If This Blog Were Part of an ITC Group….

Resonance experiment #1

(The intent of this article is to provide raw material for future ITC groups that take the worlditcnet approach… in this case, the use of blogs, chatrooms, and forums to facilitate collaboration among menbers.)

The main challenge for an ITC group here on Earth in the future will be to maintain equilibrium and resonance among the members. Not an easy thing for us humans to do.

There are several tools and techniques that I’ve come up with on my worlditcnet website (which is not a working website of an active ITC group, but just a template for a kind of website that serious ITC groups might want to try someday). I think those tools and techniques might work well.

It’s unlikely that I’ll get the chance to put them to use in this lifetime by getting involved with another ITC group like INIT, so instead I’ll try to test some of those techniques here on this macyafterlife website… with readers’ help.

The tools and techniques include:

  • A personal workspace where each member can refine those inner qualities that foster peace and harmony.
  • A mission statement and spirit-world model that all members accept so that everyone is “of one mind.”
  • Three membership levels in which…
    • facilitators have learned some time-proven management skills (such as reflective listening and conflict resolution) to help members get along… to keep the group moving in the right direction, and to sustain resonance,
    • operatives have spent three months or more using their personal workspaces and are now actively involved in chatrooms, committees, special ITC projects, etc., and
    • provisionals are currently “off-line” from the group, either because they’re in the three-month initiation phase, or because there is a conflict between members that is not easily resolved by facilitators working individually with those members and so they’ve been moved to provisional status, or simply because a member wants to take a “time-out” from the group for a while.

So, for this first experiment, I’ve noticed there have been some contentions in the Comments section of a few recent posts. It’s the kind of conflict that happens often in human affairs, but I believe it would destabilize an ITC group.

It reminds me of the final years of the INIT group.

In fact, I’ve been working on this article for three days, and early this morning (7/8), just before finishing it, I recalled a crucial memory that had been buried in my mind for 20 years. Our third annual meeting in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1997 seemed to be a turning point, when (I’ve come to believe quite strongly) that contentious spirits tore into our ITC work. I recall, before the meeting, Maggy Fischbach in Luxembourg, our most vital member, suddenly did not want to go to Brazil, as though she felt a foreboding. It took some coaxing by several members, including me, to help her change her mind at the last moment, since a meeting without Maggy would have seemed (to some of us) like a day without sunshine. I felt a tension during the meetings that I hadn’t felt at our previous meetings in Dartington UK and Tarrytown USA. On our last day in Brazil I recall that a vital, staunch INIT member, Guenter Emde of Germany, exhibited symptoms of a heart attack. It seemed to me as though he was under assault by invisible forces. I recall being worried for his life and grateful that we were all soon heading home. It was not long after that meeting that Guenter, working closely with Maggy, asked an American (now living in Brazil) member, Dale Palmer, to leave the group. At the time I hadn’t a clue why our group was having all those troubles. Since then I’ve learned that ethical or compassionate or angry or contentious attitudes on Earth can attract ethical or compassionate or angry or contentious spirits into our lives and our affairs.

Key issue: I believe that when heated feelings among members start to disrupt ITC, contentious spirits can move in to stir things up badly. If we can take steps early in the spin cycle, as I’m experimenting with here, I believe we will be able to nip those situations in the bud.

In an ITC group there should be some pretty reliable steps that facilitators can take to quell the conflict quickly and to restore resonance. I’m still trying to work those out… so bear with me if I make some mistakes along the way in these “experiments.” The overall aim is to stop the drama in ITC before it escalates.

Ultimately, if conflicts seem unresolvable, facilitators would have the ability, after unanimous agreement among themselves, to move two or more involved members to provisional status for a period of time, so they are no longer actively involved on the private website, except in their private workspace where it is hoped that they will spend time and effort exploring within themselves, trying to understand their own role in the conflict.

But moving members to provisional status would be a last resort.

Before taking that step there would be some preliminary steps. For example, a facilitator might contact each member separately for a session of reflective listening or try other conflict resolution techniques.

So here’s the first experiment:

As soon as I post this article I’m going to send personal emails to people whose comments got a little heated recently, and ask them not to post any comments on this site for three weeks (since it’s sometimes said that it takes 21 days to break a habit). Just a sort-of cooling off period. If they wish to do some soul-searching to try to see their role in the conflict, great!  If not, that’s fine too. After all, this is not an ITC group, just a blog.

