New Friends, New Adventures: Exploring With Burton

Note: This is the fourth article of a series:

  1. Maggy’s father makes his transition,
  2. Inside Timestream, as reported by Albert Fischbach,
  3. New friends, new adventures: the big, white house,
  4. Exploring with Burton.

1998 June 5

Three months after the death of her father Albert Fischbach, Maggy takes a 5-hour train ride with her husband Jules and mother Kennie from Luxembourg to Switzerland… to visit well-known parapsychologist and humanitarian Theo Locher. Maggy and Theo know each other well, having experimented together in ITC, helped co-found the INIT research group, and co-written a landmark book about ITC research. (Read the English version online…)

The book by Theo Locher and Maggy Fischbach was translated into several languages…

The book by Theo Locher and Maggy Fischbach has been translated into several languages…

Dr Locher greets the three travelers at the Brügg/Biel railway station on that cool summer evening and accompanies them to the station restaurant. As they sit at a table, behind Dr Locher is a set of large flower pots shaped like Swiss cowbells containing artificial flowers. The pots are resting on a bed of gravel.

Bruegg/Biel/Bienne along the northern edge of the Swiss Alps. (GoogleMaps) Inset: Biel Train Station (photo by Roland Zumbühl on wikipedia).

Bruegg/Biel/Bienne along the northern edge of the Swiss Alps. (GoogleMaps) Inset: Biel Train Station (photo by Roland Zumbühl on wikipedia).

It’s a nice mid-summer day in central Europe as Maggy and her family travel across the rolling hills, farms, and forests of northern France to the foot of the daunting Alps, where the weather cools noticeably… averaging around 60°F (16°C) by day, and dropping to around 45°F (7°C) at night.


Unbeknownst to the travelers, they’re being shadowed by another group of travelers in a spirit world parallel to the Earth. Since his death, Albert Fischbach has been enjoying travels with Sir Richard Francis Burton, the famous British explorer who now serves Timestream and leads expeditions through the vast and varied landscapes of the spirit world. (Read more of Burton’s post-mortal adventures…) Burton and friends often synchronize journeys with Maggy as she travels to various conferences and meetings. (Read more about these parallel expeditions…)

The team of explorers on this occasion include RF Burton, Albert Fischbach, Jules’s late grandfather Jemp, scout Bwele m’Banga, and several others… and they travel to a “Winterland” area, where the winds are cold and stormy. It feels like a chilly autumn dusk, with leaves of brown, red, and gold.

Suddenly Albert sees an ominous shape looming in the distance through the mist. On Earth he would have been a little unnerved by the sight, but he notes that here on the Third Level, “you don’t fear anything” (just as in the previous article, he notes, neither to you DOUBT anything on the Third Level). As they get closer they see that it’s a cluster of huge oblong stones standing tall, reminiscent of Stonehenge in England.

A couple of important things to mention here:

First, these seemingly off-the-cuff comments by Albert Fischbach reflect a lot of between-the-lines insight, such as the fact that settling into a nice afterlife on the Third Level will involve our ability to release the fears and doubts that we all acquire during these noble-savage lifetimes on Earth. Life on the Third Level is an existence of love and trust… a sense that all is well. Any progress that we on Earth can make toward assuming an all-is-well attitude before our transition is probably a very good thing. It helps us settle nicely into paradise.

Second, most of the west-central European countries (France, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland…), as well as the UK islands, have a rich Celtic history (Read more about the European Celts…). So the travelers on the spiritside, where time becomes nebulous, get to experience not just geography that’s similar to what their earthside friends see, but also some of the past cultures that existed here in and around Switzerland across the centuries. They start to get a sense of the passage of time… days and nights… past and present, and it all starts to blur.

The expedition team sets up camp. As they sit around the campfire, Bwele m’Banga reports that people living at this general location on Earth in ancient times included a race of giant Celtic people who built large stone circles like this one. They were initiated in the old magic and, especially in what is now the British Isles and northern Europe, they were involved in mediumistic transcommunication, using incantations and ceremonies to share information with people in spirit.

