What an ITC Group Could Learn from Other Groups (2) — Prologue

The intent of this series of articles is to better understand spiritual groups in their purest sense (something that’s hard for us noble-savage humans on Earth to really grasp) by comparing them to the more worldly groups that we’re all familiar with.

One way to make that comparison between worldly and other-worldly groups is to devise a formula of sorts… a set of basic qualities that can be applied to each group to see how they’re similar or how they deviate. Here’s what I’ve come up with for the comparisons, which I plan to use as subheadings in each article:

  • Mission and Motivation
  • Management and Direction
  • Funding and Support
  • Egos and Personalities

While exploring each worldly group, I’ll add a few general comments about spiritual groups as I’ve come to understand them… and then for the last article in the series I’ll explore the nature of spiritual groups in more depth and detail, with a focus on the INIT group.

This is not an easy thing to write about. First of all, human groups are complicated. It would take months, even years to analyze a typical group in depth… so I’ll have to make some generalizations and add links and references to meatier material written by other writers and researchers.

Also, people’s egos, lives, and livelihoods are all tangled up in their groups… so the subject needs to be handled delicately.

If, while reading these articles, you find something that seems crass or cruel or unfair, please let me know (by email or by comment at the end of the articles), so I can polish the series as needed.  My intent is to cast light, not rotten tomatoes…

Not sure I could detach enough to write an objective article, for example, about the current Republican National Committee.

So the next article, as planned, will be about NBC’s Saturday Night Live TV show. Thoughts and memories about SNL stir up mostly warm thoughts and smiles for me and, I suspect, for many other people who enjoyed the show at some point in their lives.


Also in this series (What an ITC Group Could Learn From Other Groups)…

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About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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2 Responses to What an ITC Group Could Learn from Other Groups (2) — Prologue

  1. rex fleming says:

    Mark, groups are always a problematic experience, as I can attest to and you have also experienced, but at the end of the day we are all individuals, and one is a whole number. Have you considered, therefore, simply not worrying about group dynamics and trying to revive something like the Luxembourg experience by yourself, using the best equipment and techniques available to you ? It is now 15 years since the Luxembourg group broke up, and clearly it’s not coming back in a hurry, so what about trying to just do it yourself ? Perhaps you are already doing something along these lines, and are still receiving the odd communication from people in spirit. It would be interesting to get your response.

    Thanks for your time, Rex Fleming Sydney Australia

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Rex,

      The underlying message we received from The Seven ethereals is that they are gatekeepers between the finer realms of spirit and our noble-savage Earth, and we humans will have to rise to the occasion of enhanced interactions with those finer realms by sustaining a resonant contact field among researchers on Earth. Here’s from one of their earlier contacts:

      From: https://macyafterlife.com/2010/10/02/itc-gem-22-how-things-work-in-itc/….
      The requirements have not changed to this date and no technical system, no matter how sophisticated, can presently compensate for a weak or missing contact field.
      Technician: “If you can get people together whose minds think like one and harmonize with each other, then we shall have a favorable frequency.”

      That huge challenge for us humans, driven largely by personalities, egos, and hormones, is what I’m trying to capture in my series of articles on this site, called “The Coming Golden Age of ITC.” Here’s a link to the first of those articles, which captures the gist of the situation…..


      While our INIT group was struggling in the late 90s and a few years into the new millennium, I continued to experiment with radios and other methods. I began to receive a few unsettling contacts (via phone and radio) from negative spirits who were able to ‘break in’ to the unstable contact field resulting from conflicts from within our INIT group.

      I tried hosting groups of like-minded people from this area to see if we could forge a contact field. We received no ITC contacts whatsoever (other than my Polaroid spirit-face pictures taken in the presence of the luminator, which didn’t require a contact field), which led me to realize (or come to believe) that what those gatekeepers really want or need is a group that represents all humanity and that can resonate with a unity of thoughts, attitudes, and purpose… without our petty personality differences getting too badly in the way.

      If I thought I could establish an ITC bridge on my own with ethereal help, I’d certainly be experimenting. But reality (as I’ve come to understand it) suggests to me that my greatest service at this time is to share what I’ve learned on the subject… through this webiste.


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