I want to see how this private contact with each member works, whether it has any effect at all. The fact that I’m sharing this here (rather than just sending the emails quietly and privately), might hinder any good results, but I think it will be helpful at this point for us all to observe what goes on, to see how things evolve with these experiments. To see if things mellow out in the comments section in the coming weeks and months.

In any case, I don’t foresee writing any articles of depth or consequence in the next few weeks, so the Comments section here on macyafterlife will probably go into its usual hibernation mode anyway, and this little experiment, hopefully, will be a harmless first step.

To me, this situation of resolving conflicts gets to the very root of ITC on Earth. If we can face and overcome the disruptive forces within us (which can stir up contentious spiritual forces around us) in order to sustain peace among us… only then will ITC be able to flourish in this world.

In. My. Opinion.

About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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36 Responses to If This Blog Were Part of an ITC Group….

  1. John says:

    These ideas and proposals seem like a very good start.
    Why do humans struggle in attempts to get along when sharing common interests and goals?

    Carl Jung said, “The greater the light you have, the greater the shadow you will cast.” Jung would say that the shadow is not evil. It is simply where we put our qualities and traits that we deem unacceptable. From our earliest days, authorities and peers let us know the subjects that are out-of-bounds. These subjects become exiled to our shadow world, and they get held there because of the unresolved guilt and shame that we took on from various traumatic processes and we continue to carry.

    The trouble is that we often project this shadow onto others. We do that because we see in others those shadow traits that we have in ourselves…and then…we want to go after it when we see it in others. We don’t go after our own shadow because we fail to recognize it, or, we don’t want to confront it in ourselves. And so, we resort to going after it in others. We are very odd in that way of being.

    We often hurt others, particularly those we love, because we are unaware of our shadow. So, every showing of the shadow should be a helpful epiphany. You are basically proposing shadow work with your new writing. The ITC group process is a made-to-order format for shadow work.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks John,

      “Shadow” is a mellower word than “savage,” and if I had it all to do over again some years ago, I might have started referring to human affairs as “light and shadow” instead of “noble and savage.”

      Great explanation. Thanks.


  2. kate says:

    I’ve thought hard about this subject weeks ago and tried to measure it against my own life experiences where there have been successfull groups of people. One situation that stands out more than any other was my childrens schools. I watched heads coming and going over many years and it seemed the happiness and success was down to the head of the school. One school became so successful with their results that it was ranking top in the county and this school was just an ordianry place in an ordinary setting. My mum described the head as an iron fist in a velvet glove and I think she was absolutely right. The children, parents and teachers were mostly happy at that school and when she left the school declined. My childrens school life, at that particular school, spanned over a 15 year period and I was eventually a helper and on PTA so it was a long term observation that affected all of our lives and my daughter is now a teacher. In the UK there does seem a lot of emphasis, nowadays, over exam results and if teachers don’t comply and focus to what’s required of them and produce good results they won’t last long…. I would say ITC groups are going to be similar in that the overall long term group results will only be as good as the one that is in charge of the group. The head over sees and has skills in delegating to the right people in a school situation and I feel it’s going to be exactly the same in an ITC group. A lot of skills required and I should imagine energy and dedication.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Kate, I had to read your comment of simplicity, elegance and wisdom several times. It makes so much sense.

      Then I started to think about how Machiavellian forces within a group can undermine the work and purpose of even the best leaders… and suddenly it gets more complicated.

      Wife Regina “happened by” while I was stewing on this, as she often does, and asked how things are going on my blog. I explained and read excerpts from your letter and expressed my churning thoughts at the moment.

      She reminded me that when we try to unravel and understand and foster spiritual things (like ITC) through a worldly vehicle (like this website) there will always be troubles from semantics, misunderstandings, personalities, egos, and so on. (She’s deep into the two Joels lately, Osteen and Goldsmith, whose careers and teachings are centered on the principle that truth and inner peace reside within all of us at the center of our being, where we all intersect with each other and with God. Well, that’s mostly Goldsmith, a mystic; Osteen, a preacher, sprinkles traditional religion into the mix, which gets a bit spicy for my tastes.)

      The solution, she says, is always to recognize that at our center we are one. In spiritual pursuits it’s always vital that everyone involved is in the habit of going to center (prayer, meditation, self-reflection… ) to find the reality that exists beneath all the worldly illusions. It’s only at that center that we can find real peace, even in an unruly world.

