuration could affect matter in such a way as to make it permeable.

    As we all know, matter is constructed of atoms, but the majority of an atom is empty space, and atoms themselves are quite far away from one another, even in dense materials.

    What makes them appear to be solid is electromagnetism, which basically boils down to the whirling electron cloud which surrounds the atomic nucleus, somewhat like a shell.

    Like a spinning fan blade, the shell or cloud appears to be solid, but if you slow down and stop the fan blade, it is easy to pass through the previously impermeable barrier.

    If the Luminator configuration was somehow capable of slowing down electrons, in effect weakening or rendering useless the electromagnetic field of the atoms in proximity, it would make sense that matter could be made malleable or even permeable.

    It would also make sense that something could enter our existence from an unseen dimension because many physicists believe dimensions are separated by electromagnetism – the same force which keeps one from unwittingly falling through the floor or passing through a wall.

    I’m not entirely sure that one would enter paradise by passing through such a portal. It would make more sense to me that one would emerge into the densest astral world which resides directly “above” or “below” our apparent physical universe. That’s probably why something “scary” as opposed to something enlightened and noble was able to pass into our frequency range.

    A far out thought would be, from within that newly accessed dimension, perhaps another device would need to be constructed in accordance with the physics of the dense, but not necessarily physical realm in which the explorer emerged into.

    A chain of gateways or bridges may need to be established before the levels of Eden or Marduk or Summerland could be accessed.

    Who knows though. Just wanted to share my thoughts!

    Take care, all.

    • Leslie Harris says:


      Relevant and further to your consideration of possibilities is something that has been a hot topic in quantum therory for some years, and this is the membrane theory. This theory hypothesises that there are other universes, perhaps an infinite number of them, that exist as membranes and that they could exist in many configurations.

      They could be stacked one on top of each other, like carpets on a showroom floor. They could be free-floating or, and this is the relevant one, they could intersect. This latter theory holds that any number of universes could intersect with other universes, much as two beams of light can intersect but in no way effect each other.

      This in turn means that there could be other universes not only close to ours but actually intersecting with it, thus increasing the possibility of something like EVP/ITC being readily experienced.

      Could the often referred to astral levels in fact be intersecting or physically close universes? It could well be.


      • Alex says:

        Thank you, Leslie.

        I’m familiar with M-theory and find it deeply fascinating. I suppose the question would be does each brane contain multitudes of levels and dimensions, or are the branes representative of a specific level or dimension, as opposed to a self-contained universe comprised of countless physical and non-physical orders and levels.

        After thinking about what Mark said quite a lot, I do think that one’s spiritual development could easily determine the levels one was able to access once unleashed from the bonds of our physical dimension, whether through a natural physical death process or, if such a thing is indeed truly possible, a device which dissolves the natural boundaries between intersecting dimensions.

        I do think that natural disspassing points form throughout our universe and even perhaps on Earth from time to time. My guess is that such things wax and wane in cycles, determined by forces that we have yet to discover.

        Maybe even such a phenomena could even determine the ease of communications between dimensions, where when conditions are favorable, the Earth can experience great periods of transdimensional interactions.

        I recall a contact where Salter described how difficult it was to make sure they were transmitting to the correct “Earth”. That they thought they had located the proper version of Earth though the haze of the ether with the aid of a super-computer, but then realized that a seemingly insignificant event happened on this parallel version of Earth in question that didn’t actually happen here. Something like somewhere in Russia, it got so cold one particular day that schools were closed…which never happened on our version of Earth.

        Such a description would definitely support M-theory, which holds the possibility that there are infinite versions of everything…even ourselves which is a truly mind-boggling thought! Salter often drove home the fact that parallel worlds do indeed exist, whether that might make us feel uncomfortable or not.

        Thank you very much Mark and Leslie for the extremely thoughtful replies!

        Take care, all!