As they break camp in the morning (apparently they’re now synchronized with Earth’s day and night, whereas on the Third Level it’s always daytime), there’s a thick fog. Bwele assures them that it’s nothing to worry about. It’s the fog of time, and although it can sometimes cause disorientation and impede progress (travelers there can get lost in time), they’ll have nothing to worry about as long as they keep in sight of each other. So Albert and the others all attach themselves to a long rope, like mountain climbers do, as they proceed into the fog.

Richard has an odd instrument that looks like a compass with a built-in telescope eyepiece and an arc with standing figures on it. The group advances slowly as vague figures emerge from the mist from time to time. It’s like having eye problems, Albert notes. You can’t make out or identify the figures.

Albert keeps an eye on Jemp, who’s ahead of him, but whose body keeps fluctuating and wobbling like a mirage on a hot day… only it’s cold outside here. Very strange.

In what seems like a half-hour of Earth time, the fog disappears. The air is warm and agreeable. While removing their vests, they realize they’re standing in a dense pine forest. A young woman emerges from the woods and introduces herself as Tula Ontana, who in lifetime had lived 474 years B.C. in a city called Vigii. Albert writes that down somewhere (as it was his habit in lifetime always to take notes when learning a new piece of information). They come to a community of large, domed, white houses.

At this point, apparently, the group has left the Winterland and returned to the regions on the Third Level near the Timestream station. The community of domed, white houses is near Timestream, and Albert is apparently brought to one of those houses, which is the home of Paul Locher, the deceased father of Theo Locher.

Albert is introduced to Paul Locher, who pulls a small box from his pocket, opens it to reveal a small video screen, and begins pushing buttons and adjusting dials. Suddenly an image appears on the screen, and Albert is moved to see his wife Kennie sitting in a cafe with Maggy and Jules, in the presence of a thin, older man wearing glasses. Paul says that’s his son, Theo. Albert emits a soft sob, yearning briefly to be with his wife and daughter. Then, as he watches Maggy talking to Theo, he asks Paul if there’s anything he can do to help his family. He’d like to be there with them.

Paul replies, “There are some things we can do in these situations, but for now we’re limited to small experiments. Follow me and I’ll show you something interesting.”

Paul leads Albert upstairs to a small, cheerful room, where there’s an apparatus that reminds Albert of a copy machine he’d used at work during lifetime. The top of the machine is a glass plate, and on the glass plate is a trumpet standing upright on its bell.

Paul Locher opens a drawer, removes a coin, and says, “It must be possible with this.” Paul holds the coin above the trumpet and releases it, and the coin floats in the air. Albert notices that the apparatus has a lot of buttons and dials and flashing indicator lamps… and the coin starts to wobble and fluctuate in a way similar to what he’d seen in the fog.

The transporter mechanism probably looks something like this picture I created. It probably uses a simple trumpet-like device (the one in the picture was taken from the tomb of King Tut), not like one of the more complicated wind instruments used by trumpet players today.


I get the impression that the ITC apparatuses on the other side are not designed and developed by the humans there, the way high-tech stuff is created here on Earth. I suspect that apparatuses there are manifested by the minds of ethereal beings, who use existing Earth products as general design templates to create things that give residents of the Third Level a familiar feeling. Notice that Paul doesn’t say, “This is a device we developed here at Timestream as a portal to transport items to Earth.” He says, simply, “It must be possible with this,” as though this world and the stuff in it simply appear and change to fulfill some sort of higher plan. And that plan, I suspect, is to carefully open and manage bridges between Earth and the Third Level in ways that raise the vibration and consciousness of Earth while protecting the spiritside from corruption by savage earthly thoughts and motivations. This project of the Ethereals to carefully uplift the Earth spiritually since the “fall of man” during Atlantean times, when so many mistakes were made, has got to be a daunting task! We seem to be undergoing a very slow recovery from the era when misguided titans reveled in darkness, chaos, and conflict on Earth, causing the shadow world to start slowly brewing around the planet like a mounting, invisible storm.

Albert is intrigued by the coin wavering in the air above the trumpet and starts to reach for it, maybe to grasp it or just to touch it to see why it wobbles, but Paul exclaims, “By God, don’t touch it! You’ll burn your fingers. There’ll be no pain, but the blisters will limit the use of your hand for a day or so… until it heals.”