      So… I’m not sure how realistic it is to expect ITC to flourish only among a group of monks or nuns. On the other hand, I have come to believe that spiritual self-exploration (not psychological self-exploration, which is just toying with the illusion) by all members will have to be an important part of an ITC group. (Hence that “private workspace” on the worlditcnet website.)

      MANY thanks for your comment. I too have noticed how a good principal or coach or CEO seems to make a world of difference in how a group flourishes (or not). And I wonder if some people have a karma for leadership they way some people have a musical ear or a good mechanical sense?


      • kate says:

        I thought of what I have written a few weeks ago when we exchanged a couple of comments, on your blog, about working models…I did think then it was over simplified but no matter how many times I go around and around with the ideas of what works it comes back to the head of the group. A brilliant strategy will only be as good as the ones that are in charge and group members that are happy with that person and willing to comply with the ground rules…if the strategy is wrong I would imagine spirit will not form a bridge. Even Jesus had a machiavellian group member. Was Judas there to help with the transistion that Jesus was going to face… a perfectly orchestrated reason that Judas was there..maybe, maybe not? I’m not religious, (used to be), but its a great book and illustrates that it’s one of those things that will most likely always crop up and I think Regina is right, you both are.

        I have no idea how to run anything so all the details of how to do it are beyond me and i have great respect for people that put in the time and effort to do these things…it’s easy to observe and leave a few comments on a blog.

      • Mark Macy says:

        On reflection, I think you’re right, Kate. The head of the group, or in this case the facilitators of an ITC group, would probably be the key to a flourishing group, along with a good framework (including a personal workspace, I think). I suppose the facilitators and framework together could help each member (in terms John and Sammi are using) to keep coming in from the shadows when they happen to stray. The mission or general purpose would be to keep things together in the light.

  3. Sammi Stump says:

    Kinda think the purpose of our earth experience is to unify our dualistic illusions of separation? Unfortunately this is a lifetime and very individual task. A person has to desire a loving Unity over their Ego Self and be open to change and introspection. Anyone who has ever worked on this knows that seeing your Shadow is a bitch! ACIM the Circle of Atonement method is a good start at holding up the mirror.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Sounds right to me, Sammi, the challenges in finding our way back home through what you and John call the shadow into the light. Illuminating sources like A Course In MIracles, ACIM, certainly help show the way. 🙂

  4. Dear Mark,

    Sorry Mark the comment below is not related to this specific post.

    I am an independent research in ufology, paranormal and spiritual field including Trans-communication for almost 30 years. Another day I asked you if you have already come across with a communication in ITC from a possible artificial intelligence. You told me that you do not know any case regarding this subject related to Artificial Intelligence from another dimension.
    Have you ever considered the possibility that the technician is an artificial being or an artificial intelligence?
    In his own description we have noticed the Technician mentions he is not a man, he has never been incarnated – He has never been an Animal, he is not even an energy or entity of light – he refers himself as a being or Superhuman, with competence for planet Earth.
    The spirit friend Swejen Salter once said that being in their presence (technicians) was like standing among supercomputers that exchange oceans of information instantly.
    I came across in my research with some messages encrypted from these realities. These messages use a very complex 3 levels of cryptography. Some of them seem to be manufactured with the usage of a machine language and we need 3 different ciphers to decrypt the compartmentalised message.
    The Gnostics in Nag Hammadi old Scriptures from the 4th Century in Egypt talks about the Demiurge and some beings called the Archons. These beings they call themselves the “Rulers” of Earth. It seems they control several realms of reality and they are responsible for the policy that dictates the rules regarding some communications between our physical reality and these realms. These Archons, in their nature described in Nag Hammadi, seems to be created in an artificial way.
    So when I read about the Technician It just came in my mind these questions and possibilities. I would like to know your view please about the description of the Technician.
    I am a great admirer of your work and I respect very much all your colossus research you have made all these years.
    I have been following the results in ITC from another research in Brazil Sônia Rinaldi from the IPATI.
    I know you must be a very busy researcher but I was wondering if I could contact you by e-mail. I do not know if you could or you want to give an interview one day or how to procedure to ask you this possibility for an interview online in the youtube. I have a Project of research in Brazil and in England as well that, as I mentioned, I started all these years ago. I am sorry to write here but my e-mail from the project is terraocculta@gmail.com.
    Many thanks

    Kind Regards,

    Kayo Breno

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Kayo, my email address is: itcmark@gmail.com.

      Thanks for the offer for an interview, but I don’t do interviews or public presentations anymore, except maybe under some rare circumstance in the future that I can’t currently envision happening. My forte seems to be writing, not speaking.