  4. Interesting thoughts, Alex. Can’t offer an opinion on the luminator’s effect on microcosmic structures… don’t know enough about that strange world where matter and energy seem to become one.
    Good point about what level or density of spiritual existence a portal from Earth would access. There’s part of me that wants to believe we could create a device that lets us enter a realm that resonates with our prevailing attitude as a human being. People of love and good will would step into nicer, lighter places… but your scenario makes sense too, based on Timestream messages of the past.
    They once described the timestream sending station as a dispassier point, or a “location” beyond time-space where many dimensions cross. Someone on the “third level” would see the station as a multi-story building, and once inside, the different floors of the building gave access to different dimensions. That building (like all structure everywhere) is really an illusion… and it would be interesting to look beneath the illusion to see what makes it work–maybe a finer conscious mind that holds the various doorways open… or maybe (as you suggest) a series of transducers that work like bridges, or maybe like a freeway through a big city that lets you pass some dimensions (exits) to arrive at the one you desire…
    As you say, who knows?

  5. Helen Heubi says:

    Hi, Mark,

    You are probably in touch with Dr. Richard Bartlett, who has also used the Luminator. He spoke at the IIIHS conference in 2007.

    I’m avidly reading his two books “Matrix Energetics” and “The Physics of Miracles”. He’s writing a third book now.

    Just curious to know whether you two guys have been in touch and are now.


  6. Leslie Harris says:


    The brane theory holds some plausibility given that particles are known to disappear to somewhere and reappear from somewhere but we have no idea where that ‘somewhere’ might be.

    And this leads to an idea of Mark’s that worries me a lot. In the body of the Chat with my Wife text, Mark writes:
    There’s an urban legend that the inventor Patrick Richards put three luminators together on one occasion, and his head passed through a wall as though it were a beam of light… suggesting that a trio of luminators melts away the illusion of our material reality, in effect opening a portal to other realms. (I believe the legend is true. In fact, Patrick told me by phone, before he died, that while the portal was open on that one occasion, something scary came into our world. He didn’t elaborate.)
    “And who knows,” I said, half-seriously “maybe we can get a couple more luminators and finish that space-time doorway.”

    Mark, if you are thinking of replicating this, my advice is don’t. I will remind you of what you have written about malicious entities and suggest that we simply don’t know enough to embark safely on experiments like this. Even if advice came from a reliable source in the Beyond Here, is has inherent risk.


    • Hi Les,
      Great point. What I didn’t mention in that post (very important) is that we on Earth can’t open a safe, effective portal without committed help from the other side. Top secret government projects are said to be working on this kind of thing with the help of ETs. I personally wouldn’t attempt it without help of ethereal beings working with a spirit team in the finer astral worlds (where positive attitudes prevail).
      Even then it could be risky. Once the channel was developed, it would depend on the team on Earth to keep it open by sustaining resonance through friendship and trust… and as we know, those feelings aren’t easy for a group of noble-savage humans to sustain over time. If the researchers began to develop envy or animosity toward each other, their finer spirit friends would see the contact field growing cloudy and unstable, making it increasingly difficult for them to work with us. Unless the human emotions were resolved, they’d eventually lose us altogether. Then, the energy bridge wouldn’t simply disappear, but would slowly deteriorate. Meanwhile, it would come into focus of darker, denser spirits who harbor troubled feelings similar to those of the earthside team. THEN you’d probably see some ugly things coming through.
      So… yes, a portal project (or any spiritual research group) isn’t something I want to jump into blindly. You have to take the human factors into account.
      I once took the luminator to Thailand to visit a fellow interested in funding a project. (Trying to explain the device to customs officials on both sides of the Pacific wasn’t much fun.) Anyway, when I told the guy about Patrick Richards’ experience, his eyes widened and he exclaimed, “Man the stun guns.” We both chuckled nervously.
      Long story short, funding didn’t come through for an ITC project during that visit, and since then it’s become clear to me that my best contribution to the field is to share the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, so that when the right group of people come together at the right time for the right purpose, this information may be of some use to them. Hence this blog…

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