As they watch the coin, it suddenly disappears. “Where did it go?” Albert asks. Paul takes the small box from his pocket, opens it, and the two men watch the video screen as the four loved ones in Switzerland sit at the table in the train station cafe.

Albert sees the small man with glasses, Theo Locher, jump up from his chair, excited by the large coin he’s now holding in his hand.

“Good heavens!” Albert exclaims. “You’re able to do that?”

Paul says, yes, it can be done. It’s not done very often, though, because it requires immense energy. He talks about “the country of elves,” where people living by the River know about other methods of sending money to Earth,… to those in need of help. He suggests that Albert ask Burton for more details if he’s interested.

Albert is also puzzled by a time discrepancy. The watch he’s wearing says it’s June 4th, but the meeting with his family and Theo Locher on Earth doesn’t happen until the 5th.

Paul explains that today here it is the 5th, and the discrepancy on his wristwatch comes from the fact that Albert and the expedition team have apparently lost a day in the fog of time, “which may have been caused by the Druids,” says Paul, “who are currently doing experiments here in the area around Timestream. The fog of time exists in various places here in the Third Level. Today it’s the 5th of June, but when you pass through to door back into Timestream Station, it’ll already be the 9th.”

As I mentioned in an earlier article in this series, the Timestream Station appears to be a set of hyperlinked rooms whose doors open to other “locations” on the Third Level. In this case, Albert is apparently visiting Paul in a domed white house in a forest community, and he’ll simply pass through a door to return to the Timestream Station. Likewise, when Swejen Salter “calls it a day” and heads home from her office at Timestream to be with Richard Francis Burton in their spacious flat where they can go out the back door into a massive, lovely garden… well, she doesn’t have to drive through rush-hour traffic to get home. She simply opens a door at Timestream  Station, and there she is in her flat. I’m not certain this is all true (hyperlinked rooms), but it seems to be the case, based on numerous ITC contacts I’ve studied.

“You needn’t worry,” Paul continues. “Your station coordinated things with your family. They tried to stay in contact with your group and with them, in order to track your movements and avoid losing you in time.”

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Maggy, Jules, Kennie, and Theo Locher get settled around the table in the train station cafe. Maggy is sitting between Theo and Jules and across from her mom Kennie, with Theo on her right. Maggy is showing Theo a pendant that contains a colored stone, set in gold, and bears the silhouette of a woman’s head. She says the pendant was apported by Timestream to Kennie, as a gift from her late husband Albert. So all four are fascinated by the subject of apports. They are of one mind at the moment, which provides fertile ground for an ITC-related phenomenon to occur… and it does.

Suddenly, at 9:25 pm, there’s a noise behind them. Maggy describes it as “a loud bang!” Theo describes it as “a dry bump from an object falling onto the gravel of a long flower box” sitting behind him. Theo jumps to his feet, spins around, and finds a large, ancient coin—a commemoration coin of a shooting competition during a fair. There are no waiters or other customers nearby at the time.

This is a little puzzling. By the time they’re meeting at the cafe, Kennie has already received an apport (the pendant) from Albert. Now they receive another apport (a coin), but Albert seems astonished by the process, as though this is the first time he’s been involved in sending an apport to Earth. If he’d already been involved in sending an apport to Earth (the pendant), why would he be astonished in sending this new apport (the coin)? It probably has to do with the time confusion… the loss of three or four days. Perhaps the coin was apported before the pendant was apported, but arrived on Earth AFTER the pendant. There are other documented cases in which ITC contacts sent from spirit “get lost in the quantum of space and time” for up to several years before being received on Earth. It’s just one of those time complications we’ll have to learn to deal with in ITC research.

The apported coin is 1.5 inches (3.7cm) in diameter and has all 22 Swiss coats of arms engraved on one side, along with the value of “5 Francs” and “Swiss shooting competition with fair / Basel 1879.” The flip side of the coin shows a warrior with a crossbow surrounded by a heroic slogan.

Theo talks to the staff at the cafe, and no one has noticed the presence of the coin in the cafe at any time. Having been conversing with Maggy, Jules, and Kennie, he’s certain that none of them would have had the opportunity to toss the coin over his head into the flower bed. Theo has studied apports since the 1950s, but this is the first time he’s experienced one.