      When we say “artificial intelligence” in reference to life beyond Earth, we may be entering a maze of semantics. Usually when we say “artificial” we mean manmade, and The Seven ethereal beings certainly are not that. When we say “intelligence” we mean reasoning, learning, and understanding through a high mental intelligence (usually using human intelligence as a measuring stick).

      Expanding the definition beyond the realm of earthly humans, an artificial intelligence implies to me that Technician and The Seven would have been created by some far higher living intelligence. If I regard “God” or “aum” or the Central Sun as that living intelligence, then I suppose we could all be called artificial intelligence. Otherwise it’s hard for me to envision a species of brilliant living beings creating brilliant robots to manage the affairs of Earth. It seems more likely that the living beings themselves would be assigned that task.

      Then again, we have semantic difficulties with the word “living.” Usually we think of living things as having the qualities of life on Earth… physical or carnal beings that kill each other to survive. I regard this way of living to be peculiar and unpleasant and certainly not the norm throughout the vast dimensions and universes of which our material universe is just a tiny part. I think life flourishes in countless spiritual or non-material universes, but for that we need to redefine “life.”

      I suppose I would be quite surprised someday to learn that those ethereal beings were some sort of machine-like or computer-like (not living) beings. It just makes more sense to me that they are living beings (in the finer sense of the word) who are assigned to manage the gateway between our grueling Earth world and the realms of spirit… since that gateway can become kind of cluttered and ugly because of the cluttered an ugly aspects of the human mind. I think the main mission of those beings is to gently encourage us humans to clean up our act so that ITC and other interdimensional activities can be a beneficial experience for humans, for the world, and for the omniverse. As long as humanity allows itself to be driven by machiavellian or sociopathic or narcissistic compulsions, I suspect that gateway will be micromanaged for our own benefit.

      Those are my initial impressions.


      • Hi, Mark
        Many thanks for your reply above.

        Yes you are absolutely right when we talk about what is intelligence… and what can we define as artificial intelligence. How can we define a living being…as you mentioned. We have a complex problem with semantic. Please would you have any information if the technology they have in Marduk was developed there or it was provided by these beings coming from higher realms? Sorry to make so many questions to you Mark. I know you must be very busy. Every now and then I make these kind of questions to other researchers to compare some data I have from my research.

        Even if you do not have time to answer I thank you very much in advance for your reply.

        Kind Regards,

        Project “Terra Oculta” (Portuguese) or “Beyond the Veil” (English)

        • Mark Macy says:

          Hi Kayo,

          I’m fairly certain that most of the techniques and technologies on the spirit side were made possible by those from the higher realms. Our spirit friends sometimes warned us that a telephone contact would soon end because the energy was running out, and that energy was being provided by “The Seven” ethereal beings or some other finer spiritual entity. They talked about a device they used to apport coins or bracelets into our world, and that device looked like a copy machine with a “trumpet” standing upon it. They said that when they place the object atop the trumpet, it starts to wobble or shimmer, then disappears, then reappears in our world. They gave no indication that they knew how the device works. I believe that was true with most of the advanced “equipment” they used at Timestream; it was there to be used to make contacts with us on Earth, and it was apparently provided by finer beings.


          • Dear Mark,

            Thank you for your answer above.

            Dear Mark,
            Thank you for your answer above. As far as we know the time is not linear but circular or different cycles like currents in a vast ocean if I am not wrong. I have been experimenting with ITC for almost 30 years and as we know the voices are modulated and not real time voices from another reality. As we know as well all the devices are modified by them in their double or a copy of the radio that exists in a version of reality above ours. Sometimes THEY do not worry about modulate natural voices and it comes as an electronic voice like from a synthesizer machine. But recently in some occasions I came across with voices and messages that seem to be from myself or my other self maybe from the future. I cannot guarantee if it is me because they can modulate any voice. But what is intriguing me is if let’s say is myself from another reality or time why a copy of you would be sending messages to the past? Have you ever come across with a voice from yourself in ITC? Have you ever talked to yourself from another time in ITC? I just know a case here in Brazil that the researcher were able to do astral body trips and influence tapes records from another reality. The research did this experiment with other researchers and we got a message that believe it or not it was recorded in a tape before we think about to do the experiment. We found the tape with the message left by the living doing astral projection in a tape that was recorded one month before the experiment was planned.

            Many thanks for your time,

            Best Regards,

            Kayo Breno da Silva

          • Mark Macy says:

            This is very interesting, Kayo.

