Current (2015 Q2) News Roundup Now Complete

I finished posting the third and final installment of the news roundup for the first half of this year. These are the three installments:

As you can deduce (by the fact that it’s in three big pieces and two or three weeks late in its completion), this news roundup idea is getting to be, well, a big effort… so I’m debating with myself about whether to continue composing them two or three times a year.

So far these articles have a very small readership, tipping me in one direction (to abandon them).

On the other hand, it feels important to try to capture world affairs in a snapshot now and then… what’s happening on the planet in relation to what I’ve learned about 1) the afterlife, 2) our ancient human heritage via Eden and Atlantis, and 3) our noble-savage nature as human beings.

Feels like it’s all part of my soul purpose for this lifetime.

So… I’ll probably continue doing these news roundups, at least for the next year or two.

While I’m in the throes of writing these summaries for my NobleSavageWorld site, the activity on this MacyAfterlife site might go dormant for a few weeks… and your patience is much appreciated.  🙂

Anyway, here are a few highlights from the last two installments of the current roundup:

Broken Economy. The big banks are getting more corrupt. Before the 2008 financial meltdown they were behaving like reckless teens… driving wildly… chasing more fun, more excitement, more-more-more… (that’s the nature of derivatives…) and ultimately crashing the car. Most governments in America and Europe reacted like rich, worried parents. They assured the media and the public that their delinquent financial institutions meant well but suffered a lapse in judgement. Banks will be banks. Well, the wild behavior has just gotten worse among the big banks, and a bigger meltdown is probably coming soon. One country seems to be on the right track with its big banks, and that’s Iceland.

Broken climate. After dinosaurs and their lush surroundings started dying and decaying 65 million years ago, all of that rich, organic dead stuff simmered and stewed, slowly forming vast underground deposits of energy-laden coal and oil. Now, over the past century we’ve extracted and burned most of those ancient fossil fuels… essentially taking millions of years of built-up energy and burning it in the course of a hundred years… so is it any wonder that global warming today has completely broken the climate?


Lots of innovative solutions are underway to heal the climate, but they may be too little too late.  (Read more…)


World in conflict. Genocide in Africa, beheadings in the Mideast, terrorist attacks on European cartoonists and journalists, Russia on the brink of war in the Ukraine, police brutality against Americans (especially minorities), the insane growth of US military expenditures. Cheese and crackers, what’s behind all of this fear and hatred?!

Well, the two biggest causes of the international unrest today seem to be overpopulation (in and around Africa) and the American State Department and CIA (throughout the rest of the world, especially the Mideast, Ukraine, and within the United States).

ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) seems to be the major antagonist in the Middle East today. So, what is the

ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) seems to be the major antagonist in the Middle East today. So, what is an “Islamic state,” anyway? And is it possible that the US State Department and CIA are at the root of the fear and hatred raging in the Middle East today?

Sounds like a pretty heady accusation against the CIA… but there’s some very good, supportive evidence that’s been surfacing in news stories this year.  (Read more…)

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8 Responses to Current (2015 Q2) News Roundup Now Complete

  1. Justine Sarto says:

    hi mark
    i have once before written to u and am reading your books. i don’t think i told u this one amazing thing that happened last summer.
    Nutshell: close friends roberta and ron..ron died..all of us involved with metaphy. in and see a man’s face in window and Oh My God it’s Ron as a young full hair headed thin person and he says in my head to me Tell Bobbi Hi..(his name for roberta i always called her roberta) and I will always love you. I saw him as plain as anything.
    And another one i had after my aunt died. i went to bed and immediately my hand was in hers and we were up in the black universe flying and we were stopped by an old fellow with a long beard and he asked aunt mae do you want to continue to fly or seek knowledge and she said i seek knowledge. we went to a room with many relatives and she was ecstatic with joy and visiting w/them for a good while and then my mother her sister came and took my aunt’s arm and said, ‘it’s time to go sister’ and thing is my mother is only one who called aunt mae ‘sister’ always not mae. and they left and i was again laying in my bed No one in this world can tell me it did not happen. Just wanted to share it with you.
    I have more but don’t want to overdo it. people laugh and clam up but this stuff is real. I’m the one who wrote u about my experiences with my Joe who passed. I wish I could know more and do more to communicate this info to others.
    Thank you Mark..Justine Sarto (New Orleans)

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Justine,
      Thanks for sharing those fascinating experiences.
      Your mom and Aunt Mae are probably dead, right? Moved on to the other side?
      Sounds like you have a quality of some kind that lets you enjoy some of your astral excursions while consciously aware… so it feels “real.”
      Most people take astral journeys only when their bodies are asleep and their conscious minds are switched off for the night. So those dreams are hard to remember and usually seem “unreal”… even though they are real experiences of the astral body and mind.

      Do experiences like that happen to you a lot? Like every day?
      Or just once in a while?


    • Tosca Zraikat says:

      A fascinating post, Justine. Maybe if you let others around you know about your experiences, you might find that others have had experiences that they too keep to themselves. If more of us talked about our exceptional experiences, perhaps our society’s attitude towards them might change, and scientists might start taking them seriously. Thank you very much for sharing some of them here.

      • Mark Macy says:

        Good point, Tosca. My wife Regina is in a dream journaling group, where members share and analyze their dreams. Justine, I wonder if you could find a group like that somewhere near you. New Orleans is a spiritually rich place, after all. 🙂

  2. Mark W says:

    I really look forward to your posts and I’m a very patient man. Do what you have to do but don’t forget about your loyal readers..I’ve enjoyed your posts for years. It would be a shame to see you go..
    Just my two cents.

  3. Tosca Zraikat says:

    I can appreciate your dilemma, Mark. It can seem that much time and energy is wasted sharing our thoughts on what is important to us, despite our earnestness and keen desire to be of help to humanity. In the past, I closed two blogs (one on natural health and the drug industry, the other on philosophical and spiritual matters) because it seemed that hardly anyone read them, and I expect that they were probably not missed.
    But there is something about knowledge that seems to want to be let out. After much soul-searching, I decided that it is just as important to let others know what is REALLY important to us, to communicate our values, ideals, and visions for humanity, as it is to be kind. We never know on what precious seed of potentiality our light will fall, and help to grow. I am misquoting Jesus’ message, which I think is relevant: Don’t let self-doubt, uncertainty or fear of irrelevance cause you to hide your light. Stand on your hilltop, and shine.
    Is that not also a key element of what the Seven Ethereals (in your book) described as the INIT’s “way of morals”: to acknowledge what one has understood? Perhaps in acknowledging, in saying, “This is what I know,” we empower our ideas and give them substance.
    I am enjoying your books and the meditation immensely, Mark. There is so much I want to ask you, but I already write too much in my posts, so perhaps another time. God bless you and your work. Tosca

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