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8 Responses to New Friends, New Adventures: Exploring With Burton

  1. Tosca Zraikat says:

    Fascinating post, Mark. It goes to show that the veil between the material and spiritual realms is far more permeable than it seems, and that matter and spirit are more connected that we might think. Truly, All is One, not just on the spiritual level but in our reality as well. Matter is simply a manifestation of spirit, and if we recognise that Oneness, matter can be as valuable a part of our spiritual awakening and spirituality as prayer, not to be despised or overcome, but to be cherished and embraced as part of the All. I used to think that detachment from the world of matter meant ignoring or overcoming it. Now I believe that it is not until we are fully present in this world of matter, able to see within it Spirit and God, that we can let go of our attachment and addiction to it. That is what these incidents of manifestation are for, not to show us how clever the spirits are, but to help us understand this Oneness of All things with Spirit.

  2. Mark Macy says:

    Good point, Tosca.

    In the ‘big picture,’ matter is maya… illusion. But, then, so are we carnal humans just illusion.

    It’s probably not just a fluke that our real self (soul, god-self…) decided to manifest these physical bodies in this physical world out here in the illusory fringes of the vast omniverse. It must all be part of some cosmic plan or purpose.

    So I suppose it behooves us to accept our carnal role in the plan and to play it with the respect it deserves… making good choices from day to day based on morals and ethics. Shrugging off a lifetime because it’s just an illusion is probably a big mistake from the soul’s point of view.

    Still, there are times and situations where detachment is a good thing. One situation is when we’re dying. The more we can detach from this world, the easier will be the transition to the next world.

    Another situation is when we’re experiencing intense grief or suffering from conditions that are beyond our control. Case in point, a close friend or family member has an incurable illness or an addiction. At times like these it’s real important to know there’s a God that is the only real power in the universe… and when life seems hopeless and beyond our control, we can detach with love from the situation, knowing that only God has the real power. We can turn these problems over to God in order to find some degree of peace in these very difficult times. This is not a cop-out. It’s an opportunity to take advantage of the omnipresent, omnipotent force that IS the universe.

    I think it’s probably good to nurture an awareness and connection to that power on a regular basis… fostering a conscious contact with God, while at the same time taking these carnal lives in this material universe seriously… being good little citizens. 🙂


  3. Ricky says:


    This “fog of time” reminds me of some reported phenomena that has occurred here on earth. While there are many stories, the most interesting ones to me are the Bermuda Triangle and the Lake Michigan “Triangle”. These types of fog are also reported to result in “lost time” for the unfortunate souls that get lost within it.

    There’s a lot of neat information about there about the Lake Michigan Triangle, but I really enjoyed seeing this video clip that was filmed by a couple of fisherman in Lake Michigan of a “ghostly” fog. It’s so vast and extraordinary!


    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Ricky,

      That opened up a new world for me. I wasn’t aware of that kind of fog! I found some other amazing videos on youtube. Good FX ideas for spirit world movie maybe? 🙂


      • Ricky says:


        Those are really awesome – especially the freezing fog! By chance, have you heard Bruce Gernon’s story about his experience in the Bermuda Triangle? In his case, he seems to have “saved” time by flying through an electronic fog – so I wonder if these mysterious types of fog can alter the flow of time in both directions – not just “losing” time. It’s such a bizarre story, and it’s all summed up in this brief video:


        • Mark Macy says:

          I just watched Bruces’ Bermuda Triangle clip yesterday, Ricky. Thanks for the heads-up.
          Yes, it IS fascinating.
          So much to learn, so little time… whatever THAT is. 🙂

  4. Julian Bristow says:

    Has Swejen Salter or Sir Richard Francis Burton, for example, communicated or tried communicating with our physical world since the initial contacts in the 80’s? Have you heard anything about that? Thank you, Mark.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Julian. Whether the two still have an interest in our world, or how great an interest, I don’t really know. Are they still involved in EVP experiments with various researchers? Other than with Maggy Fischbach, I doubt it… but again, I don’t really know. Sorry I can’t be more help with that,


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