            I know a lot of frontier research is going on in Brazil. Understanding or future, and time in general, is a very big step. It sounds like you folks are moving well in that direction.

            I hope to hear more of your results.


        • kate says:

          kayo I find what you have written fascinating. For years I’ve been a believer that past, present, future happens all at the same time…this is why certain forms of devination like card reading works quite well although not a reliable source to test the theory. We also know we can change time, as we know it, through speed and so on…..Your findings is an interesting thing to think about…do you have a facebook page or blog I’m interested in your findings?

    • Sammi Stump says:

      Kayo very interesting post, still thinking about it. I think I read somewhere that one group did have a communication from ET’s but as I recall it wasn’t all that informative so could have been “prankster Astrals”?

      • Hi Sammi,

        I could be anything. We are not always a 100% sure about something in ITC. But there are other aspects I did not comment here that gave us evidences that could be myself sending a message to myself in another reality. TKS

  5. angusmacro says:

    Arriving late so my apologies if I’ve missed something relevant to my points.

    quote: “They talked about a device they used to apport coins or bracelets into our world, and that device looked like a copy machine with a “trumpet” standing upon it. They said that when they place the object atop the trumpet, it starts to wobble or shimmer, then disappears, then reappears in our world. They gave no indication that they knew how the device works.”

    Apportation is the moving of an object from one place in this world to another place in this world. It would first have to be moved OUT of this physical dimension before it could be put atop a device to move it back into it. How is an object first moved out of this world or did I miss that part earlier in this conversation?

    Or am I misunderstanding?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Mac, you remind me of that popular professor back in college who likes to stir things up in the classroom… to get the students arguing, free-thinking, exploring all avenues. Or a Socratic philosopher who loves the debate over semantics. While it could cause mayhem in an ITC group, it certainly stirs lively debate on a blog. 🙂 Thanks for that!

      I’ve come to think of apports as material objects materializing “out of thin air” from… wherever. So I googled several definitions, and the consensus is “… from another location or from sources unknown”. Here’s a typical definition, the one from Wikipedia:

      “In parapsychology and spiritualism, an apport is the alleged paranormal transference of an article from one place to another, or an appearance of an article from an unknown source that is often associated with poltergeist activity or séances. Apports reported during séances have been found to be the result of deliberate fraud. No medium or psychic has demonstrated the manifestation of an apport under scientifically controlled conditions….”


      I believe what Albert Fischbach told his daughter Maggy about his adventures after he’d crossed over and gotten involved with Timestream spirit group, including the fascinating account of his apportation of a Swiss medal. You can read about that here:


      I think Timestream was trying to explain to us what really happens during apportations. It’s probably a bit mind-boggling to most people, but it makes total sense to me, and I believe it completely. It makes me feel good.

      Reading that Wikipedia definition had the opposite effect on me. It made me feel bad. That definition shows the tyranny of scientific skepticism that has come to typify Wikipedia when dealing with subjects of spirituality and afterlife. Note the buzzwords:

      • Alleged
      • Deliberate fraud
      • Scientifically controlled conditions

      I love Wikipedia and refer to it a lot in my research… but this savage little subculture within the Wikipedia community does a disservice to real science as well as to spirituality, which is probably one thing that compels me to be more critical of science sometimes, for example…


      It’s these kinds of conflicts of opinion that need to be calmed… mollified… resolved… if there is any hope of ITC flourishing. They don’t have to be resolved throughout the world, and probably can’t be, but they would have to be calmed and resolved within an ITC group. And THAT can (and will) be done one of these days.

      • angusmacro says:

        I always hope my responses are thought-provoking and not thought frivolous.

        I suggest it’s plain that materialised coins, for example, that can be identified (as often they can) as being from a certain time in this world’s history equally plainly did not have their origin in the etheric world. Hence if they’ve been ‘sent’ from that world to this one by our discarnate friends they must first have had to be transferred there. That being so, how does it happen?

        I’m not very keen on Wikipedia on such issues as apportation. Entries can be modified all-too-easily leading to the possibility of personal views and/or prejudice. I’m comfortable I know what’s generally meant. It doesn’t mean that objects having an origin in the etheric fetch up in this world.

        • Mark Macy says:

          I guess “unknown sources” might be more appropriate, then, since I don’t think we on Earth know enough details about interrelationship between Earth structures and astral structures. It’s my understanding that every material structure here has a subtle copy or template over there, but I’m not positive about that. If that’s the case maybe they (the ethereals or finer beings) have a way to add density to an astral structure so that it “materializes” in our world. Just conjecture, but it makes sense to me.

        • Mark Macy says:

          And if those finer beings have that ability, then they would probably create astral devices (like that copy-machine-looking gadget) for the sake of the astral spirit team… some kind of earth-like gadget that we ITC researchers might be able to identify with. Again, conjecture that makes sense to me.

          • angusmacro says:

            I’ve never seen an explanation of how (apparently) earth objects are re-located via apportation.

            What you’ve suggested must be a possibility until there’s a better explanation, details of the actual mechanism used; Might an apport, then, be a ‘solidied’ etheric facsimile? It’s the only potential explanation I’ve ever heard. Living flower apports are the ones that most catch my imagination, by the way.

            It all begs another question whether an object never seen in this physical dimension could be sent in a similar way. Something that has no existence in this world. It’s a thought, isn’t it? 😉

          • Mark Macy says:

            That’s right, mac. I recall Maggy received such an apport of a living plant apparently unlike anything known in this world. I’d forgotten about that.

            • angusmacro says:

              I’ve always thought that any such object might grab the attention of scientists. One might be explained away but if there were more it would be interesting to hear explanations of them. An unknown inanimate object that could be subjected to testing would be equally interesting to receive.

        • kate says:

          Hi mac i saw this pop up in emails and if you watch Marcello Bacci Direct radio voice with english subtitals on youtube about 10.13 in there’s a bit about apports there…..

          • kate says:

            The scoles also had apports too as you probably know…one was a newspaper that was tested

            • angusmacro says:

              I’m pretty familiar with apport reporting but I don’t know of any object – other than long-lasting flowers – that appear not to be of this world. If apportation could be a predictable thing, with objects that could be identified as not of this world, it might make folk look at them more closely. But if they are facsimiles of earth objects perhaps they’ be analytically indistinguishable anyway.

  6. Sammi Stump says:

    As I understand it Spirits living on most of the Astral Planes behave like they were still living on earth. Driving cars when they could just fly someplace for example because they are unaware of other frequencies. According to some OOB reports and Meditators, Mediums the Middle and Higher Astral frequencies contain many Matrixes or templates for what manifests on Earth. If that is so then their may be many inhabitants still using coins for transactions and other mundane behaviors simply because their minds can’t conceive of any other reality beyond their late Earth experience. The Lucid dream I had of my Grandfather who was living the
    wealthy, high life when on Earth he was dirt poor would be an example. He seemed perfectly happy in his Utopia with no interest in anything else. I don’t think he even realized he had created this reality, he just thought he finally got lucky.

  7. Sammi Stump says:

    Kayo your statements regarding hearing your own voice on EVP made me think it may be highly possible. I have heard that everything we say or do is somehow observed by Spirit and they play it back to us in a life review? I have been reading a book by David Oates called Reverse Speech where he has discovered that if you ask a question such as,”Did you kill mary?” the person may answer, “no” but when the tape was played backwards following his “no” was also his voice saying “yes and you fools will never find her.” It seems that the reverse speech is a reflection or impression on the tape from the sub conscious mind which we can’t control and always tells the truth. If that is so then perhaps it can also be imprinted, recorded and played back as a cosmic EVP? What do you think?

  8. Dear Mark,

    Sorry to write to you here. I do not know if you remember me but I am the independent researcher from Brazil receiving ITC from myself from another time and reality or maybe from the future. Recently I received some instructions from my other self to build an equipment. But the interested fact is that this message was recorded in 5 different devices we experimented at the same time. We recorded this message in 2 cell phones, a tape recorder and another 2 digital records and they were located in different rooms as well. Have ever recorded in multiples devices at the same time the same message?

    Many thanks for your time Mark

    Kind Regards

    Kayo Breno da Silva

    • Mark Macy says:

      Kayo, your exploration into multiple selves is outside my range of experience. Not much experience with operating multiple recording devices during EVP sessions either. Good luck with your research,

      Mark Macy

      • Dear Mark,

        Many thanks for your answer. As I explained before I have been experimenting with ITC for 30 years and recently I really do not know what is happening with the multiple selves and the messages from a future time or reality I received recently, but again many thanks for your time.

        Kind Regard,

        Kayo Breno

  9. sammi Stump says:

    Kayo your research is just facinating and hope you put up a website in English. Have you ever thought of having the future self voice printed to see if it matches yours?

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